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Monday, February 2, 2015

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 2

By Christopher Leeson 

Lulu was slapped with probation
And given a John detail station.
Sent out with a wire 
And garbed hot as fire,
She seethed with mortification.

The whole wardrobe thing was appalling;

Those spike heels were not the most galling.
That first dress, ultra brief,

Brought the girl supreme grief.
She knew she was in the wrong calling.

It wasn't like walking a beat,

Acting the hoe on the street.
But decked out as a trick,
Lip rouge smeared on thick,
No one supposed she was the heat.

Though Lu could sashay like a bunny,
This brand of work was unfunny.
She got come-ons rude,
And some downright lewd,
As men bartered sex for their money.

At first Lulu's face turned beet red
Being asked what she charged to give head.
But staying on course

With a tight smile forced,
“How much do you offer?” she said.

The requests that she got were amazing,

By twilight her eyes were both glazing.
But when offers were made
Saying that she'd get paid
She nailed Johns as give-back for hazing. 

The vice team sent guys to the tank
But Gaff found this work just too rank.
Her role was not easy,

It was odious, cheesy.
What relief when the sun dimmed and sank!

Then Lu'd go and drink at the bar,
And watch dancing done by the star.
How she wished she could screw,
She so much wanted to,
'Cept to play it lez seemed too bizarre.

But the passing days brought gnawing change
As Gaff felt her old drives rearrange.
To Lulu's surprise
'Twas like having new eyes

And one day and she observed something strange.

 To be Continued...

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