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Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Cure for Hypertension by Ed Miller

I JUST got official permission from Ed to post his stories here.  I am beyond pleased to know he's still around and responding to e-mails.  Send the guy some love! 


A Cure for Hypertension

by Ed Miller

    As usual, this is a story containing graphic sexual content. If you are not legally allowed to view such a story, don't download it, read it, touch it, lick it, eat it, burn it, use it for toilet paper, or even stand near it.If you do read it, send any comments to: Or leave feedback if the site you're reading this on allows it. I always read it, even if I don't answer much, and I'm always interested to hear comments, even if it's just "nice story," or, for that matter "you suck."
    If you want to know where the rest of my stories are archived, they're all at and nearly all of them are at
    I should warn you, ladycyrrh (who was a reviewer way back on assm; this preface has become rather dated) labeled another of my stories "a fuckfest, but more literate than most." That is, of course, exactly what I was aiming for: a fuckfest. Literary worth belongs in literature. What you're reading now is smut. Be forewarned.

A Cure for Hypertension by Ed Miller
     It all began with a trip to the doctor. That's certainly a simple, innocent-enough event, and the event itself was simple and innocent. It's just that it gave Janet an opening to do what she did.
     Janet was (and I guess still is) my girlfriend. We'd been dating for almost a year when all this started. At 19 when we got together, she was almost 10 years younger than me, but we got along pretty well and she seemed to enjoy my company. I know I enjoyed hers. The way she looked, any man would.

     Maybe it didn't all begin with the doctor visit. Maybe it began with Janet. She was, you see, excruciatingly beautiful when I met her. She was waiting tables at a local restaurant where I often went with clients from work. About the only times I went out to eat were with clients and vendors, for the purpose of making deals. Back then, I used to work 12, 13 hours a day as often as not. Not all in the office, you understand, but with a cell phone and email to keep you in touch, you can keep buying and selling computer equipment to major corporations for as long as you can stay awake.
     Janet wasn't the sort of woman I saw myself with, nor would she have been the kind of girlfriend my friends would have expected me to have if my job had left me time for any friends. But when I sat down at a table in her section and started to get my clients liquored up, she came over to take our order and was giving me the eye the whole time.
     Janet had long, dark brown hair and a face that was at once innocent and slightly mischievous. The place was kind of ritzy, and her uniform consisted of black slacks and a white shirt. Normally, that sort of outfit isn't particularly feminine, but on Janet it did the job. The pants were tight, and they accentuated her round, tight little ass. The shirt was looser, but it still showed that Janet was definitely appetizingly thin. The top couple buttons were open, revealing a little bit of cleavage. At the time, a little bit was all she had, and I remember that that was the only fault I could find with her.
     Janet caught my attention, mostly by being pretty forward, in an understated way. She kept distracting me throughout the dinner, to the point where I nearly lost the deal. When she breathed, "Is there anything else I can get for you?" at the end of the meal she locked eyes with me and I knew she wasn't talking about food.
     So I went back the following night, taking time out of my busy day. I was impressed by her looks and her confidence, and she (I'm sure) was impressed by me. I was a football player in high school and at the beginning of college, until an elbow injury ended my quarterbacking. I was still in shape, and I made good money.
     We dated for a year or so, and things kept getting better. At first, like I said, Janet didn't seem like she was really my type. She was confident, but in a brassy, showy type of way. I was looking to go high in the company, and I needed a girlfriend a little classier than a waitress, and a little older than 19. Or so I thought.
     The problem at first was that Janet looked 19. Or even younger, to tell the truth. She had that innocent face and that thin body, with little B-cup breasts (I checked her bra for the size) and narrow, girlish hips. She was beautiful, make no mistake, but she had just graduated from high school 6 months before I met her, and she looked it. And dressed like it, when she wasn't working. If I hadn't met her in uniform, I probably would have tagged her as "too young" and that would have been that.
     Like I said, I thought she was too young for me, and toyed with the idea of breaking it off with her, but I couldn't. Not after that first night. I took her out to a bar I frequented with clients, where they knew me (and the amount of business I did there) well enough that they wouldn't ask to see her ID and proceeded to liquor her up, like a client I wanted to close the deal with. Apparently, I forgot how much 19-year-old girls can drink. What happened was that I got at least as liquored up as she did, and we both went back to my place, where I closed the deal with her anyway. Or maybe it was she that closed the deal with me.
     We burst in the door, her laughing at some joke that I had made, and that probably wasn't really funny anyway. In my somewhat muddled thinking I was still trying to figure out how to coax her into bed, while congratulating myself that by getting her into the apartment I was halfway there, when she walked brazenly into the bedroom leading me behind her and started to strip off her clothes.
     I followed, and I watched as she unzipped her flowered dress, dropping it to the floor. She wasn't wearing any nylons, so that left her in panties and bra. Lacy white and innocent-looking. I hid my disappointment as she removed her bra; in my experience, some girls are hiding a lot more in there than you know until they take it off, and I was hoping that'd be the case with Janet. But I wasn't too disa
    ointed with her long, smooth body as she pushed her panties down to the floor, revealing her completely hairless pussy.
     Up until this point, she hadn't spoken a word since we walked into the apartment. But then she stood up, looking me straight in the eye without a hint of modesty, and walked across the room to me. Standing naked in front of me, while I was still fully clothed, she spoke to me, in a low but firm voice.
     "Tony, I want you to fuck me."
     Needless to say, I wasn't against the idea, but I honestly don't believe I had a choice. She undressed me without any help, and without making a production of it. She wasn't doing it as foreplay. She just wanted to get down to business. Then she treated me to some of the hottest, dirtiest sex I'd ever had.
     Janet pushed me down on the bed and straddled me, mounting my 6-inch cock which was already extremely erect. Most girls take some attention before they're wet enough to go to work, but Janet was wet and ready immediately, enveloping my dick in her hot, sopping wet slippery cunt. She rolled her hips on top of me and thrust herself down onto me, impaling her pussy on my pole. She reached up to play with her rock hard nipples. The whole time she was licking her lips and looking straight into my eyes.
     While she was fucking me, and that's what it was: her fucking me, not the other way around, Janet kept encouraging me to keep going. A constant stream of "keep fucking me, I love the way your cock feels in my little hairless pussy," "give it to me harder! I need more of your dick," and "watch me play with my titties. Don't you like it when I pinch my nipples?" issued from her mouth.
     I came in record time. Between her aerobic workout on my cock and the obscenity coming out of her mouth, Janet had me feeling like the young one. I don't think it was more than 15 minutes before I shot my load into her pussy and relaxed back onto the bed.
     Janet, who by the sound of it had climaxed at least twice before I did, settled herself down onto my chest without letting my limpening cock slip from her cunt. She stretched her neck up until her lips brushed my ear.
     "You're not finished yet," she whispered.
     She trailed her lips down my body until she reached my crotch. There, she sucked my dick into her mouth like she was dying of thirst, and the mixture of cum and pussy-juice on my cock was the best tasting liquid she'd ever tasted. She sucked me furiously, just like she had fucked me, bobbing her head up and down in my lap quickly until my limp cock was standing at attention again.
     Lying back on the bed, she guided me on top of her, inserting my dick into her sopping wet cunt. I started to go to work on her, thrusting enthusiastically into her pussy, feeling my stiff pole slide deep into her wet opening. I could feel her squeezing me; even as wet as she was, and after a fuck, she was tight.
     As I was fucking her, her hands roamed over my back, scratching her nails across my shoulders and scraping my back. Her hands slid down to my ass and grabbed it, pulling me into her as she continued to tell me what she wanted.
     "Fuck me harder. Stick your dick up into my little pussy!" she moaned. "I want you in me deeper. Do you like it? Do you like my young little pussy?"
     All the time I was slamming into her, encouraged by her hands on my ass to drive into her as hard as I could. She kept pulling me harder against her, no matter how hard I fucked her. She always wanted more.
     As I drilled her with all I was able, her hands were doing something else. Instead of just gripping my ass, her fingers were groping towards the center, reaching closer and closer to my ass crack. As she was whispering into my ear to stick my dick deeper into her young, hairless cunt, her fingers had spread my ass cheeks and were rubbing up and down in the crack, brushing up against my asshole.
     I wasn't so sure about this whole turn of events, but I wasn't about to stop fucking her, so I kept on with it. Janet, meanwhile, kept rubbing my asshole, and then slowly started to slide one of her fingers up inside of it.
     I don't know why I didn't stop her there; maybe it was because it actually felt good. I was sliding in and out of her, and she was doing the same to me. Her body was twisting under me, rubbing her little tits against my chest, as she pushed her finger into my asshole in time with my thrusts into her cunt. She kept edging up the pace of our fucking, making more rapid strokes of her finger up into my ass and forcing me to fuck her pussy faster, until I couldn't hold back any more. I came again, filling her pussy with another load of my cum.
     Janet still wasn't done with me. Rolling my body over and getting on top of me once again, she started to play with my soft cock in her hand. With her other hand, she kissed all over my upper body, tonguing and kissing my arms, neck, face, and chest. I had never had a girl suck on my nipples before, but when she did it, it was certainly pleasant enough. As she worked on me, still whispering to me when her lips weren't busy with other things, my cock started to perk up again, hardening in her hand until she was stroking a hard shaft instead of a limp dick.
     From there, Janet moved her lips to my ears again. After licking my ear for a moment, she breathed into it, "Tony, I want you inside my ass. I want you to fuck my asshole. I need more cock, and I need it in my back door."
     I had long since passed surprise than anyone outside of a porno mag was talking like this, so I just grunted agreement. Janet got up from on top of me, and proceeded to crouch on all fours on the bed. I moved to kneel behind her, stroking my cock as I positioned it at the entrance her ass. I rubbed it up and down her ass crack, trying to lubricate her asshole somewhat before I thrust into it.
     "Don't worry about that," she groaned. "Just stick it up my ass! Buttfuck me! Stick your hard cock up my ass NOW!"
     I did as she asked. I slid my dick up into her asshole, slowly but without stopping. She groaned almost inaudibly as I slid deeper into her from behind, filling her ass with my cock. It was tighter than her pussy, but not painfully so, and as soon as I had slid my cock in all the way I started sliding in and out of her again.
     "Mmm... so good!" she muttered. "So full! Fill my ass. Fuck me! Fuck me up the ass!"
     I did just that. I slid my hands over the top of her ass to her slim hips, pulling her back towards me and impaling her ass on my cock. I could feel the hot tight inside of her ass gripping my cock as she moaned her way into another orgasm. If I wasn't mistaken, her count had gotten to 5. It didn't take too long, while I was pumping my cock into her tight young ass, before I couldn't hold back anymore and I shot a third load up into her asshole.
     That pretty much finished me for the night, and Janet seemed finally satiated. I rolled over and fell asleep almost immediately.
     The next morning, I woke to the feeling of Janet's lips wrapped around my cock, and after that we pretty much fell into a routine. I didn't work much less, but I made it a point to at least get off by 6 or 7, 2 or 3 nights a week so that Janet and I could fuck before she went off to her restaurant job. On the weekends, we fucked non-stop during the day, and then I usually worked on my files when she went to work at night.
     So while Janet's appearance wasn't really up to the impression I wanted to make, I couldn't get rid of her. The sex was just too good. And as time went on, it turned out that I had made the right decision (or, more to the point, gotten extremely lucky). You see, at 19 years old Janet was, when I met her, not quite too old for one more growth spurt. And she had one.
     The first thing I noticed was her nipples. They had been small and dark, not much bigger than my own, since I met her. But a month or two into our relationship, I noticed that they were getting bigger, and the areolas were puffing out a bit around them. I wasn't even sure of it at first, but as time passed, I became certain. Her nipples were swelling up like those of a young girl going into puberty.
     I don't think I ever mentioned it to her, because that might have meant mentioning that her little-girl good looks weren't really what I was looking for. But I began to pay more attention and I noticed other little differences. Janet's whole body began to look more mature, her curves more pronounced. It was subtle at first, but I was spending almost all of my free time examining that body; I noticed. Her hips began to widen, her ass thrust out more, her legs seemed to lengthen, although she didn't actually get any taller. Her face also matured. She was still beautiful, but she started to look sophisticated as well.
     And as the months went by, I started to notice that her breasts were getting bigger as well. At first it was just the puffy nipples, but a month or so after that I started to notice, as she undressed, that Janet's tits were overflowing the little B-cups of her bra. Although she hadn't moved in with me (she still lived with her parents, but I never called over there), she left some clothes over at my apartment, and suddenly the bras went from B- to C-cups. In slow motion, over the course of months, I watched her chest swell and push out ever further. Janet's tits went from pointy teenager-tits to round, womanly breasts.
     Her wardrobe changed during this time as well. This, at least, I can take some credit for. I took her shopping and picked out some older-looking outfits for her. Janet took the hint and adjusted her tastes accordingly; she started to dress more like 29 than 19. I started to take her with me to the occasional business function.
     Janet's tits continued to grow. After 8 months or so of dating, I realized that she was now up to a D-cup. At 5'6", though, she was tall enough that that didn't look like too much on her frame. I was elated. Every time I saw her naked, I marveled at her large, round globes. They jutted out proudly, in defiance of gravity, but I knew they were real because I had watched them develop. They were topped with large nipples on crinkly brown areola. It seemed almost impossible that less than a year before, these had been small, young-looking B-cups.
     Like I said, I was elated. Janet had developed into a woman that I didn't have to worry about my co-workers viewing as jailbait. By the time she turned 20, I was showing her off at office functions regularly, although I glossed over her age and her waitressing job.
     The only strange thing was the way she was in bed. She was still hot and horny, always ready to fuck me almost to death, but a few things changed. She didn't used to mind if I had a little 5 o'clock shadow when we went at it, but she started demanding that I shave before we could fuck. She started playing with my nipples more (which I didn't mind, although it wasn't my favorite form of foreplay) and she started doing the finger-up-the-ass trick more as well.
     Neither of these things bothered me too much, but there was something else. She kept asking me more and more often to go down on her. Now, I didn't mind eating her bald little pussy (she still kept it shaved), but it seemed strange that she seemed to be more into that now than she was into being fucked, when it had been so much the opposite at the beginning. Like I said, I didn't really mind, and I knew that it was this way for a lot of women; I just noticed the difference.
     And that brings me around to where I started, at what I thought was the beginning (but I guess I needed to clear up a little back-story first). At my visit to the doctor.
     I went in to get a periodic checkup, and happened to mention to the doctor that I occasionally had little periods of shortness of breath, a few other things, you know the routine. Nothing I couldn't handle, but he checked me over anyway and decided I had a case of hypertension. He told me to relax and gave me a prescription for some pills.
     I couldn't really be bothered to fill the prescription; like I said, it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. But when I mentioned it to Janet, she insisted on getting it filled for me.
     "What do I need these pills for?" I asked. "Come on, this is me we're talking about. I mean, some people have to worry about this stuff, but I'm not even 30 yet. I've just been a little tired lately."
     "Jesus, Tony, the guy's a doctor. He should know what he's talking about," Janet retorted. "He goes to school for, like, 10 years and you want to ignore his advice? It's just a pill every morning, and you don't even have to pay for them. Your insurance covers it. Take the pills, for Christ's sake!"
     "Ok, honey, whatever you say."
     And that was that. I never even went to the pharmacy. Janet went for me when I was at work, and every month there was a new jar of pills in my medicine cabinet.
     About this time Janet started staying over a lot more often. Like I said, I never really called her house, and I never even met her parents, so I don't know if she had some kind of big blowout with them or just gradually started moving her stuff into my place. A month or two after I started taking the tension pills she was just living there. I didn't mind; since she'd started looking the part, I had started to think of Janet as being in for the long haul. I figured that in a couple years I'd be making enough that she could quit waitressing and stay home full-time.
     Some other things were happening at the same time. The first one I noticed was that my hair was getting longer. I used to be able to go at least a month and a half or 2 months without a haircut, but it was getting to the point where I was looking shaggy 2 weeks after a trip to the barber. Janet said she really liked it longer, though, and since computers are still kind of a long-hair business, I decided to let it grow. A ponytail might even gain me some credibility with some of the smaller vendors.
     I made the second discovery about a month after my doctor visit. Janet and I were in bed, after a torrid sex session. I was laying back, recovering for the next round, and Janet was sucking on my dick. That was something she'd been doing less often lately, but when she decided to she could still suck it like a pro.
     This time, though, I was so tired that even her lips wrapped around my cock weren't doing too well at getting me hard again. Janet slid her lips up from my crotch, rubbing her tits against my stomach as she slid her mouth up to my chest. I groaned mentally; I knew she liked to lick my nipples, because she did it so often, but I really didn't get much out of it.
     Suddenly, my eyes shot open. It never felt like THAT before! As Janet's tongue rolled rings around my nipples, I felt them tighten up into small hard nubs of pure pleasure.
     My dick suddenly hardened completely, and Janet mounted it, sitting up to play with her tits as she rode my cock. Now I was fucking again, but somehow it didn't feel as it had when she was sucking on my nipples. Janet could see it in my eyes, and she looked down at me with an almost smug expression.
     "Go ahead, do it," she said.
     "Do what?"
     "Play with your nipples," she responded. "I'm busy with my own."
     "I told you before, I'm not into that," I told her.
     "Sure, that's why you looked like you were cumming as soon as I started sucking them."
     I couldn't argue with her. Her tongue on my nipples had felt amazing, almost better than it did on my cock.
     "Do it," she said. "I want to see you play with your nipples. Do it now."
     And I did. It's not like she really had to twist my arm; it felt great! I couldn't understand why I'd never enjoyed it this much before. I kept at it as she kept rolling her hips on top of me and fucking herself with my cock. I twisted my nipples gently, and brushed my palms against them, rotating them and rubbing them. It felt so good! I was almost paying more attention to the pleasure emanating from my chest than I was to my dick, which Janet was busy fucking like there was no tomorrow.
     The next morning, I got up early as usual for work. Also as usual, Janet was still asleep. I went into the bathroom and took my stress pill, then looked at myself shirtless in the mirror.
     Were my nipples any different? They looked a little bigger, maybe. Or maybe I was just noticing them more. They'd always been more or less below notice before; I had always said that nothing was more useless than male nipples. Now I was beginning to think that I was wrong.
     I looked at my bottle of hypertension pills. Ah, there it was, under possible side effects: increased dermal sensitivity. My skin was more sensitive because of the medication. If only all side effects felt this good!
     I looked at my nipples again, deciding that they really were a little bit bigger. I didn't think it was anything to worry about, though. I didn't even think it had anything to do with the drug. When a guy gets near his late 20's, he starts to slow down and put on a little weight. I had been having a little trouble getting my pants over my hips lately. I was getting a bit older; my body was changing a bit. I thought it probably had something to do with that. If it felt this good, it certainly wasn't anything to worry about. Over the next month or so, it became commonplace for me to play with my nipples while we fucked. It felt so fantastic I couldn't have stopped myself if I'd wanted to.
     As time went on, however, I noticed some other changes. Janet stopped bothering me about my 5 o'clock shadow, but not because I was shaving more often. In fact, I was shaving LESS often, only once every 2 or 3 days, but I seemed to have less of a beard than I had when I had shaved every day.
     Also, my pants continued to get tighter, even though I was making more trips to the gym to try to stay in shape. And my nipples seemed to get even more sensitive. They were definitely noticeably bigger now, and I started to notice a strange swelling under them.
     When I broached the subject to Janet, I always got the same response.
     "Aw, Tony, come on. I don't notice any difference, except for the hair, and like I said I LIKE that. Even if there are some very minor side effects, do you really want to go complaining to the doctor about it? I thought you said it was nothing you couldn't handle."
     "I don't know, Janet. This doesn't seem so minor to me anymore," I'd reply. "I think maybe I should go talk to the doctor about it..."
     "No!" she'd reply vehemently. It never occurred to me to wonder at her new assertiveness. "I said it's nothing to worry about. Now come back into the bedroom. I want some more sex."
     It was after the exchange that I just described that another thing happened. I followed Janet into the bedroom, where we both stripped and I went down on her until she reached orgasm. I licked the folds of her wet, hairless pussy until she couldn't take it any more, and she erupted in a violent orgasm, grabbing my hair and rubbing my face into her wet cunt as she gripped my head with her thighs.
     After she'd relaxed and let me go, I started to kiss my way up her body, lining my cock up to fuck her pussy. But when I put the head of my prick at the entrance to her cunt, she reached down and pushed my dick away.
     "No, I don't want you in me right now," she said.
     "Well, what the hell am I supposed to do?" I demanded.
     "The same thing you always do when there's no willing pussy around," she retorted. Then, softening, she added, "but I'll help you out, I suppose."
     With that, she pushed me back onto the bed. Moving so that her big tits rested on me, with her hard nipples poking my stomach, she started to suck my nipples. I moaned immediately in the immense pleasure. She took one of my hands and moved it down to my crotch, wrapping it around my dick without ever touching the shaft herself. Then her hand went back to my chest, playing with the nipple that wasn't enveloped in her warm, wet mouth.
     I had wanted to fuck her, but this was certainly interesting. The feeling of her manipulating my nipples was so much better than what I got from doing it myself. The feeling of stroking my cock wasn't really as good as fucking Janet's wet pussy, but I wasn't nearly as worried about that as I was about the amazingly pleasurable sensation I was getting from her hands and mouth on my nipples.
     When I came, and it didn't take long, I shot my wad up onto my chest, hitting Janet's face as well as my own nipples. She just licked at my cum, smearing it around on my chest and on my nipples.
     By the time 3 months had passed since my checkup, this form of sex had become the norm, rather than the exception. I hadn't actually penetrated Janet, in her pussy, her ass, or her mouth, in at least 3 weeks. Sex now consisted of me eating her out and then her licking my tits and fingering my ass, with me jacking off throughout.
     Notice that I said "my tits"? Actually, I knew they were just little mounds of swollen tissue under my nipples, but they'd continued swelling and I'd started to refer to them in my mind, jokingly, as "tits". My nipples were getting quite big now, and the areolas around them were puffing up as well. My pants had continued to get tighter until I had to buy all new pairs with a larger waist and, for some reason, a shorter inseam.
     By this time my hair had grown out to more than shoulder-length. I was wearing it in a ponytail most of the time, and when I looked at myself naked in the mirror I started to worry. I realized that I hadn't shaved in a week, and I still showed no sign of stubble. Added to the length of my hair, the swelling on my chest, and the fat distribution on my body (no matter how much I exercised, I kept gaining in my hips and ass, even though my stomach was perfectly smooth), I suddenly realized that it all equaled out to one thing.
     I was starting to look like a girl!
     I brought it up to Janet, but she wasn't convinced.
     "Well..." she said. "Maybe. I don't know."
     "C'mon!" I exclaimed. "Look at my chest! Are you telling me you don't see anything wrong here?"
     "What? So you're a little swollen," she said. "What's the big deal? And anyway, doesn't it feel good?"
     With that, she started rubbing on my swollen chest. And it DID feel good. Somehow, I came to the decision that I'd wait awhile before I called the doctor about it.
     So it went on like that. Within a month, I could no longer convince myself that my chest was just swollen. I was growing breasts. My hips were getting wider, and my ass was growing out. I'd grown out of the shorter, wider pants I had bought, and had to buy more that were shorter and wider yet. I measured myself, and I had lost 4 inches of height. I was now 5'8", only 2 inches taller than Janet.
     The rest of my body was changing as well. My hands and feet were getting smaller. My hair had grown halfway down my back, and my face had changed. Apart from not having had to shave in more than a month, I was also noticing that my face was becoming less broad, and softer. More girlish.
     You'd think I would have gone to the doctor by the time I got to this point. But every time I mentioned it to Janet, she told me that it was no big deal. She said she didn't notice such a big difference. Then she'd tell me to get in bed.
     Sex still felt fantastic, if it can be called sex when Janet hadn't touched my cock in months. She touched me everywhere else, though. She'd rub me all over my body while I jacked myself off, licking every inch of me, but always paying special attention to my tits.
     That might be part of the reason I hadn't done anything about my situation. The feeling in my chest when Janet licked my nipples just kept getting better and better. That, and the fact that I was embarrassed to go to the doctor and tell him I was afraid I was turning into a woman, let alone how I'd explain why I'd delayed this long in doing anything about it, kept me from taking any action.
     But I did realize that it was really getting serious. I had just gone into the bathroom after a session of "sex" (I licked Janet to an orgasm, then jerked off while she licked my tits and fingered my ass) and realized as I looked at myself in the mirror that not only the hair on my face had disappeared. My entire body was hairless. I turned around in front of the mirror, lifting my arms and checking for hair anywhere. Other than my pubic hair, I had no hair other than my scalp and my eyebrows (and the eyebrow and pubic hair was thinning out).
     I came out of the bathroom and spoke to Janet.
     "Look at this... No hair," I said. "I've really got to do something about this now."
     "Come on, honey," she said. "Who'll know? I don't care. Does it really matter?"
     "Well... I guess not. But I still have to do something about my chest. I know you say you don't notice any difference, but I can feel the weight. It bounces around when I walk. And it seems like it's getting worse."
     "We can do something about that, at least," Janet said, as she got up and rummaged around in the closet. "Just a sec... Here we go! Try this on for size!"
     In her hand was a bra.
     "WHAT! Are you crazy!" I said. "I can't wear a bra!"
     "Like I said, who'll know?" she asked. "You wear a suit all day. It's just for support, until the swelling goes down."
     "Even if I was going to, your bras would never fit me."
     "Well, maybe not the ones I wear now," she said, hefting her big breasts in her hands. "But the old ones will."
     Looking down at the bra in my hand, I realized that it was one of the old B-cup bras Janet had worn when we started dating. I had forgotten how modestly endowed she'd been then.
     So I tried on the bra. It fit perfectly. Not only had my breasts grown, but my torso must have shrunk considerably without my realizing it for me to fit into Janet's old bra.
     "And I've got just the thing to fix the problem you've been having with your boxers," she said, fishing in the closet again. I thought I knew what she meant. My boxers had been bunching up around my hips and ass when I tried to put them on, barely fitting over my larger hips.
     My fears were correct. Janet emerged from the closed with a pair of panties that matched the bra. Meekly, I put them on.
     I knew I'd lost the argument. From then on, I wore her underwear. I don't think anyone noticed at work, but I can't be sure. They were already looking at me a little funny; they can't have failed to notice that I had gradually become 4 inches shorter and more girlish. But it isn't like I ever had any close friends there anyway, so nobody mentioned it to me. They just stared.
     My work hadn't suffered much yet, although it was bothering me that when I called someone I hadn't talked to recently, I usually got called "Miss". I guess my voice was changing with everything else.
     6 months after the fateful visit to the doctor's office, I was unrecognizable. I was now only 5'6" tall, the same height as Janet. I had lost 6 inches of height, and almost 100 pounds. My hair had lightened a shade or two, from the original light brown to a sandy blonde, and grown all the way down to my ass. That ass was wide and full, curving out in an unmistakably feminine shape. Not only was everyone I talked to on the phone assuming that I was female, but everyone I met in the street as well.
     My breasts had continued to grow. It had been two weeks since I had realized that Janet's old B-cup bras were pinching my tits too much, and started to wear her C-cups. Now, those were feeling pretty tight. I had started binding my titties down with ace bandages when I went to work, to try to present a more masculine appearance, but my face and the rest of my body were too feminine for it to be convincing. Now, my tits were big enough that they were creating a noticeable bulge no matter how tightly I wrapped them.
     I wasn't going out much after work, even on work-related business. Most of the time I went straight home at 5, now. My bosses had talked to me about the situation, using vague corporate-speak phrases like "drop in performance", "lifestyle choices" and "professional image", but they hadn't actually fired me yet. I was still making sales, although I was nowhere near the top of the heap like I had been before.
     Now that I got home this early, Janet and I had fallen into a new routine. She didn't have to go to her waitressing job until 9 o'clock (I hadn't realized her restaurant was open that late) so she was there when I got home. Whatever else had changed, the sex was still great. In fact, it seemed to be getting even better; she certainly seemed even more into it lately. She'd meet me at the door, completely naked, and strip me down to my bra and panties, rubbing my entire body. Every time she did this, I could feel my nipples get so hard in my bra that they ached. She didn't even seem to mind rubbing my cock, as long as it was only through the panties, but my dick didn't seem to get hard as easily as my nipples any more.
     I loved it when she'd unwrap the ace bandage from around my chest. I always felt so constricted when it was binding my breasts up against me; when my tits finally were able to hang freer (and my bra, although it supported them, did feel much less like a straightjacket) they felt so much better.
     Then she'd lead me into the bedroom, still in my bra and panties. Every time I'd catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror like that it shocked me. With my dick limp, it didn't create much of a bulge. The bra supported my tits and the panties hugged my full, womanly ass. I looked like a girl. If I hadn't known it was me, I would have thought it WAS a girl.
     Then Janet would lie on the bed and spread her legs. She didn't have to tell me what she wanted, it was pretty obvious. I knew what was expected of me. I'd get on my hands and knees between her spread thighs, with my tits hanging down off my chest, and lick at her hairless pussy until she came.
     Then, it was my turn. Janet would lick my titties and put her hand down the back of my panties to finger my ass, while I reached into the front to jack off. Janet had told me she liked it better when I left her panties on, instead of taking them off. These days, the only time I took them off was to shower.
     This was about the only time I actually got hard any more, when I was actually jacking off. When Janet was fondling me or licking my tits, I could get horny as hell, but the only thing that got hard on me was my nipples.
     After one of these sessions, Janet crawled up to whisper in my ear.
     "Honey, your body is so soft and sexy, but do you know what would make it even better?" she asked.
     "It would be so much nicer if you were completely hairless, like me."
     I hadn't really thought of my response as an affirmative, but Janet took it as one. She led me into the bathroom and started the shower running. She had me sit on the edge of the tub while she trimmed my pubic hair with a pair of scissors, and then had me get into the tub where she lathered up my dick with her shaving lotion.
     It was probably a good thing that she shaved me. I hadn't shaved anything in months, and I probably would have butchered the job. After she had me covered with cream she took the razor and slid it slowly over my skin, starting with the hair way back underneath my balls, almost to my ass cheeks. I couldn't see what she was doing back there, but as she kept going she moved forward until she was shaving my balls, pulling the skin taut with one hand while she shaved with the other. Then she shaved the area on either side of my balls, where my legs met my torso. As I watched, I could see the skin appearing, smooth and hairless.
     Then she shaved the hair off the base of my dick, and the area above it. Each time she made another pass, another band of skin was revealed. Finally, she finished shaving and rinsed the remaining streaks of lotion off my crotch, revealing my bald dick. I realize now, looking back, that it was the last time she ever touched my cock.
     After it was done, I looked at myself in the mirror. My dick looked so strange without the fringe of hair that used to surround it. I would have expected it to look bigger, but for some reason it didn't. If anything, it actually looked smaller.
     Another month had passed before I finally found out the cause of all the changes I had undergone. In that time, my breasts had grown out until they were firmly in the D-cup range. I now had tits as big as my girlfriend's. I'd lost another 2 inches of height, leaving me at 5'4". Janet was now 2 inches taller than me. My face was beautiful, my body was completely feminine, and the only reason the people I worked with still knew who I was, was that they'd seen me almost every day since the changes started.
     My dick worried me. My pubic hair had never grown back, so it was still as hairless as the rest of my body, but that wasn't really what bothered me. The last time it had gotten hard was before Janet had shaved it, and it was definitely shrinking. I don't know how long that had been going on before I noticed it, but my formerly 6-inch cock now measured less than 2. It looked like it belonged on a kid. I'm sure it would have been longer if I could actually manage to get it hard, but the only thing that got hard on me anymore was my nipples.
     The idea of getting some medical help for my problems had long since ceased to be a possibility. All the attention Janet paid to my big titties had changed my views on them. They felt so good that I didn't really want them gone. I was conflicted about it, of course. I was still a man, I told myself, although the "proof" of my "manhood" was now limp, hairless, and only an inch and a half long.
     But when I walked, I could feel my wide hips swaying, my round ass flexing, and my big tits bouncing on my chest. I could look down and see them bouncing, feel then shift and move as I walked. I could feel the weight of them on my chest, and the texture of my bra against the sensitive skin of my breasts. I loved the feel of it against my hard nipples, which were big enough to show through my clothes now, no matter what I wore. I loved the feel of them bouncing on my chest when I walked, big fleshy orbs that I could feel, warm and soft, jutting out in front of me. I loved bending over and feeling the weight of them shift, feeling them hanging from my chest.
     Come to think of it, bending over had just taken on more of a role in my sex with Janet. She had surprised me one day with a break in what had become our sexual routine.
     By calling it a routine, I don't mean to imply that it was getting boring. Far from it. But every day when I got home from work we'd do the same thing, although it felt fantastic every time. I'd lick her pussy until she came, and then I'd rub my cock, which still felt good even though it was limp and shrinking, while she played with my titties and fingered my ass. Sometimes we'd do it two or three times in a day, and on Saturday and Sunday we did little else.
     But on this particular Saturday, I woke up to a surprise. After breakfast and my morning pill, Janet told be to take off my panties (I had eaten breakfast topless, with my D-cup breasts swaying as I ate) and get on the bed.
     This was the first time she'd asked me to take off my panties in months, and at first I thought she was going to suck my dick like she used to. I got on the bed and laid back, feeling my soft ass under me. Janet quickly corrected my mistake.
     "Not like that," she said. "Get on your hands and knees."
     I did as I was told, getting on all fours with my round ass in the air. I could feel my fat titties hanging down from my chest. My nipples were very hard in the cool air.
     "Spread your legs a little more," came Janet's voice from behind me, and I complied. I could feel her getting onto the bed by my ass, and then I felt her hands rubbing and kneading my soft, womanly ass cheeks. Then I felt her spread my cheeks, and I felt something start to slide up my asshole. Something that felt like cold plastic and was a lot bigger than her finger.
     "What's that!?!" I yelped in surprise.
     "Shh... Relax," she replied. "I don't want to hear a sound out of you that isn't a moan."
     As she slid the anal intruder further and further up into my ass, I realized what it was. Janet was buttfucking me with a dildo.
     But when she got it all the way in, filling my asshole completely, I realized that I was wrong. I heard a tiny click, like a switch, and a buzzing in my ass. It was a vibrator!
     I could feel it vibrating in my ass, and I immediately let out a loud groan of pleasure. I couldn't believe how good it felt! Warm, pulsating pleasure spread out in waves from my ass, enveloping my whole body as Janet started to push it in and out of me, buttfucking me with her vibrator.
     "Do you like it?" she asked.
     "Mmm... Oh..." was all I could say.
     "I said, do you like it?"
     "Oh, yes!" I managed. "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! More! Stick it further up my asshole! Oh!"
     I couldn't believe how much pleasure I was getting from having a vibrator up my ass. Janet was leaning into me more, fucking my smaller frame powerfully with the fake plastic dick. My fat titties were swaying underneath me with the force of her fuck, and I was moaning out loud, begging for more.
     All at once, the pleasure overwhelmed me. I felt an orgasm welling up within me, and it shot throughout my whole body in a blinding flash of ecstasy. I could feel my cock dribbling the little bit of cum it still produced, and it occurred to me. I had just come from being fucked up the ass without ever touching my cock.
     I rolled over to my back as Janet pulled the dildo out of my asshole, feeling my heavy tits settle onto my chest. When I looked at the vibrator Janet had just fucked me with, I was shocked at the size. It was a good 9 inches long, and thicker than my cock had been before all this started.
     What amazed me even more was that I wanted it up my ass again.
     I got what I wanted. Janet and I spent most of the day using that big vibrator on each other, driving each other to the heights of pleasure. Time and again I bent over, feeling my big breasts shake and sway from my chest, to receive that large vibrator up my ass. Each time, I came amazingly hard, and at no time did I even miss fondling my dick.
     I would gladly have continued like that for the whole weekend, but I had some new vendors to deal with. I was taking them out that night to try to close the deal. It was the first bit of work I'd done outside of regular business hours in months, but my bosses had made it pretty obvious to me that they didn't approve of my new "lifestyle", even though I assured them there was nothing unusual about it. They had told me flat out that if I didn't land this new account, I shouldn't bother to show up for work on Monday.
     When I met the clients at their hotel, they were certainly surprised to see me. We'd been in touch beforehand by email, and they obviously had a different mental image of "Tony Mersey" than the one who appeared. I managed to put them more at ease by the time we got in the car and headed out for the night.
     I could tell that one of the things they were uncomfortable about was the plans we'd made. We'd decided to go to Lilly's, a high-priced local "gentlemen's establishment", and I could tell they were uncomfortable going there with someone who went by "Tony", but looked more like a "Tammy". But when we got there, the girls on the stage were enough to distract them, especially since my company was picking up the tab for their drinks and paying for their lap dances.
     I was trying to pay more attention to the vendors than the girls on the stage, though they were distracting. I was managing it, mainly through the virtue of having had very little to drink, until I got the biggest shock of my life.
     The lights went down everywhere but the stage, which had just become empty of all the naked, jiggling girlflesh that had filled it only moments before. A vision of perfection strutted out onto the stage, wearing only a g-string, and started to dance.
     It was Janet.
     I watched in a state of shock as she jiggled and quivered her way across the stage, shaking her tits in time to the music, straddling the faces of men who threw themselves onto the stage, completely disregarding the danger from the bouncers. She rubbed her big tits against countless men, who stuffed money into her g-string.
     Before the song ended, she had stepped back out of the reach of the crowd long enough to bend over, pushing her g-string down her legs and to the ground. She stood there motionless for a moment, displaying her perfect titties and her hairless pussy for everyone to see. Then she went right back to rubbing up against the crowd of men as they threw money at her, letting them grope her tits, her ass, and her bald cunt without interference. Every time the bouncers tried to intervene, she'd wave them away.
     As soon as she left the stage I jumped up from my table, all thoughts of hard drives and microprocessors forgotten, and left the vendors to their own devices as I ran backstage after Janet.
     I should say I TRIED to run backstage. I ran right into what felt like a brick wall, but was actually one of the bouncers. A year ago, I might have pushed past him, but at 6'4", he was not at least a foot taller than me, and he must have outweighed me by 150 lbs.
     "It's ok, Sonny, she's with me," Janet's voice came from behind him, and he stood aside to let me pass.
     "What the hell's going on here?" I demanded once we were alone.
     "What do you mean?" Janet asked innocently.
     "I thought you were a waitress!"
     "I quit that job months ago," she said. "The pay's better here. And so," she continued with a devilish look, "are the fringe benefits."
     I was shocked into silence at this, but Janet didn't miss a step.
     "Now go home and wait for me. I don't have time to talk to you now," she told me. "I still have work to do. We'll talk when I get home." And with that, she disappeared into a room off the main hallway of the backstage area.
     As I peered past her into the room, before she closed the door, I saw something. A very big, very naked man.
     I found myself doing exactly as she told me. As if in a daze, I walked back through the club, right past the table with the vendors at it, and out to my car. The only thing I was clearly aware of was the feeling of my big tits jiggling on my chest as I walked. I left the vendors there and drove straight home.
     When I got there I didn't go to bed. I just went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, hefting the weight of my big breasts in my hands. The enormity of what I'd become, of all the changes that had happened to me, finally hit me. Here I was, for all intents and purposes a woman when only 7 months ago I'd been a man. The only thing that remained of the old, male me was the tiny cock still nestled between my smooth, female thighs.
     I had been able to handle it when I had been able to convince myself that my life hadn't changed otherwise. But that lie had just been forcibly exposed to me. A year ago I'd been on the fast track to success with the company. After tonight, I was definitely fired. I'd thought my relationship with my girlfriend was more or less unchanged, other than the weird changes in our sex life, but now it looked like I had been lying to myself there as well. I certainly wasn't the only one she'd been having sex with.
     That's what I dwelled on while I was waiting for Janet to get home. I hadn't fucked my girlfriend in months, but some other guy had. I wasn't man enough for her anymore, but someone else was. My whole life seemed over. The person I had been, the life I'd had, didn't even exist anymore. And who was I now? I was nothing. Neither male nor female, if I was honest with myself. Nothing.
     When Janet got home, I wasn't really angry with her anymore. I didn't feel much of anything about her, or about anything else I could think of. It was after 3am, but I was still awake. I was lying on the bed in my bra and panties when she came into the room. She sat down on the edge of the bed and turned towards me.
     "I guess you've got a lot of questions, now," she began.
     I didn't respond, but I did look up to meet her eyes.
     "Hmm..." she began. "I guess I should start from the beginning. I guess it all started when my sister's friend Tiffany came back into town.
     "My sister's 28, and Tiffany's the same age. They were friends in high school. Tiffany had to have been the smartest person, boy or girl, ever to go to our school. She's been away at college on a scholarship, studying biochemistry since she was 18. I think she's got, like, 2 Ph.D.'s now.
     "So anyway, she came back to visit about a year and a half ago, when we'd been dating for about a month. I knew I wasn't good enough for you to admit you were dating me, and I figured it was because I looked too young for you to introduce me around to your co-workers. Everything was about your job, then, remember?
     "So I was talking about it to Tiffany, and she lit right up. She went and got these pills out of her luggage and told me to take one a week. She told me she'd send me a new supply when they ran out and they'd solve all my problems.
     "So I did. It took a while for them to work, but they did. I filled out, and you seemed to like it. I know I did. But as my body seemed to get more, you know, stacked, I started to look at it differently. Before, tits were just tits, but they started to turn me on. It got so I was more turned on by my body than by yours.
     "That's when I quit the job at the restaurant and started stripping. At first I did it because the money was good and because I got to look at the other girls.
     "But Lilly's is the sort of place that offers 'private dances' in the back room for it's best clients. I took one of the offers one night, just for the money, and when I got back there the guy was amazing. His dick was huge. It had to be, like, 10 inches. I thought I'd be doing it just for the money, but I ended up cumming like 20 times.
     "And that got me to thinking. It wasn't that I didn't like men, it was just that you weren't doing it for me. And after I'd done so much for you.
     "I got pissed. I started to think, since your body was no good to me as it was, maybe I should change it into something I would like. When you went to the doctor and got that prescription, I had an idea.
     "I kept getting the pills from Tiffany, but I stopped taking them. Actually, I was asking her for refills a lot more often because I was giving you one a day, where I'd only been taking them once a week. I think she knew what was going on, but she didn't say anything to try and stop me. Tiffany's always been a little strange.
     "I only got your prescription filled once. Since then I've been refilling the bottles with Tiffany's pills. When I was taking them, I thought they were just hormones, but I don't think hormones alone could have done everything that's happened to you. I guess Tiffany didn't tell me very much about what's in the pills, but she certainly knew what she was doing when she made them.
     "Not that I mind. You've turned out even better than I'd hoped. I thought you might grow some little tits, maybe look a little girly, but you've got titties as big as mine and your ass is even bigger. Plus, you're so cute now that you're smaller than me. I love the new you almost as much as I love going to work and getting fucked by real men, the kind that can satisfy me.
     "And now you're almost done," she finished, reaching into her purse. "Almost how I want you. All you have to do now is take these."
     And with that she pulled my bottle of "hypertension pills" out of her purse. One by one, she counted 10 pills out, and reached her hand towards me, offering them.
     "What'll these do?" I asked.
     "What do you think?" she replied. "They'll do the same thing they've been doing. They'll turn you into my little lesbian fucktoy. That's what I want you to be. This is what I want you to do. Now do it."
     "I don't know..." I began.
     "DO IT!" she demanded.
     I shrugged mentally. What did I have to lose? Certainly not my masculinity; that was gone already. My life? My life had been my job, and that was gone as well. I took the pills, and the glass of water that Janet offered me with them, and downed them in a single gulp.
     I could feel my stomach churning as the pills reached bottom. I had even less of an idea what they were than Janet did, or how 10 at once would affect me. But I found out quicker than I expected.
     I don't know who Janet's friend Tiffany was, but she must have been some kind of mad scientist at biochemistry. I doubled over as a feeling like fire started in my stomach and spread out throughout my body. At first, it hurt. It felt like it was burning me up from the inside out. But as it spread, it didn't burn so much. It just felt pulsating and warm. It almost felt pleasurable.
     I started to feel a crawly sensation in my crotch. I pushed my panties down past my knees to look at my shriveled dick. Was it my imagination, or was it even smaller than it had been before?
     It wasn't my imagination. As I watched, the warmth and the weird sensation in my cock grew in another pulse, and my hairless dick shrank a bit more. It wasn't much, but it was noticeable. It was no more than an inch long now.
     I kept watching, amazed. I hadn't really had much use for my manhood in the last months, but I was still kind of sorry to see it go. But it went. As I watched, the pleasurable sensation in my crotch picked up a notch again, and my dick shrank again. It was less than an inch now. Again I felt a pulse of warmth, and again it shrank. My balls were completely gone now. The space below my dick was completely smooth, and my dick was only half an inch long.
     Another pulse, and it shrank again. It wasn't really a dick anymore, just a little nub of flesh. The space below it was curving in towards the middle, like a fold or a depression. I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen next. Another pulse, and I knew I was right. The fold split apart, and I heard air rushing into the new orifice in my crotch. I had a pussy.
     There must have been something a lot stronger than just hormones in those pills, if they could give me a cunt. But I couldn't deny what was happening right in front of my eyes. I reached out a finger and drew it along my new slit, feeling the moisture from inside of my new pussy. I let out a groan as I fondled my cunt. It was completely hairless, and what had been my dick had shrunken down, been covered by a little hood, and turned into my clit.
     My crotch was fully female now, but the warmth pulsing through my body didn't stop. It just moved up to my tits. As I watched, they pulsed outwards, filling my D-cup bra to overflowing. I could hear stitches creaking at the sudden pressure of my already big titties pressing outwards. More tit-flesh than the bra could hold started to push over the top.
     The warmth in my tits was extremely pleasurable now. My nipples were so hard I could see them clearly, pressing up through my bra. I let out another groan of arousal as I felt the fabric against them. My hands crept up from the new pussy in my crotch to my big breasts, running over them, amazed at their sudden increase in size.
     Another pulse, and they grew again. My breath caught at the pleasure of the growth. I could hear more stitches threatening to give way as more titty-flesh spilled out around the bra, over and under this time. The bra creaked under the strain.
     A third pulse, and the bra creaked again. Stitches snapped, but others still held. I could feel the metal hooks that held it closed starting to bend, but I couldn't reach back to undo them. One of my hands was too busy stroking my nipples through the lace of the bra, and the other had crept back down to my crotch. I was finger-fucking myself in my new pussy. I was so wet with excitement at the feeling and the thought of my breasts growing that I couldn't stop myself from masturbating furiously, even with Janet looking on in awe. I was moaning and squealing loudly as I fingered my slippery cunt.
     Two more pulses in rapid succession, and the bra couldn't take it anymore. It was the hooks, rather than the stitches, that finally gave way. They bent straight under the strain of holding back breasts that were way overfilling the cups, and the bra went flying across the room. My newly huge titties burst forth from their confinement and settled, jiggling, down onto my chest.
     I kept fingering my pussy and playing with my tits until I felt Janet's hand on mine, moving it away from my crotch. I looked up at her, and saw the desire in her eyes.
     "Stop that," she said. "I want to lick your cunt."
     I complied wordlessly. All I wanted was to cum, and with her face in my pussy, I could use both hands on my tits and make myself cum faster. She licked my slit from bottom to top, drinking in my pussy juice and teasing my new clit with her tongue. The feeling of it, the feeling of her tongue touching my lips, going into my slit, and then brushing up against the little ball of pleasure at the top of it was foreign to me, but it sent a chill up my spine. It felt strange, but completely fantastic.
     Meanwhile, my hands were busy fondling the huge mounds on my chest. The big nipples that crowned my tits were the most concentrated source of pleasure, but I ran my hands all over my big, pillowy breasts. Their size astonished me. I couldn't believe that they were that huge. But I loved it. I had always loved big tits, although I had always been a man, admiring them on girls' chests. Now I realized that I was a girl, and I realized how much I loved these huge tits on my own chest.
     That realization came at the very instant that my titty-play and Janet's tongue in my crotch pushed me over the edge, and I screamed my way through my first orgasm as a woman. Janet came almost immediately after from her hand at her own crotch. After I came down from my orgasm, I collapsed back on the bed, exhausted, but Janet stood up and looked me over.
     "I can't believe it," she muttered, half to herself. "I never thought the pills would work this well. You're perfect! How do you like it? How do you like being my little sex toy?"
     I was half-dazed, and didn't answer. She left me alone and I laid there, almost asleep, thinking about what had happened to me.
     I realized that I didn't mind it too much. My body felt great, and if it was a female body, so what? Apparently I hadn't been much of a success as a man. I squirmed on the bed, running my hands along my sides. I felt my soft, rounded ass, my wide hips, and my thin waist. I slid my hands upwards to my huge titties. I twirled my fingers around my nipples, feeling them harden at the touch. I didn't know about the rest, but I loved the feel of my tits.
     I got up and went into the bathroom to look at myself in the full-length mirror. I could feel my huge breasts bounce and sway as I got out of the bed and walked across the room. I had to throw back my shoulders to offset the weight of my gigantic tits.
     I stopped to measure my height against the wall, finding that I'd shrunk again to 5'2". Then I came into the bathroom and caught my first glimpse of the female me in the mirror.
     It was amazing. My eyes were drawn first to my naked, hairless pussy. It seemed so strange to see it there. My face hadn't changed, and the rest of my body had become more feminine, but the biggest change was that I now had a pussy between my legs, and that's what I stared at longest.
     The part of my body that got the second longest look was my tits, though. They were gigantic! They had been D-cups before, and that was pretty big, but they were absolutely huge now. They were still round, almost spherical, and they jutted proudly out from my chest. I'm not sure how to describe their size. They weren't as big as bowling balls, that's certain, but they were bigger than softballs. They were about the size of cantaloupes.
     I ran my hands up my sides again, feeling the slope of my hips, and the curve of my torso up to my breasts. I teased my nipples, watching them crinkle in the mirror as they got hard again. I could feel my pussy getting wet.
     It hit me again. I had a wet pussy. I was a girl now. I thought I had adjusted, but it kept occurring to me that it was true. I wanted to pinch myself to find out if this was a dream or not.
     And what kind of a dream would it be? I wondered as my hand continued to work in my pussy without my conscious effort. I watched my reflection in the mirror almost as if it was another person, a gorgeous girl performing, masturbating for my pleasure, as I pondered my situation again.
     I would have thought that it would be a nightmare; that the buoyant feeling I had experienced earlier would prove to be afterglow from sex and I'd sink into depression as the reality of my situation set in. Maybe it was because I was still horny, but it didn't feel like a nightmare. I wasn't happy about losing my identity, my life as I had known it, but it wasn't as much of a shock as I would have thought. It had been a gradual process over the last 7 months, and this last episode had just been the final bit that pushed me over the edge, made the change irrevocable and complete.
     Was it complete, though? The thought surprised me, even though it came from my own mind. I was certainly a woman now. There was no turning back from that, if there ever had been. If the effects of this weird drug that I'd been subjected to had ever been reversible. But that didn't mean that the drug wouldn't work on me now. It would do the same thing for me that it had done for Janet: it would make me more of a woman.
     I looked down at my cantaloupe-sized breasts. Was I really considering making them even larger? I couldn't argue that it hadn't felt good when they grew, but did I really want to make them even larger than they already were? When they had grown before, it hadn't been by my choice. Janet had tricked me into taking the pills, except for the last 10, and she had ordered me to take those. Since I'd been becoming more and more feminine, I had been becoming more and more subservient to Janet; I had obeyed her out of habit. If I took more pills now, I couldn't pretend not to enjoy what had happened to me, even if it wasn't what I would have chosen. I had to admit that I liked it.
     But could I really avoid that? As I stood in front of the mirror, admiring my very female reflection as I masturbated my wet pussy and fondled my huge tits, could I really claim not to be enjoying it, no matter what came before or after? Could I really claim that I had never suspected that it was the pills that were having this strange effect on me, or that the reason I hadn't stopped taking them and tried to reverse the effects was any other than the simple fact that the results felt so good that I didn't want them to stop?
     I realized suddenly that what I really wanted was bigger tits. I NEEDED bigger tits. I wanted to be more of a woman. I wanted to feel my ass spreading wider. I wanted to feel my already huge tits growing even huger on my chest.
     Having reached my decision, I acted on it immediately, before I could change my mind. I went back into the bedroom and retrieved the bottle of pills from where they lay, forgotten, on the floor. Returning to the bathroom, I twisted off the cap and emptied the contents into my hand. 12 pills. How many should I take? How big did I really want to be?
     Looking down at my already huge breasts, I decided that I liked them more now than when they had been B-cups, and as they got bigger I'd probably like them even more. Bigger was better. I tossed all 12 pills into my mouth, washing them down with water from the sink.
     I returned to the bedroom and laid down on the bed to await the effects. Janet seemed to be leaving me alone to come to terms with everything that had happened to me. I wondered what she'd say if she knew I had just done even more of the same to myself. I thought about it all, and had a moment of doubt about the rashness of what I had just done to myself, to my body, before the drug kicked in. Then, as the warmth spread out through my body, there was no room in my mind for doubt. There was only ecstasy.
     I could feel my hips, my ass, spreading wider on the bed. I could feel the fabric of the sheets as my ass widened and slid across them. I ran my hands over my hips, between my thighs, and under my ass. I spread my legs and closed them tightly with my hands in my crotch, feeling the wetness that flowed from my pussy. I was so horny.
     My tits were growing again. I could feel the pulsating warmth that signaled the growth in my breasts, and I could watch them swelling larger without any interference, since I didn't have a bra on this time. They were already so big, I didn't know how much bigger they could get.
     The warmth grew, and my titties swelled outward. It was like watching water balloons grow as they were filled from the faucet. They jiggled slightly from the movement of their own rapid growth spurt, then rested for a moment before the next spurt. I moaned with arousal, once again fully immersed in the sensation of my fantastic breasts growing on my chest.
     Another pulse, and they grew again. I could still feel my butt spreading wider on the sheets, but my breasts took up most of my attention. They were huge, they were fantastic. Two huge mounds of quivering flesh jutting up from my chest, amazingly sensitive.
     Another pulse, another spurt of growth. I mashed them together between my upper arms. With my tits pressed together like that, the cleavage extended almost a foot out from my chest. I moaned again at the amazing sensation, at the pins-and-needles sensation of growth, almost like they had fallen asleep, except that they weren't numb at all. It felt like every nerve ending in my breasts was being stimulated with pure pleasure.
     I worked my pussy again, as I ground my ass down into the bed and played with my expanding tits. I could feel my orgasm approaching, and it felt amazing. At that moment, I didn't regret a thing. The orgasm that I felt building in my new, female pussy and in my gigantic titties was better than any climax I could remember from my time as a man. It was the best feeling ever.
     All at once, my orgasm hit, running like fire throughout my entire body, from the tips of my hair to the ends of my toes. I couldn't take it, it was too much. Another spurt of growth, another bit of warmth, hit my tits and pushed me over another edge I hadn't even realized was there. I passed out from the immense pleasure.
     When I awoke, it was morning. Opening my eyes, I looked up into Janet's face. The events of the night before rushed back, replaying themselves in my mind. I remembered what she'd done to me, and what I'd done to myself.
     "Well," Janet said. "I guess you weren't satisfied. Not that I mind. I love your tits, the bigger the better."
     I laid there mute. Now that the consequences of my actions, what I had done to my body last night, were revealed to someone else, I was embarrassed. I looked down at my tits, and shocked myself. They had to be the size of basketballs! I couldn't believe how large they were, and I certainly couldn't believe that I'd done it to myself.
     "So you like it, do you? You like being a girl. My little fuckdoll," Janet continued. "Tell me the truth. You like being a girl, don't you?"
     "Y-yes," I admitted in a whisper.
     "Say it louder," she demanded.
     "I like it. I love being a girl," I admitted, blushing.
     "Do you like being my fuckdoll?" she asked. I could see now that she was determined to humiliate me, to make me admit that I loved what had happened to me now, even though I hated admitting it. She knew I did, now. All she had to do to know for sure was to look at my chest and see what I'd done to myself, but she wanted to make me admit that I had indeed done it to myself, of my own free will.
     "Yes," I said, louder now, but still blushing. "I love it all. I love being a girl, and I love being your fuckdoll. I love having big tits. I wanted bigger ones, and I took the pills to make my fat titties even bigger." I was shocked and embarrassed to hear the words coming out of my mouth, but they were true. I would have given anything to avoid admitting it, but they were all true.
     "Mmm... I like it when you talk like that. Tell me more," she demanded.
     "I like having my tits, and I love having my hairless little pussy. I love to look down between my legs and not see a cock. I like it that I'm so smooth and female down there. I like my big round ass. I love having a woman's ass. I liked the pills. And I liked it so much when my titties grew that I took more pills to make them grow some more." Tears were streaming down my cheeks as Janet made me admit more and more of the embarrassing truth. And it turned her on.
     She was straddling one of my legs now, and rubbing her wet crotch up against my thigh. I couldn't believe how wet she was, how hot she was getting hearing me humiliate myself, admitting how I had enjoyed what she'd done to me, and what I'd done. I couldn't believe how wet I was getting, either.
     "Lick my pussy," she ordered, and I leapt to comply. She laid back on the bed, spreading her legs, and I lowered my head in between her thighs. My huge tits hung down from my chest. I was resting on my elbows, and my breasts were resting firmly on the bed. They were huge.
     I went to work on Janet's pussy. I licked her folds, tongued her clit, and fucked her hole with my tongue. I did everything to her that I knew would get her off. I ran my lips over the hairless skin of her pussy, kissed the inside of her thighs, and went back to tonguing her slit. I fucked her with my tongue better than I ever had with my cock, and was rewarded with a crashing climax.
     She rolled me over then, with some trouble due to the weight of my breasts. When I was laying back on the bed, my legs spread, she assumed the same position I had just vacated, with her head between my thighs. She licked furiously at my little hairless pussy.
     I couldn't believe the heights of pleasure my new female body could rise to. Her soft tongue probed my new cunt, stroking my lips and my clit, getting me off. As she licked, I felt her move her hand under my new, wider ass. She spread my cheeks against the sheets, and slowly penetrated my ass with her finger while her tongue continued to work on my pussy.
     "Yes! I love that!" I burst out. "Stick your finger up my ass!"
     She stopped then, to my disappointment. Getting up from her position between my thighs, she wiped her lips and then said to me:
     "Get up. Get on your hands and knees."
     I hastily complied. I could feel my fat tits hanging free now, no longer touching the bed. They were closer than I would have thought, though. The space between my arms all the way down to just past my elbows was completely filled with my mashed-together tit-flesh.
     Janet moved behind me. I could hear a buzzing sound, and I knew that she'd retrieved the vibrator from wherever she kept it. I had forgotten about it. She teased me with it for a moment, running it up and down the slit of my pussy and the crack of my ass, but then she drove it into my cunt all the way on the first stroke, filling me completely with the buzzing plastic sex-toy.
     She didn't neglect my ass, either. Another vibrator I didn't even know she had filled that hole, and had me moaning in pleasure again. She had filled both my holes, and was moving the vibrators in and out of me now, fucking me, fucking her boyfriend in his pussy and his ass with plastic.
     "Mmm..." I moaned. "Stick it in me! Stick them both in me! Put it in my pussy! Stick it up my ass! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"
     After that, I became incapable of speech. I just moaned louder in response to the lesbian dildo-fucking I was getting from my girlfriend. I came like I had never cum before. It was the best sex I had ever had.
     We spent the rest of the day like that, fucking each other, enjoying lesbian sex. Janet had wanted sex with women as much as she had wanted sex with men, but she hadn't initiated much. From what I've learned since, she had slept with a few of the other strippers at the club, but she had never gotten to indulge her lust for pussy and titty as much as she did with me that day. We spent the entire day in bed until it was time for Janet to go back to work at Lilly's.
     While she was getting ready, I looked at myself in the mirror again. I saw that my tits weren't really as big as basketballs, although they weren't short of it by much. They were gigantic, especially on my now 5' even frame. Oh my god! I had shrunk a full foot! I used to be 6 inches taller than my girlfriend, but now Janet, at 5'6", towered over me by as much as I had towered over her before.
     While Janet was doing her make-up, I took a shower. I let the hot water spray against my huge tits, moving them from side to side to catch the stream and feeling them sway with every movement. When I'd finished, I got out and tried to dry my now light-blonde hair, which now reached down past my ass. I wasn't sure if it had grown that much. It might have been just that I'd gotten so much shorter in the last few days.
     Janet stuck her head into the bathroom.
     "Get dressed, you're coming with me," she said.
     "What?" I asked, surprised.
     "You can't go back to your old job, looking like you do now. I doubt you can do much of anything else either, with a rack like that. The only thing you're good for is sex. And stripping is pretty damn close to sex. So that's what you'll do."
     I did as she asked, getting dressed in her clothes, since none of mine would possibly fit me now. Hers barely did. I wore a shirt that was loose on her but skin-tight on me, despite my smaller frame. My huge tits made all the difference. Her thong-style panties were almost painfully tight in the crack of my ass, and her most elastic skirt was still tight on my hips. I knew I couldn't even attempt to fit into one of her bras now, no matter how much I loosened the straps. I wondered what cup size I was now. I still don't know; I have to have bras custom-made.
     The walk to and from the car, and the ride to the club, were interesting to say the least. The last time I had been outside, I had been still thinking of myself as a man, and still one technically, too. At least I had still had a dick, even if it was ridiculously small. Now, I was a girl. I was dressed like one. With every step I took my gigantic braless titties jiggled and swayed. With every bump the car went over, no matter how small, my tits bounced and leapt, threatening to burst free from my shirt. As I walked, I could feel the cool air blowing up my skirt, cooling my wet pussy through the thin fabric of my panties.
     We had gotten there early so that Janet could talk to her boss about getting me a job. I guess stripping isn't that formal of a business, because he didn't ask for any paperwork, ID, or anything. He just looked at my body and said:
     "She's hired. What's her name?" It seemed weird to hear myself referred to as "she".
     "Toni," Janet replied.
     "What about security while she's onstage? And will she go all the way in the back room?"
     "Same deal as with me. She'll take as many dicks as you can throw at her."
     This shocked me, even in my dazed state. Not only was I now a stripper, and a phenomenally endowed one at that, but I was also a whore. I was going to have to fuck men for money.
     It seemed like only a few minutes after this revelation, although I know it was hours, before it was my turn to go onstage. Janet stripped me down to my g-string, and the lights went low except for a spotlight on me, just as they had for Janet last night. She pushed me onto the stage, and I almost fell over from the weight of my gigantic, bouncing tits. They didn't seem to want to stop as quickly as the rest of me did.
     Then I almost fell over again from the avalanche of applause that erupted from the crowd at the sight of my gargantuan breasts. I had the biggest tits on the smallest frame of any stripper they'd ever seen. They were salivating at the sight of me.
     I swayed slowly to the beat of the music. I didn't do much, but I didn't have to. Just a slight movement set off waves of jiggles in my breasts, and waves of applause in the crowd. I knew what was expected of me, what Janet expected of me. I slid off my g-string, revealing my hairless pussy, and stepped over into the reach of the crowd.
     All at once, I was pawed by what must have been a hundred hands. Every one of them reached out to feel my gigantic tits, to grope at my wet pussy. I was horny myself, in spite of myself, at the sight of all these men desiring me, salivating over my body. I ground myself against them, rubbing my pussy against their bodies, fingering my nipples, popping them into random mouths. I straddled the faces of men who pushed themselves forward and threw themselves onto the stage, grinding my wet cunt down onto them. I came from the contact, I don't know how many times. It was like an orgy.
     Another orgy was waiting for me backstage, when Janet led me from the stage. She led me to the room where she had cheated on me so many times, where she had been fucked with the big dicks of men who paid for the privilege. There were three men waiting for me.
     "Go ahead," Janet whispered in my ear. "You know you want to be fucked. And you know I want to watch." Then she withdrew to the corner, sitting there in her g-string, which was more than I had on.
     I resigned myself to my fate. I dropped to my knees in front of the nearest of the 3 naked men. This brought his cock to a position right in front of my face. It must have been 11 inches long.
     I reached out to touch it. It was the only cock, other than my own, that I'd ever touched. It felt so weird to run my hands over some other guy's cock. Always before, I could feel it when I was jacking off a cock. But now it was on someone else, and it felt so strange that I couldn't feel the sensations. Now that I was a girl, now that I had a pussy in my crotch instead of a cock, I'd never feel those sensations again.
     But for now, I was able to look at a cock in another light, now that I no longer had one myself. I wasn't in a position to fuck, to penetrate wet pussies with my cock. I was the one with the pussy now. I was the one that would lay back and spread her legs, waiting for the cock to fill my wet pussy. It was like a firm pole, but there was still some give to it. It felt hot and warm in my hand as I stroked it. He began to buck his hips towards me in time with my strokes.
     I took his huge, erect cock into my mouth. I stroked the length of it with my hand as I sucked as much as I could fit down my throat. This was even stranger; I'd stroked my own cock before, but this was the first one I'd ever had in my mouth. It felt good. It was warm and pulsating, soft and firm at the same time. I could taste the salty taste of his pre-cum, and I enjoyed it. My little hairless pussy was getting so wet. I couldn't believe that it felt this good to suck cock.
     Before long, he was nearing orgasm. He grabbed my head in both his hands and stroked his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. With my petite female form, I was powerless to resist him. He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth until he came, shooting more salty cum into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed it all.
     As I was swallowing it, the man's hot cum sliding down my throat, I glanced over to the corner where Janet was sitting. She had one of her legs hiked up on the chair, and her hand was shoved down the front of her g-string, moving rapidly. She was masturbating furiously at the sight of her boyfriend, now transformed into a girl, sucking cock like a slut.
     Then I moved on to the next man. After I sucked his dick for a few minutes, he said to me:
     "No, I want to fuck you. Get on the bed."
     I mounted the bed in the middle of the room and spread my legs as he moved between them. Looking down between my spread legs, I was still surprised to see a hairless pussy through the valley created by my huge breasts. The man who had paid to fuck me, to use me like his whore, his fucktoy, was lining himself up to penetrate my cunt. His 9-inch dick stood erect between my thighs before he buried it into me. I was shocked at the ecstasy I felt when my pussy was stuffed full of hot, hard cock. He pumped into me frantically, playing with my huge titties while he drove his cock into me. I could feel it sliding in and out of my slick hole, fucking my wet cunt.
     I couldn't believe this was happening. I couldn't believe that I now had a pussy, and I was letting a man fuck me for money. And I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying it. My pussy was made to be fucked. It was made to take big dicks into it, both giving and receiving pleasure. And that's what it did. As he fucked me, I could feel my orgasm growing within me, getting nearer as his big cock ploughed in and out of my pussy, which had been virgin until moments before. I could feel it, hot and hard inside me, as my orgasm began, only seconds before he began to cum. I moaned in real pleasure, not fake, as he shot his load up into my twat, filling my cunt with warm cum like my mouth had been filled by the first man.
     Now it was the third man's turn, although I noticed that more men were now standing in line. The third one's demands were different, and were directed at Janet, who had now removed her g-string and was masturbating frantically at the sight of me taking cocks in my pussy and mouth, and moaning with pleasure. She was getting off on my humiliation.
     "Can I give it to her up the ass?" he asked.
     "Anything you want," she gasped as her fingers worked her pussy and her tits. "Fuck her up her ass. Stick your dick up her ass. She loves it!"
     "I do," I breathed, almost against my will. "I love it up my ass. Buttfuck me!"
     I got onto all fours again, arching my back and thrusting out my ass. He positioned the head of his cock at my asshole, and pushed inside of me. At first, he went slowly, but once he felt that I wasn't going to resist he buttfucked me hard. My tits swayed dramatically from my chest again, at times almost hitting my in the face as he pounded my ass, frantic to get himself off in my asshole. Despite the roughness of his fucking, I loved it. I loved having anything in me, whether it was a cock, a finger, or a dildo. Whether it was in my pussy, my mouth, or my ass. Janet was right. I was a fucktoy. All I was good for now was sex. My exaggerated female body made me too horny to concentrate on anything else. All I could do was fuck.
     That man kept on fucking me, with my titties hanging down and swinging from my chest even faster now as the pace of his buttfucking picked up another notch. He was grunting with the strain now, approaching his orgasm, just as I was moaning in the ecstasy spreading from my stretched, full ass and beginning my own climax. With a final grunt, he shot his hot cum up into my ass. I could feel it there, up inside me, hot and wet. I could feel it dripping from my ass, like the last man's cum was dripping from my pussy. There was none of the first man's cum left to drip, but only because I had swallowed all of it. I laid on the bed and waited for the next man to use me for his pleasure.
     He wanted to tit-fuck me. That was fine with me; I enjoyed the extra attention to my huge titties. They were my favorite part of my new body. He slid his cock between my huge mounds. They dwarfed his cock. It disappeared completely into my huge cleavage. He fucked my tits as frantically as the others had fucked me elsewhere, as desperate to get off on me, to shoot his load on me, as they had been. He pushed my tits together onto his cock, and all I had to do was lay there and enjoy it, enjoy the sensation of his hard, hot shaft sliding between my tits. He tit-fucked me faster and faster until he shot his load up onto my face. I licked it from my lips, surrendering completely to my need for sex.
     That's the way it was for the rest of the night, and the rest of the nights after. An endless stream of men, anxious to pleasure themselves, and to use me as their cum-receptacle. The pleasure I received from them was no less for the fact that it was incidental.
     And during the day, I was still a fuck-toy, for a woman, instead of men. The pleasure I got from her was intentional, but it was meant to humiliate me, to remind me that I was a girl now, not a man. And it did humiliate me, but it was still pleasure.
     Janet hasn't gotten any more of the pills from her mysterious source. In a way I'm glad of that. I don't think I'd be able to resist more of them, to resist making my titties larger, making myself more feminine, even though I know I couldn't grow much more before I would have trouble even walking. But in a way, I'd like it, I'd like to feel the growth again, to take the pills and abandon myself to the effects of them on my body.
     And I've been thinking about the pills. About what they were, I mean. I don't mean chemically; I know I couldn't understand that even if it was spelled out for me. No, I've been thinking about the way my life was before, and the way it is now. About the way the pills changed it.
     You see, Janet told me she's switched the pills, that I'd never taken the stress pills.
     But I'm not tense anymore.

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