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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 1

   By Christopher Leeson

Lew Gaff was a cop on the take;
Most hookers kept clear of the snake.
He shook down the crooks, 

Kept his graft off the books,
But one evening he made a mistake.

Lew tried to put heat on Zhor spies,
Who looked just like pimps to his eyes.
When Gaff had them nabbed
He got needle-jabbed,
And woke up a girl half his size.

The doctors were all mystified;
Lew responded to nothing they tried.
Upon winning release,
"He" remained the police,
But assumed a false name out of pride.

Those in the the know were quite few,
So she transferred as a gal named "Lulu."
Though her temper was raw,
Cops liked what they saw,
And some got too fresh, as men do.

This girly life gave Lu distress;
Her affairs were an ongoing mess.
She liked it least well

That her figure looked swell.
Her sex one half-blind could guess.

Gaff never looked up the old gang; 
That life had gone out with a bang.
At a new place, set to filing,
She was seldom found smiling,
And complained to the captain, Ed Lang.

Lang said, "No one's here's gonna know
That you're not just a regular Jo.
Play the girl best you can,
Don't act like a man.
Shape up and just glide with the flow."
Lulu, in spite of her gloom,
Enjoyed the gal cops' dressing room.
Inside, she would leer
When nude cadets pressed near. 

Not being a man made her fume.

Lu came off to the ladies as weird.
Her quirkiness seldom endeared.
She once tried a grope,
Puffed up with false hope,
And was very nearly cashiered.


To be Continued...

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  1. Until I can get something more substantial to post, I will be doing shorter pieces. An early draft of "Busted" was posted on the World of Zhor website years ago, but this version is substantially revised, both in text and illustrations.