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Friday, February 12, 2016

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 9

Feb. 12, 2016
Updated Apr. 23, 2016

D-Day came for Lulu too soon;
They drove to a townhouse on Boone.

Kern was wishing her luck

While her brain said "Go suck."

She’d had to play pal with a goon.

Vallant's protection seemed tight;

His apes all looked like they could fight.

Lu and the ex-doxie,

Whose handle was Roxy,

Were led to a suite lit up bright.

Big Moe greeted Rox with a grope,

As swank as a dealer in dope.

Then with a push

And a slap on the toosh,

Sent her to his minion, called Pope.