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Friday, August 28, 2015

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 5

August 28, 2015
Updated Apr. 23, 2016 

Though Lu liked the clothes of a ho,
To Skip things were moving too slow.
While smooching a winner,
A stud named Paul Skinner,
He told her 'bout his B.F. Joe.

This pal was a picture-book hunk
Who could put any girl in the bunk.
Skip just couldn't wait
To get Lulu a date
With this handsome and virile skunk.

She took Lulu out the next night
To a swinging club called the Spotlight.
Paul came by not alone,
At his side was Joe Stone,
An Adonis with teeth beaming bright. 

When Lulu caught on to the con
She immediately wished to get gone.
But Joe was a charmer

Who could easily disarm her;
He managed her moves like a pawn.

The two of them danced for a bit,
Then at the bar they did sit.
At first Lu felt frightened,
But gradually brightened
As Joe made her laugh with his wit.

One little thing led to another,
She said "yes" to something or other.
To a motel swift taken
Lu stepped in, very shaken,
And her heartbeat became a fast flutter.

Joe swept her up like a bride
The open bed made her eyes wide.
Joe turned low the lamp,
Stole a kiss like a scamp
And snuggled down right by her side.

But she squirmed away quick from the guy;
Her head spun, as if she were high.
Then he moved close to hold her
And nibbled her shoulder;
It felt so good she gave a sigh.

Jack's fingers played bold 'twixt her thighs;
He disrobed her and feasted his eyes.

This blonde was his type
And he sensed she was ripe.
Having won the game, he claimed the prize.   

 To be continued...

1 comment:

  1. I've had a busy two months and missed last month's posting, obviously. But I'm enjoying "Busted" and intend to plow on, no matter how long it takes. Maybe winter will give me more time. Who knows?

    This is a remake of the incomplete "Busted" I did at the World of Zhor. Zhor has long been in hiatus, but this time I want to carry it on to completion. The rhymes are heavily edited and, I hope, improved. I have discarded a lot of pictures and most illos here are new. After Busted, however long that takes, I hope to have another worthwhile project to offer to the fans of TFTGS.