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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Monkey's Paw by Ed Miller

Or not...

Ah well, hope you like what I got up for you guys today to make up for it:)

PS:  E-mail Ed and let him know you like his stuff, he seems to be under the impression nobody likes his work these days!

This is a story involving explicitly described sex. If you think you
might be offended by it, or you aren't allowed by the laws of the place
in which you live to read such a story, don't. If you read past this
warning, any offense you take or laws you break are your problem. I've
warned you.

Permission is hereby given to archive this story anywhere on the
Internet, so long as I'm credited as the  author, it is reproduced in
its entirety (including this disclaimer!) and no fee is charged to
access it.

On the matter of fees: I wrote this story (and others) for free, and I
never expected to get anything out of it except the occasional response
or critique, either good or bad. Constructive criticism is welcome,
though please don't be abusive, and remember that this is primarily an
attempt at a wank-story, not something aimed at a Pulitzer Prize.

My point being: the only benefit I get from writing is feedback, and it
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Lastly: I am not retired.  I just seem to have fewer ideas for these
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check them out at Freya's site if you haven't already.

The Monkey's Paw
By Ed Miller

I heard the echoes of my bare feet as I padded quietly over the tile
floor down to where we kept it.  It was past midnight, and I wasn't
worried about running into one of the others, but I wasn't taking
chances.  I hadn't turned on any lights, and I was walking as quietly as

My breath was coming quick and shallow.  I felt a warmth all over my
body.  My cock stood out straight and stiff, tenting the front of my
shorts, and my nipple were hard on my bare chest.  The thought of it
turned me on, made me horny.  I loved it and hated it.  I couldn't stop.

I turned from the wide hallway into the large, opulent room where we
kept it.  The size of the house was good for me; it made it that much
less likely that any of the others would happen to interrupt me.  It
wasn't like there was a time when I could be sure of being alone in the
house.  None of us worked anymore, since we'd found the Monkey's Paw.

It wasn't really a monkey's paw.  It didn't look anything like one.
That was just what Rob started calling it when we found it on that
camping trip, and the name stuck.  He said it was a reference to some
story or something, about a monkey's paw that granted wishes.  This
thing didn't look anything like an actual paw, but it did the wishes
thing well enough.

I opened the box that only one of the five of us could open; for anybody
else, it would stick shut.  I reached inside and took the thing out.  It
was difficult, as it always was, to see how it was shaped.  I mean, it
didn't always look like it was the same shape, and even while your eyes
were telling you it was round, you might pick it up and feel corners.
It was slightly shiny and covered all over with tiny shapes, almost like
it was a machine with tiny moving parts.  It felt just a bit oily.

But I knew all that.  It always looked the same.  What was drawing my
attention now, as I picked it up, was the way my hard dick was standing
straight out in front of me.  I was so horny.  I couldn't resist it.  I
had to.

We'd figured out almost immediately what the Monkey's Paw did when we
found it.  You didn't have to make a wish out loud.  You just had to
think about something you wanted while you were holding it.  That's why
we could quit our jobs and live in this mansion.  That's why I didn't
have anything to do but do this to myself.

I thought of what I wanted.  Small changes.  Miniscule.  Penny might not
even notice that anything was different; it had been embarrassing enough
when she called me out on it last time.  My body hair was already gone,
so there wasn't much I could do with that, but I made my pubic hair a
bit sparser.  I lost a fraction of an inch of height.  Nothing anybody
else would notice, but I felt my cock throb as I knew that I was
smaller.  Arms and legs just a bit thinner.  Hands and feet just a bit
smaller.  Hips slightly wider, more curved.  Ass slightly rounder.  Face
a bit thinner, softer.  I didn't have to shave anymore, but I made a few
other changes.  I was breathing harder, now.  I couldn't keep my hands
off myself.

My tits.  They were tiny, barely there, but I made them just a fraction
bigger.  Just a little more swelling under the nipple.  Nipples just a
little bigger and more erect.  I was panting.  My dick was standing
straight out in front of me, shaking slightly with my rapid heartbeat.
I dropped the monkey's paw back into its box and ran my hands up my
sides, feeling my slightly widened hips, my slightly thinned waist.  I
slid my fingers across my chest to the tiny swellings of my budding
breasts.  I felt my rock-hard nipples.  My breath sucked in,
involuntarily.  Brushing my palms over my nipples, I rolled the little
points of flesh around.

I knew I'd hate myself for this tomorrow, but it turned me on so much
that I couldn't stop.  Still rubbing my nipples with one hand, I
collapsed onto one of the couches, the other hand pulling the elastic of
my shorts down below my jutting, rock-hard dick.  I started stroking
myself.  Thinking about what I'd done to myself, again.  The thought of
it made my masturbation feel so much better.  I couldn't believe how
fantastic it felt.  I felt my dick, thick and hard in my slightly
smaller, slightly more feminine hand.  Each little change made me so
horny, but I didn't think I could make too many more changes before the
other guys noticed.  Penny already had, but that was different.  Maybe I
should change back.  Start again from the beginning, so that I could
make all these little changes again without anybody else catching on to
what I was doing.

No, that's not what I wanted to think about.  That was just a
distraction.  What I wanted to think about now, while one hand was
stroking my rigid dick and the other was rubbing and sliding over my
nipples, was what I'd done to myself.  What I was doing to myself.  I
looked down at my androgynous body, thinking how many small changes I'd
made to myself lately.  Thinking about the smooth, hairless skin I had,
and the curves.  Thinking about the tiny female breasts that were
invisible when I was dressed, but just barely apparent now, in the

I groaned and spurted cum from my cock, spraying up onto my belly.  My
back arched in ecstasy.  My hand was coated with my cum.  I kept
stroking my still-hard cock for a while, feeling the aftershocks of the
orgasm run through me as I relaxed back onto the couch.  Almost
immediately, I was ashamed.  Embarrassed at the thought of how I'd feel
if more people knew what I was doing to myself.  I hated it.  When I was
horny, there was nothing I liked better than slowly feminizing myself.
As soon as I came, it filled me with shame.  It was as if I had two
minds, two sets of desires.  One mind loved what was happening to me,
and that was the part that kept me going back.  The other half of me
hated it, and that was the part that took over when I wasn't horny.  But
somewhere, deep in the back of my consciousness, there was enough of the
other one left that I didn't use the Monkey's Paw to change myself back.

I lay there for a few minutes, feeling my breathing and my pulse return
to normal as my spent dick returned to its flaccid state.  Holding my
cum-filled hand away from me, I made my way to a bathroom to wash up and
then returned to our room, crawling back into bed with Penny.  I don't
think she even noticed I'd been gone.

But she noticed me the next morning, when she woke up.

"Oh, Danny," she said, with annoyance in her voice.  "You did it again?"

I woke up at the sound of her voice, confused.  Looking down at myself,
I saw the results of last night's masturbation session.  I felt a
sinking feeling in my stomach.  As horny as it made me to feel myself
becoming more female, it brought me nothing but embarrassment when I
wasn't horny, and when it was revealed in the light of day.

"Honestly, Danny, why don't you just change back?  I mean, all of us
have played around with that thing, but we change back afterward.  Or at
least Rob and I do."

Scott and Paul, our two other friends that had been there to find the
Monkey's Paw with Penny, Rob and me, hadn't changed back because of what
they'd changed themselves into: muscle-bound studs that were
irresistible to women.  I took her point, though.  Those were the sort
of changes most people would consider "normal," if they could wish
things and have them come true.

"I don't know, Penny," I said slowly, and I didn't.  Why didn't I change
back after I'd had my fun?  I couldn't really say.

"I don't think I can deal with this," Penny said.  "At the beginning, I
figured you were just playing around, but this is getting weird.  Those
things," she gestured toward the budding breasts on my bare chest,
"aren't going away.  And it's... weird to have you halfway in between
like this.  You go much further, and anybody will be able to see, even
when you're dressed.  It's weird.  It'd almost be better if you went all
the way and turned yourself into a girl, instead of going halfway like

It was a chance comment, but her mention of me as a girl had an
immediate effect.  My cock was rock hard, instantly.  I shifted under
the covers to try to make it less obvious.

"I can't do this," she sputtered, near tears, and left.  I sat there on
the bed as she went, torn.  I could feel my guts churning.  I didn't
want her to go, but I didn't feel like I could comfort her.  Putting my
feminized arms around her wouldn't make her feel any better.  Hell, I
couldn't even stand up right now.  She'd see my horny cock, jutting from
my lap, and know how much this turned me on.

Shuffling the covers down off my lap, I saw the rigid shaft sticking
straight up in my boxers.  I slid the waistband down and stared at it.
This was the cause of my problems.  I didn't want to keep changing
myself, but it made me so horny.  I couldn't resist it.  My mind knew
how stupid this all was, driving Penny away, but my cock was still rock-
hard at the thought of myself as a female.

"Stupid," I said, addressing my dick.  "You get hard at the thought, but
if it was true, you wouldn't even be there.  My dick gets hard when I
think about not having a dick.  That's sick."

But that didn't change my reaction.  My hard-on was still there, jutting
up from the growth of pubic hair, now very sparse, in my crotch.
Knowing that it was no use, that I'd have to deal with it before I got
up and faced the day, I lifted one hand to my nipples and the other to
my cock and started rubbing.

After I finished, I went into the bathroom to shower, washing away the
cum that had filled my hand and shot up onto my stomach.  As I washed, I
thought back over how the Monkey's Paw had changed my life.  All our

We'd been on a camping trip.  The guys and I were friends from college,
but I'd been dating Penny for a while and she fit in.  She was part of
the group.  We'd been hiking, and Penny had found the thing.  It was
just lying in the grass at the side of the trail.  I don't know quite
how she spotted it.  The thing can be hard to see if you're not looking
directly at it.  But once she picked it up, we were all interested.  It
was strange, the way it would look first one shape, then another.  Penny
was about to throw it away from the path, but Rob was the one that took
it from her and carried it back to camp, thinking that it might be
something that needed to be studied.

I can't imagine it would have taken much longer to figure out what it
did.  I mean, all you had to do was hold it and think about something
you wanted.  Who doesn't want something?  But as it happened, a
thunderstorm did it.  It started coming down as we were finishing our
hike, and we rushed the last few hundred yards to our tents through a
downpour, drenched to the skin.  We didn't see the moment that Rob first
used the Monkey's Paw because he was in his tent, but we all heard the
effects as the thunderstorm cut off like it was turned off with a
switch, and we all came out of our tents to see a beautiful, sunny day. 
Rob told us how he'd been thinking of just such a day when he took the
thing out of his pockets while stripping off his wet clothes, and a
little experimentation did the rest.

Any thoughts we had of giving the thing to some scientist for study gave
way to self-interest.  We swore each other to secrecy and came up with a
plan by which we'd all have the Monkey's Paw handy to use whenever we
wanted.  Wishing up fat bank account balances, we quit our jobs and
bought a gigantic mansion, big enough for all five of us to live
together.  We thought of separate residences, but couldn't agree who
would get to hold on to the device.

That was months ago.  We each reacted to the situation differently.
Penny and Rob didn't use the thing much, after the first flurry of
wishes.  Paul and Scott wished themselves fitter, and made sure that
women would lust after them.  We didn't see them too much after that.
They were always out at expensive bars, driving flashy cars, picking up
an endless string of one-night stands.  I mostly got bored.  I've never
been a partier, and there's only so much TV you can watch.  I spent all
my time in my old office job wishing I didn't have to do it to survive,
but I found it hard to fill the hours.

That is, I couldn't fill the hours until I had that dream.  In the
dream, I was female.  I didn't remember anything else about it when I
woke up, but my dick was rock hard.  Slipping out of bed without waking
Penny, I went downstairs to where we kept the thing and made a few
little wishes.  Just minor changes.  A little less body hair and puffy
nipples.  I didn't want to go any further, but those little changes gave
me an orgasm I couldn't believe when I jerked off.

And that was it.  Sex with Penny, which had been pretty great since we'd
found the Monkey's Paw, dropped off to almost nothing.  Even when I did
it with her, I was thinking more about MY body than hers.  Masturbation
was much more fulfilling.  And every few days, I'd sneak down in the
middle of the night, or while everyone was out of the house, and make
some more changes.  In the heat of my arousal, I wouldn't be able to
help myself, but afterwards I'd feel embarrassed about it.  When Penny
finally noticed, I told myself I'd stop.  That I'd change back.  But I
didn't.  The thought of my body, slowly changing, made me too horny.  It
was a sexual thing, but I found that in the absence of any other real
responsibilities, I was a slave to my dick.

That was where I was.  Several times a day, I'd slip away into a
bathroom or an out-of-the-way bedroom to satisfy my cock's demands for
attention.  Every few days I'd feminize myself a fraction more, becoming
more androgynous.  Penny was angry, and I wanted to make her happy, but
my cock had other ideas.

As I exited the shower, I saw my naked body in the mirror.  Thin,
slightly curved.  Tiny breasts.  Hairless, except for the sprinkling of
hair at the base of my cock.  I felt my dick start to harden, then
looked quickly away.  I wasn't trying to think of that.  Looking at my
naked body, at how I'd changed, only made me horny.  Trying to drag my
attention away from my body even as I dressed, I made myself presentable
and wandered downstairs for breakfast, trying to ignore my semi-hard

Rob was the only one in the kitchen area when I got there.  I nodded
good morning at him as I went about getting some yogurt to eat, trying
to act nonchalant.  It was at the top of my mind, as it had been since I
started to change, that he had no idea what was going on.  I'd meet my
other friends (or Penny, before she had noticed) after I'd changed, or
right after I'd jerked off in some private corner of the house, and I'd
be aware that they had no idea I'd just stroked myself to orgasm while
thinking about myself as a girl.  We'd talk like it was old times, and
they'd have no idea that I had tiny, budding breasts under my shirt.

Then I saw Rob's eyes as I was eating my yogurt.  They weren't on my
face.  They were focused directly on my chest.  My face reddened.

"She told you," I said.

"Huh?" he sputtered, looking up at my face.  He realized he was caught. 
Was this what women felt like when guys looked at their tits?  My cock
hardened a bit in my shorts.

"Penny.  She told you."

"Uh, yeah she did," Rob admitted sheepishly, running his hand through
his hair as he quickly regained his composure.  "You want to talk about

"Not really," I muttered.  My face was reddening.  Why had my girlfriend
told another guy what I was doing?  Now he knew.  He knew what I was
doing to myself.

"You know, it's bothering her," he started, and I could see I wasn't
going to be able to avoid this conversation.  "She feels like...  She
feels betrayed, I guess."

"Why should she?" I blurted out, covering up my embarrassment with
anger.  "I haven't cheated on her."

"Well, she feels like she should be good enough for you.  Like you
shouldn't need any other... kinks to get off.  Especially after..." he
trailed off.

"After what?"

"You really don't remember?"  He looked at me, obviously not believing.

"Remember what?" I asked.

"What she looked like, before?"

I responded with puzzled silence.

"I don't know how to tell you this, uh, man," he fumbled, seeming unsure
of the description, "but after we found that thing, she used it to
change herself.  To make herself, uh... better looking.  And I think she
used it to make you forget that she'd ever looked any different.  So
then, she turns herself into your dream girl, and you, uh...  Well, you
know.  You're sort of turning yourself into the same thing.  I think any
girl would be pretty upset if her boyfriend started turning himself into
a girl, but after she'd tried to do that for you..."

"I'm NOT turning myself into a girl," I asserted.  "It's just that
this...  I mean, it FEELS good.  I'm not going to go all the way with
it.  I'll turn myself back, eventually."

"Really?"  Rob asked.  "Because you haven't yet.  Once Penny mentioned
it to me, I could totally see what she was talking about.  I don't think
you'll have to go much farther before it'll be obvious to Paul and
Scott, too.  You're really starting not to look like yourself."

"It's just..." I trailed off.  I was filled up with conflicting
emotions.  My face was red, with anger and embarrassment.  I didn't want
to talk about this, about what I was doing to myself.  At the same time,
though, I realized that my cock was rock hard.  I moved behind the
kitchen island so that it wouldn't be obvious to Rob, but it was turning
me on to talk about this.  To admit to someone what I was doing to
myself.  "It feels so GOOD," I finished lamely.

"Yeah, but where does it end?" said Rob.  "If you weren't changing
yourself into a girl, if you were just exploring a bit, you'd have
turned yourself back when you were, uh, done.  Right?  But you didn't.
You kept going, changing yourself more.  Even when Penny caught you, you
didn't go back.  If you're not changing yourself into a girl, what ARE
you doing?"

I didn't have an answer for that.

"Just think about it, dude," Rob said.  "I don't know if it's a good
thing to be able to get anything you want.  Didn't you ever read that
'Monkey's Paw' story?  That was what I was referring to.  Hell, that's
what you call the thing!  Haven't you noticed that I haven't used it
since we first found it?  Neither has Penny, I'm pretty sure.  I think
it might be dangerous to go too far."

I thought about what he was saying, but at the same time there was my
hard cock in my shorts.  I'd managed to shift around and get it pointed
straight up, under my waistband, so that it wasn't so obvious, but it
was there, and it was telling me that there was no way I'd ever be able
to give up changing myself with the Monkey's Paw.  It wasn't even really
the way my body felt (though it felt GREAT to play with my tiny breasts
and my growing nipples), but the fact that I knew I was changing myself.

"Think about it, man," Rob said, as he left the room.

I did think about it.  I wanted to consider what he said so, rather than
finding a quiet spot and relieving my erect cock, I found some shoes and
made my way to the front door, letting myself out to go for a walk.

I'm not sure how long I walked.  I was gone most of the day.  The
neighborhood where we lived now wasn't very familiar to me, or any of
us, since we hadn't been that rich before we found the Monkey's Paw.  It
was like most other ritzy neighborhoods, I think.  There were big houses
full of people who didn't talk to each other, so I was able to have a
long, private walk while I thought about my situation.  There were also
curved streets that wound around and around instead of going straight,
so that I managed to get lost several times and didn't make it back to
our house until it was nearly dark.

All the time I was walking, I was thinking.  Thinking about what Rob had
said to me, about what I was doing to myself, and about how Penny must
feel about it.  It changed things, somehow, that she'd changed the way
she looked so as to be more attractive to me.  I tried to remember how
she'd looked before, but I couldn't.  As far as I knew, she'd always
looked the same.  But I realized that she'd seemed to be more confident,
more assertive, since we found the Monkey's Paw in the woods.  It made
sense that maybe that had happened because she felt more attractive.

I'm sure she didn't mind the way she looked now.  I've never known a
woman that didn't wish she was prettier.  But the fact that she had, at
least partly, done it to make me happy made me feel even guiltier.
Ignoring her and doing this to myself, making myself closer to female,
must have been like a slap in the face to her after she tried to be good
to me.  It was true that I wasn't doing it on purpose, and that she had
been the one to make it so that I didn't know that I had anything in
particular to be so grateful to her for, but still, I felt like I'd
betrayed her.

But every time I thought of going home and changing myself back to my
old self, of undoing all the minor changes I'd made to my body over the
past months, I thought about how it felt.  How it felt to feel my chest
swelling as my tiny, budding breasts swelled slightly larger.  How it
felt to make myself smaller, shorter.  I'd done it each time in tiny
increments, so small that they weren't noticeable, but I KNEW, each
time, that I was smaller, and it made my cock rock-hard in my hand when
I was stroking it.  As I walked, I thought of all the little curves I'd
added to myself.  Of how I'd made my limbs thinner and more feminine.
Hairless.  How I'd reshaped my face, making it more androgynous.  Almost

Each time I thought of the changes, I found it hard to walk.  My cock,
again, would stiffen in my pants and I'd have to reach down,
surreptitiously if there was anyone around or a car passing, and adjust
it so that it wasn't sticking straight out in front of me.  It made me
so hard, so horny, to think of what I'd been doing to myself.  But then
I'd think of Penny, and feel guilty again.  There's nothing quite so
humiliating as feeling horny and guilty at the same time, but my dick
just didn't seem to be getting the message that my brain was sending.

I went on like this, back and forth.  Torturing myself over how I'd
failed Penny, and then getting all worked up about how much I'd enjoyed
it while I was doing it, which just made it more torturous.  Each time
I'd decide to quit, to turn back into my old self and forget changing
myself again, I'd think about the changes I'd made and feel so desperate
that I couldn't give that marvelous feeling up.  Finally, it struck me
that I had an option I hadn't thought of before.  I'd never thought of
changing someone's mind before, but if what Rob told me was true, it had
been done to me.  Penny had made me forget how she'd looked before she
improved her appearance.  If it could do that, why couldn't it get rid
of the traitorous part of my mind that got off on feminization?  I could
change back to my old self, but to an old self who wouldn't WANT to be
anything else.  I wouldn't miss the orgasms I got from changing myself,
because I wouldn't want to.  I wouldn't get off on that sort of thing

I felt like a junkie that's found a cure for his addiction.  I started
home, though this wasn't as easy as it might have been because this idea
occurred to me during one of the times that I'd managed to get lost.
When I found my way back to our front door, it was nearly dark.

Creeping through the darkened house made me think of all the times I'd
done that lately, to use the Monkey's Paw to make myself more feminine. 
My cock stirred in my pants at the thought, but that didn't bother me so
much anymore.  It was something I was going to get rid of.

I made my way to the room I shared with Penny.  Before I turned myself
back, getting rid of my traitorous desires, I wanted to tell her about
it.  I wanted to let her know that I was sorry, and that I'd be better
in the future.

The door creaked as I opened it.  I froze, but the creaking didn't stop.
Easing the door open, I peeked through the crack.

The rhythmic creaking was coming from the bed.  There, on our bed, Penny
was having sex.  The sheets were disheveled, and I could see her
perfect, naked body splayed out on the bed.  Her legs were spread, and
her hips were bucking as she was fucked.  She was moaning.  She was very
obviously enjoying herself.

There, between my girlfriend's legs, was Rob.

I'd like to say that I shut the door and left, but I didn't.  I stood
there and watched.  I'd like to say that it wasn't because I enjoyed it,
and it's true that I WAS torturing myself by watching Rob fuck my
girlfriend.  I saw her meeting his every thrust into her wet pussy.  I
saw her hips rotate to maximize his penetration.  I saw him cup one of
her full, heaving breasts.  I heard her moan, and the moan caught in her
throat as a hill of ecstasy was crested.  I knew that he was more of a
man than I was, that she was probably thinking at that moment how much
more of a man he was, and it felt like a knife in my stomach.

But at the same time, it turned me on.  Even that made me feel worse.
How sick did I have to be that I was turned on by watching another guy
fuck my girlfriend better than I could?  Hell, I wasn't even sure when
we'd last had sex.  Since I'd started using the Monkey's Paw to change
myself, sex with Penny hadn't been my top priority.  And there Rob was,
thrusting into her, his cock sliding into her pussy.  She was moaning in
pleasure.  Had I ever made her moan like that?  I couldn't remember it.

And here I was.  Androgynous.  Half man, half woman, peeking in on them
from the hallway as he fucked her.  My cock hard between my legs as I
watched another man fuck my girlfriend.  I could feel my rigid dick
throb with every thrust into her, with every moan.  With every proof
that I wasn't man enough for her, that she liked getting fucked by a
real man, by a man who didn't have tits on his chest.  A man who didn't
jerk off thinking about having big, rounded tits and a wet pussy.

I heard Penny's moans rise to an orgasmic level as I turned from the
door, and Rob's grunting suggested he wasn't far behind her.  I headed
downstairs, on a beeline for the Monkey's Paw.  All I was thinking about
was making myself a man, like I'd been before.  More of a man.  A man
without any of the weaknesses I had, without the desire to be anything
but a man.

I could make Penny forget, like she'd made me forget.  I could make her
think that I'd always been that way.  She'd wonder what she'd ever seen
in Rob when she had a man like me around.  I'd be the one making her
moan and shriek.  I'd be the one enjoying it.

I fumbled at the box, and the oddly shaped thing was in my hand.  It
seemed round to my eyes, but in my hands it was sharp, stabbing.  I felt
the oily surface, and started to wish.

But what I wished wasn't what I had planned.

The image that leaped unasked for into my head wasn't of me as a strong,
masculine man.  As a paragon of manhood.  In fact, it was the opposite. 
I saw myself shrinking.  Not instantaneously, but much more than before.
Going much further.  In my mind, I saw myself losing inches of height,
not the fractions that I'd made myself shrink before.  I saw myself
becoming tiny, petite.

I saw my body changing more.  Not minor changes that wouldn't be
noticed.  Major changes that couldn't escape attention.  My skin,
becoming softer and smoother.  Hands and feet shrinking.  Limbs
shortening as I became shorter, curves increasing.  Softer.  More
feminine.  Younger.

I saw my face, shifting.  Becoming feminine.  Cute.  A smoldering gaze,
with sexy, hungry eyes.  Hair lengthening and becoming lighter, reddish.

In my mind, my hips widened.  Slowly, they became more rounded.  Perfect
and feminine.  My ass softened, grew, became curved and sexy.  My waist
thinned, and my stomach became smooth and toned.  I saw the last of my
pubic hair falling away.

I imagined my dick shrinking.  Smaller and smaller, I watched it dwindle
away in my mind.  I didn't think there would be any pain.  It would just
become smaller, but it would be hard as a rock all the time because I'd
KNOW it was shrinking.  Five inches long.  Three inches.  Tiny, and thin
in proportion.  Two inches, still hard, straining at the skin, but tiny
and becoming even tinier.  An inch, then less.  And finally, it would
disappear completely.  I'd feel it pull up into my abdomen, and there
between my legs I'd have a tight, perfect pussy.

I'd watch my chest, growing outward.  That was the thing that had always
turned me on the most, made me cum the hardest.  Each time before, I'd
had to strain to stop myself from making my tits bigger, from making
them noticeable.  This time, I saw them swelling larger and larger.
First they'd grow a bit from the tiny ones I had, but they wouldn't
stop.  They'd be rounded, soft, but still growing.  I saw my chest with
tits the size of tennis balls, with hard nipples crowning them.  I saw
them swell in my imagination to the size of baseballs, then softballs.
I saw them inflate to the size of grapefruit, and I saw the look of
arousal that would be on my face.  Then larger.  I saw my hands fondle
them, running over my huge, soft breasts.  Teasing my nipples.  Lifting
them up so that I could suck on them.  Letting them fall and settle
again onto my chest.

I dropped the ball.  It fell with a clunk back into the box, and the lid
slammed shut.

All at once it seemed more silent than it had before, as if a loud,
continuous noise had just shut off.  I looked down at myself.  I was
unchanged, but I knew that the change was coming.  The wish had been
made.  I'd been thinking of it as slow the whole time, and it would be
slow, but it was coming.

I could have reversed it.  I could have opened up the box and made the
wish I had intended, but I didn't want to.  Suddenly, feeling my cock so
hard that it felt like it was going to burst, I wanted to feel all the
changes I'd wished for.  I wanted to know what it was like to feel my
entire body remolding itself into a sexy, female form.  I wanted to go
through with it.

Feeling the changes working slowly on me, I wandered off to one of the
spare bedrooms to see what would happen.  The room I found myself in had
a giant mirror on the triple sliding door of the closet, nearly floor to
ceiling.  Looking in it, I could see myself from head to toe.

I stripped off my clothing and stood naked in front of the mirror.
Already, I could see some changes.  My arms and legs were a bit thinner,
and my body was a bit curvier.  My hair was shaggy, and seemed lighter. 
The flesh of my tits seemed to be a bit thicker on my chest.

At the sight of myself, I felt my already stiff cock get even harder.
It was pointing up from my crotch at more than a forty-five degree
angle.  I looked down at it.  Was it my imagination, or was it already
smaller?  Either way, it would soon be gone.  I felt another twitch from
my dick at the thought.  My dick gets hard when I realize I soon won't
have a dick, I thought.  I felt a twinge of the embarrassment I would
have felt before, but I was much too horny, looking forward to what was
happening to me, for it to make much of an impression.

I staggered backwards to sit down on the bed, my eyes still focused on
my changing body in the mirror.  I didn't want to miss a bit of my
gradual change from my still-mostly-male self into the hot female body I
knew I'd soon have.  I felt shorter, now.  My face was changing.  My
jawline and my brow became less prominent while my nose shrank and my
lips became fuller.  My eyes seemed to grow.

At the same time, the changes in my body continued apace.  I had very
noticeable breasts, now.  I cupped them, and they almost filled my
hands.  My palms slid across my nipples, and I was surprised how much
more sensitive they were.  My fingers rolled my nipples under them,
rubbing the little buds of pleasure.  Fondling my growing breasts, I
could feel my cock demanding attention.

I slid my gaze in the mirror down from my breast-play, along the curve
in at my waist and the corresponding curve out at my feminine hips, to
see the dick that was still jutting from between my legs.  All hair had
disappeared from it.  Even the sparse growth that I'd had there earlier
was gone, and my cock was completely hairless.  It was standing fully
erect, straining with my intense arousal, but it seemed only half the
size it had been before.  It needed attention.  One of my hands slid
down from my sexy breasts, and I felt my slim, feminine fingers close
around my cock.  It felt fantastic.  The kick, the arousal that I had
gotten from the minor, unnoticeable changes I'd made in the past were
nothing compared to how horny it made me and how GOOD it felt to stroke
my cock, knowing that I'd gone all the way.  Soon, I'd be fully female. 
Huge, round breasts would jut from my chest, and my cock would be gone,
replaced by a dripping cunt.

As my hand closed around my shrinking cock, I saw the face in the mirror
moan, the mouth opening in an "O" of surprise and pleasure.  It didn't
seem like my face anymore.  Long, reddish hair framed it, hanging down
past my shoulders.  The eyes were wide and blue, but with an unbridled
heat that couldn't be satisfied.  The nose was upturned and cute, with a
few freckles sprinkled across it.  The mouth was wide and expressive,
with full lips.  That mouth looked as if it wouldn't be satisfied unless
it was wrapped around a hard, thrusting cock.

Where had that thought come from, I wondered.  I'd never thought before
about having sex as a woman; I'd only focused on my own body.  The
thought of myself changing into a girl had been the fuel for all my
fantasies, but I'd focused on that alone.

My attention was drawn back to the changes happening in the mirror.
They seemed to be coming faster, now.  There was little left of the old
me.  My body was compact and slim, but with curved, sexy hips.  I stood,
still stroking my cock and tits, and turned around, tossing my long hair
out of the way and looking over my shoulder to see my rounded, sexy ass
in the mirror.  I arched my back, sticking my ass out, and grinned
sexily at the mirror.  I felt my cock spurt cum into my hand, but only a
little, and I certainly wasn't slowing down.  I was still horny.

As I sat again, my eyes lowered to my cock, or what was left of it.  It
was tiny.  I was stroking it now with two fingers and a thumb, unable to
wrap my whole hand around its tiny length.  It felt fantastic, but I
knew that part of that was just because it was so small, almost gone.

My breasts heaved with my quick, short breaths.  Hard, tight nipples
topped them.  The breasts were big and round, bigger than Penny's
already and still growing.  Penny had D-cups, so that made them quite
large already, especially on my diminutive frame.  I was tiny.  I'd
always liked that Penny was small, only five foot three inches, but I
had to be even smaller than her now.

My changes seemed to be slowing, now.  My body seemed totally female.
My arms and legs were slim and feminine, my hips were curved and my
waist narrow.  My shoulders had become thinner, and my face was far from
the masculine one I'd had before.  Everything seemed to be done, except
for my tits and my tiny cock.  It was so small now that I wasn't
stroking it any more.  I was rubbing it, like I'd rubbed Penny's clit
back when I still had sex with her.  Two fingers rotated over my
miniscule cock while my other hand fondled and stroked my tits, their
rounded mass overflowing my tiny female hand.  I stroked from the
outside in, feeling my hand brush my nipples at the end of each stroke
and hearing the gasp of pleasure that escaped my lips each time.  I
alternated from breast to breast, letting each one rest and feeling the
pleasure as if for the first time when I came back to it.

My cock was gone, now.  All that was left of it was a tiny nub between
my legs.  I spread them, so as to see better.  My rounded ass cheeks
made me smile, as female and sexy as they were.  I thought of how they'd
look to men, covered only by a sexy bikini or peeking out from under a
short skirt.  Again, I couldn't believe I was thinking that way, but it
only made me hotter.  Between my spread thighs, I saw my hand rubbing
away.  I spread my legs farther as I started to see something happening.
Below what was left of my cock, a line started to form.  It was only a
depression at first, like a shallow valley down between my legs, but it
got deeper as I watched.  I felt it, growing into me, like my cock in
reverse.  It was thin and tight, one line, without extruding pussy lips.
Just a tight mound, parted slightly at the top where my fingers were now
rubbing what had become my hardened clit.  I slid two fingers down my
slit and plunged them into my brand-new pussy.  Feeling my huge breasts
give their final swell in my hand, I reached a shattering orgasm as I
realized that I was finally female.

I must have been a man on some level, still, because I still had a man's
tendency to fall asleep after sex.  Coming down from that peak, that
fantastic orgasm, I slid lower and lower into myself.  Wriggling up the
bed and under the covers, I felt myself slipping away.  I'd been through
too much.  My discussions with Rob and Penny, my decision to turn back
into a man, my discovery of the two of them together, and finally the
rash, impulsive change into a complete woman.  All together, and with
the mind-bending orgasm that had capped the day, it was too much for me.
I slipped into oblivion.

The next morning, however, was a different story.  I woke up to the
feeling that something was different.  Like most of my mornings since I
hadn't had to work, though, I woke up so slowly that I wasn't
immediately aware of what it was.  The sun was shining into the room,
but there were thin drapes over the windows that made it a welcome
illumination rather than a resented, harsh light.  I shifted under the
covers.  That felt good against my skin, better than usual, so I did it
again.  My chest felt weird, and that's what made me actually open my
eyes and look.

I'm surprised it was my tits, actually.  You'd think that no longer
having a cock between my legs would have been the more noticeable
change, but the shifting of my tits was the sensation I noticed first.
It could have been the sheer size of my tits that made them so obvious,
since as I sat up slightly in the bed and turned my incredulous stare
down onto my chest, I realized how overboard I had gone with my breasts.
I like tits.  When I was a man, I liked them, and even as a woman they
still turn me on.  I like big tits, but not many women would have
voluntarily given themselves breasts the size I now had.

Penny's D-cups were big, but mine put hers to shame.  I gazed down at
the mounds on my chest, my eyes open wide in shock.  I slid my hands up
my sides to hold my breasts, feeling them overflow my tiny female hands.
They shook as I moved, rising up on my elbows and kicking the covers
away to see the rest of my body.  That was the fist time I actually
noticed that my cock was gone, and that in its place I had a tight,
hairless pussy.

At that point, all the minor sensations that I hadn't noticed,
distracted as I'd been by the discovery that my chest had swollen
outward into a pair of fat, sexy tits, suddenly rushed in on me.  I
could feel my long hair around my shoulders, tickling my back and the
sides of my face.  My arms and legs felt weird.  The proportions were
different; my shoulders were narrower and my hips wider, and my limbs a
different length than I was used to.  My ass was more padded, and felt
bigger.  It was actually a bit smaller, since I was much smaller
overall, but it felt like I had more of it, against the smooth sheets.
And when I moved, there was no dick between my legs.  I pressed them
close together, and there was nothing in between.

This was my fantasy.  This was what I'd been thinking of, each time I
masturbated or during the infrequent times when I had sex with Penny,
ever since the day months ago when I'd had that dream of femininity and
started changing my body.  Before, I'd only done little things.  I'd
feared to go too far.  But when fondling my still-mostly-male body,
running my hands over the tiny tits I'd had until last night, this was
the body I was thinking of.  These huge tits were the ones I saw in my
mind's eye.  Now they were real, hanging off my chest, bobbing slightly
as my breath quickened.

Suddenly having the masturbation fantasy of the last few months staring
at me in the mirror had my nipples hard and my pussy wet and flowing,
but I wanted to see myself.  I stood, full length, in front of the
mirror.  The girl that stared back at me from the glass was amazing.
Long, reddish hair framing a cute, impish face.  Slender neck and narrow
shoulders, with huge, rounded breasts flaring out.  A narrow ribcage and
waist, and a much less pronounced flare of hips, and then long, shapely
legs leading down to the floor.  My whole body, without a blemish or
hair.  My tight pussy was just a slit between my legs, a mound.  The
look on my face was surprise, curiosity, and desire mixed.  I couldn't
believe I'd done this to myself.  I couldn't believe I'd made myself a

I couldn't take it any more.  I slid back into bed, feeling my huge
breasts shift as I went from standing to reclining again.  My hand was
between my legs immediately, rubbing, sliding over the slippery slit of
my cunt.  Fingers were inside me, probing.  Thrusting into me, fingering
my pussy.  My thumb found my clit as I slid two fingers inside myself,
then three.  The pussy walls were tight around my fingers, but it felt
so good to feel my cunt stretch, to feel the tight confines admit my
fingers, to feel my pussy being forced open and fucked by my hand.

At the same time, my other hand caressed the soft jello of my giant
tits.  My nipples were tight and hard, my areolas bunched up in arousal.
I slid my hands over them and pulled on them, letting them go and
watching my tits jiggle and settle back onto my chest.  I stroked my
hand over them, feeling the curve where they rose off my ribcage.  I
explored my breasts while my fingers thrust deeper and deeper into my
wet, hairless pussy.

My moans shifted into surprised-sounding gasps as I neared my orgasm.  I
was surprised to hear how I sounded, how female.  The grunts I had made
when I felt a male orgasm coming on were nothing like this.  My fingers
were deep inside me now, filling my elastic pussy, and my thumb was
working furiously at my distended clit.  I caught a glimpse of my face
in the mirror, my female mouth again in an "O" of ecstasy, and then my
attention was back on my tits and pussy.  Masturbating furiously, I felt
the climax wash over me.  My eyes squeezed shut with the force of it,
and my entire body went taut like a rubber band, then collapsed onto the
bed.  My hips bucked weakly in aftershocks, my fingers still deep in my
pussy, as the orgasm slowly subsided.

As I got up from the bed, I could see in the mirror that I was a
disheveled mess.  In the shower, I performed some more absent-minded
exploration of my body, but more of my attention was on deciding what I
was going to do now.  Turning myself back to a man, as I'd intended to
do yesterday, was still an option.  It was daytime, and I'd always done
most of my self-transformation at night, when I wasn't likely to run
into any of the others, but I could always change their minds so that
they wouldn't remember anything.

But did I really want that?  Did I really want to go back to the way
things were, go back to Penny, after she'd cheated on me with Rob?
Sure, I could cause myself to forget it at the same time I wiped it from
their minds, but was that what I wanted?

The orgasm I'd just had, earth-shattering as it was, was certainly
figuring into my judgment.  So was the fact that I was experiencing, for
the first time, the fantasy I'd been jerking off to for months.  I was
female.  I was a hot, sexy, big-titted girl.  Just looking down and
seeing huge breasts on my chest and a pussy between my legs made me

The thought of the others, though, gave me pause.  Could I really let
them see me like this?  As horny as it made me, I was quite aware how
strange I'd seem to them.  Could I handle the embarrassment?

But then again, could they?  How uncomfortable would it make Rob and
Penny to see me like this?  How would Penny feel when Rob's gaze was
torn from her impressive body to my even-sexier form?  If Penny and I
were broken up now, as seemed obvious, then it was time for me to parade
around with somebody else to rub her face in it.  How much more
unnerving would it be for her if the rebound fuck I replaced her with
was a man?  How would it bother her to think of me at night, naked on my
back, my legs spread with a hot, thrusting dick inside me, fucking my
pussy, while a hungry male mouth slobbered over my huge, sexy titties?

Again, I was surprised at the images that leapt into my brain.  I was
fighting it less now, though.  I was even enjoying the picture I had
painted inside my head a bit.  I wasn't sure if I was ready to get
fucked yet, but I was certainly thinking about it, and I had pretty much
made up my mind to stay female for a while, to see if it was as good as
I had imagined and to mess with Penny.  I'd need some clothes that fit
my new form, though, so I dressed hurriedly in what I'd worn the day
before, my male clothes hanging on my much-smaller female form like a
scarecrow, and went quickly downstairs to wish up a new wardrobe.

In the last few days, I'd used the Monkey's Paw more than I had, I
think, since we found it.  I hadn't actually used it that many times to
make myself more female.  I'd do a bit, and that would hold me for a
week or more before I'd do it again.  The thought of it was enough to
make me cum nice and hard from masturbation in between.  That and
looking at my changed body in the mirror.  Once I was used to the tiny
changes I'd made, that was time to change again.  I didn't want to do it
too often, since I was trying to avoid the possibility of anyone
noticing what I was doing.  That is, I HAD been trying to avoid notice. 
Now, in my totally female body with my huge, sexy titties, I suppose I
was planning on rubbing the changes in everyone's faces.

The thing felt smooth and oblong in my hand this time, though it looked
like a perfect cube to my eyes.  I wished up some clothes that would fit
my new body.  An entire wardrobe of female clothing.  As I looked down
at myself, and thought of the way I wanted to make my female-ness
painfully obvious to Penny and Rob, I thought of more and more revealing
clothing.  Tiny, low-cut tops.  Short skirts.  Tight shorts that would
ride up and reveal the bottoms of my ass cheeks.  Tiny thongs that would
barely cover my hairless slit.  All these things, I knew, were appearing
in the closet of the room I'd slept in last night.  Since I'd clearly
not be sharing a room with Penny anymore, I supposed that would be my
room now.  I certainly had enjoyed looking at my body in the mirror last

Having provided a wardrobe in my room, I turned my attention to what I
was currently wearing.  My baggy shorts that fit fine on my old male
body were so oversized on my new female body that I had to hold them up
with one hand, and they reached well past my knees.  The shirt hung down
like a dress.  I was swimming in it, and the short sleeves hung past my
elbows, tiny girl that I now was.

That wasn't what I had in mind at all.  As I watched, with the Monkey's
Paw held in my hand, my clothes re-formed, melting and flowing over my
body.  Panties formed.  They were tight up against my crotch, not
hanging loose like my old boxer shorts had.  They were also tiny, just a
scrap of sheer black fabric in the front, a few inches square, that
covered my hairless slit but only extended a centimeter or so above it
and was so sheer and thin that you could see the cleft of my pussy
clearly through it.  That scrap of cloth, only a couple inches wide at
the widest, quickly narrowed as it went down over my slit, becoming a g-
string back that nestled between my ass cheeks and rode low on my sexy
girlish hips.

A bra grew next.  Of necessity, it was more substantial than my panties,
since it had to hold up the very substantial weight of my fat titties,
but it was still very revealing.  It lifted my big breasts, constricting
them and pressing them together, creating deep, cavernous cleavage on my
chest.  I could feel it pressing them against my ribs; I could feel the
tension my heavy tits created on the straps that bore down on my
shoulders and across my back.  I adjusted it upward, pressing my big
titties together and seeing how they jutted out in front of me now.

A tiny skirt formed now, hugging my hips tightly.  It was only a few
inches wide, riding low in front and so low in back that it would be
easy to see the beginning of the incurving space at the top of my ass
crack.  It barely came down far enough to cover the bottoms of my ass
cheeks.  If I bent over at all, I'd be exposing my g-string-split ass
for all the world to see.

The low-cut top appeared next, barely covering my breasts.  I wanted
them to be impossible to miss, which wasn't exactly a tall order
considering their immense size, but that top made them even more
noticeable.  I was bursting out of it on top, and it barely came down
far enough in front to cover the bottoms of my tits.  My midriff was
completely bare.

I gave myself calf-high white hooker boots to contrast with the black of
the rest of my outfit, and added earrings and some jewelry.  I was less
interested in the female clothes and accessories than I was in my very
female body.  The clothes had always been something I wasn't
particularly interested in, actually.  What had turned me on was the
thought of BEING female, of having a female body.  The clothes were only
an afterthought, and the only thing that caused me to bother with them
at all (apart from the fact that I couldn't really walk around naked)
was my desire to flaunt my womanhood in front of Penny and Rob.

I took one last look at myself before putting the Monkey's Paw away.
Looking down at my tits, I thought that they could be bursting out of my
bra and top a little more.  Instead of making the clothes tighter, I
made my already huge tits slightly bigger, and saw the tension in my top
and bra as they strained a bit tighter to contain my immense mammaries. 
Satisfied, I headed for the kitchen, hoping to catch Rob and Penny

I was in luck.  I found them together in the kitchen, putting breakfast
together.  They were at opposite ends of the kitchen island, but the
awkward looks on their faces suggested that they'd been much closer
together before they'd heard someone approaching, and had quickly

The awkward looks on their faces when I walked in, though, were nothing
in comparison to the looks of surprise, shock, and dawning understanding
that crossed their faces when they saw me.  I would have thought that
they'd assume I was some girl that Scott or Paul had picked up the night
before and fucked all night, but neither seemed to jump to that
conclusion.  Perhaps because both knew the direction I had been going,
and both had talked to me about it the day before, each of them seemed
to intuitively realize who I was and what I'd done to myself.

"Danny, is that...  Is that you?" Penny stammered.

"What do you think?" I smirked, leaning forward to rest my elbows on the
island that was between us.  I didn't have to lean forward nearly as far
as I would have yesterday, but the action pressed my tits together,
emphasizing my cleavage effectively and making sure their eyes were
drawn straight to it.

"Oh my god," Rob muttered under his breath.

"You...  You..." Penny attempted.

"Turned myself into a girl?" I suggested.  This was better than I had
expected.  Both of them were flabbergasted, and I felt more confident
than I'd expected.  There was embarrassment there too, but it was like
I'd forced it down and screwed up my courage to flaunt myself, to wave
my pretty ass and my big tits under their noses.  I'd found my
confidence and was ready to go through with it.  And, truth be told, the
deep streak of embarrassment I felt was, perversely, making my little
pussy wet in my g-string.  I marveled at how sick I was, even as I went

"Yeah, I thought about doing it the other way.  I was all set to turn
myself back into your boyfriend, and I was coming upstairs to tell you
when I saw that the position had already been filled."

Both of them turned white at this.  Clearly, they'd been too intent on
fucking to notice me peeking in on them last night.

"Since there didn't seem to be any reason for me to stay a man, and
since I was getting off on being more female anyway, it seemed like a
good time to take it a bit further," I said, running my hands up and
down my sides.  "These things," I indicated my massive titties, lifting
them and then letting them jiggle and settle back onto my chest, "are so
great.  I can't keep my hands off them.  But the whole package is pretty
good, too," I continued, running my hands down along my sides and then
across my belly to caress my inner thighs.

Rob and Penny were clearly speechless.  I stood there in front of them,
sliding my hands over my very female body like some sort of cheap
stripper, putting on a show.  In my mind, I could see the picture I was
making, and one part of me wanted to die from embarrassment, but another
was getting off on it.  Getting off on how aggressively female I was,
how sexualized I had become.  I would have thought the power of being
sexy, being desirable, would only work on men, but Penny seemed to be
reacting quite as much, in a very different way.

"I may not have been enough for you, Penny," I smirked as I continued to
fondle myself.  "I might not have been enough of a man for you, but you
weren't enough for me, either.  As hot as you were, I just kept making
myself more female.  You wanted a man to fuck you, but what I wanted was
this.  And if it wasn't for you, I'd probably have done it a lot

This needling would probably have gone on, if Paul hadn't happened to
walk into the kitchen at that moment, wearing just a pair of boxer
shorts and holding his hand against his head.

"Oh, my.  What a fucking hangover," he moaned, rubbing his temple.  My
attention, though, wasn't there.  Nor was it on Rob and Penny any
longer.  I couldn't take my eyes off Paul's body.  He'd done the same
thing to himself that I'd done: he'd given himself a sexually perfect
body.  The only difference was that his was male.  I'd been aware of
that ever since we'd started living here, and I could have acknowledged,
the day before, that Paul was now an extremely good-looking guy, but it
didn't really mean much to me.

Now, however, I couldn't take my eyes off him.  I felt my breath quicken
and my nipples erect in my bra.  My pussy was already wet, but suddenly
it felt EMPTY.  I wanted something in it.  I wanted to be filled.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed as he looked up and saw me for the first time.
"What's this?  One of Scott's girls?  Where were you when I was at the
club last night?"

I felt like I couldn't control my body.  I melted up against him,
pressing my immense breasts against his lower ribs, and leaned back my
head to look up at him, saying, "I was here all the time.  Waiting for

The sight of me acting like such an eager slut seemed to snap Penny and
Rob out of their paralysis.

"Danny, don't!" she said.

"Dan, remember!  Both Scott and Paul wished to be irresistible to women.
The only one they left out of that was Penny!  What you're doing now,
it's part of their wishes.  The device is doing this to you," Rob

"Fuck that, this is what I wanted," I murmured.

Paul looked down at me quizzically, with puzzlement mixed with his
hangover.  "Danny?" he asked.  "This is Danny?"

"Yes!" Penny exclaimed, her face twisted with derision.  "He's been
doing this for months, the little pervert.  A little bit at a time.
Last night, he walked in on Rob giving me the attention that he couldn't
any more, and he decided to finish the process."

"It's me," I said softly, my voice wet with desire.  "Though I suppose
it's Danielle now, not Danny."  I wrapped my arms around Paul, gripping
his ass and pressing his semi-hard cock into my abdomen.

"And... you're all girl, now?" asked Paul, searchingly.

"From head to toe," I answered.  "Take me upstairs, and I'll show you
how much."

Paul looked from me to Rob to Penny, and then his gaze went down below
my face, to where my big titties where pressed together and mashed
against his chest, six inches of cleavage clearly visible.

"Come on," he said.

Penny and Rob were shocked.  Clearly, they couldn't comprehend why Paul
would be willing to fuck me, knowing full well that I was really a guy. 
Paul, though, had never been nearly as concerned with what was INSIDE a
girl as with what she had on the OUTSIDE.  All the girls he brought home
and fucked raw were the same to him.  He probably didn't remember their
names by the time he had them in bed.  It wasn't much more than
masturbation for him; he wasn't interested at all in who they were.  All
he cared about was whether they were hot pieces of ass.

All this was going through my head as I accompanied him upstairs,
rubbing against him, pressing my tits into him awkwardly as we walked,
and generally trying to fuck him before we actually got to the room and
started fucking.  I was hot and horny for him, and some of it probably
had to do with the fact that he'd made himself supernaturally attractive
to women (and I was now a woman), but only part.  Part of it had to do
with how I was thinking of myself, now.  How I was adjusting to the fact
that I was now female.  How I liked being a hot piece of ass, in Paul's

Keep in mind, this was my perversion.  This was my fantasy.  I wanted to
be a girl, to be attractive.  Where another girl, a real girl, might
have been angry or hurt if she had known just how little Paul cared
about her personality, how little he wanted to get to know her as a
unique individual, I was turned on by it.  It validated me.  It
confirmed everything I'd done to myself in making myself into this sexy,
busty slut.  It meant my body had the power to turn him on, to overcome
even the fact that I was a guy he knew, inside, and he was quite aware
of the fact.  My big tits, my sexy ass, my hot face were enough that he
just didn't care.  That made my hairless pussy so wet that I couldn't
wait to be fucked in it.

I didn't have to wait long.  Once we reached Paul's room, he slid his
boxers down his legs and stood naked in front of me, his huge, erect
cock jutting from his crotch.

"Come on, Danielle," he said.  "I'm ready for you."

But I wasn't sure if I was quite ready for him.  Now that I was at the
point of doing it, I was scared.  I'd never thought it would really go
this far.  This was my fantasy, yes.  All the time I'd been making my
mostly-male body incrementally more female, I'd been thinking about
having a sexy, completely female body.  I'd never expected it to happen
in real life, though.  I'd never expected to be in the position of
actually having sex with a man.

That hesitation didn't last long, though.  Whether it was my own desire
to be fucked by Paul's long, thick monster of a dick or Paul's earlier
wish to be irresistible to women, I don't know.  All I know is that,
where as a man I might have been said to be thinking with my dick, now
that I was a woman I was thinking with my pussy.  I was wet and hot
between the legs, and my nipples were hard and eager to be touched.  I
wanted to be fucked.

Stripping off my top and bra was harder than I would have thought.  I'd
undressed women before, but this was my first experience undressing
myself as a woman, and I wasn't used to the process.  I realized that I
hadn't even dressed myself; I'd wished these clothes into existence.  My
tiny skirt was much easier, though.  I unzipped it and slid it down,
stepping out of it.  I wasn't naked yet, being still in my boots and g-
string panties, but I was a lot nearer.  I looked down at my immense
breasts, standing firm and erect from my chest.  I was almost amazed
that I'd made them so large.

Paul seemed amazed, too.  He was standing in front of me with his eyes
on my tits.  They were, of course, certainly the largest he'd ever seen.
Even though he seemed dumbstruck, however, his reaction to my giant
titties was still quite evident.  Standing out from his crotch, his
thick hard dick seemed to be even harder.  It was jutting upward at more
of an angle, shuddering with his heartbeat.  I wanted it.  I couldn't
believe how I was reacting to his dick.  It was strange, to see a dick
as a body part that made me horny, but I lusted after it.

Not for long, though.  Almost immediately, I fell to me knees in front
of Paul and took his thick cock into my hot wet mouth.  My lips had to
strain to fit around the thing, and it was nearly too big for me to
suck.  Paul had improved his body when he had wished for his way with
women, and he'd made his dick into a thick, veiny rod that men would
envy and women would worship.  Squeezing the hard head into my mouth and
running my tongue over it, I set out to do exactly that.

Paul pulled me toward him as he settled into a sitting position on the
end of the bed, and then his hands went to the back of my head, and he
pushed his cock into me, fucking my face.  I didn't mind.  I needed a
bit of encouragement to get over my initial embarrassment to find myself
eagerly sucking a man's dick.  With that little bit of help, though, I
was soon engrossed in what I was doing, finding myself to be an eager
and excellent cocksucker.  I slid his massive head into my mouth and out
again, caressing it with my lips, and slid my tongue around the crown of
his pole.  I wrapped my hand around the base of his dick, which was far
too long for me to envelop all of it in my mouth, and stroked the shaft
while I sucked what I could manage to get into my wet and eager mouth.
The taste of it, and the heat of it, engorged with blood, seemed to set
up an electric current running straight down to my pussy, so wet inside
my panties.  I was so horny.

Paul moaned and grunted as I sucked greedily at his cock.  "Oh, that's
so good!  I can't believe it's you, Danny, but you make such a hot
little girl.  And you suck my cock so well!  Oh, get it.  Suck it down. 
Get it all in your mouth, bitch!"  He clearly wasn't bothered by who I
was.  Even while he was talking about it, his cock never wilted and his
arousal never seemed to flag.  Perhaps that had something to do with my
hot body or the blowjob I was giving him, but I was grateful for it.  I
was so hot that he was willing to be sucked off by his male friend in a
female body.  My body made him so horny that my identity didn't matter. 
That made my pussy even wetter.

Thinking of my body reminded me of my immense breasts, and I moved my
hands to stroke and play with them as Paul's cock continued to slide in
and out of my hot mouth.  I stroked my hands over my titties, twisting
the nipples that crowned my heavy orbs.  I felt my breath come in gasps
as my palms tweaked my nipples to even greater stiffness.  My pussy was
drenching my g-string as I fondled my own huge tits and kneeled, sucking
a hard cock.

Paul's breath started to come faster, and his hips started to buck in a
manner that I remembered from when I was a man.  He was getting close to
coming.  I moved one of my hands back to his cock, stroking the base
while my other hand continued to stroke my tits.  I redoubled my efforts
on the tip of his dick, bathing it in my saliva, stroking my tongue over
it.  I knew how it must feel for him, the slightly rough surface of my
tongue sliding under the tip of his dick, teasing it, slipping around
the head, and then the heat as I plunged as much of his dick as I could
manage into my hot, wet mouth.  I'd felt it myself.  Now, though, it
seemed better to give than to receive a blowjob.  I was getting off more
on being able to do this to a man.  My hot body made him want me, and my
talented mouth was able to coax an orgasm out of his hard cock.  That
drove me to new heights of arousal.

Paul's hands tightened in my long red hair, and he pulled my head to his
crotch, forcing his dick almost too far down my throat.  His hips were
pumping, and his breath was coming in gasps.  I could feel his dick
twitching, throbbing in my mouth.  He took a breath and held it, and
suddenly my mouth was filled with hot, salty cum.  The texture seemed
strange.  It was thicker than I would have thought, and the taste wasn't
quite as strong.  I swallowed it, but his cock kept pumping into my
mouth, filling me with another mouthful of his cum.  I swallowed that as
well, pulling my head back slightly and stroking his dick gently with my
hand, the tip still between my lips, to prolong his orgasm.  If Paul had
been able to keep his eyes open, I'm sure I would have made quite the
picture of the eager little slut, kneeling before him with his cock in
my mouth, my eyes focused up on him expectantly, happy to be worshipping
his cock.

When his orgasm finally subsided, I withdrew, hearing the pop of my lips
as they finally relinquished his cock from my mouth.  His erection
dipped momentarily, but perked up again after I had awkwardly taken off
my boots, hopping on one foot as I struggled, when I gracefully slid my
panties down to the floor.  Stepping out of my discarded g-string, I
stood with my legs slightly apart, displaying my brand-new hairless
pussy to another person for the first time.  The re-hardening of Paul's
cock was exactly the reaction I was hoping for.

There was no hesitation now.  No reluctance or embarrassment.  I might
have felt slightly exposed, slightly strange about being a girl, about
having just given a desperate blowjob to one of my friends who had known
me as a man, and about the fact that I was going to let that same friend
slide his thick cock up into me, fucking my pussy and taking my female
body's virginity.  All that was buried deeply, however.  It was
overruled and made meaningless by my arousal, by my eagerness to feel
that cock inside me.  Perhaps even by the arousal I derived from the
embarrassment, from knowing that Paul was fully aware of who I was and
what I had done to myself, that he knew now that I'd had this desire
even when I'd been a man, to be a girl, to be a sexy slut, to be fucked.
I was acting on it now.

I moved toward Paul, pushing him back onto the bed with my immense
breasts against his chest.  He complied eagerly, which was good because
I was much too small to force him.  I straddled his body as he lay on
the bed, on my hands and knees, my giant titties hanging down so far
that they rested on his chest.  His cock was thick and erect, lying on
his belly, and I eased down so that my pussy's slit rested on it.  He
wasn't inside me, but I started to move back and forth, sliding my pussy
over the length of his dick.  It was already drenched with my saliva,
mixed with his cum, but I would have slid easily even if it had been
bone-dry because of the wetness of my vagina.  I was drenched, the
pussy-juice extending halfway down my thighs.

As I rocked back and forth above him, sliding my twat over his hard-on,
I could feel my fat titties swaying.  They rested on his chest, but as I
began to rock more forcefully I could feel them sliding against his
skin, my hard little nipples catching and rubbing against him.  I
whimpered in my arousal.  My hard clit was rubbing up against his dick,
and my nipples against his chest.  All three of those sources of sexual
pleasure were being addressed.  It was almost so good that I kept going,
moving toward my orgasm like that without ever actually taking his cock
into my pussy.

But not quite.  I wanted his cock in my hot wet hole.  I wanted to feel
what it felt to have a dick inside me.  To be fucked.  Reaching down
between my legs, I straightened his cock up from his crotch and rubbed
it against my female mound, then slid forward, feeling the head of his
dick slide over my pubic mound, brush electrifyingly against my clit,
and then penetrate my wet cunt.  I settled my crotch down into his and
his cock filled me completely, my pussy so eager and lubricated that he
slid completely into me with no effort at all.  I felt so full.  I could
feel his hot thickness there, inside of me, pressing up into my pussy.
It seemed to radiate heat inside my body, a foreign intruder that I was
happy to surrender to.

I started to roll my hips on top of him, grinding my mound against his
pubic bone, straining to get his cock deeper into me.  Paul's hips
matched my motion, thrusting into my pussy.  His hands moved up to my
titties and he shifted them onto his face, somewhat awkwardly due to the
fact that I was now so much shorter than he was.  He smothered himself
with my immense tits, licking them and sucking them as eagerly as I had
licked and sucked his dick, while his hot and eager cock continued to
plow the furrow between my legs.

After a wonderful, immeasurable interval of being fucked like that, Paul
moved to change positions.  His hands slid from my giant breasts, which
seemed to ache from their absence, down along my hips to my hot ass, and
he moved my left leg so that we could roll, his hard dick still buried
in my wet pussy, so that he was on top of me.  I was spread-eagled now,
a man between my legs, fucking me missionary-style in my eager cunt.
Paul's mouth went back to my tits as he arched his back to reach them,
and he sucked first one, then the other of my rock-hard nipples, sliding
his tongue over my immense titties as he slid from one nipple to the
other, traversing the deep valley between them, leaving a trail of
cooling saliva between the twin points of my horny nipples.

The attention he was paying to my breasts felt great, but I couldn't pay
full attention to it, so focused was I on the hard shaft pistoning in
and out of me.  It was there, between my spread female thighs, that all
my notice was directed.  Paul's hands were on my soft and rounded ass,
pinioning me there, and his thick dick was single-mindedly driving into
my wet and eager pussy again and again.  This wasn't a slow and sensual
fuck.  This was a pile-driver.  This was all force, plunging in as hard
as he could, using his hands on my ass to pull me against him, pull my
pussy onto his cock, then sliding out and plunging into me again and
again.  Paul was fucking me violently, desperately, and I was getting
off on it like I'd never done before.  His repeated penetration was
sending me to heights of ecstasy I'd never reached as a man.

Paul flipped me over then, his dick still inside my hot wet pussy, so
that he could fuck me from behind.  Almost before I knew what was going
on, so disoriented had I been at the sensations of being fucked good and
hard by a huge hard cock in my wet little cunt, I was on my hands and
knees on the bed, being fucked in my tight little pussy from behind.
This was a weird situation.  My body felt strange.  My giant titties
were hanging down.  It felt weird to have anything hanging from my chest
like that.  I'd had small tits for months, but these were huge weights,
hanging down well past my elbows and jiggling every time Paul drove his
thick rod into my hairless twat.

I could feel his pubic bone against my soft, rounded ass with every
stroke, as I felt his huge dick fill my aching pussy.  Then he'd pull
almost all the way out of me, and I'd feel an instant of emptiness in my
cunt.  It would only last for an instant, though, and then he'd ram into
me again, filling me full and driving against my ass.  His hands were
pawing at me, reaching under me to fondle my jiggly tits, sliding down
my curved sides to grip my hips and drive his cock more forcefully into
my pussy, slapping at my ass, pulling my reddish hair.  I felt like such
a slut.  Being fucked doggy-style was almost demeaning, and it made me
so hot to be used for my sexy female body.

I could feel Paul's strokes speeding up, becoming more insistent, and I
felt my own orgasm approaching.  When it came, it blossomed out from my
pussy, radiating to my fingertips and the tips of my toes.  I felt my
hair stand on end as I screamed out loud, pressing my ass back into
Paul, rearing backwards as hard as I could, desperate to get more of his
cock inside me.  At the same time, he grunted, and I could feel his hot
cum shooting up into me, filling my pussy.

Paul kept his cock inside me for a couple aftershocks, supplementing the
load of cum he'd planted in my belly with a few more shots, and then
slid backward out of me.  I could feel his cock smoothly sliding out of
my wet pussy, leaving it empty.  Paul seemed about to lie down next to
me, but I didn't move except to turn my head around, looking over my
shoulder at him.  I was surprised to see my feminine back and ass behind
me, sweaty with the exertion of the fuck; even after being well screwed
as a woman, I still expected to see my old male body.  But I wasn't so
surprised that I lost track of what I was about to say.

"What are you doing?  You're not finished yet," I nearly spat at Paul.

"What?" he sputtered, bewildered.

"I've sucked you off and you've fucked my pussy, but I'm still a virgin
in one hole.  I want you to fuck me in the ass."

Paul had been living the life of a stud since we found the Monkey's Paw,
and he certainly confirmed that status on this occasion.  He'd already
had what had looked and sounded like two very satisfying orgasms,
filling my mouth and pussy with loads of his hot cum, but he went to
work to fuck me in the ass as well.

At first, as his monster cock started to enter me in my back door, I
thought he might be too big.  His dick was so thick, and my little
virgin ass so tight, that I didn't think I'd be able to take him in my
back door.  But I was so horny, so desperate to feel him fucking my
butt, so hot to be penetrated from behind and fucked that way, that I
kept pushing back, driving his hard shaft farther up my asshole, even
though it ached.  My eyes squeezed shut and I whimpered as inch after
inch of him slid up into me, but as my ass began to relax, my eyes
stopped squeezing shut in pain and started to gape wide in pleasure.
The whimpers didn't stop, but now I was whimpering with arousal as I
felt a hard cock fuck my female ass for the first time.

Paul, for his part, didn't seem to have noticed any reluctance.  Once
he'd penetrated me completely, he started fucking my ass like he'd
fucked my pussy, hard and fast.  I loved it.  I felt so dirty, so sexy. 
Like there was nothing to me but sex.  My hands, my tits, my mouth, my
ass - all these were sexual organs, and their other functions were
secondary.  My purpose was to be fucked.

I felt Paul's hands spreading my ass cheeks as he buttfucked me.  I felt
his hard cock drive into my back door again and again, sliding into my
hole, still very tight even though it had relaxed enough for my
pleasure.  Paul was grunting at the sensation; I felt like I could feel
every vein of his cock as it drove into my tight ass, like I could feel
the ridge of the crown of it every time he drew himself almost all the
way out and plunged back into me.  He was going fast, now.  My huge
breasts were leaping from my chest, rocking violently back and forth.  I
was in ecstasy.  My orgasm, when it hit, was just the crest of the wave.
It was like I'd been orgasming the whole time.

Paul's, on the other hand, was a bit easier to tell from the rest of his
fucking.  His hands on my hips started to pull me back into him, forcing
his cock even deeper into my ass, more powerfully and insistently as he
grunted and groaned louder.  I could tell he was about to come.  I knew
that feeling, remembered how it had felt as a man when I was almost
there and I felt it welling up in me, knowing only a few more strokes
would take me over the edge.  I liked it better now, luxuriating in the
after-effects of my warmer, more all-encompassing female orgasm while I
waited for Paul to fill my asshole with his cum.

And he did.  He pulled me back onto him, seeming almost to split my ass
in two with his giant cock, and gave a final, thunderous yell.  If Rob
and Penny hadn't left the house when Paul and I went off to fuck, they
must have heard that.  I felt Paul stiffen against my backside as he
forced me from my hands and knees onto my belly, squashing my giant
breasts beneath me.  His cock spasmed in my ass, and I could feel it
depositing its hot, wet payload up inside me.

I felt Paul shift to my left, totally spent.  His softening cock slipped
out of my well-fucked asshole as he rolled off of me, and then I shifted
my position to see that he'd nearly fallen asleep after the exertion and
the pleasure of that last orgasm.  As I rolled over, I was amazed at how
much pussy juice and cum I had on me.  I was covered with it.  It had
dripped down from my mouth and slathered the area around my hairless
pussy and ass.  I felt like such a dirty slut, with my own juices and a
man's cum spattered on me, but it felt so good to feel that way.  I
liked it.

I liked it so much, in fact, that I didn't even bother to get washed up
before I went off to find Scott, and let him fuck me like Paul had.

The next few weeks ran together.  Paul and Scott fucked me on a daily
basis, and sometimes more than once a day.  To their credit, they still
found time to go out and pick up the occasional other slut to bang, but
I think it was more due to habit than anything else.  None of them could
possibly have a body like mine, and I'm sure none of them had the sheer
pleasure in being a debauched, conscienceless whore that I did.  Being
fucked, being almost degraded by fucking, to the point where it seemed
my only purpose was sex.  That was what turned me on, and both my former
friends were happy to treat me like a worthless slut.

I don't mean to suggest that they were the only ones that did, though.
I ventured out of the house often enough to find some other guy to fuck
me.  I'd get myself done up in my most revealing clothes, with my
gigantic titties spilling out of a shirt and a tiny skirt that hardly
covered the front of my g-string (or my hairless pussy, when I went
without panties), and rode up in back so that you could see the bottoms
of my ass cheeks.  I'd parade around like that in public, feeling every
eye on me, locked onto the target.  My immense tits, pressed together
into cleavage.  My huge, hard nipples, poking through the thin material
that covered them but did nothing to hide them.  My ass, revealed by the
shortness of my skirt.  My crotch, which was so barely covered that I
could see the hope on their faces that a chance gust of wind or a random
movement would reveal my soaking panties or my bare, hairless pussy.

When I had been a man, I'd never had this sort of exhibitionist streak. 
Now, however, I couldn't resist the attention my female body received.
It wasn't just the hungry, desperate stares I received from men.  I also
loved the way women looked at me, in disgust at how slutty I was, or in
amazement at the size of my tits.  Some seemed to be struggling not to
stare, revealing a puzzled hunger almost like that of the men.  I loved
when I'd see a man and woman together, and the man would be trying to
drink in the sight of my barely-covered curves furtively, while the
woman indignantly tried to catch him doing it.

It made my nipples so hard and my cunt so wet just to walk around in
public as a huge-breasted, revealingly-dressed woman.  To go into stores
and lean against a counter to ask the workers a question, feeling my
immense tits bulge out of my low-cut shirt in front and my skirt ride up
in back, letting the customers behind me see most of my ass and, framed
between my perfect thighs, my wet panties peeking through.  Sometimes,
if I was feeling especially adventurous, I'd pull that stunt without any
underwear on.  The shocked whispers of the women when they realized I
was flashing my pussy for the whole store to see were great, but not as
satisfying as turning around suddenly, looking over my shoulder to see
the obvious erections of the men behind me and seeing them try to tear
their gaze away from my naked pussy.

Sometimes, a man would have the courage to proposition me.  Sometimes a
manager or a security guard would try to stop me from flashing the whole
store.  In either case, I handled it the same way: I let them take me to
somewhere private, whether it was an office, their place, a car, or a
lower-traffic area, and I let them use me like the slut I was.  I sucked
cocks, let them fuck my cunt and my ass, had them fondle my titties and
lick my wet cunt.  Whatever they wanted to do to me, I was only too
eager and happy to allow.  I must have been fucked a hundred times.

Through all this, Rob and Penny were still visibly uncomfortable.  I
seemed to have lost any sense of modesty or shame as soon as I'd turned
myself into a girl and gotten my first taste of cock, and Paul and
Scott, the only other people who knew that the busty girl I was now and
the man I used to be were the same person, seemed to be so taken up by
the pleasures of my hot pussy (not to mention my hands, tits, ass, and
mouth) that they were completely satisfied with the situation, but Rob
and Penny seemed shocked every time I'd wander around the house with my
tits and ass hanging out.  When I'd proposition Paul or Scott in front
of them, begging to be stuffed full of cock, they seemed even more

I hadn't seen Rob or Penny on their own, actually.  They'd clearly
become an item since that time I'd caught them together and finished the
process of feminizing myself that had been barely started before.  But
when I came home one evening, my pussy filled with some random guy's cum
and the taste of it still on my lips, I found that Penny's reaction to
my new self had been, at least partially, feigned for Rob's benefit.

She surprised me as I was coming through the living room.

"Dan... Danielle?" she said from a seat in a darkened corner of the

I wheeled around, somewhat surprised to find her there.

"I... I wanted to talk to you," she began, getting up and moving into
the light.  "We haven't talked lately, and I wanted to... uh, talk."

I was still in the mode of flaunting myself in front of her, so I ran my
hands over my curves, as if it was unconscious, as I said, "Well, okay,
but I've been out for a while.  I'm pretty tired."  The way I said it
made it clear that what had tired me out was the strong, repeated
thrusting of a cock into several different orifices on my body.

"Well, you know...  Maybe I haven't been quite... fair to you lately,"
Penny started.

"What do you mean?"

"I've been ignoring you.  I mean, I've been paying attention to Rob,

I could see her eyes.  Her gaze wasn't on my face; it was a foot or so
below, locked on my immense cleavage.  That was nothing new.  She'd
looked at my body before, and shaken her head nearly every time, but she
wasn't looking away now, and the look on her face seemed different.
Almost hungry.

"Oh my god," I said.  "Are you checking me out?"

"No!" Penny gasped, and her face reddened.

"You are!  I saw you looking at my tits!"

"I just..." she started to cry.  "I've just been thinking about you.  I
can't get it off of my mind.  You're different, but I know it's you, and
I have these images in my mind.  I can't get them out.  Of you...  You

"Being fucked?" I asked.

She looked at me, through tear-stained eyes, and nodded.

I reached behind me to undo my bra, and then drew it over my head with
my shirt.  I felt my immense breasts settle onto my chest as I slid my
tiny skirt down off of my hips.  I hadn't worn panties today, so that
left me totally naked in front of Penny.

Still sniffling, she moved toward me.  I let her examine me, see the new
body I had made for myself, the exaggerated curves that my perverted
fantasies had formed.  She reached out to touch me, but it wasn't
sexual.  It was investigative.  She ran her hands over my perfect hips,
along my ass.  She poked her fingers at my giant tits, and felt my
female lips.  She peered at my hairless mound, with only the cleft of my
pussy showing, disappearing between my thighs.

"You're... you're perfect," she breathed.

Penny was a bombshell herself.  I knew now that her looks were no more
natural than mine were, but they were fantastic.  She'd kept things
under control, however.  I'd gone overboard.  She was hot and sexy.  I
was useful for nothing but sex.

Penny's exploration of my body seemed to change, somehow.  Her hands
running over me ceased to be tentative and experimental.  They became
insistent.  Hungry.  I could feel her breath against my face as her
hands slid over my hips.  Gripping my ass, they weren't evaluating.
They were caressing, groping, pulling my pelvis against her.  I was
shorter than her now, and my wet pussy rubbed against her thigh.  She
leaned over, hungrily, and her mouth started to kiss my neck.

"This is so... weird," she breathed in my ear.  "It's disgusting.  I AM
disgusted by what you've done to yourself.  But since you've done it, I
haven't been able to stop thinking about it.  Wondering what you'd look
like naked.  Wondering how you'd feel."

Her hand slid from my ass to my pussy and parted my lips.  Her finger
slid against my clit.  I'd been fucked less than an hour before, and my
pussy was still lubricated.  Another finger slipped inside me with no

"Do you... like it?  Do you like having tits and a pussy?"

"I love it," I moaned as her fingers slid inside me.

"And when they fuck you?  When other men put their dicks inside you?
You like that?"

"It feels so good.  It makes me feel so good when my body gets them hard
and they want to fuck me.  And when they put their dicks in me, I can't
stand it.  I come so hard."

"And that's what you want?"

"Right now," I responded, pushing her away from me for a moment, "what I
want is you."

Penny was still clothed.  She'd been fondling my naked body without
reciprocating with nudity of her own.  She stripped off her clothes in a
moment, though, and was naked before me.  That familiar perfection, the
body I'd fucked so many times.  It was different now; I looked at her
differently because I wasn't a man about to penetrate her, as I had been
before.  Everything she had, I had as well.  Both of us had tits, both
of us had pussies.  Both of us had curves.  We were two girls.

I didn't have much time for admiring her, though.  She was hungry for
me.  She pushed me back onto the couch and I reclined there, my legs
spread, as she clambered on top of me, kissing me, forcing her tongue
into my mouth.  She was the aggressor now; she was the one penetrating
me.  She was better at it than I had been.  Her hot tongue searched in
my mouth as her hands roved over my body.  Her fingers slid over my
taut, perfect breasts.  She teased my nipples, stroked the rounded sides
of my titties.  Her hips were rolling, thrusting against me.  She was
grinding her pussy against me as she savaged my mouth with hers.

Then, though, she started to move downward.  Her mouth slid from my
mouth to my chin, then to my neck, leaving a trial of saliva that
glistened in the low light and felt cool against my skin.  Kissing my
neck, she rubbed against me, her D-cup breasts pressing against my much
larger ones.  My hands were roving over her ass the way they'd done when
I was still male, but there was no cock sticking up from between my
legs.  All that was there now was a wet, hairless pussy.  As Penny's
mouth kissed and licked my neck, our pussies ground together as if we
were trying to fuck one another, forgetting that neither one of us had a
penis anymore.

Penny slid her hot mouth lower, burying her face in between my
mountainous tits.  She kissed and licked the interior slopes of my
breasts, pressing them together to smother herself between my gigantic
titties.  Her trail of cool saliva extended along the sides of my
mounds, rotating around them as if she was trying to crest the summit of
a pair of mountains.  She seemed to be licking every inch of my breasts
but the nipples, giving pleasure to every sensitive part of my titties
except the most sensitive.  I was moaning in arousal.  My hips were
bucking.  I tried to move my hands from Penny's ass to my own pussy, to
finger myself and give myself some relief, but she stopped me.  Gripping
my wrists, she pinned them to my sides as she licked at my breasts.  I
whimpered and rubbed my pussy against hers, desperate for more
sensation, but she was stronger than me, now, and kept my hands at my

Suddenly, Penny's mouth engulfed my left nipple.  She sucked it between
her lips, and I felt the hot muscle of her tongue sweeping around the
pebbly flesh of my rock-hard nipple.  I almost cried out in ecstasy.  It
felt like an orgasm in my nipple as the hot wetness of her lips
enveloped it and she swirled her tongue around it.  She sucked
forcefully, and I could feel it sliding around in her mouth, seeming to
harden even more.  I felt another nipple-orgasm as she switched without
warning to my right breast, licking and sucking my right nipple.

Penny slid now downward, her tongue slipping along the curves of the
undersides of my breasts, licking, bringing pleasure, as she descended
to my flat belly.  She released my hands then, and they flew to my
breasts, kneading, massaging.  I knew she'd make it down to my pussy
before long, and I was content to fondle the mounds to which she had
given so much pleasure.

Her tongue slid briefly into my belly button before Penny slid down even
farther.  She was kneeling now in front of the couch, between my spread
legs, as I moaned and caressed my own breasts.  My hips rocked softly as
she slid from the very bottom of my belly over the flat, featureless
skin of my crotch to my spread pussy lips.  Her tongue touched my
clitoris, and I screamed in the throes of my first orgasm from lesbian

Penny didn't stop, even when I locked my legs around her head, squeezing
her face between my creamy thighs.  I pinched my nipples and threw my
long red hair around in my climax, but she kept licking.  Her tongue
slid over my folds, dipping inside my cunt.  She penetrated me, like I
had penetrated her when I was a man.  Not as deeply, but even more
satisfyingly.  As my orgasm began to subside, she was working me up into
my next one, her tongue wandering all over my hairless crotch, now
swirling around my clit, now descending to thrust into my pussy.  She
wrapped her lips around my clit and sucked it into her mouth, flicking
at it with her tongue, and then fucked my pussy with her tongue again,
burying her face in my crotch.

I knew Penny could taste the cum that was still inside me.  I'd as much
as admitted to her that I'd been fucked already today, by a man, but the
taste of the cum in my pussy would prove it to her beyond a doubt.  How
must it have felt for her to know that her former boyfriend was now such
a slut, so eager to be fucked in his new pussy by man after man, to feel
their dicks penetrating him, to beg them to cum inside him?  She
certainly knew I was a slut.  It might have been her knowledge of how
much I loved being penetrated that caused her to shift me lower on the
couch, rotating my hips forward so that her hand could creep under me
while she continued to eat my pussy and she could slide two fingers
questingly up into my ass.

I moaned at the anal penetration, and she continued it, more forcefully.
I squealed in pleasure, frantically fondling my breasts, pinching and
pulling my nipples in my excitement.  Her tongue was lapping faster at
my soaking hairless pussy as she fingered my ass.  My hips were bucking,
but whether it was to grind my pussy against her face or to force her
fingers up into my asshole, I didn't know.  I felt as if something
inside of me was breaking as I came, shrieking my ecstasy, telegraphing
my orgasm to the world by the violence of my cries.

I was breathing heavy when I settled down afterwards, feeling Penny
gently kissing my pussy as her fingers slid out of my ass, but I wasn't
so tired that I wasn't ready to return the favor.  As we both stood up
to exchange places, Penny leaned down to kiss me savagely.  I could
taste myself on her lips and in her mouth.  It was the first time I'd
tasted pussy in months, and it was like I had forgotten about something
I loved to taste.  I greedily slurped my own juices from her mouth,
running my lips over her face.  Her whole chin was glistening with my
juices, and I licked her clean.

Once Penny had taken the place I'd vacated on the couch, I attacked her.
It wasn't slow and seductive, the way she'd teased me before eating my
pussy.  It was desperate.  My hands were roving everywhere, groping her
ass, her hips, her tits.  Every curve, every sensitive part of her body.
My mouth was greedy, sucking her nipples, her tongue, her fingers.  I
thrust against her, almost as if I thought I was still a man, trying to
penetrate her with my now-missing cock and only succeeding in rubbing
our pussies together some more.  But the whole time, I was moving
downward, sliding my mouth and my hands down her body to the prize
between her legs.

I found myself kneeling in front of her.  It almost felt weird to be
kneeling naked before someone and not to have a cock jutting up in my
face.  For weeks, I'd been sucking cock in exactly this posture.  Now,
though, I had a wet, eager pussy in front of my eyes.  I dived into it
without hesitation, licking Penny's cunt, sliding in between her lips,
stroking her clit.

With my face buried in between Penny's legs, my hands stroked her sides
and fondled her breasts, then gripped her ass cheeks so that I could
grind my chin into her pussy more forcefully.  I was fucking her with my
tongue like I could no longer fuck her with my cock, now that I was a
girl.  I slid it in and out of her, penetrating her with my tongue.  I
wanted to get it as deep into her as I could, as if it could compensate
for the fact that I no longer had a dick to fuck her with.

Sometimes, though, my neck would get tired, and I'd lay my head against
her thighs to rest it while I sucked at her hard clit.  Licking and
sucking her clit, I heard her moan in arousal.  I felt her hips rotating
under me, and I'd let my tongue roam over her pussy again, sliding into
her, then tasting her juices, then rubbing her clit again.

Penny's orgasm was shattering.  I can't remember ever making her come
like that when I was a man.  Her thighs wrapped around my head, and all
sound was cut off.  I couldn't hear or see anything, but I kept on
licking her, fucking her with my tongue and sucking hungrily on her clit
as if it was a tiny dick, as she shrieked her climax and pulled at my
reddish hair.  She ground her pussy against me, forcing my head into her
crotch, pinning my face into her cunt with her hands as she spasmed, her
legs kicking at my back.

She relaxed, then, onto the couch.  I joined her.  Still nude, soaked
with sweat and pussy-juice, we wrapped our arms around each other, our
hands fondling each other familiarly as we slipped off into sleep.

I woke up the next day in the same place, naked and alone.  Penny was

Rob was gone as well.  There was no note, no explanation, but I thought
I understood.  She couldn't deal with it.  Neither of them could.  I had
done what I wanted, lived out my sexual fantasies, and they were
unwilling to do that.  Even Penny, who'd been aroused and attracted by
me as a girl, who couldn't stop thinking about my exaggerated, sexy body
and couldn't resist stroking it, fondling it, licking every sensitive
inch of it, couldn't face her own desire in the light of day.  She and
Rob left to try to have some sort of normal life, away from the
temptation of the Monkey's Paw that could make anything they wanted

I don't think they were wrong.  That normal life is probably better than
mine, in some ways.  When we give free reign to our desires, they
control us.  Though an endless succession of sex, dick after dick
penetrating and fucking me, day after day of displaying my body, showing
it off like a depraved slut and letting men use me for their own
pleasure, though it satisfies me, though it PLEASES me, it's probably
not the way people were meant to live.  That doesn't mean it doesn't
feel good.  It does.  But it's like cheating, somehow.  The game is
rigged, and though I enjoy each time I win, each time I bend over in
public and feel the hot gaze of everyone present burning into my bare
ass, each time I orgasm as I feel some hot, thrusting dick spew its cum
into one of my eager holes, I sometimes have a glimmer of an
understanding that Rob and Penny, wherever they are, might have more
satisfying pleasures simply because they CAN'T have them whenever they

Then, of course, the moment passes.  I realize that the Monkey's Paw is
still there, and I can have anything I want.

And I think about making my tits even bigger.


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