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Friday, December 23, 2016

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 13

Dec. 23, 2016

Lulu gave Tip all she had,
And what she got back wasn’t bad.
He had a huge tower;
Its hardness did wow her.
She went for it like a dryad.

Then fate struck and Lu felt a prick;
Her head spun as if she were sick.
With her face feeling hot,
She passed out on the spot,
Thus ended her first harlot trick.

Lu, waking up, felt quite like hell,
And where she was Gaff couldn’t tell.
Around her she peered
At a metal room weird.
It looked like an odd sort of cell.

She reeled dizzily to the door,
Of metal made, just like the floor.
Alas, it was locked;
Though Lu pounded and knocked,
'Twas a time-wasting and useless chore.

The portal swung outward from her;
Lu heard walking boots, she was sure.
Then she spied the guy Tip
With a gun on his hip
And registered discomfiture.

She aimed at his face with a fist,
But he nimbly grabbed her small wrist.
Held close by strong hugs
While he fondled her jugs,
Lu tried a new punch, but she missed.


Gaff fought on until she grew weak;
As Tip held her, he started to speak.
“Your face men adore,
“Many wear it on Zhor.”
She returned a harsh growl in pique.

Asked Tip, “Have you had a big change,
“One inexplicably strange?”
“So what if I had?”
She replied to the cad,
Glum as a dog struck with mange.

“Your being a girl," he did guess,
“Goes back only months, more or less.”
Hard at him she gazed,
Her expression amazed;
She wondered if he knew the rest.

To Be Continued...