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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New U Salon: The Kiss Concert by Road Dogg Christopher James

Another of my early favorites from way back in the day of MarkT's BE Story Archive. 

It's very short but I liked the implied transformation of the girlfriend which was added in:)


New U Salon: The Kiss Concert

by Road Dogg Christopher James Well it was the day before the big "Kiss" Concert, and as a surprise gift, Chris' girlfriend, Andrea got him a little surprise... She had been bugging him to get a haircut for weeks now, because it looked like it went every which way, so she woke him up that morning, got him dressed and drove him down to the barbershop, where he always got his haircut, only to notice that it appeared that it changed ownership... Where Joe's Barbershop once appeared, now stood Joelene's New U Salon...
"I booked you an appointment there, Hun. I hear that they do great work."
"A SALON?! I'm a guy, guy's go see barbers, not stylists..."
"Well it is satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded... Look at the Sign!"
Chris looked at the sign, and said to himself that he was going to rue the day he ever let a "Stylist" cut his hair. But since he loved his girlfriend, and didn't want to upset her, the night of the big concert, he hopped of the car, and gave his girlfriend a parting glance and started walking towards the door.
"I will pick you up in an hour, I gotta get some stuff for the trip to the Arena tonight, See ya!"

Chris walked into the door, as a relaxing buzz let off to signal that a new customer arrived in the salon.
"Uh, hello. I don't know if I am in the right place, but I think that I have an appointment here..."
A middle aged woman, who looked stunning, despite her 40+ age bracket, looked down at a book filled with appointments, and looked up at him and said... "Chris?"
"Uhhhh, yeah. That's me. My girlfriend booked me an appointment to get me a haircut."
"Well take a seat, young man.... Can I get you something? A Glass of water? Pop? Kool-Aid?"
"A glass of water would be fine, thank you, ma'am."
The woman walked away, giving Chris the eye ever so slightly... And Chris felt somewhat attracted to her. She came back, gave Chris his glass of water, and walked away, swaying her hips ever so seductively. Chris took a sip from the water an noticed that it had a strange, almost medicine taste to it.... He reluctantly finished the glass of water, trying not to insult the strangely attractive older woman. He grabbed a magazine from the many piles of Cosmo and whatnot sitting there, wondering why there were not issues of SI or Entertainment Weekly, at least....
Reading the issue of Cosmo, Chris felt a strange sensation. At first he was looking at the women inside, rating them on his ever so classy "Bangabilitiy Scale", to I bet Andrea would look good in that, to I bet I could look good in that... All the sudden, Chris thought about what he was thinking, and shook it off like a typical man, By thinking about banging his woman... But as he started getting into his little mini-fantasy, a stunning young vixen walked up to him...
"Chris? Hi I'm Victoria" As she let out a little cute Giggle, Chris noticed that she was incredible! A stunning amazon, nearly as tall as his 6'2" frame, she had massive breasts, Long blond hair that was teased like a total bimbo, and to top it all off, a tight, spandex dress that allowed Chris to view about 70% of her cleavage, and about 1/3 of her ass... And instead of thinking about sexual thoughts about her, Chris kept on staring at her clothes, thinking about how they fit... He shrugged it off and followed her to this room in the back...
"Ummmm, ok... My girlfriend sent me to get my hair cut."
"Of course, silly. I am here to do that for you. But we're here for the total package, That's what your girlfriend paid for..."
"What does the total package include?"
"Well, you'll see, silly!"
She sat Chris down in a chair, and wrapped a canvas around him and wet his hair back....
"Now, answer me this Chris, what kind of woman are you attracted to???"
"Well, to be perfectly honest, I am kind of partial to red heads....."
"Are you sure??? Red headed guys look kind of geeky..."
"Not red headed guys, girls! I love red headed women, with large breasts!"
"I asked you about guys, silly..."
Suddenly, Chris started to think about what Victoria was saying, and it kind of felt odd to him. Like she had a manipulative power over him, like everything she said was what he should be thinking. And he drifted off, thinking about men, and what kind he wanted.
He awoke to find Victoria trimming a bit off of her Red locks, and Chris never even realized the difference in his looks. He now had long, partially curly hair... But that didn't phase him, it was like it was always there.
"What do you think?"
"It looks good.... I like it. Nice job on the curls"
"What do you mean? It's naturally curly."
"Oh. Ok" Chris, submissively obeying all what Victoria had to tell him, surrendered to what was going on around him.
"Now you are going to a Concert tonight, How do you want to look tonight? What kind of men are you going to pick up there?"
"Ummm, I am a guy... Why would I pick up men???"
"You're not a guy silly, just look at yourself in the mirror."
And with that, Chris looked in the mirror, only to find himself almost totally naked (Except for the canvas) and wavy long red hair covering half his face. He was covered lightly in freckles from head to toe, complimented by a nice set of pouty red lips and sexy green eyes, highlighted by very sexy and dark eyeshadow. It never occurred to him, that he was a man.... It clicked in his mind, as if she was always a woman.
"Of course, I am not a guy... My name's Kirsten, silly"
"Uhhhh, yeah."
"Well, myself and Andrea, we plan on making one guy really happy tonight, but I wanna look really sexy, so that we both can make him beg for us." Kirsten replied
"Well What about your breasts? Andrea has much bigger breasts than you do."
Kirsten looked down at her mostly flat chest and got all teary eyed. "It's true. guys always want Andrea because she has big boobs. What can I do?"
"Not to worry, our Patented Normalizer Fluid will do the Trick!" Victoria responded as she grabbed the needle and poked it in her chest. Kirsten fainted to a feeling that was half ecstasy and half pain, as her body reshaped itself from a flat-chested teen, to a body that would rival the sexiest stripper."
Kirsten awoke only to get up and check herself out in the full length mirror in front of her, she was gorgeous! Her tits must be at least a 42HHH, and her ass was a nice heart shaped one with nice hips, and a nice flat tummy, complete with a belly button piercing. She opened her mouth to reveal a tongue piercing and her ears had nice sexy hoops on them. Suddenly she looked down to her abdomen and noticed a wet sensation between her shaven pussy, and started to feel herself up. Only to be started by the older woman, walking in the room...
"Well Kirsten, that's no way to get ready for the concert tonight! There's going to be men there to take care of that for you tonight! Get your pretty little behind ready! Andrea's waiting outside for you!"
Kirsten grabbed her new clothes, which consisted of a Black halter, and a pair of very short, cutoff jean shorts and a pair of Platform sandals. She walked out of the room to be greeted by her girlfriend, Andrea.
"Well, are you satisfied, Kirsten?"
Kirsten, not realizing until she got to Andrea, that her girlfriend had visited the salon in the time that she was there. Her boobs were now as big as Kirsten's, and that she had grown her height to 5'10" from her short 5'4", as well, Andrea had changed her hair color from a dismal brown to a bleach blonde, her eyes had changed color to a bright blue, and she as well got a tongue piercing and her tummy had a nice little definition to it... And as she walked toward her lover, she realized that she was only now 5'9". Kirsten moved up to her and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips, her tongue probing every spot of the inside of her mouth, as she got all wet and bothered she stopped and replied.
"I won't be satisfied until later tonight, Lover"
And with that, Andrea and Kirsten went home to get ready for the big show that night. Two girls, as close as sisters, but satisfied to be lovers, made love passionately for hours until they got ready for their concert. Kirsten went into her new clothes drawer and pulled out the skimpiest outfit that she could find, which was a Black leather Bra that had the "KISS" Emblazoned on the left breast, with her jean shorts from earlier in the day, matched off with her Black 4" Leather platform boots, and Andrea with her "KISS" halter, and Leather pants, along with matching 4" silver platform shoes.
They both went to the bathroom as they finished off the final preparations for the show... Kirsten applied makeup to her girlfriend, to make her appear like Paul Stanley, as Andrea made her lover look like Ace Frehley. Together, they looked hotter than anyone that they possibly ever seen. For sure tonight, they were going to make some stranger a lucky guy....
during the concert, they happened to make their way to the front of the stage, only to flash their more than ample breasts on the stage, as a visibly turned on band nearly lost their footing at the sight of probably the 4 greatest visible breasts they had ever seen! Security escorted them to the backstage area, where 2 hours later, they made not one, not two, not three, but all four member of KISS, very happy, and very lucky men... Kirsten experienced what pleasure meant to a woman many times that night, losing her virginity to her idol, Ace Frehley, and got a thirst for more as the weeks went on.... KISS added another chapter to the "Unwritten chapter of KISStory" and Andrea, well her and Kirsten are still together, making one guy a night one of the luckiest and happiest guys around... But neither one ever could leave the other, because they were truly in love... So much.... That even changing themselves at the New U Salon, didn't drive them apart.

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