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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 1

   By Christopher Leeson

Lew Gaff was a cop on the take;
Most hookers kept clear of the snake.
He shook down the crooks, 

Kept his graft off the books,
But one evening he made a mistake.

Lew tried to put heat on Zhor spies,
Who looked just like pimps to his eyes.
When Gaff had them nabbed
He got needle-jabbed,
And woke up a girl half his size.

The doctors were all mystified;
Lew responded to nothing they tried.
Upon winning release,
"He" remained the police,
But assumed a false name out of pride.

Those in the the know were quite few,
So she transferred as a gal named "Lulu."
Though her temper was raw,
Cops liked what they saw,
And some got too fresh, as men do.

This girly life gave Lu distress;
Her affairs were an ongoing mess.
She liked it least well

That her figure looked swell.
Her sex one half-blind could guess.