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Friday, September 7, 2012

Inked by Serenity

One day soon, Serena will be posting her stories here, which should be, you know, awesome;)

She's a friend of mine and she writes hot stories!   What could be better?;)



by: Serenity

The hustle and bustle of the crowded streets of Bangkok's red light
district drowned out the rumble of the poorly maintained engine putting
the cab along. Through the windows of the back seat Mike and Daniel
peered at a scrolling show of neon lights and alluring women. Mike
grinned and elbowed his buddy, then pointed at a blonde hooker outside,
flashing her considerable, if fake, tits. Daniel shook his head,
embarrassed and excited at the same time. This kind of thing would be a
first for Daniel, and even though his best pal Mike was a great friend,
his idea to finish their Asian vacation with a stop at one of the worlds
most renowned red light districts.

All throughout their vacation, Daniel heard of the supposed acts that
went on on these streets, how these women knew tricks that no other
hooker anywhere could do. With Mike practically drooling out of his
window, Daniel reflected on how even if a superhooker threw herself at
him, he would have hardly any idea what to do with her. While mike has
ridden his bike around the block more than a few time, Daniel hadn't
taken off his training wheels, with a few make out sessions being the
height of his sexual experience. While he never told Mike this fact, he
had an inkling that this leg of the trip was planned to remedy his lack
of experience.

Mike saw yet another treasure trove of hot tail sail by his window, and
he patted his knees with his hands, full of excitement. Oh, the crazy
crazy shit he was going to do. Mike was also excited to get his buddy
laid. Sure, Daniel acted like he was a stud, but anyone could tell the
closest he got to pussy was the kitten department at Pet City. If he
didn't know better, he would have thought Daniel was gay, but he knew he
was just afraid. Of what, he'd never guess. So, he brought his pal here.
These gook chicks would do anything for five bucks, Mike thought.
Anything. And he was going to find out just what that entailed as the
cabbie slowed the car to a stop.

Mike and Daniel exited the car, their senses assaulted by the sound, the
smells and the life of the street. Mike slapped his friend on the back,
and yelled at the sky. Daniel laughed at Mike's enthusiasm, and started
looking at all the strange signs, their odd letters so foreign to him. He
loved the beauty and strangeness of the written language here, not to
mention the beauty of the woman who just walked by. He craned his head
around staring at her perfect ass, swaying while encased in the tightest
skirt possible. Man, he wanted so bad to be like his pal Mike, who was
already talking to a small girl in very big heels. So carefree and
confident with the girls. If he could pull that off he'd be able to get
laid all the time, he just knew it.

Mike motioned Daniel over and introduced his friend to the young working
girl outside of what looked like a tattoo parlor.

"Danny!" Mike yelled over the Din, "This Sun Yi, and she said she would
love to show us around!"

Daniel looked at the pretty young girl, her body perfect, her clothes
alluring, but damn didn't she look young.

"Isn't she a bit young" Daniel spoke into Mike's ear. "She looks
fourteen, man."

"Oh she just looks young pal," Mike yelled again"Besides, man, here girls
are absolute sluts by the time they are five."

Daniel looked around as his buddy was being way too loud, and hoped that
no one could understand Mike, who had his idiot hat on at the moment. The
girl though, just smiled demurely at him, and twisted her foot
coquettishly. Daniel did think she was awfully pretty, but there was no
way he could touch her. His friend Mike though, had his hands all over
her ass. They were whispering to eachother, and Mike yelled back at his

"Dan buddy, go look around, this hot slut here and me have some business
to do."

"Whatever, man. I'll be around. You sick fuck," Daniel said, half joking.

Mike just laughed and replied, "You need a little 'sick fuck' in you too
buddy, you'd have more fun."

As Mike walked into the tattoo parlor with the little hooker, Daniel
found a bench and sat down, looking around. He felt a bit dejected,
knowing he could be fucking that girl, if he was a little more like his
friend. Instead he was sitting on a dirty bench, surrounded by dirty
people, the only guy on the street who wasn't looking to get laid. He
sighed, and stood up and looked at the tattoo parlor. Inside he saw an
old man behind the counter, and no one else. There must be a back room.
Daniel walked in and asked the old man where his friend went. The old man
just looked at him. Daniel could almost feel a hatred coming from those
aged squinting eyes. Daniel found himself asking again, this time yelling
the words slowly. Like that would make this guy understand him any
better. Daniel felt like he must have come off as a huge dumb asshole,
and he hated himself for it. He decided he would just wait and look at
the panels of art lining the walls.

Mike couldn't believe his luck, here he was stripping off his clothes,
staring at the freshest, hottest piece of ass he had ever seen. Sure,
Daniel was probably right, she was a touch young, but who was gonna know,
right? As the little thing began so strip off her clothes, Mike couldn't
help but gasp when he saw just how big her tits were, how perfectly
perky, and amazingly, perfectly natural. The rest of her body was just as
inspiring, but those tits were heavenly. As he took her and laid her on
the bed, she just smiled, looking deep in his eyes. He penetrated her,
amazed at how tight she was. Mike had bought his share of sex, and for a
hooker to feel this tight, this good.... He couldn't believe that his pal
was missing out. He flipped her around and started to go at her doggie
style, she flipped her hair around and looked back at him. Mike saw a
tattoo on the back of her neck, some sort of letter or word in Thai.
Funny, he thought they were only popular among ignorant college kids. He
wondered what it said. From the cock-drunk look in her eyes right now, he
didn't think it said "Wisdom". He laughed at his own joke and started to
fuck her even harder.

Twenty minutes later Daniel had looked through the skull tattoos for the
third time when his buddy came out of the back room.

"Holy shit, did you miss out. That whore can really take a cock, man. You
wouldn't believe what that dumb slut would do for ten bucks!"

"Nice, pal. I hope you wore a condom pal, she was probably crawling with

"Oh, fuck no. That ass was perfect! I'm telling ya, you need to get back
there for sloppy seconds."

"Gross, Mike. Gross."

"Oh whatever, I swear you're a queer."

"Because I don't want to pay a fucking dumb slut for sex? Really? Yeah
that makes me gay."

Mike had been looking over the tattoo selection, impressed with the art.

"Dude, if your too much of a wuss to get some tail, how about some ink."

"Not my thing man."

"Oh come on, killjoy. Let's get cut!"

Mike went to the old man, and handed over a twenty, the pointed at a
tiger tattoo. The old man just nodded, and pulled open some curtains to a
small back room with a chair in it. Daniel couldn't believe Mike was
going to get inked here, though the art was amazing.

"Have fun, asshole," Daniel said.

"No way pal, this ones for you! I even paid for it, you go in, I'm next."

" I don't want a tattoo, man."

"Look buddy, you want to be more like me, here is step one, now in you

Daniel tried to protest, but found himself in the chair, with the old man
and a buzzing needle behind him. It took a while, and it hurt, but it was
over soon. Daniel was disappointed he couldn't see it, since it was on
his back shoulder, and the old man covered it with gauze and taped it
down. He walked out and flipped Mike the bird as Mike entered for his

"You're gonna regret this, buddy," Daniel said.

"Whatever, you pussy," Mike replied punching his pal in the arm.

As Mike settled in for his ink, the hot hooker walked in and said
something in her sing song language to the old man, they talked back and
forth for a while, and then the girl smiled at Mike. She ran a tiny hand
over his crotch.

"You fuck good. You love good cock," she said in broken english.

"You mean, YOU love this cock, right princess?" Mike said. The young girl
just smiled and walked out.

Fucking weird, thought Mike. Then there was sting and the tattoo began.

Outside, Daniel waited for Mike when the hooker walked out of the back
room. She walked up to him and stood on tiptoe to whisper in his ear.

"You're friend not good man. You no good man."

"Hey now, I'm a good man."

"No you call me dumb slut. I understand. You no good. You get pay, you

She walked back out on the street and began catcalling the passing men,
showing off her wares. Daniel wanted to go after her to apologize, but
she was off with another man already. So what if I called you a dumb
slut, thought Daniel, it looks like the shoe fits. In no time Mike came
out of the back room, scratching his shoulder.

"Hey pal, let's bag. I want to go get some noodles."

Mike and Daniel sat down at a counter in front of a streetside eatery,
setting down their bags. Both absently scratching their shoulders. Mike
looked at the menu behind the cook and ordered chicken and noodles for
the two of them. He didn't notice that the menu was in Thai, and that he
just read it with no problem. He didn't notice that the din of foreign
voices started to become a din of familiar voices. Conversations melting
into eachother, catcalling of the streetwalkers trying to get some money
from the dumb tourists. Daniel reached for his chopsticks as the noodles
and chicken came up, and clumsily tried to eat with them. He noticed that
Mike was eating like an old pro, using those sticks like he had his whole
life. Even with his longish nails. Daniel was so jealous. Mike was better
at everything. Better at sports, better at work, better at getting laid.
Daniel flipped his hair off his shoulder and scratched at the gauze on
his shoulder.

Mike finished his noodles and sipped his tea. He turned around on his
barstool to watch the crowd walk by. Man, those girls had their act
together. He thought. A little shimmy, a little shake, and they are ten
bucks richer. That and they get laid all day. Real tough life, he
thought. He looked at one of the whores near the diner, noting how every
aspect of her outfit was carefully coordinated to compliment the package.
He loved her platform boots. The way they sculpted her ass must really
help pull in the johns. A whole lot more went into hooking than a whole
lot of people realized, Mike thought as he scratched at his bare knee. He
was chilled, and wished he had a set of thigh high leathers to keep his
legs warm, and make his calves look nice too.

Daniel was still trying to eat his noodles when he looked over at his
friend. Something seemed strange about Mike, but Daniel couldn't think
what is was. He looked the same, maybe a bit thin, but maybe not. His
hair was the same chin length jet black, and his skin was the same olive
as the other people around here. Daniel just couldn't think what was
wrong. He felt sleepy.

"Mikey, where are we, like, sleeping tonight?" Daniel asked

"I don't know. I'm sure we can find a room anywhere," Mike looked around.

"There, that place has vacancies," Mike said pointing a painted nail at a
building across the street.

"Right, how can ya tell, Mike?"

"The sign says so, dummy." Mike shook his head. Danny could be such an
idiot sometimes.

"Since when could you read that gobblygook?"

"What? Since forever. What wrong with you?" Mike shook his head, feeling
his hair sway as he hopped off the stool, pulled down his spaghetti tank
top to cover his belly, and started to walk across the street to the
hotel. Daniel followed suit, then stopped and hurried back, almost
forgetting his purse, er, bag. My purse? Thought Danny, what the hell is
wrong with me?

The two friends checked into a room, and sat down on their beds. The set
their back packs down, and unpacked into the small dresser along one
wall. Danny's head was swimming, like the whole world was spinning and
melting around him, everything seemed so wrong. He rubbed at his temple,
his long blonde hair tickling his arm.

"You OK?" said Mike. "You no look good"

"My head feels funny, and my tattoo is burning up."

Mike walked up to his friend and turned him around.

"I look at it, maybe infected," Mike said. Neither one of them noticing
his broken english and deepening accent. Mike peeled away the gauze and
laughed out loud.

"What is it? Is it, like, infected?"

"No, but it no tiger," Mike said still laughing.

"What is it?" Danny said craning his head to see, his hair in the way.

"It say 'Dumb Slut'" Mike laughed. "You got ripped off!" Mike kept
giggling. The Words on his friends back were well done, but it seemed
unfinished. The word 'dumb' was covered in flowers and butterflies like
his, but 'slut' was plain.

"What about yours? Is it all wrong too"

Mike went to the mirror and turned around, slowly peeling off his gauze
pad. He noticed how nice his ass looked in his skirt as he read the
tattoo in the mirror. Mike laughed even harder.

"Mine 'Whore'" Mike laughed.

The letter was halfway adorned with flowers and butterflies, the work of
a real artist. Danny looked at it.

"It is sooo pretty though. Does it really say, like, whore?"


"Maybe we should, like, go get our money back." Danny felt off balance
and sat down on the bed.

"No, you stay here. Rest. Mike go get money," Mike said.

Mike sat down and zipped up his calf high boots, rubbed off a scuff and
walked out the door. Danny laid back on the bed, closing his eyes as the
world spun around him. He felt like every thought was coming through
cotton, so fuzzy. He thought about his tattoo. A spark of intuition
filtered through the haze. My tattoo says 'Dumb Slut', am I a dumb slut?
Danny thought. This fog sure made feel dumb, but he didn't feel slutty.
Thats good, he thought. Besides, it's only a tattoo. He slowly started to
fall asleep, his chest rising and falling as he slowly faded away, not
noticing as a small swelling began under his shirt.

Mike strutted his way down the street to the tattoo parlor, swaying back
and forth. He saw a perfect ass walk by, and he craned his head to watch
it walk down the road, pulling at the jeans encasing it. Mike looked at
the rest of the body attached to that ass, and swooned a bit at the large
rippling arms and fit back. Definitely a keeper there, Mike thought. He
caught himself wondering how big that guy's dick was. It seemed a strange
thought for a moment, but Mike couldn't think why. He pulled at his
underwire, pushing his tits up as he turned into the tattoo shop. He
walked up to the old man and said in perfect Thai,

"Mister, I came in for a tattoo earlier, and it's not what I wanted. I
need a refund."

"I gave you what you need, not what you want."

"I don't understand."

"No, you didn't understand. Now you will," said the old man. Mike noticed
that the old man seemed taller than the last time they met. "You
understand how hard life is for girl on street. Your friend want to be
just like you, soon he will be."

Mike pushed out a hip and wondered what this man was saying, of course he
knew how hard it was on the street. He has worked it for what seemed like
years. Until he met the American girl, he had worked alone. Soon he would
make enough money to move away, maybe to America with his friend, even if
she was as dumb as post. No, that wasn't right. His friend was Dan, they
were here to...what? He couldn't remember. He felt so confused. The old
man reached down and grabbed his chin, tilting it up to look into his

"Your name is Meko, remember?"

And She did. Meko. The name Mike fell away. Mike, Mike...Who was mike?
Maybe a john? Did she fuck a Mike? That must be it.

"You worked here for years to pay for those."

The old man pointed at her tits. The tattoo on her shoulder burned for a
second, then she felt a sharp pain as the flesh under her tits became two
small scars. Her boobs swelled out suddenly, taking on the shape of a
perfectly done tit job. Meko, pulled up on her cami, exposing her pierced
belly button. She loved her tits, they made her so much money, and they
felt so good.

"You met your friend here at the shop and took her in, she was afraid of
men, but you showed her how to work the street."

Memories flooded her brain, memories of countless johns, and of the
blonde american here on a church mission. How delicious it was to corrupt
her, and show her the bliss of a life on the street at night. How the
money and sex were addicting. Sure, she couldn't understand half of
anything, typical American blonde. But she would be a hit with the local
men. They loved her hair and alabaster skin. Did they? Meko felt that
doubt again, that something wasn't right. She looked at the old man,
memories of him taking her in, of him taking her. She looked in his eyes
and felt his power behind them. She remembered now. This was her Master.
The money she made wasn't for her, it was for him. All for him. He
motioned her out the door, and Meko knew what she had to do. She strutted
back out on the street, pushed out her tits, and crooned at the foreigner
men walking buy.

"Meko fuck you real good. Meko good sucky sucky. Ten dolla!"

One of the guys walked up to her, but his friend pulled him back.

"No way dude, she's like 15."

"But look at her tits!"

They walked away, and Meko pouted a bit, that John had a nice bulge, and
would have been a fun time.Besides, she was 16, thank you very much.

Danny slowly woke up and shook his head. That cottony feeling was still
there, but it wasn't too bad. Oh! He had to pee. He hurried to the
bathroom, just a hole in the ground, and squatted to pee. Afterward he
went back to the room and looked around. It was still night, but Mike
wasn't back. Something tugged at his mind, Mike? Is that right? Danny
felt that cotton crowd his thoughts. No, not Mike, Meko...Silly Danny. He
thought. I get so airheaded at times. He turned on the shower, and went
to the other room as the water heated. He sat on the bed and peeled off
his nylons, laying them neatly on the bed next to him, he pulled off his
mini, and his tube top, all covered in sequins. Sooo cute! He picked off
a bit of lint from his left breast and went to the shower. He wet his
hair and shampooed up, loving the strawberry smell. Then he rinsed and
set in some conditioner. His tattoo burned for a second, and he felt a
slight pinch above his tiny penis where a small butterfly appeared in
colorful ink, and above his ass where an intricate latticework appeared.
Meko called it his tramp stamp. He had no idea what that meant but Meko
was always sooo much smarter than him. He giggled in the shower and
started to lather up. He was always kinda ditzy, and Meko handled all the
hard stuff for him, numbers, money, all the tough stuff. He felt lucky to
meet such a nice friend here. He felt like he knew her his whole life.

Confusion set in as he remembered a man named Mike in a cab. His friend
Mike...Then it faded behind a rainbow cloud of cotton between his ears.
He rinsed off in the shower, and turned off the water. He wrapped his
hair in a towel, and wrapped the other around his smallish breasts. He
wished they were bigger. He wished he was more like Meko, every day. She
was sooo cool, sooo sexy. He knew that Meko showed her how to bait all
the men she could handle, but for some reason he couldn't remember ever
doing it. Sometimes being dumb just sucked, thought Danny. His tattoo
burned again, and he looked at it in the mirror, it was soooo pretty. He
couldn't remember what it said, but he loved the flowers and butterflies
that adorned it. Ouch! He stuck his tongue out and saw his crystal
piercing. He didn't know how he knew, but he knew the men loved it. He
was so confused. He heard a noise from behind the bathroom door, Meko
must be back, Danny thought.

Danny walked into the bedroom, not noticing that it looked much more
lived in than when he went into the bathroom, with the closet and drawers
filled with sexy clothes. As Danny came around the corner he saw Meko
with a john. It seemed so normal to him, but somewhere inside, he knew it
shouldn't. The man was cute though, Danny thought, admiring his muscles.
He was already doing his friend, and by her moans, doing her well. Meko
turned her head to Danny, her almond shaped eyes clouded in lust. Danny
was so jealous of Meko. She was sooo beautiful, her titties were so big
and just wonderful! Danny looked down at his smallish A-cups. He wished
so hard that he could have had the same money making tits that Meko had.

The john had begun to grunt, beginning his climax. Meko moaned and pulled
him close. Then just like that it was over, the john began to get
dressed, Danny noting that his cock was awfully large, blushing. The
'dumb' part of tattoo might be true, but she sure wasn't a slut. Danny
thought, remembering what the tattoo said. He remembered being sooo mad
when he was told by Meko what it said, but now she was just used to it.
The john left, and Danny walked over to his friend, who was lounging on
the bed, enjoying a afterfuck smoke. Meko dipped a finger into her pussy
and pulled out a glob of cum, then licked it off. Danny watched, and felt
strange, like it was him who wanted to taste that, but he was a guy, guys
don't eat cum.

He looked down at his tits, trying soooo hard to think, what was going
on, why did he feel so weird, he had closed his eyes in thought when Meko
shoved a finger in his mouth. It was cold and wet, and tasted so strange.
Salty, musky. He felt like he had tasted it a hundred times, but this was
the first time. He opened his eyes and looked at Meko's huge tits, still
sucking on her finger. Meko, pulled her hand away and leaned back
spreading her thighs, offering her pussy to him. Something told him that
no, this wasn't right. But that something didn't get through his
cottoncandy filled head.

He reached his small hand, with its pink oval nails down to Meko's pussy,
and scooped up a glob of cum, and slowly brought it to his mouth. He
moaned, it was sooooo yummy. So oooey gooey and delicious. He moaned
again, not noticing his soft feminine voice. He went to scoop up more
when Meko slapped his hand away, and grabbed his long golden hair,
pulling his face to her wet cunt. Danny lapped and sucked away at her.
Sure, her pussy tasted good, but he wanted the cum, the wonderful tasty
cum. His tattoo began to burn, the word 'Slut' Growing flowers and

Danny felt a sharp pain in his nipples as his nipple rings rubbed on the
bedsheets, his small tits squished under him as he lapped the last of the
cum from his friend. His mind began to flood, his attitudes shift. He
wasn't innocent and dumb, not anymore. When he came here on a mission for
her church he met Meko, and tried to bring her to the light. But Meko was
so, sweet, so cool. She was sooo smart. Danny felt so close to her. When
he was robbed on the streets, Meko showed him how to make money, and when
Danny told her he didn't want to be a whore.

Meko introduced him to the old man, who took him under his wing. He fed
him, and let him work in the shop as a countergirl, since she didn't have
the body to work the streets. She? Danny sat up, shaking his head. He was
a he right? He tried so hard to think, but could only remember the old
man making him suck him off in the back room, he remembered hating it at
forst, how it went against everything he loved. He remembered beginning
to crave it though, and one night quietly begging the old man to let her
work with Meko outside the shop. He remembered the old man saying that he
would never get men with his tiny tits, but that he could fix it.

Danny gasped and looked at Meko, feeling his tattoo burning brightly as
his smallish tits swelled magnificently, their weight a blessing, his
nipples standing out like little thumbs. He remembered how proud he was
to get his tits, how proud the old man, his master, no, HER master was.
Danni remembered how shocked her pastor was to see her sucking off a
stranger in an alley. And how she used her perfect titties to bait him
into letting her give him a blow job too, and how sweet his cum was.She
remembered being a goody goody, but being a dumb slut was sooo much more
fun. She spent so many nights with Meko, sucking so many dicks, barely
quenching her thirst for cum. That's why she got her tattoo, because she
loved finding her true self here on the streets.

Danni sat back on the bad, savoring the taste on her tongue, when the
door opened and her Master walked in. The old man walked right up to Meko
and kissed her deep. Danni felt sooo jealous of her friend, she wanted to
be Master's favorite. Meko pulled out a wad of cash and handed it to the
old man, who tucked it away. He looked at Danni smuggly, and walked up to
her. He seemed so tall and powerful. He pulled down his pants, and Danni
gasped. She almost forgot how magnificent her Master's cock was. As she
lowered her head onto it, licking and sucking it to an erection, Meko
began to get dressed, getting ready to bait another man. Meko loved the
life of a whore, so much fun, picking out the right clothes, finding the
best men. She loved taking her friend and turning her to the cocksucking
slut she was. Meko saw with satifaction that Danni was already swallowing
her Masters cum. She lit up a cigarette and left the room.

Danni licked off her Masters shaft, loving every little taste she could

"You love to suck cock, Danni." And it was true, she did. More than

"You love getting fucked in pussy too," said her Master. And her tattoo
burned so hot, and her tiny penis became a well used pussy, her inner
lips puffy and overworked. Sure, Meko had nicer tits, thought Danni, but
my cameltoe drives men wild. Her mind filled with sex positions, of the
best way to get the cock to rub her G-Spot. How much she liked it from
behind, her huge fake titties swinging under under cottoncandy head.
Thinking of a hundred good fucks got Danni so hot and wet, that she was
practically mewling in front of her Master. As the old man began to work
his cock into Danni's pussy he smiled to himself, knowing that hours
before the squirming mass of hair and tits beneath him was that ignorant
foreigner in his shop, yelling at him in his dumb foreign tongue and that
him and his arrogant friend will now be making him richer by the hour.
Danni just rode the wonderful cock that was working her, reveling in
every bump and ridge, a slut to the core. The old man loved white women,
but it was young local girls who made the most money, and he loved money

He bent over and whispered in Danni's ear just as he filled her loose
cunt with seed.

Her eyes went wide as her tattoo began to burn, and she turned her
teenage face to kiss her master, her hair rapidly darkening, her almond
shaped brown eyes clouded in lust.

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