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Friday, February 12, 2016

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 9

Feb. 12, 2016
Updated Apr. 23, 2016

D-Day came for Lulu too soon;
They drove to a townhouse on Boone.

Kern was wishing her luck

While her brain said "Go suck."

She’d had to play pal with a goon.

Vallant's protection seemed tight;

His apes all looked like they could fight.

Lu and the ex-doxie,

Whose handle was Roxy,

Were led to a suite lit up bright.

Big Moe greeted Rox with a grope,

As swank as a dealer in dope.

Then with a push

And a slap on the toosh,

Sent her to his minion, called Pope.

"So why the rough stuff?" asked Lulu.

Said Moe, "A low-life just won't do."

"You're cuter by far,

"Let's you and I spar.

"I turned on at first sight of you."

Boldly he fondled her bust

And Lulu felt very nonplussed.

"Hold on now," she said,

"I don't flat-back in bed.”

She tried to suppress pure disgust.

Moe grinned and his two eyes flamed hot.

"I can't help it; there's something you've got.

"I'll pay twice your fee

"If you’ll make nice with me."

Lu didn't dare say she would not.

After all the hard work she’d been through,

She had something still vital to do.

“Give me time to think,"

Lu said with a wink.

When Moe opened a door she walked through.

Inside was a good private gym.

Moe said, "Come here;" she followed him.

While he poured the booze,

She brainstormed a ruse.

Her smile hid feelings quite grim.

It dismayed Lu to find this exciting;

Moe looked so damned suave in that lighting.

Lu turned, he unzipped her,

Of that checked dress stripped her.

What she wore underneath looked inviting.

To Be Continued...


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  1. This was about the hardest chapter yet. Mostly it was the illos. No mere stock shots would do. To set the scene they needed to be like movie clips with continuity. I wish I knew 3D art, but I don't. After several failed designs and a prolonged picture search, I came up with elements that seemed to work.