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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

After a somewhat rocky go of it the last couple of months, I'm pleased to see that Christopher Leeson has been posting new work here and it has made me feel good about the intent of this site.

It's still somewhat difficult to find TG work that is not CD/TV oriented.  What there is, is rather small but I present a couple of quick works I've found as a present to you all.

Knight of the Succubus by Cluedog!

Military/Maternity by Blackshirtboy!

And finally, Sibling Dispute by Sutibaru!


  1. Thanks, hadn't seen the second half of sibling dispute, or the BSB one, and thanks for taking the time to update :-)

    1. Not a problem:) When I get inspired...I get inspired:)

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