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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Busted: A Tale of Zhor in Rhyme: Part 12

Revised Dec. 23, 2016 

Most of the men looked like losers,
A mix of low misfits and boozers.
"This trip was an error,"
Lu thought in despair,

Until there stepped up a real doozer.

He stood like a king in command;
On Lulu his keen glance did land.
Her interest was tripled
By muscles that rippled.
He came up close and touched her hand.

The bold stranger checked out Lu's bust;
When she said "Hello" it broke the crust.
She couldn't help grin
At this new chance to sin.
She was, in fact, breathless with lust.

His first name was Tip, so he said;

He suggested they timeshare in bed.
Lu guessed in a trice
He was no cop from Vice,
But a man who loved action instead.

He whispered a number in green;

Lu nodded; the two left the scene.
Paying to bed her,
To a motel he led her.
Tip was, 'neath his shirt, hard and lean.

Lu likewise slipped off her light dress;
It hardly made sense to do less.

The need that she nursed
Drove her onward like thirst;
She wanted his touch and caress.

Lew'd done many vamps on his street;
The pretty ones oft felt his heat.
He'd loved when a doll
Would give him her all.
The act of sex nothing could beat.

But working Vice got Lu to thinking;

Her sex-drive grew much worse with drinking.
It became downright gnawing,
Like a cat inside clawing.
Her morals, though bad, were still sinking.

In daydreams Lu'd seen herself nude,
Taking a fee to be lewd.

Getting cash like a whore
Made her wanton heart soar.
Now she earned it with acts low and crude.

To be continued....


  1. Late again. Maybe I can make up for that soon.

    This, btw, is the only set of illos so far that does not picture Lulu herself. That wasn't planned, but I think it works out. We at lease get to see Lu in her old shape as Lew.

  2. For fans who like to archive my postings here at TFTGS, I want to mention that I did some revision on this episode to improve it. It was necessary because I decided to take Lulu's story in a different direction beginning in part 13, from what I originally intended. So, if anyone out there likes to save these stories, I would recommend a fresh download.