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Monday, October 8, 2012

Decisions, Decisions! PLEASE READ

No, not shutting down or anything silly like that I look through all the material I have... I realize that posting every day will result in nothing going out except in sporadic bursts from here on in.

So what I've decided is that Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be MY posting days.  And on those days, I will put up either a story, a caption set or art set. 

I hate to slow it down that much but I really realized the extent to which material does NOT come that suits this blog. 

My guest contributors will still post whenever they wish, of course:)


  1. I think I could have some TG stuff that could interest you on my gallery ( It is a guy turning into a monkey girl... I hope it'll help a bit! ;-)

    1. It's going up today, so it helped much:)