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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 4


Updated Apr. 23, 2016

Funny thoughts filled Lulu's skull;
They told her that girls were so dull.
Male shapes filled her mind,
No relief could she find.
Of new notions her dazed mind was full.

By degree, from Skipper’s sly trick,
Lulu became a hot chick.
She grew much less testy
When folks called her chesty,

'Cause compliments gave her a kick. 

Lu grooved to each naughty girl rig
Since her vanity'd swelled very big.
She liked most of all
To be called a sweet doll;
John duty she'd started to dig.

She worked on her walk to improve it;
Men said that she really could move it.
Her waist and her bottom
Made men think of Sodom;
No one had the wish to reprove it.

She started to take her work home
And dragged through her hair a stiff comb.
She tried to look better,
Her skill wouldn’t let her,
So she went to the Salon Jerome.

Lu practiced with makeup quite hard
And all wise restraint did discard.
She loved eye-shade blue,
Crimson lipstick, too,
Like a lass on a French-type postcard.

The lessons Gaff learned, before long,
Got her hot to trot in a thong.
Wicked and fetching,
'Twas very eye-catching
Whenever the breezes blew strong.

In crowded lifts men copped a feel;
A touch here and there some would steal.
With her cheeks flushing pink
She would give back a wink
And the warm gush she felt was quite real.

Seeing girls making out, she felt robbed;
Sometimes with frustration she sobbed.
Her head cried, “You dunce!”
Said her heart, “Try it once!”
When she anguished 'bout sex her loins throbbed.


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