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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Final Destination by TGFictionStv

This is actually....good....I...I don't know what to say, other than ENJOY!

"You have two minutes left and you have to score seven; three isn't
going to cut it.  You understand?" the coach shouted at his players.

"Loud and clear coach," Jesse, the star quarterback of the team said.

"This is for the championship.  We win this game; it will be part of
school history," the coach reminded them all.

"We'll get that touchdown for sure," Michael, the leading running back
said with a determined expression.

"Remember, once you get the ball you run to the outside and stop the
clock.  No one gets tackled on the field.  If you need to, throw an
incomplete pass to stop the clock," the coach continued.

"Got it coach," Steve, the leading receiver replied.

"Offensive line, protect your man," the coach added.

"We'll give him the time he needs," Frank said.  His fellow offensive
lineman and friend Will pounded his fist.

"Alright, these could be the last plays you have before you graduate.
Make them count!" the couch told them all.

"Break!" the players said and then came onto the field.

The Eagles were a High school football team in a championship game.
Many of the players were depending on this game for their college
futures.  Others hoped they would make a good play and get noticed.
Their opponents, the Wolves were similarly a tough team.

The two teams came to the line of scrimmage and got ready.  Jesse
considered the formation of the other team and thought about the play
he was supposed to play.  "Hike," he shouted.

The center placed the ball in his hand and immediately he looked for a
receiver.  He saw Steve being trailed by a corner to his left.  He
launched the ball back and threw it hard towards Steve.  Jesse waited
in tense anticipation as the ball went through the air. Steve and the
corner looked up as the ball came closer to them.  The ball was
suddenly caught, but it was....the corner.

Steve grabbed the corner but fell to the ground in a failed tackle.
Jesse gave a wide-eyed look as his pass was intercepted.  The corner
ran back along the sides for a potential touchdown the other way.
Frank and Will rushed the corner but were blocked by defensive players.
Frank hit the ground hard and Will slid on the ground and fell upon
being hit.  Michael ran after the corner but tripped and fell to the
ground.  Jesse broke his frozen stare and took action.  He ran after
the corner and dodged a block from a defensive player.  He was faster
than the corner and was nearly on him.  The corner saw Jesse and ran
faster towards the end.  Jesse gained ground and hit the corner.  The
corner went down to his knees but suddenly threw the ball behind him.
Jesse tackled the corner down to the ground but to his horror saw the
defensive player behind them with the ball.  The slow-moving defensive
player took the ball into the Endzone.

The defensive team's school exploded in applause and cheers as the
defensive player showed them the football.  Jesse simply stared in
shock.  Only a minute was left on the clock and they were now down by
twelve.  The only way they could win now is with two touchdowns.  It
would be impossible!  They would lose!

"You okay?" Michael whispered.

Jesse turned around and saw Michael behind him in formation.  He looked
down and saw the ball in his center's hands.  He saw the defensive
players ready to attack.  What had just happened?  He shook his head
and tried to figure out what was going on.  Did he just have a
premonition?  Was it real?  He looked at the scoreboard and saw that
they were behind by six.

"Jesse?" Michael asked again.

"We're running it," Jesse signaled to his players.

"Hike!" Jesse shouted.

Jesse got the ball and immediately handed it to Michael.  He went
through a small opening in the defensive lines and was tackled after
five yards.  "Regroup," Jesse ordered quickly, they were out of

"What the hell?" the coach wondered.

"I hope that was worth it," Michael said painfully.

"Shut up and move," Jesse hissed.

"Hike!" Jesse said quickly.

Jesse looked for a receiver but saw the same corner trailing Steve.  He
looked for his other receiver, a junior rookie.  He threw the ball and
nailed it.  The rookie got the ball and immediately went out of bonds.

With the clock stopped, Jesse had time to huddle.  "What the hell are
you doing, man?" Steve asked irritably.

"He was open.  You were not," Jesse shouted back.

"I can get this," Steve argued.

"We're only four yards from the goal.  We don't need receivers.  We go
quarterback sneak," Jesse ordered.

"Coach is going to kill you," Frank smiled.

"Coach isn't winning this game.  We are," Jesse told them.

The huddle broke and they returned to their formation.  "Hike!" Jesse
shouted.  The ball went into his hands and immediately a hole opened
up.  Jesse went forward and braced for impact.  Will and Frank pushed a
hole open allowing Jesse through.  Three, two, one more yard; Jesse hit
a defensive player and then went past him.  Another defensive player
tackled Jesse down.  Jesse extended his arm and the football hit the
ground as he fell to the ground.  The officials broke up the crowd and
sure enough the ball was in the Endzone.

The Eagle crowd cheered hysterically as they heard the announcer.
There was only five seconds left on the clock.  The game was tied.  The
offensive team got off the field, so special teams could take their

"So, you ran the clock down, so the Wolves couldn't return the ball for
a score?" the coach assumed.

"Something like that," Jesse lied.

"Good, just run it by me next time," the coach smiled.

The kicker got the ball over the goal posts giving the Eagles a one
point lead.  "Good job," the coach said to his kicker.

The Wolves got the ball back and tried to run it as far as they could. 
They were stopped near the 20 yard line and the game was over.  A
cooler filled with ice and water was suddenly dumped onto the coach,
and the crowd went wild.  The cheerleaders celebrated in their own way.

"Never doubted you, man," Steve gave Jesse a high five.

Jesse smiled in his victory and then walked over to Frank and Will.
"Couldn't have done it without you two."

"We always got your back," Frank said, the two shook hands with Jesse.

Jesse then turned to see his parents in the stands.  Before he could
get to the stands, he was stopped by a black man in a black coat.
"Good game," he said in a baritone voice.

"Thank you, sir," Jesse said respectfully.

The man seemed to be in his fifties and was nearly bald; he was smiling
with a sinister expression and looked intimidating as he towered over
Jesse.  "I never would have thought you would have run the ball.  Did
you sense something?" the man asked.

"Just a hunch," Jesse replied weirded out by this stranger.

The man nodded and then smiled.  "Take care of yourself," he said and
then walked off.

Jesse followed the man with his eyes and then went back to his awaiting
parents.  He shook off the weird stranger and enjoyed the rest of the

The next day was a Saturday; Steve awoke late in the day after a night
of party drinking.  He touched his head as he felt the worse headache
of his life.  He wobbled over to the bathroom and looked at himself in
the mirror.  He prided himself for having to shave every day but today
he didn't notice anything.  He touched his chin and felt nothing as if
it were already clean shaven.  Shaking it off, he noticed his hair was
a little longer.

"Going to need to get a haircut," he muttered.

He then noticed his nails were a little too long.  He took out some
nail clippers and cut them down.  After brushing his teeth, he took a
shower.  As the water poured over him, he looked back on the game last
night.  He had caught a number of catches, more so than any receiver
that night.  If not for him, the team wouldn't have come close to
winning.  Still, when it came to the last plays Jesse relied on a
rookie instead of him.

After he was done in the shower, Steve dried himself and put on some
swim trunks.  He didn't seem to notice the hairs in the shower or on
the towel.  Putting on some sandals, he walked into the backyard.  He
would get a good swim to get rid of his frustrations.  Later, he would
tell Jesse off for not trusting in his abilities.  How was he supposed
to get a scholarship if he didn't catch the winning catch?  He was
convinced Jesse was showing off with his quarterback sneak stunt.

Steve placed his phone on a table, so he could hear it but not get it
wet.  As he entered the water, the phone's screen fluctuated.  The
numbers on the phone's address book began to change and his contact
list went from almost all guys to girls.  His phone was also changing
from black to a lighter color.

Steve did some strokes in the water and just enjoyed the Florida fall
weather.  His phone then went off with a ring tong from some female
singer.  Steve gave his phone a confused look and ignored it.  He
didn't remember having such a ringtone on his phone; it was supposed to
be from Linkin Park.

While treading water in the deep end of the pool, Steve suddenly had a
muscle spasm.  His head fell under the water for a few seconds before
he came up gasping.  His arm and leg muscles were in spasm sending pain
through him. He struggled to get to one of the ends of the pool but
kept going under.  Underneath the water, his muscles were decreasing in
size and contracting uncontrollably.

"Help!" he shouted as he went under again.

His parents were busy cleaning in the house and couldn't hear him.  As
he struggled in the water, he saw strands of his blond hair about him. 
He stared at it as it floated above the water.  He worked towards the
other side of the pool and finally rested his feet on the bottom.
Relieved, he put his fingers through his hair.  Instead of spiky, it
was straight and flowing down to his shoulders. He stared at his hands
and saw that they were smaller than before.  He could never have caught
a football with such hands.

"What is happening?" he asked himself in a horrified voice.  Even then
his voice was higher pitched and he knew it.

Suddenly he fell into the water; his feet were no longer touching the
floor.  Steve moved himself closer to the end and fell to his knees and
hands in pain.  His abs contracting violently, and it felt like he had
just done a few hundred sit-ups.  He saw his abs disappear and become
flat.  His waist then became pinched and his hips began to expand.
Steve's knees fell as he felt intense pain in his hips.

He cried out in pain and then stopped horrified at his voice.  He got
himself higher with his arms and then felt them grow weaker.  His
triceps and biceps decreased in size and his shoulders became more
compact.  He was losing definition before his eyes; all the weight
training he had done was becoming not.  He gritted his teeth as he felt
his chest muscles contract painfully.  He then felt like coals were
burning on his nipples.  He then felt a painful sensation in his dick. 
He moved himself to the end of the pool and took off his shorts.  He
looked around to see if anyone could see.  No, the water was covering

He felt his dick as it was shrinking.  At first, he figured it was due
to the cold water, but it soon became apparent something else was
happening.  He felt his dick shrink and then the head disappeared
inside the shaft.  Steve felt painful sensations as body parts were
being rearranged inside.  He thought about getting help, but he was too
transfixed on what was happening.  His shaft shrank down to the base
and then opened like a flower.  He touched it and felt a sudden
pleasurable sensation.  The head of his penis continued to go inside
him until it created a hole.  Steve curiously put his finger inside
himself as the canal became deeper.

"This looks like...," he said to himself, his voice was squeaky and

His chest muscles then contracted violently and then pushed forward.
Steve watched as his nipples expanded and then pushed out forming
noticeable breasts.  Steve cupped the breasts realizing they were now

He then noticed his long blond hair waiving in the water.  He looked
over his hairless arms and then raised his legs one by one; they too
were hairless.  His nails were longer too.  All of his muscle
definition was gone replaced by slender limbs and stomach.  His body
shivered in the water not just from the cold but from the traumatic
experience.  He looked over at his swimming trunks and before his eyes
they changed form.  The trunks went from blue to white, shrank, and
then unruffled themselves.  He grabbed at them before they could float
away and realized right away that they were two pieces.  He noticed
right away they were a two-piece female bathing suit.

"How is this possible," she said in a feminine voice.

Jesse looked through his phone for Steve's number.  He wanted to
apologize for not giving him the winning play at the game.  He just got
spooked by the premonition and wanted to keep the ball safe. He found
with some frustration that it was gone.  He looked through the numbers
again and searched for his last name.  He didn't find Steve, but he did
find Stephanie with the same last name.  Jesse didn't think Steve had a
sister, and he didn't recall adding her name to his phone.  Shrugging,
he dialed the number.

Stephanie looked around fearfully as she heard her white colored phone
ring a female singer's ringtone.  She dared not get out of the pool
naked.  She quickly put the bottom piece on with some difficulty.  Once
she got it on, she tried with difficulty to put it around her breasts
and connect it around her back.  The phone went silent and then rang

Panicked, Stephanie hooked the bathing suit and got out of the pool.
She looked at her phone and didn't recognize the name.  She then saw
her sandals; they were smaller and now white.  Freaked, she ran into
the house and into her room.  Immediately, she was stunned by the room
change.  Instead of football pendants and player posters there were boy
band posters.  She then looked at her trophy collection and saw that
they were all swimming trophies instead of football and baseball.  She
quickly opened her closet and instead of boy clothes there were
dresses, skirts, and female t-shirts.  All of her jeans were smaller
and tighter.  Opening her underwear drawer there were panties and bras.

Turning back towards the center of the room, her dark blue comforter
had been changed to white.  Her black colored laptop was now white and
the shoes underneath her bed were heals and smaller sized sneakers.
Something was wrong.  She had to get help.

Tearing out of her room, she confronted her parents who were in their
room.  "I need help," she said scaring herself with her own voice.

Her mother exited the room first following her father.  "What is it
sweetie?" her mother asked.

"Don't you see something wrong?" she stammered.

Her mother frowned as she tried to figure it out.  "You look fine.  Why
don't you get dry and put some clothes on.  You'll get a chill."

Stephanie backed away realizing something had happened to her parents
too.  She stared at a family picture and saw a younger female version
of herself in it.  Stephanie turned from her parents back to her room.
No wanting to be in a female bathing suit, Stephanie chose the most
masculine outfit she could.  When she exited the room, she was wearing
skin tight jeans and t-shirt without a bra underneath.

As she exited the room, a hard knock was at the door.  "Honey, get the
door please?" her mother asked from the couch.

Stephanie reluctantly walked over to the door and opened the door.  She
immediately felt chills as she looked up.  A black man towered above
her by a foot gave her an eerie smile.  "You must be Stephanie," he
grinned and gave her a package.

"How do you know my name?" Stephanie asked freaked.

"Your name is on the package," he continued to smile.

Stephanie stared at the name on the package and sure enough it was her
new female name.  "Just sign this," the man said giving her a pin and

Stephanie signed her name for the package.  "Thank you, miss," he said
and then walked back to his truck.

Stephanie's pupils expanded until they were full and then went back to
before.  She then turned back into the house.  "Who was it?" her father

"Just a delivery man.  These should be my perfumes I ordered off Ebay,"
she said happily.

She proceeded to open the package revealing her ordered perfumes.
"Very nice," her mother smiled.

"I have wanted these since they came out," Stephanie said.

"Honey," her mother said helpfully before her father could notice.

Stephanie stared at her mother uncertain and then looked down.  "Oh,"
she said sheepishly.

"I'll be right back," she said embarrassed.

Jesse called up Frank after failing to get a hold of Steve.  "Hey, have
you heard from Steve?  I can't get a hold of him," Jesse asked.

"Nah, I haven't.  I heard he drank a lot," Frank replied.

"I'm worried he hates me," Jesse said concerned.

"Don't worry about it.  You went with your gut.  Remember that time
when Bret Farve got intercepted against the Saints right next to the
Endzone.  That could have been you dude," Frank said.

"Yeah, right," Jesse said.

"Besides, you gave him the ball plenty of times that night.  He
shouldn't be sore," Frank reasoned.

"Well, if you hear from him let me know.  We should all get together
before graduation," Jesse said.

"Sure, I'll let you know," Frank promised.

Getting off the phone, Frank got on his running shoes for a run.  He
was a big guy weighing over two hundred fifty pounds.  He was an
African American with short black hair and bulging muscles. Despite his
large frame, he could run fairly fast.  Walking out of his house, he
started to run around the neighborhood.

Unlike many of his other classmates, Frank stayed away from drugs and
alcohol.  He was determined to get an athletic scholarship, get into
college, and get a degree.  He lived with his mom and had an annoying
little brother.  As soon as he passed a quarter mile, he felt his legs
burn.  He knew he needed to push himself, so he ignored the pain.
Jogging in place, he waited for the traffic light to let him go.

He noticed a tall black man in a black coat on the other side of the
street.  He seemed to just stare at him as he jogged in place.  Sweat
formed on his face from the Florida sun and from jogging.  When the
sign changed, he continued to focus on the strange man across the
street.  He was suddenly hit from the side by a car.  Frank was thrown
to the ground by the impact and was no longer moving.  Bystanders
immediately phone called for help.  The stranger merely walked away.

That Monday, Jesse went back to school.  Before class, he met up with
Will and Michael.  "Did you hear about Frank?" they asked.

"What happened?" Jesse asked concerned.

"He got hit by a car.  He's in stable condition, but he broke a few
bones," Will reported.

"That's terrible.  I just talked with him on Saturday," Jesse said

"Want to visit him after school?" Michael suggested.

"Sure," Jesse said and then closed his locker.

The three walked to their class and talked about Frank's injuries.
"Have you guys seen Steve?" Jesse asked.

"I haven't seen him," they both said.

Jesse wondered if Steve was avoiding him.  When they got to class,
Steve wasn't present.  His desk was being occupied by another student
that typically sat at the back of the class.  "What are you doing in
Steve's seat?" Jesse asked annoyed.

"Don't know what you're talking about," his classmate replied. "I've
always sat here."

"No, you've always been in the back because you screw around," Jesse
shot back.

"Just because you won that game doesn't mean you can tell me what to
do," the classmate argued.

The teacher entered the room and noticed the spat.  "Take your seats,"
she ordered.

Jesse reluctantly got back in his seat.  The teacher then conducted
roll with Frank being noticeably absent.  When the teacher ended her
roll, she had missed Steve's name.  "You missed Steve," Jesse reminded

"Steve?" the teacher asked confused.

Will and Michael gave odd looks as well.  "Yeah, Steve," Michael piped

"There is no student by that name in this class," the teacher said

"He's been here all semester," Jesse exploded.

The other students were giving them odd looks.  "Do I need to kick you
out of my class?" the teacher warned.

"No, that won't be necessary," Jesse said resigned.

After class, Jesse went towards the principal's office.  "What are you
doing?" Will asked.

"I am going to find out why Steve is not on the roster," he said

"Why the effort man?  I thought you disliked the guy," Michael

"I do, he's an ass.  But this isn't right," Jesse said.

Jesse entered the principal's office with his demands.  The secretary
humored him and looked up all students in the roster.  "No one by that
name is in our record," she said.

"That's impossible.  He's been at this school for three and a half
years," Jesse argued.

"I don't see anything.  No transcripts, disciplinary referrals, or any
record of any kind," the secretary said.

"This is unreal," Will said spooked.

"What about...Stephanie...," Jesse asked.

Michael gave Jesse a WTF look.  The secretary obliged and looked for
the record.  "No," she said.

Jesse exited the principal's office disappointed.  "Why did you ask for
a Stephanie?" Michael asked confused.

"She is Steve's sister," Jesse said.

"I know for a fact Steve doesn't have a sister.  I have been at his
pool parties," Will objected.

Jesse let that sink in.  He had never been invited to Steve's pool
parties.  "Look at your phones.  Do you see Steve's phone number in
them," he ordered.

"No, I have a Stephanie with the same last name," Michael said

"Same here," Will said.

"We need to talk to coach," Jesse said determined.

"We have class dude," Michael objected.

"Screw class.  We have to find out what happened to Steve," Jesse said.

The three sneaked through the hallways and entered their coach's
computer class.  "Hey, coach.  Do you know what happened to Steve?"
Jesse asked.

"Can't you see I'm running a class," the coach said engrossed with his

Jesse looked around and saw the students working independent of the
teacher.  Jesse could see the coach was playing some fantasy football. 
"Seriously coach," he pressed.

The coach waved an aid away who was assisting him.  "What's so serious
you're not in class?" the coach asked.

"Steve is not in the school records for some reason. He wasn't in class
today, and he's not on the roster," Jesse said.

"That's crazy.  He's in my class in a few hours," the coach said.

"Check your roster," Jesse suggested.

The coach sighed and then looked at his computer screen.  "That's
weird.  His name doesn't show up.  All of his assignments, grades,
they're all gone," he said stunned.

"What does this mean?" Jesse wondered.

"We could verify he goes to school here using my football roster," the
coach suggested.  "Hand me my roster," he ordered an aid.

He looked through it and then again, there was no sign of Steve.  "He's
not here.  I wrote this myself," the coach said in disbelief.

"Something weird is going on," Michael said fearfully.

"Let's check with my DVDs," the coach suggested. He placed a DVD into
his computer and watched for Steve.  "That's him," the coach pointed
out the receiver on the left.

"Steve's number is different. That's not him," Jesse said.

"Steve's taller too," Will added.

The coach played through each DVD and Steve failed to appear in any of
them.  "This is nuts.  Let's go to yearbook.  They have to have loads
of pictures from the game."

The coach then turned to his aids.  "You're in charge.  If anyone asks,
I went to the bathroom," he ordered.

"Yes, sir," they replied.

The coach and the three went down the hall to yearbook where bored
students looked through photographs.  "Do you have pictures of Friday's
Championship game?" the coach asked.

"Of course.  Hundreds of them," a bored female student replied.

"Search through those photos for Steve," the coach told the four.

"What am I looking for?" the female student asked.

"He's tall, his number is 80, and he has blond hair," Jesse said.

"Hard to tell with those uniforms on," the girl said looking at a

The four sorted through the pictures but couldn't find one picture of
Steve. "Damn it," Jesse said frustrated.

"Look at this one," Will said giving him a picture.

"This isn't Steve," Jesse said dismissively.

"No, but look at the girl.  She seems familiar somehow," Will said.

Jesse stared at the picture.  It was a blond girl in jeans and wearing
the jersey of the opposing team.  She looked attractive and she seemed
to be cheering the defensive team in the stands.

"I have never seen her before," Jesse said giving back the photograph.

"Just a hunch," Will said confused and then looked through more.

"What should we do?  We searched all of those pictures and not one was
of Steve," Will said frustrated.

"We go directly to his house and figure this out," Jesse said.

It was after school; the coach had promised to investigate the matter. 
The three took the bus and got off near Steve's house.  "This is it,"
Will said.

"You sure?" Jesse asked; he had never gone to Steve's house.

"I'm certain," Will said.

They came to the door and saw Steve's last name on the doormat
confirming they were there. After knocking a few times, the door opened
revealing Stephanie.  "Can I help you?" she asked.

"We're looking for Steve.  Are you Stephanie?" Jesse asked.

"How do you know my name?" Stephanie asked bewildered.

"Your phone number is in my phone," Jesse said showing her it.

"How did you get my phone number?  This is my personal phone," she said

"I don't know.  Is Steve here?  We need to talk to him," Jesse asked.

"There is no Steve here," Stephanie said.

"Look, miss, I've been here many times.  I have never seen you before. 
So, where's Steve," Will pressed.

"I don't know what you're talking about.  I live here with my parents;
there is just the three of us," Stephanie said annoyed.

"She's the girl in the picture," Michael recalled.

"What picture?" Stephanie asked.

"You were at the Championship game last Friday," Michael said.

"So, I was rooting for my team and if not for you we would have won,"
she accused Jesse.

The three stared at each other and then back at her.  "Now, if you'll
excuse me," Stephanie said angrily and then slammed the door.

The three walked away from the house disturbed and uncertain.  As they
did, they couldn't help but see the stranger walked in the opposite
direction whistling away as he did.  Jesse noticed the stranger but
didn't think much of it.

"Forget Steve.  He was an ass.  Let's just visit Frank," Jesse

"Agreed," Michael chimed in.

Frank was in a hospital bed with a cast on the left side of his body
and a ventilator for his collapsed lung.  He was conscious but unable
to move from the straps designed to keep him from moving.  A nurse
would come in every so often to observe him.
"You have a visitor," the nurse smiled at him.

"Don't be long," the nurse told the visitor.

"I won't," the stranger said in a deep voice.

Frank simply stared as the stranger took a seat next to Frank.  "You
can't cheat love son," the stranger said with a serious expression on
his face.

Frank merely stared at the stranger in confusion.  "Don't try to talk. 
Just listen.  There is a balance to everything.  For every lost love
there is a new love.  When a love that doesn't occur when it should
happens, it causes a ripple in space time.  Don't blame yourself son;
it wasn't your fault.  It was mine," the stranger said and then stood
up.  He then whistled a song as he left the room.

Frank wasn't sure what to make of the stranger's visit.  He then
suddenly felt an intense pain in his body.  His broken limbs itched and
then burned.  He tried to call out for help, but he couldn't speak with
the ventilator.  He tried to call for help, but the help button
wouldn't work.  Looking at his EKG monitor they looked perfectly normal
despite him having a panic attack.

He shook the bed hoping to get attention but to no avail. As the pain
continued, Frank started losing weight and muscle mass quickly.  With
supernatural speed, Frank's legs and arms started to become thinner.
The casts around them no longer kept a tight hold on them.  The left
arm, leg, and hip were being repaired from the damage they received.
The short hair on Frank's skull grew out and quickly grew longer.  His
large hands became smaller and his twelve-size feet shrank down to a
size six.  His muscles he had built up from muscle training dissolved
and disappeared.

Frank shook in his bed as the painful changes affected his whole body. 
His hips cracked as they expanded slightly and the bones in his skull
shrank.  His eyebrows thinned, his face became more feminine, his chin
became softer, and his lips became softer.  His face thinned out
typical of someone weighing 120 pounds instead of 220.  His broad
shoulders shrank and the muscles on his chest thinned out.  He arched
his hip as the pain continued through them.

He couldn't see what was happening between his legs but he could
certainly feel it.  When all the changes were made, he felt numb in the
groin like he had lost something there.  Fat through his body rippled
from his gut to his chest and then collected itself around his nipples.
They pushed out and became firm.  Frank watched in horror as his chest
rose; he could see his breasts rise before his eyes.  In a desperate
attempt, he hit the help button again.

This time it worked and the nurse quickly came in. "What's wrong?" she

 Frank tried to speak through the ventilator but nothing came out.  The
nurse looked over the body and noticed she was breathing normal.  She
took off the ventilator allowing her to speak.

"Something has happened to me.  My arm and leg," Francine said.

The nurse checked the loose cast with confusion.  "Let me check your X-
Rays," she said.  She came back shortly and stared at the X-Rays.
"This doesn't make sense."

She took a doctor aside and let him see the X-Rays.  The doctor came
over to Francine and asked for a cutting tool.  The saw sliced into the
casts and tore them off her arm and leg.  The doctor then tested her
arm and leg for anything wrong.  "Feels like they're merely strained,
not broken," the doctor said.

"There's more.  I am not supposed to be like this.  I've changed
into...," Francine stammered and then the pupils of her eyes went big and
then back to normal.

"Changed into?" the doctor asked patiently.

"Nothing.  Am I going to get better soon?" Francine asked.

"You can probably leave the hospital today," the doctor smiled.

Jesse, Michael, and Will entered the hospital and came to the
secretaries' desk.  "We're here to see Frank," Jesse said.

The secretary looked up the names on her computer.  "Frank you said?"
the secretary asked.  The three boys nodded.

"I don't have anyone by that name admitted," the secretary said.

The three simply stared at her.  "Maybe he was transferred." Jesse

"No, that would have been recorded too," the secretary shot down.

As the boys tried to figure out what was happening, a doctor wheeled
Francine out of the hospital.  Jesse turned to see Francine but neither
recognized each other.  Jesse shook his head as he tried to focus.

"Let's go," he said to the other two.

"What does this mean?  I don't get it," Michael said frustrated.

"Check your phones," Jesse ordered.

The three looked at their phones, but Frank was no longer listed.
Instead Francine appeared in their contact list.  "I think...I see a
pattern here," Jesse said.

He gave the two a grave look.  "Steve and Frank are gone from our
contact lists and replaced with Stephanie and Francine.  Coincidence?"

"What are you trying to say?" Will asked.

"We were at Steve's house but instead we got Stephanie.  If I am right,
if we go to Frank's house we will find Francine," Jesse said.

"You're saying Steve and Frank turned into girls?" Michael asked in

"Not turned really.  Reality has changed so that they never existed as
guys," Jesse explained.

"How is this possible?" Michael asked.

"I don't know, but we have to find out. We're going to Frank's house."

Once the boys got there, they were surprised to see Francine walk out
the door.  She was dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans with her purse
under her arm.  She rolled her left arm a few times and shook her leg. 
The three boys simply stared without being seen by her.  Soon
thereafter, a blond girl walked up to Francine.  The two chatted,
giggled, laughed, and then walked off together.

"That's her.  The Stephanie chick," Michael said.

"What do we do?" Will wondered alarmed.

The boys then saw the stranger walking towards the two girls.  He
nodded his head politely to them and walked past them on his way.
"That guy has something to do with it," Jesse pointed out.

"Let's follow him then," Michael smirked.

The three boys followed the stranger in the most covert way they knew
how.  One followed directly behind him, another was across the street
following from a distance, and another was farther ahead of the
stranger.  They eventually saw him enter a wedding shop.

"Let's move," Jesse ordered through his cell phone.

The three boys rushed the shop and went inside.  The stranger looked up
and smiled at the three boys.  "How can I help you?" he asked

"What happened to our friends?" Michael demanded harshly.

"I don't know what you mean," the stranger said with a creepy grin.

"Look, we know you're somehow involved.  We won't tell anyone, but we
need to know what happened to our friends," Jesse said diplomatically.

The stranger nodded at Jesse.  "You can't cheat love.  Love always has
a way of getting you in the end," he began.

"How did we cheat love?" Jesse asked.

"You weren't supposed to win that game last Friday," the Stranger

"That's a load of..," Michael objected.

"Continue please," Jesse interjected.

"As I said, you weren't supposed to win that game.  When your team won,
it created a ripple in space-time.  You know what I'm talking about
don't you?" the stranger said.

"The premonition.  I was supposed to throw an interception, and we were
going to lose.  But I stopped it from happening," Jesse recalled.

"What does that have to do with love?" Michael asked confused.

"When the Wolves lost, five of their best players either had their
relationships either cut short or never happen at all.  These five
players were supposed to find their soul mates after winning the
Championship game. By winning, you interrupted that love," the stranger

"Sounds superficial," Will commented.

"It is but sometimes that's where relationships start their course.
Now, love is correcting itself," the stranger said.

"How is it correcting itself?" Jesse asked.

The stranger grinned.  "By making you replacements for those player's
lost loves.  That way the players get their soul mate and the Eagles
lose the championship.  If you five don't exist then the Eagles won't
win the championship."

"All of those players were dudes.  That means their lost loves would
all be girls," Michael said.

The stranger merely smiled.  "How can we stop this?" Jesse asked.

"You can't....unless you exchange yourselves with another love," the
stranger considered.

"So, if we get these players dates we won't change," Jesse figured.

"So long as the players have a love, you won't change.  If they ever
break up, love will come for you," the stranger clarified.

"What about Steve and Frank?  If we find dates for the players they're
supposed to be with, they will change back, right?" Will asked.

The stranger nodded.  "It's going in a certain order.  In my
premonition, Steve fell first trying to tackle the corner.  Then Frank
fell trying to tackle the corner too," Jesse said.

"So, you know who is next," the stranger said pointing to Jesse.

"You do?" Michael asked.

"I'm about to close shop.  You'll know where to find me," the stranger
said and then went into the back room of the shop.

The three boys walked down the street away from the wedding shop.
"Who's next?" Michael demanded.

"It doesn't matter.  No one is going to be next," Jesse said resolved.

"We don't know that yet.  It could happen in our sleep," Michael said

Jesse turned to his two friends.  "The next one is Will, followed by
Michael, and then me."

Will gasped in disbelief.  "I can't be a girl dude."

"You won't.  We're going to beat this.  Tomorrow, we're skipping school
and going to the Wolve's high school.  I have a plan," Jesse said.

The next day Jesse woke up and immediately felt his chest.  He had
weird dreams all night but couldn't remember them.  He checked his body
thoroughly and then checked his phone.  Will's name hadn't changed on
his phone.  Sighing with relief, Jesse then called his friends.

"You ready?" he asked.
"Ready when you are," Michael said determined.

"Call Will and let's move," Jesse ordered.

He took his bike and went across town to the other high school in the
city.  They were historic rivals and the two sides hated each other.
Jesse especially hated the Wolves for intentionally injuring some of
his friends during a football game his freshman year.  He vaguely knew
the Wolves players, but he was desperate to stop love at all costs.

The three boys came together in the school parking lot.  "These are the
names of the starting players for the Wolves.  Coach made me write them
all down, so I could study their moves," Jesse said showing them a

"What's the plan?" Will asked nervously.

"Prom is coming up soon.  We find out which players haven't paid for a
prom ticket.  The five that haven't are the ones," Jesse reasoned.

"We don't know for sure that's how it works," Will objected.

"We don't have any other options," Jesse replied.

"How do we find out who has bought a ticket?" Michael asked.

"That's your job.  Find the student government classroom and search
through it," Jesse ordered Michael. "Will is going to stand guard for

"What are you going to do?" Will asked Jesse.

"I'm going to use this flash drive to download information off the
school computers in the counseling building.  Once we find that out, we
can know who is in which class.  When we know that, we can start to
pair people up," Jesse said.

"How will we pair people up?" Michael asked.

"We bribe random girls to go out with the five players," Jesse said
displaying a stack of twenty dollar bills.

"What if we get caught man?" Michael said becoming anxious.

"Would you rather go to juvenile hall for a day or a girl the rest of
your life?" Jesse asked them.

The two nodded.  "Let's move."

Michael and Will approached the student government classroom and found
it locked.  "I was afraid of this.  Cover me," Michael said as he tried
to pick the lock.

Will looked around as Michael worked on the lock.  The door opened
allowing Michael inside.  Michael searched everywhere for the prom
ticket roster and finally found it after ten minutes.  A teacher walked
by Will guarding the classroom.

"Will, what are you doing here?" the teacher asked.

Will stared at the teacher wondering how she could know his name.  "I'm
waiting for the student government teacher.  I want to run for Senate,"
he said lamely.

"That's good.  You're starting to open up to everyone," she said and
then gave him a concerned look.  "You've gained a lot of weight.  Are
you feeling okay?" she asked.

"Never better," Will said.

The teacher nodded and then walked off.  Will gave a sigh of relief and
looked back to see Michael with the list.  "Let's hope Jesse got the
other list."

Jesse sneaked into the counseling office and pretended to be a student
waiting for a counselor.  He waited patiently for one of the counselors
to leave their office.  Eventually one of them left his office.  Jesse
quickly went inside the office and put the flash drive into the USB
port.  He hid under the desk as the flash drive started downloaded
student files.  Once it was done, he took the flash drive out.  As he
walked away from the office, the counselor gave him an odd look.

Once he was outside, Jesse ran away from the counseling office towards
the meeting place.  He ran over to them and caught his breath.  "Did
you get it?" Will pressed.

"I got it," Jesse said showing them the flash drive.

"Let's go to my place," Michael suggested.

The three headed over to Michael's place where they placed the prom
roster on the table.  They then used Jesse's flash drive to read the
student names. The three began crossing off the list of football
players with prom dates.  They then noticed Stephanie and Francine's
name.  They were attached to two football players.  The three stared at
the two football player's faces and wondered their fate.

"Including Steve and Frank, we now have five," Jesse announced.

The three looked over the three players left and memorized their faces
and names.  They nervously looked over the three guys.  If they didn't
stop love, they would end up being the girlfriends of each.  Now, we
have to pair these guys with girls who haven't been invited yet.

The next day, the three infiltrated the Wolve's high school and spotted
their targets. The three smoothly confronted a few girls bribing them
to go out with the football players.  They accepted the money and all
seemed well.

"Now, we bribe Frank and Steve to break up with their boyfriends,"
Jesse said enthusiastically.

"That sounds really gay," Michael mocked.

The three went to Francine's house after school and knocked on her
door.  "Can I help you?" she asked annoyed.

"We want you to not go out with Edward to the prom," Jesse said

"Let makes you think I'll do that.  He's my baby," Francine said

"Look, you're not supposed to be with him.  We'll give you one hundred
bucks if you don't do it," Jesse pleaded.

"You three get the hell off my porch," she said angrily and slammed the
door on them.

"Forget her...him...whatever," Michael said annoyed.

"Yeah, let's move on," Jesse said sadly.

The two went to Steve's house and got the same reaction as Francine.
"Well, we saved ourselves at least," Will said optimistically.

"I feel I have failed them," Jesse said mournfully.

"You went beyond the call of duty.  We were fighting supernatural
forces," Michael consoled him.

"Yeah, you're right," Jesse said glumly.

The three went back home and thought their troubles had ended.

A few weeks later, no evidence surfaced of Steve or Frank in the school
roster, video tapes, yearbook photos, or any other recording.  The
coach was distraught but vowed to keep looking for the two kids.  He
even submitted a missing persons report to the police, but they
couldn't find them.  Jesse considered telling the coach, but it would
make him sound insane.

During lunch, he received an alarming phone call.  "I can't get him to
go with me to the prom," the girl pouted.

"How is this possible?" Jesse asked, she was an attractive girl.

"I tried everything.  I tried to buy the tickets for us.  I even tried
to bribe him with sex," she said unhappily.

"You have to keep trying," Jesse pressed.

"I think I am giving up.  You can take back your money," she offered.

"Don't give up until the day of the prom," Jesse ordered.

"Okay," she said meekly.

Jesse frowned wondering what he was going to do.  Was the football
player just being stubborn or was the supernatural at work?  Will came
up to Jesse as he put his phone away.  He had lost considerable weight
but didn't seem ill. "Hey, I have something to tell you," he said.

"What is it?" Jesse asked alarmed.

"I am going to transfer to the other high school after this semester
ends," he said.

"Why?" Jesse asked confused.

"Well, my grades aren't too good, and I'm in danger of not graduating. 
If I go over to the other school, I might get a new start," he said.

"That's crazy.  You won a school Championship here.  You owe this
school for that," Jesse said outraged.

"Hey, I know.  But it's something I got to do," he said and then left.

Jesse gave Will a dumbfounded look and called Michael.  "See you after

Jesse and Michael walked down the streets towards the mall while
commenting on Will's defection.  A police car suddenly drove up next to
them.  "Stop!" the officer ordered of them.

The two boys froze as the two offices got out of their cars and looked
them over.  "Problem officer?" Jesse asked anxiously.

One of the officer's gave Michael a stern look.  "I think it's him," he
said to his partner.

"Think what?" Michael asked.

"You match the description of a suspect that robbed a 7/11 nearby
here," the cop said to Michael.

"You've got the wrong guy," Michael said.

"He was with me for the last hour," Jesse added.

"The robbery took place two hours ago.  Where were you two hours ago?"
the cop asked Michael.

"I was...I was...," Michael stuttered as he felt a memory lapse.

"Can you tell me where he was two hours ago?" the cop asked Jesse.

Michael gave Jesse a frightened expression asking him to make something
up.  Jesse was too afraid to lie to the police officer and maybe
Michael did do it after all.  He was the type to do something like
that.  "I can't," he said finally.

The cops took a stunned Michael into their car and took off.  A
dumfounded Jesse went home alone.

Michael was cast into juvenile hall jail still persisting his
innocence.  One of the cops showed a sketch of the suspect that looked
similar to Michael.  "You match the picture near perfectly, and you
don't have an alibi.  Now, be quiet and wait for your bail hearing,"
the cop told him.

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, Michael paced around his single cell and
then finally went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Michael woke up with a cold sweat.  His
body was in intense pain from muscle contractions around his body.  He
tried to call out for a doctor but couldn't speak.  Unable to get out
of bed, Michael hissed in pain as his body changed underneath.

His feet were the first to change going from a size ten to a size five
within a few seconds.  Michael gritted his teeth as the bones shrank
and the muscles rearranged themselves.  The hard callouses on his feet
dissolved into soft flesh and the hairs on his feet fell off.  His
ankle shrank with his foot and then the muscles in his leg started to
dissolve.  Michael attempted to move his feet but in vain.  He started
pounding his fist on the walls to get attention but the guards weren't
listening.  His bruised hand immediately repaired itself and became
smaller.  His nails grew longer and callouses dissolved away.  Michael
then felt the greatest pain as his legs and arms shrank.  He couldn't
see it underneath the jump suit, but his hairy legs and arms were
becoming smooth and hairless.  All the scars from previous sport
injuries disappeared.

"This can't be happening.  Will should have changed first," Michael
muttered.  Did it jump Will?  Was it because they got Will's
prospective boyfriend a date and not for him? Or was Will changing at
the same time he was.  Michael couldn't access his cell phone to find

Finally, his limbs felt numb and paralyzed.  Michael struggled to move
but could not.  He then realized his hair was growing longer and
straighter down around his neck.  He could feel the bangs forming at
the base of his scalp.  He took his feminine hands and went through it
in amazement.  His bushy eyebrows thinned and his face rippled until it
became more feminine; the Adam's apple disappeared from his neck.

Then pain went through his hips, his spine, and his ribs as more
changes were made.  Michael reached inside his orange jumpsuit and felt
his breasts starting to form.  "Oh God," he said in a feminine voice.
A sudden burst of pain and Michael was out.

The next morning, the guards opened Michael's cell.  "You've been
bailed out," the female guard said.

Michelle opened her eyes and pealed her hair away from her eyes.  She
looked up at the guard with groggy eyes.  "Hurry up, get up," the guard
said to her.

Michelle got up and felt her body for all the changes.  The female
guard sighed impatiently as Michelle fell to her knees and started to
cry.  "I can't deal with this," the guard said annoyed.

"It's going to be alright sweetie," the stranger said to her.

Michelle stared at the stranger in terror.  "You did this," she

"I am just a messenger," he smiled. "Do you want out or not?"

Michelle reluctantly got back up and followed the stranger out of the
juvenile detention facility for girls.  Dressed in her now girly
clothes, Michelle followed the stranger to the street.

"Want a ride?" he offered her with a smile.

"No, I'll be fine," Michelle squeaked.

"I'll be seeing you soon," he smirked and then walked off.

Michelle's pupils expanded and then went back to normal.  She looked
around as if she were confused.  She took out her phone and dialed a
number.  "Juan, I need a ride.  Please hurry," she said.

Jesse noticed Michael's contact name morph into Michelle.  "Damn it,"
he swore as he realized he had failed his friend.  He checked Will, and
his name was still the same.

"Why did it skip?" he wondered.

He decided to call up Will.  "Hey, how's it going?" he asked.

"Good," he said vaguely.

"Michael turned," Jesse reported solemnly.

"Maybe it was for the best," Will said resigned.

"Why didn't you change though?  Why did it skip you?" Jesse wondered.

There was a pause on the other end.  "I don't know."

"We keep to the plan.  We don't know if we are out of this yet," Jesse

"Sure man, remember that you're next on the list," Will reminded him.

"I know."

Jesse tried to work it out in his head.  Will hadn't changed, but
Michael had.  The date for Will's prospective boyfriend had bowed out. 
So, that meant that Will's boyfriend was still not going to prom.  He
decided to call the girl he had hired.

"Has he accepted your prom invite yet?"

"No, he hasn't.  I don't think this is going to work," she said

"Keep trying," Jesse insisted.

Jesse then turned to dark thoughts.  What if his prospective boyfriend
were killed?  That would balance the scales wouldn't it?  Would he go
so far to kill to keep his gender?  Jesse thought it over and then went
into the attic.  He found an unlocked case and opened it.  Inside was a
9mm pistol with ammunition inside the magazine.  Jesse's hand shook as
he held the weapon.

He had always hated the Wolve's quarterback.  He had thought he was
better than him all their years in high school.  During his freshman
year, he had been quarterback and had been beaten offensively by this
same quarterback.  He hated his smirk and condescending look when he
would shake his hand after games.

Jesse put the weapon inside his pocket and looked up the quarterback on
Facebook.  He was going to attend a football celebration.  Jesse didn't
think that made any sense; he had won and he had lost.  Stephanie,
Francine, Michelle, and Will were going to attend.  Why was Will
attending?  He had become a traitor indeed. Jesse looked up the
location and took his bike to the mall.

Jesse arrived at the mall before dark and went inside the mall.  He had
to find a way to get the quarterback alone and take him out perhaps
during the same time a train would pass.  Or maybe he would shoot him
in an elevator hidden from view from anyone.  He saw the quarterback
enter the elevator dressed in a suit.  He always dressed well for these

Jesse moved quickly and entered the elevator at the same time.  The
quarterback was surprised to see him.  "Jesse right, I'm surprised to
see you here," he smiled politely.

"My friend Will is here too," Jesse excused himself.

He nodded thoughtfully and then smirked.  "Shall we go up, Miss Champ,"
he said mockingly.

Jesse became infuriated and suddenly pushed the stop button on the
elevator.  He then pulled out the gun and pointed at the quarterback's
head.  "What are you doing?" he asked terrified.

"Move away from the buttons," Jesse ordered.

The quarterback complied moving to the other side of the elevator.
"What do you want?" the quarterback asked.

"You have to die.  It's the only way I can stay me," he said.

"I think you need some help," the quarterback said condescendingly.

"Shut up.  This is all your fault.  I was supposed to win that game.  I
am the best," Jesse raged.

"You did dude," the quarterback said defensively.

"Then what is this party about?" Jesse asked.

The quarterback seemed stumped.  "I don't know...I didn't organize it,"
he said.

"If you die, then the circle is broken.  My friends will come back,"
Jesse reasoned.

"Put the gun down, please," the quarterback pleaded.

Jesse took the safety off and pulled the trigger.  The bullet shot out
of the pistol and missed the quarterback's head barely.  It ricocheted
off the elevator wall and hit Jesse to the side of the head.  Jesse
immediately fell to the ground stunned.  The quarterback quickly opened
the elevator doors and ran out.  The doors closed behind him.

Jesse felt his head as he barely kept consciousness.  His vision was
blurry and blood was started to get into his eyes.   He had a massive
headache and felt like he was about to pass out.  "How could I have
missed?" he asked himself.

His wound closed up and his headache disappeared.  Jesse got back up
from the ground and then cleared his mind.  He just tried to kill the
quarterback.  He needed to get out of the mall before the cops got him.
He pushed the open door button on the elevator but none of them worked.
He tried all of the buttons but they all were no longer working.  He
slammed on the open door button in frustration.

He then saw himself in the mirror in the elevator.  His hair was
starting to grow out and his face was changing.  "If I become a girl,
reality changes," he realized.  He contemplated being in prison for
attempted murder as a man or a free life as a woman.  As the changes
continued, Jesse almost wanted the changes to continue.  He wouldn't be
separated from his friends any longer.  He would be at the same school
with them as girls.

Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as he had thought.  He would have a love
interest for sure, which beat dealing with all the bitchy girls he had
in the past.  He realized his dislike for the quarterback was out of
envy and that he really was a classy guy.  He had thrown more yards
than he had that game; their defense just sucked.  As a stand-alone
player, he was pretty good.  He giggled girlishly as he thought on how
he had almost killed his future boyfriend.  He then became remorseful
and wondered if the quarterback would remember what he had done when
the reality would change.  He hoped so.

His hair continued to grow to shoulder length, long brown hair.  His
face became completely feminine and his Adam's apple disappeared.  She
watched in fascination as her shoulders became less broad, her muscles
disappeared from her arms, and her hands became smaller.  She didn't
feel the pain like the others.  She was going to accept this change
happily.  She smiled as her breasts started developing under her shirt.

"Keep growing babies," she said as they reached C-cup size.

She then saw her waist become smaller, and her hips broaden.  Her legs
became slender and her feet became lose in her shoes.  Her clothes were
beginning to sag making her laugh at the sight.  She then felt the
weird sensation of having her genitals suck up inside her body.

"Now the clothes," she smirked at the mirror.

As if on cue, her t-shirt swirled and became the top part of a black
dress.  Cloth appeared around her breasts which immediately became a
black colored bra.  She watched in amazement as a necklace magically
appeared around her neck and a diamond ring appeared on her finger.
She then saw her jeans morph away as the black dress expanded down to
her ankles.  Earrings suddenly appeared on her ears but there was no
pain. Her socks disappeared and her tennis shoes turned into black
heals.  Her ankles rose as the shoes formed into heals.  Lastly, a
purse magically appeared around her right arm.

She immediately checked her purse and saw her new feminine ID.  Her
name was Jessica.  She then saw the pistol on the elevator floor.  The
dent on the elevator disappeared and the pistol began to morph.  It
changed form and became a bouquet of flowers.  She immediately picked
them up and smelled them.  There was a card on the bouquet indicating
it was for Rob.  So, she was giving the flowers to him?

She then wondered why.  New memories flooded her consciousness.  She
had been in the stands watching as Rob threw yet another touchdown
pass.  The Eagles attempted to score to win the game, but the
quarterback threw an interception.  She watched excitedly as the
defensive players successfully got the ball into the Endzone.  She
remembered cheering wildly as the Wolves won 31-20.  Then she
remembered kissing Rob after his victory.  He pulled her aside after
the game and took her to the ocean.  There he proposed to her with a
diamond ring; she accepted.

Feelings for Rob instantly manifested in her mind, and she became
horrified that she could ever try to kill him.  She pushed the button
to open the doors and walked into a hallway.  Rob was chatting with his
friends Charles, Juan, Edward, and David.  Their girlfriends were there
too in beautiful dresses.  Michelle, Francine, and Stephanie smiled at
her as she walked with her flowers.

"This is for you," she said nervously.

"Thank you," he smiled and then kissed her on the lips.

Jessica was surprised by the kiss but found she liked it.  The others
cheered them on as they kissed for a few seconds.  When Rob was done,
Jessica felt weak in her legs.

"Everything alright? You seem anxious," he asked.

"No, I just want everything to be perfect tonight," she gushed.

"Let's go inside the party room," he invited her inside.

"Congratulations, Miss," Will said to her when she came in.  She simply
stared at him.  He was thinner and less muscular than before but
otherwise quite male.

"Thank you," a confused Jessica answered back.

"Have some punch," Rob handed her a glass.

"Baby, who is Charles' date?" she asked Rob.

"I'll tell you later," he smiled.

Jessica then looked at the cake.  "Go Wolves!  Champions" it said.  She
also saw that the balloons and posters also had champion on them.  The
principal of the high school was present with a date on his arm.  She
was a middle aged woman in her forties but otherwise looked good.  She
was slender and athletic looking.

"Who's that?" Jessica asked Rob.

"That's Mr. Browler's girlfriend Miss Cooper," Rob pointed out.

Jessica stared wide-eyed at her; she had the same last name as her
former football coach.  "She's going to be our new softball coach," Rob

"That's great," Jessica said still stunned.

Jessica looked around and noticed the other girls present wondering if
any of them were her fellow teammates.  "Did you get me a yearbook,"
Jessica asked Rob.

"I sure did," he smiled handing her one from his backpack.

"Thank you, baby," Jessica said happily and gave him a quick peck.

She looked through it and scanned the last names of all the girls.  No,
it was just the five players and the coach apparently.  "Keep this for
me," she asked Rob.

"Of course," he said putting it back.

She then noticed the stranger at the wedding shop.  He was chatting
with some of the adults in the room and drinking red punch.  "Why,
hello Jessica," he said with a smile.

"Is it over?" she asked.

"It's over for you.  But whenever love is thwarted, it will correct
itself," he said.  "Do you regret winning that football game?" he asked

Jessica looked around and saw Stephanie, Francine, and Michelle
enjoying themselves.  "No, I think this turned out well.  Am I Rob's
soul mate now?" she asked.

"Yes," he said simply.

"So, he'll love me forever?" Jessica asked hopefully.

"Let's just say any woman who tries to interfere with what was meant to
be won't be a woman for long," he smiled creepily.

"Got it," Jessica said nodding her head.

"Enjoy the party, Miss," he said as she walked off.

After the party, Rob took Jessica down the escalator where a limo
awaited them.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw Will and an African
American teammate of Rob.  "Who is he?" Jessica asked.

"That's Charles remember," Rob said.

They were walking in the other direction and then looked around.
Jessica then saw the two boys kiss passionately and hold each other
firmly.  Jessica watched wide-eyed as Will passionately kissed Charles.
It now made all sense.  Love hadn't skipped Will; it was just in a way
she hadn't understood.  Charles gay lover had to be replaced by another
and that person was Will.

Rob smirked at the gay couple as they tried to hide their love.
Charles just came out a few months ago.  I was surprised as anyone.
"They're not going to prom?" Jessica asked.

"Nah, they have other plans," Rob said.

"What happens next?" Jessica asked.

"This," he said pointing to the limo.

Jessica stared as the limo came up to them.  "To the Sunshine Hotel,"
Rob ordered the driver.

The two got inside and for the first time in a week, Jessica felt
relaxed.  No longer was there the pressure to perform well at the game
or find out why her friends were changing.  Everything was as it should
be. The limo played romantic music and gave them plenty of room to
cuddle.  She didn't think she would ever cuddle with a dude, but he
felt so warm and inviting.

After the limo drive, Rob led Jessica to the hotel room.  "We can
really do this?" she asked uncertain.

"My parents are cool with it and as far as your folks are concerned
we're already married," he smiled.

Jessica thought back on her parents; they were the relaxed type except
when it came to sports.  "Do you think I'm good at sports?" she asked

"At football?  Hell no, but you are the captain of volleyball team, the
girl's swim team, and softball team.  You are the most athletic girl in
the school," he complimented.

Jessica felt reassured by this and waited as Rob used his hotel card to
open the door.  The two went inside and then Rob took out a bottle and
two glasses.  "Don't worry.  It's just cider," he said as he poured a

She noticed it was a single bed room and then realized what she was
getting into.  Rob casually took off his jacket and tie.  He then
toasted her glass "To a better future together."

"What is our future?" Jessica asked curiously.

"Well, babe, I got some scholarships, and I just got accepted to a
number of colleges.  I am going to play some college football and
everything is paid for," he said happily.

"That's great," Jessica said excited for him.

"And you are coming with me," he smiled.

"Anywhere you go, I go," Jessica smiled back.

The two kissed and then fell on the bed together.  Perhaps it was
curiosity or newfound female lust, but Jessica began to unbutton his
shirt.  He allowed her to slowly unbutton his shirt and then removed it
from his shoulders.  Jessica stared in admiration as she saw his well-
formed chest, his muscular shoulders, and arms that were twice of the
size of hers.  He was even well-built than she was when she was a guy.

"Like what you see?" he asked over her.

"I do," she smiled.

She then reached for his pants and hesitated.  If she went farther,
they were definitely going to have sex.  She wasn't sure she was ready
to have sex with Rob or any man for that matter.  Rob seemed to
understand her concern.  He kissed her and rubbed her breasts with his
right hand.  Jessica felt an unfamiliar pleasure coming from her
breasts as he rubbed her.

"Oh, that feels good," she moaned.

"Want more?" he asked.

"Oh yes," she agreed.

He quickly unbuttoned his pants revealing his erection.  Putting his
pants aside, he took off his soaks and then pulled down his underwear
freeing his cock.  "Can I touch it?" Jessica asked almost fearful at
its size.

"Sure," Rob grinned.

Jessica cautiously touched him and then wrapped her small hand around
it.  She stroked it a few times getting him harder than even before.
She enjoyed the effect she was having on him and realized she was
getting moist.  She realized with uncertainty that this "thing" would
eventually go inside her.

A little scared of the prospect, Jessica attempted to stall Rob a
little.  She stroked his cock a few times more and then gave it a
cautious peck.  Rob shuddered from her peck and gave her the go ahead
to do what she wanted.  Jessica had her own penis sucked when she was a
boy by a few girls but now she was on the giving in.  She shrugged and
took the plunge putting his entire length into her mouth.  Rob put his
hands on her shoulders to steady himself as Jessica licked and sucked

She lacked practice but had insider knowledge of what to do.  She
stroked his balls while she licked the most sensitive tip of his cock. 
Rob moaned as fell on his back on the bed.  Jessica moved with him and
sucked while on top.  Rob tensed up as he felt a rush go through him.
"I'm going to cum," he warned her.

Jessica nodded curiously wondering what it would be like.  Finally, Rob
cock's contracted sending jets of cum into her mouth.  She quickly
swallowed to avoid a mess.  "That was great babe.  The best you've ever
done," he complimented.

"Thanks," she gushed.

Rob sighed as he calmed down from his awesome orgasm.  He looked at
Jess hungrily and then knelt up facing her.  "Okay, my turn," he

Jess wondered what he meant by that but soon he was gently pulling her
dress down over her shoulders.  Jess nervously allowed Rob to pull down
her dress and then unclasp her bra.  He got up close to her so their
chests rubbed against each other and then kissed her for a few moments.
Jess wrapped her arms around Rob's back as she became lost in the
moment.  Rob lowered his mouth kissing her neck and then finally her
breasts.  Jess tensed up as she felt her nipples being kissed, licked,
and sucked.

She made small moans to indicate to him he was doing it right.  She
found herself arching her back towards him wanting to be sucked harder.
Finally, Rob lowered her to the bed and pulled the dress off around her
hips and legs.

"You want to go all the way again?" he asked.

Jess nodded without thinking and then wondered how many times they had
sex before.  Would Rob be able to know something was different?  Rob
delicately pulled down her underwear and Jess anticipated being
penetrated.  But instead Rob went down on her body and started kissing
her clit.

Jess shuddered as she became sexually stimulated as a girl for the
first time.  Rob expertly licked inside her and used his fingers to
massage her clit.  She instinctively bucked her hips and began to
squirm from the pleasure.  Soon she was completely wet and ready for
him to go inside her.

"You ready yet?" she gasped.

"I think so," Rob said as his dick became hard again.

"Put it in," she said.

Rob didn't hesitate slowly pushing himself into her.  The sensation was
nothing she had felt before.  She felt another object go inside her for
the first time.  Rob pushed in all the way and then started to thrust. 
Jess held him tightly wanting to keep them stable.  She didn't want any
of this to end.  Rob shank inside her rubbing her clit in the right
way.  Losing her masculine pride, Jess decided to let herself go.  She
bucked against him, moaned loudly, and pushed into him so he would get
as deep as possible.

Any insecurity of being called gay disappeared.  She was now a woman,
the girlfriend of the star quarterback.  She was the champion of girl
sports and had a great future in front of her.  Still, she wasn't going
to be completely passive.  If sex were a sport, she was going to be a
participant.  Using her athletic ability she became more aggressive
pulling them both to a kneeling position.  Rob was enthused by her
initiative and continued his thrusts while they kissed.  She wasn't
going to let Rob, her rival dominate her mouth.  The two fought for
control until they could hardly breathe.  Finally, Jess pushed Rob
underneath her.

On top, she sank onto his dick and began to ride.  She wasn't sure what
she was doing at first, but she soon found how to get Rob to massage
her clit with each thrust.  Rob cupped her breasts and touched her
nipples with his thumbs.

"Keep that up.  I'm almost there," she said to him.

"Alright babe.  I'll stay hard for you," he smiled.

Jess was sweating from effort as she thrust her hips on him.  She was
almost there; she could feel it.  It was like a building sensation but
then she would lose it suddenly.  She realized she couldn't just become
sexually stimulated.  She had to love Rob for this to work.  She looked
down at his handsome face and imagined what life would be like with
him.  As she thought about him, she suddenly was hit with a sexual
wave.  Crying out in pleasure, she felt her insides suddenly clamp
down.  Rob bucked his hips quickly so she could have the most intense
orgasm of her life.

With the orgasm fading, she felt emotions creep into her mind.  She
loved him more than she had any other person she had been with.  It was
so different from being a guy and not caring about the girl after

"Okay Rob. Let's get you to cum inside me now," Jess said.  She knew he
wanted to and that it would complete his night.

"It might take a little while," he said.

"We'll go until you do," she smiled.

For the next thirty minutes the couple tried a number of sexual
positions.  At the end, Rob placed Jess on her back and emptied himself
in her.  He shuddered and shot into her.  It was different for Jess to
feel it happen from another perspective.  She felt a fast warm
sensation go through her until he became soft.

"I love you Jess," he said panting from effort.

"I love you too Rob."


Rob was a success in college football becoming a second string
quarterback for an NFL team.  Jessica accompanied Rob earning a degree
in Child Psychology.  As a girl, she had much better grades than when
she was a boy.  The two married during their junior year of college and
gave birth to a son named Jesse one year after graduating from college.
Rob raked in millions with his NFL contracts giving the family a grand
house in Florida.  Jessica became a proud mother of two boys and one

After their first night together, Jessica and Rob clicked.  They both
loved football and athletics in general.   They were able to understand
each other better than most couples and sex was always great between
them.  They knew each other both mind and body.  Jessica would keep her
past a secret as the only one who's memories hadn't changed by the new

Her friends Stephanie, Francine, and Michelle all married their soul
mates.  The three had their ups and downs but lived comfortably in
South Florida.  They all raised kids and every so often there would be
a girl's night reunion.  Will and his boyfriend remained together and
adopted a baby boy.

Jess never saw the stranger again and wondered if others would
experience the same fate.  After several years of marriage with three
kids, she couldn't dream of a happier existence.

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