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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 6

October 6, 2015
Updated Apr. 23, 2016

When Lulu was pressed toward their bed
Excitement went straight to her head.
Though she wasn't quite ready,
Joe's insistence was steady
And, uncertainly, she was led.

She'd thought banging men was for geeps,
And Lulu looked down on those creeps.
But Joe'd lit her fire;
The flames leaped up higher
And from toes up to hair roots did sweep.

Joe had grown as hard as a rock;
The organ's touch gave Lu a shock.
His knee spread her thighs;
Like moons were her eyes
When she felt enter in his thick cock.

Deeper and deeper Joe pressed;
"No!" she yelled, stunned and distressed.
But he’d opened her door
And was stroking her sore.
This was the sport he played best.

It was like being drilled by a rig,
Straight, deep, and strong was Joe’s frig.
At last Lu could see
How great sex might be.
Girl stuff was a thing she could dig.

It was like Lu was living a dream;
Her pussy'd become slick as cream.
"More, more!" she beseeched,
Her conquest point reached.
She’d found Paradise, it did seem.

The girl was denied all respite,
Joe tortured her with sheer delight.
So good was his boff
He at last set her off
Like a rocket that soared out of sight.

Joseph just then threw out all stops,
The slambam he dealt Lu was tops.
Twice more the girl yielded
To the weapon he wielded.
She got from him every last drop.

Insider her, Lu'd felt the sperm’s gush,
Hot as it spewed in a rush.
The seed fully filled her,
The heat of it thrilled her;
Gaff yeeped once, then swooned and fell hush.

 To Be continued...

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