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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 4


Updated Apr. 23, 2016

Funny thoughts filled Lulu's skull;
They told her that girls were so dull.
Male shapes filled her mind,
No relief could she find.
Of new notions her dazed mind was full.

By degree, from Skipper’s sly trick,
Lulu became a hot chick.
She grew much less testy
When folks called her chesty,

'Cause compliments gave her a kick. 

Lu grooved to each naughty girl rig
Since her vanity'd swelled very big.
She liked most of all
To be called a sweet doll;
John duty she'd started to dig.

She worked on her walk to improve it;
Men said that she really could move it.
Her waist and her bottom
Made men think of Sodom;
No one had the wish to reprove it.

She started to take her work home
And dragged through her hair a stiff comb.
She tried to look better,
Her skill wouldn’t let her,
So she went to the Salon Jerome.

Lu practiced with makeup quite hard
And all wise restraint did discard.
She loved eye-shade blue,
Crimson lipstick, too,
Like a lass on a French-type postcard.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Final Destination by TGFictionStv

This is actually....good....I...I don't know what to say, other than ENJOY!

"You have two minutes left and you have to score seven; three isn't
going to cut it.  You understand?" the coach shouted at his players.

"Loud and clear coach," Jesse, the star quarterback of the team said.

"This is for the championship.  We win this game; it will be part of
school history," the coach reminded them all.

"We'll get that touchdown for sure," Michael, the leading running back
said with a determined expression.

"Remember, once you get the ball you run to the outside and stop the
clock.  No one gets tackled on the field.  If you need to, throw an
incomplete pass to stop the clock," the coach continued.

"Got it coach," Steve, the leading receiver replied.

"Offensive line, protect your man," the coach added.

"We'll give him the time he needs," Frank said.  His fellow offensive
lineman and friend Will pounded his fist.

"Alright, these could be the last plays you have before you graduate.
Make them count!" the couch told them all.

"Break!" the players said and then came onto the field.

The Eagles were a High school football team in a championship game.
Many of the players were depending on this game for their college
futures.  Others hoped they would make a good play and get noticed.
Their opponents, the Wolves were similarly a tough team.

The two teams came to the line of scrimmage and got ready.  Jesse
considered the formation of the other team and thought about the play
he was supposed to play.  "Hike," he shouted.

The center placed the ball in his hand and immediately he looked for a
receiver.  He saw Steve being trailed by a corner to his left.  He
launched the ball back and threw it hard towards Steve.  Jesse waited
in tense anticipation as the ball went through the air. Steve and the
corner looked up as the ball came closer to them.  The ball was
suddenly caught, but it was....the corner.

Steve grabbed the corner but fell to the ground in a failed tackle.
Jesse gave a wide-eyed look as his pass was intercepted.  The corner
ran back along the sides for a potential touchdown the other way.
Frank and Will rushed the corner but were blocked by defensive players.
Frank hit the ground hard and Will slid on the ground and fell upon
being hit.  Michael ran after the corner but tripped and fell to the
ground.  Jesse broke his frozen stare and took action.  He ran after
the corner and dodged a block from a defensive player.  He was faster
than the corner and was nearly on him.  The corner saw Jesse and ran
faster towards the end.  Jesse gained ground and hit the corner.  The
corner went down to his knees but suddenly threw the ball behind him.
Jesse tackled the corner down to the ground but to his horror saw the
defensive player behind them with the ball.  The slow-moving defensive
player took the ball into the Endzone.

The defensive team's school exploded in applause and cheers as the
defensive player showed them the football.  Jesse simply stared in
shock.  Only a minute was left on the clock and they were now down by
twelve.  The only way they could win now is with two touchdowns.  It
would be impossible!  They would lose!

"You okay?" Michael whispered.