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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blue Milk by Bad Irving

Another oldie but goodie...

Even a fairly happy ending, too!


Blue Milk
DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF UNDER 18!  It contains graphic sex and is for adults only.
by Bad Irving

Blue Milk, everybody had to have it. The first true aphrodisiac. One sip or mixed in another drink and the recipient was taken over by uncontrollable lust. Yea, right. But it was the latest craze sweeping the nation and my paper wanted a story. Kind of the latest fad of the month fluff piece.
Before getting too far into the story I decided I had to try the product out to see if there was any substance to the claim. So, I went out and bought some. At $30 an ounce that was the most expensive milk I had ever bought. It was in a blue cartoon with hearts all around it. The Name Blue Milk emblazoned on all sides but other than that it looked like your ordinary small cream carton. Under Blue Milk it read "the herbal milk". Then lower on the carton it said "Ingredients, Milk, herbal extract of Chinese roots, fortified with ginseng". Oh right ginseng that old western aphrodisiac that the Chinese only had ever claim promoted good health but some P.T. Barnum type in the west declared it an aphrodisiac as a marketing ploy, and hence a legend is born. It also had an expiration date of about 2 weeks from now on the bottom of the carton. Well, you wouldn't want your aphrodisiac to go bad do you? The box also held the address for the manufacturing plant on it. Hey, at least some part of this story is going to be easy after all!
Enough of the box, time for the test. I had weighed the idea of bringing my girl friend over for the test and testing it on her. The problem is that if I got "lucky" was it the Blue Milk or was it my manly charms? Well, I could test it on an unknowing subject. What if it worked?? Egad, the next day she might accuse me of rape. MMM, I am not a scientist and this testing is a bit out of my league. I do know the danger of a so called placebo effect. Where the subject makes something that is unable to effect them actually work because of the subjects own desires. Its a fluff piece not a federal case. I'll take three identical coffee cups, label the bottom as to which will have the Blue Milk. Then I'll put coffee in each with cream in all except the one I put the Blue Milk in. I'll set them equal distances around my lazysusan and then give the old girl a spin with my eyes closed. After this I'll try each one and record the effects. Since, I am predisposed that this thing won't work I'll won't tempt myself by having anybody here but me during the test. What's the worse that could happen? I get a hard on? Big deal.
With a fresh pot of coffee brewed and the cups filled (And I noticed that the Blue Milk had a hint of a tinge to it but basically looked like normal non-fat milk, gee a real surprise there, NOT), I closed my eyes and gave the lazysusan a spin. Off to cup on the right. I down it with my eyes closed and nose plugged to avoid a taste clue and waited 10 mins. Nothing happened. Now the cup in the center, same procedure and results. I knew this was going to be a bust. Then the cup on the left which was the last cup. I downed it as with the others. Ah ha, 8 minutes and nothing.....oh, shit. I thought my dick would explode. It turned rock hard and was throbbing but no sooner had I realized that than I knew, I NEEDED TO GET LAID! WHY HADN'T I INVITED MY GIRL FRIEND OVER??????????????
On the other hand why don't I get here over here NOW? So, I ran to the phone, almost made it too. Half-way there I realized my pants were too tight and binding. I took them and my underwear off and completed my run to the phone. Picking up the phone I realized that my dick was throbbing a purple color now and I had never seen it this large before. No it wasn't growing bigger but it felt like it was going to explode even more than before. I had gotten the first two numbers dialed when I couldn't stand it anymore. I grabbed myself with one hand and started stroking, while dialing with the other. I never got to the last number. Some where in my head all I heard was MORE. I started stroking with both hands. The receiver fell to the floor. I fell to the floor. Lying on my back I was stroking faster and faster and even thrusting my hips as I imagined making love to a woman. I couldn't stop myself! Then finally a release. Oh wow yes. Mmm it seemed like I shot and shot forever. Then I relaxed. Before, I could regain my senses I was asleep. About « hour latter I woke up. I was surprised to realize three things 1). That stuff worked 2). There is one big mess here to clean up and 3). I had just had the best sex of my life and I was alone!
The next day I figured that now would be the time to go visit the factory. But of course before I made the appointment to go to the factory I made a date with my girl Sally to come over for coffee later tonight!
To my surprise the factory was in the industrial section of town. I had thought that it might have been out in the country so the line haul of milk from the dairy would be shorter. But on the other hand this might just be the corporate office. I went in the huge building. Very impressive and very modern. This obviously was a new building with some incredible security as well. There were many guards in unobvious places, card keyed doors and cameras everywhere; and this was the lobby!
I went to the front desk and saw an attractive young lady there. She was very cute, long black hair, beautiful blue eyes and a name badge that said "Hi, I am Alice Bluebell" it then had a bar on the bottom announcing her as the employee of the month for October. I introduced myself to Ms. Bluebell and told her why I was there. She giggled and said that Bluebell was a nickname and I could just call her Alice. She then hit a buzzer. While I was waiting I asked her how she got to be the employee of the month and she said it had taken a lot out of her but she had just done more than the other girls on the staff. About that time she started giggling again but before I could ask why my escort showed up. I was escorted into a big office in the back that belonged to the Deputy Vice President for Public Relations. Along the way I saw other office workers, the female staff all had badges like the receptionist and the male staff were really all security guards except for a couple of fellows in lab coats.
At the public relations desk I met once again a good looking woman. She was in her late 30's short blonde hair, and a nice enough body. Actually, she looked to be my type and she had the kind of green eyes that drove me wild. She asked me "Why are you staring at my chest?!"
"Oh, sorry, I couldn't help but notice that you don't have a name badge like the rest. I am Alex McPherson and I am here to do a story on Blue Milk for my paper the Weekly Important News. And, I'll come clean, you are very attractive but I didn't mean to be offensive, sorry, besides I'd rather be staring into those gorgeous green eyes you have."
She smiled and blushed, "I don't have a badge because I am a temp, the regular person for this desk is out on a leave of absence. Maybe I'll get a badge but they seem kind of picky about that. I have you here in the appointment book. Mr. Jones will be with you in a moment. So, you are from The Weekly Important News, that's a big paper. They do braking stories. Why, you could inform everybody.." BUZZ
"Send him in Ms. Franks"
"Mr. McPherson, you can go in now."
In the room I met John Jones your typical PR guy, complete with toupee. He was fast talking and full of hype about Blue Milk. I told him that I was impressed with the product and would be more interested in the manufacturing part. With that he suggested a tour of the plant and we were off. Well almost. On the way out the door Ms. Franks spilled papers all over the floor. I stopped a second and assisted her. She said thanks, gave me a big smile, and I was on my way.
You know, I remembered my trip to a local dairy plant as a 8 year old, this was the same tour all over again. I asked Mr. Jones how the Blue Milk got its "special" powers and he denied that there was anything special to the product but there were some aspects of manufacture that would remain trade secrets. I tried to pump him on the powers of the milk and he continued to deny it had any and just suggested that the public was very enthusiastic for the product and they hoped the public interest would continue. (I said he was the typical PR guy right?) The one thing I did get out of him is that this is the only plant currently but they hoped to open another on the opposite coast soon due to the great demand.
I was heading back to my car. The factory visit had given me enough information for a fluff piece. But, having experienced this stuff first hand, so to speak, I had hoped for a more in depth story. I reached to get my car keys and pulled out a note. How the devil did that get there? It read "Important meet me across the street from here at 5:30 pm-- Mary Franks". Hot dang! A lead for something more! Knowing my incredible good looks I knew she was not asking me out.
At 5:30 pm, I spied Ms. Franks crossing the street and going to the bus stop that was in front of the factory. I pulled up and she hopped in. "Ok, I am here", I said.
"No time, drive. Anywhere but away from here". Off we sped.
I had been in the investigative reporter business long enough to know to check my rear view and sure enough we were being tailed.
"Ms. Franks, you had better talk now. We, are being followed. There is no way I am going to loose them in this Geo. But I will try to get us to the nearest Police Station. That might get them off of us. You got about five minutes till we get there. I assume all is not right at the Blue Milk Company." With a dash we headed off to the police (well, ok, with a slow building hum up to 50 miles per hour, it is a Geo).
"Please call me Mary. We can get to know each other besides just this story can't we?" With that she gave me another gorgeous smile.
"Well sure we can! But, now is not really the time to start that. What did you want to tell me?" But I did make a big mental note to ask her about her when we had time for that.
"You work for the Weekly Important News, you will want to know what I have found out. I believe the Blue Milk people are trying to take over the country."
"Hang on sister! A problem with the company or product is one thing but a temp office worker that says her bosses are trying to take over the country is just plain nutty! In fact those guys might not even be following us. I'll just pull over and let them pass."
"Oh my God! Don't they'll kill me. I over heard their plans. They got too wrapped up in a conversation in the PR director's office yesterday and sent some items to me for transcription. They involved some sort of scheme to take over the US. I kept them and brought them here to give you."
"Mary, its a business. Shouldn't they want to take over the US with their product? You have seen too many spy movies."
"No its some kind of mind control in the milk they are making."
"Oh, I see mind control in the milk? Let me guess some space aliens gave them the formula as well?"
"You already know the story! Yes, that's it exactly!"
"OK, sister were done." I liked Mary but I didn't like being played the fool. This was most likely some type of gag or stunt. Either way, I wasn't going along with it. With that I stopped the car. Taking her papers I walked toward the car that had pulled up behind us and stopped as well.
About that time four big guys got out of the car behind us, I heard Ms. Franks scream and I was saying "Look I don't deal in stolen..." and everything went black.
It staid black quite a while. Then it was interrupted by moments of vomiting when I was groggily awake and very sick. It seemed to me like I only woke to have diarrhea or vomit. Then I awoke and staid awake. My surroundings actually were pleasant enough. A nice white room, with bed and there were various other amenities there. Especially a toilet, that though only now fully conscious, I realized I had been quite intimate with for some time. I went to the sink and tried to clean up. I was really woozy and I didn't feel right. Man, I didn't feel right. Crap, I must of lost a lot of weight. Golly, how much weight had I lost? 30 no 50 no good grief 70 lbs or more? My arms and legs feel so skinny and small. And boy, this was a big room. I stumbled to the sink. I was wearing a hospital gown. Where had this come from? What had happened? I splashed water on my face and looked into what I thought was the mirror. It couldn't be though. Some stranger was staring back at me. No it was a mirror! What the devil? My face, it was smaller? Less sever, softer? How long had I been here? Who was shaving me? I had no beard. I had no....I had to vomit! And off to the bowl I went. You ever see black vomit? You don't want too.
While leaning onto the bowl I noticed it was cold on my chest. I then shuddered. I was leaning head first onto the bowl. My chest was inches from it, but no, it was touching it. I sat back on the floor. As I hit the floor, I felt that my ass had some how gotten a lot bigger than I remembered and my chest jiggled. I pulled at my gown. The whole thing ripped easily away as I heard a Velcro tear. Then there they were. Two perk breasts. I would say a good B if not a C cup and absolutely huge from the perspective of being on me! No, this is some sort of a joke, more of that gag thing. I grabbed at me breasts. I felt them move as I squeezed them. No, they are fake! I grabbed a nipple and started pulling. Ouch, they are sensitive and attached. That means......I thrust my hand to my crotch and found out some how I had gotten on some white panties and, yes inside the panties, felt my vagina. No, I didn't start feeling myself out. I started crying. What is going on?!
The door opened to my room. I re-velcroed my gown and turned to meet, Mr. Jones no less!
"Ah, Ms. McPherson how are you feeling?"
"Cut the carp Mac, what's going on?"
"I thought our Ms. Franks had told you?"
"She said space aliens were taking over the US not that you were, changing bodies! Now change mine back!"
"Ms. Mc.. Well, Alex. A change back is out of the question and yes, we are going to take over the US and you are going to help us do that."
"Are you as crazy as she is?"
"Should I remove your gown and see who is crazy here?"
"You... then she... said... I me then what the hell" and I started crying again.
"Love those female hormones don't you? Just have a good cry, honey, while I talk. About five years ago our parent company, who shall remain nameless for now, discovered a meteorite in the Arizona Desert. In it was a, shall we say, unusual enzyme. Actually it was closer to a life form. It had the capability to rewrite DNA code sequences and permanently bond to and modify chromosomes, gene's, in fact the entire make up of a person. One of the more interesting effects was an ongoing need (more than an urge) to mate. This enzyme eventually infected the entire team with some very disastrous results. That team had to be destroyed. But their deaths were not in vain. We have discovered how that enzyme works and have been able to adapt it for our own use. It can be used to slightly modify some genes or even to completely rewrite an organism. However, the more drastic the overall change the less specific minor changes can take place. Further, these changes are one time shots, the enzyme can not over write itself. We found that minor changes could be made in an organism such as the way it thinks. That the enzyme could be introduced gradually until sufficient quantities of the enzyme were in the organism to take effect. We had a potential tool to modify the basic thought patterns of people. So for example we could get people to be less violent and more cooperative with each other. That's exactly our purpose. Our company's goal is to make the US a safer more society cooperative place to life in. In effect we want to use the enzyme to better mankind not to hurt people. Through this enzyme we can end crime, political corruption, further science, end racism, address society problems to resolve the problem not further political agendas, in short make a nation that wants to work together. We don't want to hurt anyone. But to do that we had to get the enzyme delivered to the bulk of the population in order to get that result. This lead us to our next problem which was a delivery system. In conjunction with the basic modifier enzyme we had separated a different gene activating enzyme that controlled the bodies desire for sex. It was found out that this enzyme could be used with the other enzyme and both would still work. That gave us the basic idea to start the Blue Milk company. We knew that a true aphrodisiac would sell like hot cakes, enough so that we could raise enough money to fund necessary production expansion, and that the aphrodisiac product could be used as the vehicle to deliver our true item the modifier enzyme. That's when our first snag developed. We needed a suspension agent to hold the two enzymes and cover their taste. They tasted like crap by themselves. We ran through every liquid we could think of to put this stuff in. Finally, and quite by accident we found that human and only human milk would work. This presented another problem on how could we get enough milk to market the product? Our original modifier enzyme gave us the answer. We could modify humans to produce larger quantities of milk than normal and sustain that production over a period of time. Unfortunately, we were short of female volunteers and it proved unsuccessful trying to modify males to produce milk while remaining male. Then someone hit on the perfect answer. We went to the transsexual community. We offered them the chance for complete transformation into a functional female in exchange for, gee, sounds silly, in exchange for joining our dairy. This answered our production problems but gave us a staff/dairy that being subject to extensive body reworking was not subject to further mind control effect of the enzyme. But, we counted on and have been rewarded by our dairy volunteers not just wanting the procedure done but supporting our project as well. This gets us to today with production in full swing. One more year of production and the concentration of the enzyme in the population will be high enough to start behavior modification on a wide scale." "Well, you screwed up didn't you! From your description you can't control my mind because you modified my whole body. What are you going to do? Kill me so I can't talk?"
"Why all this talk of killing? We want to make the world a better place, not kill people. We certainly aren't going to kill you. We had planned to give you the thought control enzyme. Unfortunately, what happened to you is that when you were brought in they made a mistake and dropped you in the wrong room. While you were unconscious, the staff in that room thought you were one of our transsexual volunteers that had been give a sedative. Not realizing their mistake, they gave you the modifier enzyme that we give to our new dairy members when they first arrive to change them into females."
"Oh, shit." and I looked at my chest, "well even if I give milk it won't prevent me from talking."
"True, that's why we gave you a booster when the mistake was discovered."
"Yes, most of our transsexuals are just turned into what they would have been if born female. Quite the process, we set the body to retro age back to an age of 18, during that process the body remodels itself into an 18 year old female. From that day on they age normally forward as if they had been female for the last 18 years. Besides conversion to female, this configuration of the enzyme doesn't provide any special characteristics other than immediate prolonged and substantial milk production. They all know that going in and nearly all actually enjoy that. Plus as milk production does not have a relationship to breast size they all have the size breasts they would have developed if they had been a normal female that had been through a pregnancy. Now in your case, we had the problem that if left to develop normally we might wind up with a female that could convince the world she had been the victim of very good transsexual surgery done against her will. We were stumped for a couple of hours. Then a couple of ideas hit our staff. We knew it was possible to still modify body characteristics in the first few hours of the enzymes presence, so we came up with the idea to give you the body of the stereotypical buxom dumb blonde. That having a narrow waist, a nice wide ass and huge breasts that were natural would be a case against any surgery argument being believed by the authorities. Current medical procedures could not result in a transsexual "girl" with your natural build. Your absence of surgery will be the very proof that you were never a male and hence your whole argument will be rejected. With your basic argument rejected you will be called a nut and our secret stays safe."
"Ha, I guess your enzyme isn't so hot then. Look at me, you didn't get the body you just described."
"Who said you were done developing? You will become a member of our dairy for the next few months. During that time we will help you and you will help us. It can be easy or painful, it is for you to choose. But this I promise you. At the end of about 8 months or sooner you will have the ability to leave here at any time via you own free will." and he walked out.
What the hell? I tried the door. It was locked. I wasn't an expert in these things, but I didn't see anywhere that even suggested the possibility I could escape. Then I asked myself, escape like I am now? Maybe he lied, maybe I can be changed back. I need to gather more information. There I sat. The tears were gone but I was all so confused. At least I was physically feeling better. I laid back on the bed and went to sleep.
It was early afternoon and a bell went off. The door opened in the front. What this? Maybe a chance to get out of here or discover more? So, I head on out and there to the left is another open door. I walk into there and there is a small room with a burly guard there holding a baton. I immediately think to myself, this is not good.
He says, "You're in the right place lady, just stand-by. On the next bell remove your gown and crawl into the opening to the left".
"Yea, right"
"Have it your way." he says with a grin.
The next bell goes. A small door opens to the left. Goodness, I would have to get on my hands and knees to get in there. Then rrriiippp as the Velcro tabs on my gown are pulled. The guard has torn my gown off. I start to cover myself and ZAP! That wasn't a baton its a damn cattle prod!
I fall to my knees in pain and then rapidly crawl into the opening. It doesn't look big enough for all of me to fit in it. Then I see there is an opening just big enough for my head at the other end of this box. Then ZAP again, right on my butt. I rapidly crawl forward and put my head through the opening. Once my head is there I feel the door to my box close behind me. I am trapped there on my hands and knees and can't move. I am up on all fours. I feel my breasts dangling down. Then a platform pushes up until my lower chest and stomach are supported, this takes the weight off my knees. That's good for my lower half but there is still weight on my arms and my breasts, well, are swinging in the wind.
My head is sticking out of this box like contraption. I am looking forward. It appears my view to the sides is blocked. It sounds like maybe there are people right next to me but my view is blocked. Then a set of headphones descends over my ears.
"Hello Alex, this is where we start to help each other. In a few moments a food dispenser will appear to the front of you. It is your choice to eat or not eat, but these sessions will be the only food you will be getting for sometime. You will have sessions here morning and afternoon for the foreseeable future. You can enjoy this time or not."
After that brief hello some elevator music came on. Then this feeder device? Device hell this dick shaped dildo appeared right in front of my mouth!
"Open your mouth and it will be inserted. Take it in your mouth and suck, nourishment will be released for you to suck up." GROSS. I am hungry, but GROSS. No, not now.
Suddenly, my attention was diverted to my breasts. Something was moving by them and some how each one now felt fully enclosed. Then it happened! It felt just like lips were on each of my nipples sucking gently but consistently. Oh what a feeling. It felt so good, OH my, oh my, OH MY.
I cried out in ecstasy. When my mouth opened the dildo was inserted into my mouth, taking me by surprise as it did so. I inadvertently inhaled. It started pumping down my throat. Oh God, this feels good too. I started getting so hot. I wanted more of everything. I started writhing my hips as if I had a lover to please. Then the sucking! I don't know what was being pumped into me but it was so very good! The feelings were so intense I almost lost consciousness. Then with an audible pop the dildo was pulled out, my breasts freed and the restraints retracted. The box opened on the rear. I exited and head back to my room.
There was still the guard there, but I was in such a state of exhaustion that I didn't care I was before him in just a pair of panties. He actually was nice and helped me back into my gown. I guess when he zapped me he was just doing his job. My legs were weak. I felt my breasts jiggle as I walked down the corridor. I made it back to my bed and I heard the door close with a definite locking sound. I fell exhausted onto my bed, and went to sleep.
I was awoken by a bell. Was it morning already? I got up and hit the toilet. Then it was off to, well, that room again. Yes, a guard was still there. A different one this time. Bearing in mind my zaps from last time, with that second bell, I was out of my clothes and into my box in no time. Then it happened all over again. Unlike the first time, this time I eagerly latched onto the dildo when it appeared. While, I sucked hungrily (or was that lustfully?) I felt the sucking at my breasts and drifted in to another series of intense wonderful feelings that left me oh, so, very horny.
These events became a normal pace for me. I kept looking for an opportunity to escape, but, there just were no options present. After about three days I noticed, I was indeed changing/developing. My breasts were getting noticeably larger, my waist seemed narrower and my hips were getting larger as well. My butt continued to expand as though it was twin islands raising out of the bay at low tide.
On the fifth day, my breasts were no longer developing, they were definitely growing! It seemed more like ballooning and then tingling. When in the box this time the sucking on my breasts was starting to drive me crazy! I wanted more and more with each suck on them. Then finally it happened, I had an orgasm just from just having my nips sucked.
After my "intense" experience in that little room, I took stock of myself. I looked in the mirror. My hair was all blond now. My eyes were blue but a very deep blue. My skin, my face all of me, I looked like I was 20 years old. Looking at my body, that PR guy was right, I had become your stereotypical buxom blonde. I mean I was every inch of a full D cup. My waist was very narrow now, exaggerated by my full ass. My guess I was 5' 7" or 5' 8", maybe 38-24-38. I wasn't your waif looking girl that was for sure! Besides that, there was something happening in the way I felt things? Or, more to the point, I was getting off on this experience. Had they done something to my mind besides the obvious done to my body?
The next day while in the room I was deeply involved in taking my nourishment and when I heard over my earphones "Warning, if you continue to take nourishment for the next 2 minutes it will result in addition breast development, this is the final portion of your booster".
What was that all about? Then again, I was in the midst of starting an orgasm and didn't care. I was cumming and sucking harder as I came. Then I felt a pulsing and tingling in my mouth, the flavor changed. Got a real yuck taste to it. Before I could spit it out it was gone. I didn't like it and so I bit down hard. Big mistake!
I was hit by a large electrical charge from the feeder. Wow, I'll never bite down again, I'll tell you that!
Back in my room I took a bath. My breasts felt, different, all tingly again. The next morning I was a much bigger girl but just in two places. I must have gone up a cup size in the night. I had just hit the realm of huge breasted from anybody's perspective. I was at least a DD cup. Why hadn't I just spit that damn feeder out of my mouth? Or did they know I wouldn't be able too and were just being cruel?
This tingling went on for the next two days. By the end of that I was not developing anymore, but my boobies had gotten just big enough to where I gave up on the hospital gown, it was too tight across the chest. I just went around topless wearing only the panties that they gave me fresh each day. My guess would be my chest measured 42-44 inches, my nipples had increased to the size of small saucers. I laughed and cried to myself, because just a few days earlier I had thought my B cup sized breasts were big. I hadn't known the meaning of the word! And over those last few days, I had also been turned into a person of living breathing passion. All I wanted was to have my nipples sucked and to suck on that damn feeder. I wanted the sessions to be longer and wanted more. What was happening to me?
Fortunately my chest had stopped growing. Just as I was getting used to the "big girl" I had become, I noticed my nipples were turning dark, my breasts were also starting to get heavy and fill full (?), on the next day a yellowish substance started to come from my nipples
In my earphones on that day instead of music there was an announcement.
"Tomorrow, you will find this all to be a great release, please enjoy". What the hell was that? Who really knows or cares, it was orgasm time again.
I got a clue even before the bell went off the next morning. I was awaken by sever pain in my breasts. They felt like they were going to explode any minute. Getting fully awake, I saw they must have gone up another four inches in size! I was in pain but was still dumbfounded. I was looking for the name Goodyear to be someplace on my now gigantic breasts. Then it got worse. Just like someone blowing into an over filled balloon. Blue veins were clearly visible on my stretched skin. OOOOO it hurt OOOOO, it hurt so bad. They were rock hard. It hurt just to touch them. God, this was painful. About that time the bell went off. At first I ran then stopped because of the pain. I got to the waiting room and just went OOOOO from all the pain. The second bell went and I shot into my box.
Though hungry, at first, I ignored my food supply as I waited for the suction to start on my chest. All the while my head sticking out and me going OOOOO. Then the suction started. Oh YES. My release had come, more and more. I was really being milked now, and boy, did I need to be. It felt so good, so very good. The pain and release had me begging for more but it came out, "Moo" instead of "more". I was just there "Mooing" before I realized what I was actually saying. When the pain fully subsided I started taking in my food again. At the same time I heard it. There was laughing coming from all around me. Then someone else started to go "Moo" followed by more laughing. I figured out at this point, that I wasn't in a box, I was in a stall and had just become fully a part of the dairy staff. Not only that but there must be other "staff members" on either side of me, I must have really been putting on a show for them! Now, I got embarrassed.
I was told later that I had been engorged with milk. That's what had caused the extreme pain and temporary mammoth increase in size. They said that this could happen again but regular milking would prevent it. It felt so good to be empty. When I got back to my room. I looked down at my poor boobies. They were not anywhere as large as they were when engorged but good grief I was still a little bit larger than I had been yesterday. I had to be at about 46 inches around the chest. Sometimes it takes a while for the obvious to sink in, Oh, God! I am making milk now and that's why my boobies are swollen! If I don't get milked regular I will get engorged again. That was incentive enough for me, I won't be missing any milkings!
The next day I was given bras and pull over tops that actually fit! I was told that I was driving the guards crazy by walking around topless. They actually, asked me to wear something. They didn't demand me to wear them it was for me to choose! Well, I must admit since I was bouncing and shaking with every step, there wasn't must of a choice. Their request wasn't all that innocent though; they had also provided some T shirts that proved awful tight when I did wear them! Then a thought hit me that really disturbed me. I liked the idea that my body could drive the guards wild.
It was an afternoon session when it happened. I was in the midst of a wave of the super hornies with my butt writhing in mock love making, when I felt the back of my stall open. I said to myself that this was way to early and I wasn't even drained yet. Then it happened. First, I felt my panties get ripped off. Then I felt what was to me the biggest cock in the world inserted into my pussy that was drenched from my horniness. I went wild. I started bucking and moaning and crying out for more. Part of me said, hey, your getting fucked stop it! But the controlling part of me said, Hey, thank God, I am finally getting fucked don't stop it! His hands were pulling me back into him. I felt his manhood buried deep into my pussy. I was now writhing my butt for a real lover. It was heaven and I was cuming! I started choking on the dildo I was cuming so hard. Some safety measure removed the dildo and left me gasping and crying in joy from the best orgasm I had ever had. Finally, my unknown lover was done and withdrew. I had suffered so much pleasure that I collapsed in my stall when the supports withdrew. Slowly I got up and returned to my room. Oh wow, I hate to say this, but this is getting better everyday!
This heaven and I mean absolute heaven went on for two weeks. Then it stopped. NO NO NO. Then I started to miss him. I would lay in my bed thinking what was wrong with me? I was missing a man! This is wrong. I used to be a man. No, it can't be this way. So, I thought about it. I wasn't missing a man. I was just missing his touch. You know? I was missing his exquisite touch that brought me to new heights of passion. I was just missing the most incredible love making that had ever happened to me. Oh, yes, I was missing a MAN! I started missing him more and more. I would lay back in bed and massage my clit while thinking of him and then slowly bring myself to orgasm. I would fantasize my feeder was him, that if I could just pleasure it enough it would go to the proper place and fill me and drive me beyond normal orgasm. It got to where my thoughts revolved around that feeder being him and how much I wanted him. Oh, how I started wanting him back. I wanted him more and more. What had happened to me? All I knew, as the thought cleared in my mind, was that I needed my lover!
I was in my stall feeling depressed. I was being milked as usual but was refusing nourishment. Then in my ear phones came "If you want to meet your unknown lover kick the back of your stall now". Meet him? I wanted to fuck him to death! I nearly broke the back of the stall.
The stall opened and I flew out the back. Standing there was a man. He looked kind of familiar but I couldn't figure out in what way. He was clothed in one of the security guards uniforms. He was smiling at me. Here was the man that had given me the most incredible orgasms of my life. I knew it was wrong, but, I wanted him to do it to me again and soon. I realized he was looking at me chest. I blushed and smiled back. He came forward and put his arms around me and said hello. I nearly melted when he did this. He was a handsome hunk of man! What gorgeous green eyes he had. I started kissing him left and right. Oh yes and he returned my kisses. He was clothed and I was in just my panties. But I didn't care. Then I noticed Mr. Jones standing there as well.
Mr. Jones said, "I am glad you two like each other so much. I believe Alex McPherson, you already know Mary, now Marty Franks."
That little news stopped my pelvis in mid-grind. "This is you Mary?"
"No its me Marty. Mary is gone forever. But, I remember you Alex, but not quite like this! What a big girl you have become! And I like it"
I blushed realizing that Marty was staring at my boobies again. Then it started to excite me.
Mr. Jones added, "I am a bit of a fifth wheel here, why don't you two go back to your room and talk." and he left.
Well, I guess he left, because before he had finished Marty had lifted me up in his arms and carried me back to my room and we sat on the bed extremely close to each other. "Marty, how did this happen?"
"They caught me running away from the car as you were walking toward them. I woke up a few days later as Marty. Mr. Jones gave me a little talk about being able to go free just as soon as a couple of things happened. Claimed I could even talk to the press after that cause no one would believe me. Eventually they gave me a very restricted run of the lab here; but I can't get outside. But, you know what? I like it here. I wanted a new life and they gave it to me. I really enjoy being a man. At first I didn't think I would; then one day, I was behind your stall and they gave me some coffee and cream. Then the back of your stall opened. I couldn't control myself, I was saying, no no its wrong, but, I just couldn't stop. I actually cried during the act. But, then I saw you were loving it. From there each time just got better and better. Finally they quit giving me coffee and cream because I wanted you. Alex, you are so hot, I want you all the time even without Blue Milk."
"Don't you miss being a woman?"
"At first yes, but then I realized this is the best I have felt in years, I am younger, stronger and even have a better job here now. This has really been for the best for me, I really feel like I belong here. The one thing that is a surprise is how I love boobs now! Before, they were just body parts but, now!" and he grabbed my left tit.
"Oh Marty, Oh Marty, Oh MORE Marty!" and he started sucking my breasts. I hadn't been drained in my stall yet and I felt my milk flow into his mouth it was heaven! Oh, he could have done that forever, his tongue was driving me to new passions. Then it seemed like he actually ripped his own clothes off.
He stood there naked. This huge throbbing penis sticking up at a sharp angle from his crotch. Good grief, it was throbbing a deep purple. I was giving Blue Milk, I hadn't even thought about that! And before I could think of anything else, he had lifted my legs over my head as he proceeded to give me the fucking of a lifetime. It was like the grand finally at the fourth of July. I was in a state of constant orgasm. Then he came. OH how big he got when he came! YES. But boy did he come! It felt like he left a gallon in me. Then we both drifted off to sleep.
After about a « hour I woke up with an evil idea. Marty was there sleeping. His handsome face turned toward me. I stuck my left nipple in his face and he started to suck. Then the evil part of my plan started. Having big tits was useful for one thing at least, I put my own right tit in my mouth and sucked. With both tits being sucked my orgasm started building again. I didn't get there though. It was a bad angle and both my nips feel out of his and mine own mouth. But I had done my damage as the milk dripping from both our mouths would attest too.
I really started to smile as I saw his cock to rapidly start to inflate.....Oh shit his cock, it reminded me of my feeder, yes his cock. Uncontrollably, I stuck it in my mouth and started eagerly sucking on it. My mind was saying no, I wanted an uncontrollable fuck and orgasm not to give a blow job. But I couldn't help myself. I took it full in my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around it, but it was getting so so big. I sucked until I started gagging; I wanted more cock but it had swollen so very large. I held it with both hands and started to lick it like a popcile. Then Marty came full awake.
"Alex, its not nice to slip Marty a Blue Milk, now you'll pay!" and he flipped me around on top of him. Oh, he was so very big in me that way. I arched my back in ecstasy.
My tits were shaking and bouncing too and fro. I need more cock, I was moaning out loud "FUCK ME MORE" There was an absolutely huge dick in me and I uncontrollably wanted more. In this position and with this motion I could really rub my clit on Marty as I moved. My boobs also hung on his face as I leaned forward. Oh, Yes, mmmm...As time passed I knew I was really building toward a monstrous orgasm. He started breathing hard and that got me going hard. Then together we had one stupendous mind shattering orgasm. I was still pounding up and down on him till he went soft. I said, "Noooo, I need more, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." What had that Blue Milk done to me?
Afterwards Marty told me, that while he couldn't leave the building, he had the next two days off. Needless to say, we staid together for a two day non-stop fuck session. At the end of which my boobies were sore from all the sucking (note- I didn't make one milking stall session in those two days) and my pussy really needed a break.
I didn't see my lover Marty for about a month. But when I did see him we really made up for lost time. It had been about four months since I had become a captive here (what a word "captive", I was becoming truly a captive of my own pleasure, more than of this place, or was I becoming addicted to this way of life?). Marty and I had been lovers for about 3 months. He commented that some how I looked different, that maybe I had put on some weight and that he liked that. Yea, I had been "filling out" somewhat. I figured maybe it was a part of that booster or maybe I just needed some exercise, but, it really made me feel good when Marty said he was pleased.
Latter we were lying in bed together. I was snuggled up in his strong arms. I was feeling so comfortable. What was happening? I actually felt contented. In the arms of my lover Marty. Oh, my strong Marty. What are these feelings? I am a m m m m...... woman with a wonderful lover! I kissed Marty on his powerful chest.
Only one thing could make this perfect and Marty made it so; he said, "I love you Alex and want to be with you always."
"Oh, my Marty! I love you too. I want to be with you always too!"
Marty smiled at me, "This is strange, I'd never thought I would ask this, let alone of a woman. Alex, would you marry me?"
My God, a MAN is asking ME to marry HIM! There was only one answer in this situation; "Yes, Marty!" and then I went on "But how? I mean what if we can be changed back?"
"I don't know how and I don't care if we are changed back. I want to be with you always Alex." "My Marty, I want you always too!" I gave him a big kiss and hug.
We started some idle chitchat. We talked about how great it would be to be married and have our own place. We talked about what deep changes emotionally had taken place in both of us. We eventually got back to the aspect of our physical change and Marty said, "Alex, you asked me how I felt about being a man. The one thing I forgot to mention was how glad I am not to have to deal with a monthly period anymore. How do you like that aspect of being a woman?"
"I don't know hasn't happened", as I looked into his wonderful green eyes.
"It had to have, and believe me you wouldn't have missed it."
"No, Marty I haven't had a period. The only physical thing with me lately has been, I've been sick, and I have been gaining weight for about a month it can't be! I never thought.... I had guessed I was just getting a stomach as more of their development plan for me, oh no. Marty, I think I am pregnant! No, no it can't be! This is all wrong!"
"Maybe not. Look Alex, there is a place I can get to while I am guarding. It has the stats and health information on all the cows, I mean dairy staff, let me look at your chart and tell you tomorrow if there is anything there that might explain what is going on, ok?"
"Yes, please."
After that I was so anxious as to feel as if I were on pins and needles. What if I was!? Whatever would I do. I mean, I have no idea what I would do. I have been so involved in physical pleasure that I never equated being a woman with motherhood. What an idiot I have been.
The next day I was in my stall. Through my ear phones I heard "Hi, Alex this is Marty. I have your chart here. Did you know they have given all you girls cow names? Your chart is labeled: Alex Buttercup. Its got lots of information on you. Guess what, you're the biggest milk producer. Congradulat..... good grief. Alex, your listed as a breeder with a insemination date of 3 months ago. And and and I am the father"
Though the milking and nourishment were stimulating, I didn't have my normal arousals for the rest of my session. I didn't even pay attention to the rest of what Marty was saying. My mind had focused on what was developing in my womb.
At the conclusion of my session, I went back to my room. I looked down at my stomach and felt how it was becoming swollen. I wondered how long it would be before I could feel the baby move, how big would I get, how long will I be milked while pregnant, and would my boobs get even bigger. Oh, shit, my back! How much weight am I going to wind up with on my front? My back is going to be in bad shape by the time the baby comes. The baby. Oh, I have a baby in me! Is it a boy or a girl, what will she be like? How could I be a mother???
Then Marty came into my room. "What am I going to do Marty?" "You should have thought of that before you had sex, bitch!"
"Oh my God, Marty?" and I started to cry.
"No, no, its a joke. I just wanted to get to say that as a man. Its our baby Alex. I more than any man will want to be with my baby and its mother. I said I wanted to be with you always and I meant that"
"I am going to be a MOMMY!, ARRGH! But. Marty its our baby, we made her out of love. Maybe its not so bad?", I said as tears rolled down my face.
Marty looked deep into my eyes, said nothing and kissed me. My tears stopped and I sighed as his arms came around me.
Then Mr. Jones came in. "As of tomorrow afternoon, you two are free to go".
"What what what why now? I am knocked up! Good grief, I am three months gone. How am I going to go anywhere?"
"That's exactly the point. Remember I said you would be released as soon as a couple of things occurred? Well those two things were 1) to change both your bodies and 2) to get one of you pregnant by the other. Its illegal for you to have an abortion now, but if you had one it would still serve our purposes. While it may have been possible in some way to convince the world that you two had been subject to a transsexual surgery, you'll never convince them that both of you had that surgery and then went on to have a baby that is genetically yours. Even if sex organs could be transplanted (which they can't) they wouldn't reproduce encoded as the new bodies owner. Your own pregnancy proves your story could never have happened. So, you two are free to go and tell the world whatever story you want."
"Oh, yea? Well, I have two giant Blue Milk producers right here on my chest. That's all the proof we'll need."
"Sorry Alex. Your daily nourishment regime is what gives you the capability to make our Blue Milk. The enzymes will be totally out of your body in 36 hours unless we feed you more. They also have no effect on your baby nor are in anyway traceable. You'll only be able to convince the world that you are a normal pregnant woman with a crazy story. But we do offer you two the option to stay here with us and help us out. Alex you can stay in the dairy as long as possible and then tend to your baby till you return to work and Marty you can stay on as one of our guards. You'll actually live a pretty normal life and we guarantee you will always be employed at a good salary, but at your option you can leave anytime. We'll even set you two up with a place to live away from here for your non-work hours. And for you Alex we will get you a complete wardrobe and integrate you into our dairy staff. It must have been hard on you being isolated all this time. So, what do you two want to do?"
I looked at Marty and he looked at me.
Well, its a year later, Marty, little Marty and I are still together. Little Marty is doing great. I drop him off at day care on my way to work. Marty, is hoping for a promotion on the guard staff. I am Mr. Jones secretary now, except when the bell rings, then I go to my stall and take off my tailored size 8 dress, and 36GG bra, so I can be, well you know. Plus, (The other girls on the "staff" are so jealous about this and say my booster gave me the edge.) as of yesterday I get to wear a nifty name tag that says Alex Buttercup employee of the year on it! I am so happy and contented.
Say, wouldn't you like to have a little milk with that coffee you're drinking? We hope everyone in the country uses our product. We are really taking over the nation, you know.

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