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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tonisha by bobby

Here's one that's from back back back in 1999!

This is from bobby, best known for his AP works, but he occasionally dabbled in TG stuff, as well!


     by bobby

Tony wandered up and down the aisles of the record store looking 
for a CD.  He had to leave tomorrow for L.A. on a business trip and 
wanted to bring some music along for the six-hour flight from 
Baltimore.  He hated those endless transcontinental flights, and 
anything to help pass the time was a plus.  He didn't feel like 
watching a movie on a 10-inch screen, either, so it seemed that CDs 
were the best way to go, and he'd stopped at one of the malls just off 
the Beltway on his way home from work.  He'd already picked out a 
couple,  and needed just one more to round out his selection, but 
nothing came to mind as he looked through the bins.  After wasting 
about twenty minutes and not finding anything interesting, he 
decided he could get by with what he already had and proceeded to 
the check-out counter.  There were four people ahead of him in the 
line, so he went into wait mode, looking all around the store but at 
nothing in particular.  After a minute, the line moved forward, and 
he happened to glance over at the cashier.  He felt his heart stop for 
a second, and thought his jaw would drop to the floor when he saw 
the woman behind the counter.  

She was positively gorgeous, in her early twenties, he guessed, with a 
flawless pecan complexion.  Her thick hair fell down past her 
shoulders, framing the most absolutely beautiful face Tony had ever 
seen.  Her exotic eyes were accented by thin delicate eyebrows.  She 
had a delicate nose, high cheekbones, and incredibly full lips.  She 
smiled at the customer she was currently helping, and Tony's heart 
just about melted.  "My God, she's fantastic!" he whispered to himself.  
There was just something about her that Tony found irresistible, 
some kind of indefinable, hidden quality in addition to her looks.  He 
realized he was staring at her, making no attempt to disguise his 
interest, when she suddenly turned and looked directly at him.  
Their eyes met and he wanted to turn away, embarrassed, but he 
couldn't.  Something was holding him in place, as if he were frozen 
solid.  A kind of half-smile, strangely seductive, slowly formed on 
her lips.  After what seemed an eternity, Tony was suddenly able to 
move, and he quickly turned away, his face burning crimson.

The rest of his wait in line was spent shifting his eyes around the 
store, anywhere but the check-out counter.  When it was finally his 
turn, he stepped up to the counter, still trying to avoid looking at her.  
"Hello, sir, how are you today?" she asked.  "I'm, um, fine, thanks," he 
said, looking down at the floor as he handed her his CDs.
"Good, I'm glad to hear that," she said cheerfully.  When she reached 
out to take the CDs with her left hand, her fingers closed over his, 
and she maintained the contact as she slowly withdrew, almost in a 
caress.  His eyes opened wide as his gaze followed her hand.  She had 
thin, graceful fingers tipped with inch-long nails coated with 
translucent pearl polish.  As she started to ring up his purchase, his 
eyes were drawn once again to her beauty.  To his chagrin, he found 
his eyes lingering on her breasts almost involuntarily.  She wore a 
scoop neck pullover top, that displayed an inch or two of her dusky 
cleavage.  Her breasts weren't overly large, in fact they were fairly 
small, but were beautiful nonetheless.  Strangely, she didn't seem at 
all bothered by his staring.  "Is there anything else?" she asked.  He 
looked into her eyes and stammered, "Uh, no, I-I think that's 
everything, th-thanks."  He tried to avert his eyes, but he was once 
again immobilized by that same force.  She smiled, and asked, "Are 
you sure there's nothing else I can help you with?"  His only 
response was a gulp, as he felt her penetrating stare.  She seemed to 
see right into his thoughts, scanning his mind as if she were looking 
for something.  "Um, um, um," was all he could say. 

"I couldn't help but notice you were looking around for quite a while, 
sir.  Surely there's something I can help you find?"  

"Well," Tony finally managed to say, "I really don't want to keep your 
customers waiting."

"That's OK, sir.  There's nobody else in line now."  She reached out, 
leaning on the counter, and took his right hand in both of hers.  He 
could feel his heart beating so hard he thought it would come out of 
his chest.  What was she doing?  "By the way, my name's Shaniqua, 
what's yours?"  She smiled at him as she traced a circle on the back 
of his hand with the tip of a nail.  This gorgeous girl was just coming 
on to him right out of the blue!  Something was very weird here, not 
that he was complaining...yet.  "Uh, it's uh, T-Tony," he stuttered.  
"Mmm, Tony, I like that.  Yes, I think that'll work just fine," she said 
in her velvety smooth voice.  Work just fine?  What could she be 
talking about?

"Tell me, Tony," Shaniqua continued, "Do you find black women 
attractive?"  Her directness caught him off guard, and rendered him 
momentarily speechless.  Shaniqua must have detected his 
uneasiness because she smiled knowingly, moved in closer and softly 
said, almost in a whisper, "I'm not making you uncomfortable, am I, 
Tony?  I don't want you to be uncomfortable, not at all."  She 
punctuated her last statement by slowly running the tip of her 
tongue in a complete circle around her lips, then gently biting her 
lower lip as she stared unblinkingly in his eyes.  Tony's heart was 
beating so fast now he thought for sure he was going into cardiac 
arrest, right then and there.  No woman had ever done anything like 
this to him, let alone one so stunningly beautiful as Shaniqua.  The 
only things he was aware of at this moment were the haunting smell 
of her perfume and the glint of her golden earrings as they flashed in 
the light.  

His mouth was dry, but he managed to get out the words, "Uh, n-no, 
I-I-I'm fine, just a little nervous, that's all."  The knowing smile 
returned as Shaniqua said, "Oh, that's so sweet, Tony.  But really, 
there's nothing to be nervous about.  I really don't want to make you 
uncomfortable."  She gave his hand a firm but gentle squeeze and 
said, "Now, back to my question: Do you find black women to be 
attractive, Tony?"   

"Yes, sure I do," Tony responded, unaware he was nodding his head 
up and down like a little boy.  "Good, good.  And have you ever had 
any experience with a black woman?" Shaniqua asked, staring even 
deeper into Tony's eyes.  

This question really threw Tony for a loop.  Shaniqua's question was 
so matter-of-fact, he almost didn't get it.  This woman really wanted 
him!  Never in his wildest dreams had he conceived of anything like 
this happening.  His head was spinning and he heard the words as if 
they were being spoken by someone else: "No...I haven't."  

He could see a new light in Shaniqua's eyes when he answered her 
question.  She even giggled a bit as she suddenly let go of his hand 
and stood back behind the counter again.  "Very good, Tony.  That's 
what I wanted to hear.  I've got just the thing you've been looking 

She bent down and began rummaging around behind the counter.  
Tony was a little confused by the sudden change in Shaniqua's 
demeanor.  A second ago she was gazing deeply into his eyes and he 
could feel the sensuality emanating from deep within her, now she 
was smiling and giggling like some schoolgirl.  After a moment 
Shaniqua stood up and handed Tony a CD case.  It had a plain white 
cover, with no markings of any kind.  He opened it up and noticed 
the CD inside was also unmarked, the label side was completely 

"What's this?" he asked Shaniqua, with a puzzled expression.  He'd 
been hoping for a phone number, not a blank CD.  

"This is what you've been looking for for quite a long time, Tony," 
Shaniqua explained.  "I knew from the moment I saw you that I 
could help you find what you were seeking, and this is it."  She was 
grinning triumphantly, but Tony was totally confused.  He had come 
looking for some CDs, not the Holy Grail.  What was she talking 

"I know you're confused right now, Tony, but trust me, this is what 
you want," Shaniqua said.  "Just put it in your CD player, and you'll 
know what I mean."  That half-smile she gave him when he first saw 
her returned to her lips.  

"OK, thanks," he said,  as he dug his wallet out of his pocket.  He was 
having trouble concealing his disappointment.  "How much do I owe 

"It's $25.52 for the two that you picked out," said Shaniqua.  

"Consider the third item a gift from me."  He looked up and she was 
watching him with those penetrating eyes again, and he once again 
became nervous and fidgety.  

"Uh, no really, please let me pay you for it," he said.  

"No, Tony, I appreciate your offer to pay, but believe me, knowing 
that I've helped you is more than enough for me.  Please accept it as 
my gift, OK?"  Her tone was such that he knew she wouldn't change 
her mind, so he thanked her once again, took the bag she handed him 
and headed out of the store.  

"Oh, Tony," she called.  He turned and saw her, that mysterious smile 
still on her face.  "I do have one small favor to ask you."  

"Sure, what is it?"

"Could you stop by later on and show me how you turned out?"

"OK, sure," Tony agreed.

"Great.  See you soon, OK?  Maybe we could go out for a cup of 

Tony brightened up when he heard Shaniqua's offer.  He smiled and 
said, "Sure, I'd really like that."  Shaniqua smiled back and waved 
goodbye as he left the store.  Just before he turned the corner out of 
sight, he stopped for one more look, and was surprised to see a short, 
rather pudgy teenage boy behind the counter.  There was no sign of 

"Hmm, maybe she had to run into the back room for something," he 
said to himself as he went on his way.  

Tony was on top of the world as he walked through the mall.  He 
kept going over his encounter with Shaniqua, and he thought about 
what might happen after that cup of coffee.  Something was nagging 
him though, something didn't seem quite right.  She had said 
something about letting her know how he turned out.  That seemed 
kind of odd to him.  Come to think of it, a few things about her were 
odd, like what she said about finding what he was seeking and all, 
and the way she looked at him sometimes.  Not to mention the fact 
that although the store had been pretty busy, it almost seemed as if 
they had been all alone while they talked.  That was very weird.  But 
he couldn't get her perfect face, beautiful skin and soft smooth voice 
out of his mind, and any doubts he still had were soon forgotten.  He 
had felt so alive when she took his hand, he just couldn't describe the 
feeling; it was unlike anything he had ever experienced.  He knew 
he'd go back as soon as he returned from L.A.  Why did he have to 
leave town now, of all times?

Tony got to his car and tossed the bag on the passenger seat.  As he 
was driving toward the mall exit, his curiosity started to get the 
better of him;  he had to play the CD Shaniqua had given him.  He 
pulled into a parking space off to the side of the exit and pulled the 
CD box out of the bag.  It struck him as odd that it wasn't shrink 
wrapped like most new CDs, and there was no insert containing song 
titles or lyrics, just the CD with a blank white label.  He turned on his 
stereo and pushed the disc into the slot.  Nothing happened.  He 
waited a few more seconds, but still nothing happened.  

"What's the deal with this thing?" he said out loud.  The display that 
normally showed the track number and time was blank, and when 
he tried turning up the volume there was still no sound.  He pushed 
the eject button, but the CD wouldn't come out, and now he was 
starting to get frustrated.  "Oh man, don't tell me this thing's jammed 
now," he moaned.  He tried skipping tracks, reverse, fast forward, but 
nothing seemed to work.  "Come on, damn it!" he said, getting angry.  
He found that he couldn't even switch back to the radio, the stereo 
was stuck in CD mode.  He started punching the buttons randomly, 
hoping something would work, but still nothing.  "I don't believe this!  
I'm going back and telling her she owes me a new car stereo!"  

Tony's hand was on the key ready to shut the engine off, but he froze 
when music suddenly started coming through the speakers.   "It's 
about damn time," he grumbled as he sat back in the seat.  It 
sounded like one of the current female groups; maybe TLC or 
someone like that.  He couldn't tell for sure.  Tony pulled out of the 
parking lot onto the street thinking, "Well, Shaniqua, I appreciate the 
gift but this isn't really my kind of music."  

He listened to it for a minute or so, then decided he'd had enough 
and turned off the player...or at least tried to.  It wouldn't shut off.  
"What the hell?", he said to himself as he tried hitting various 
buttons, but none of them worked.  The Twilight Zone theme started 
playing in his mind as a creepy feeling came over him.  None of the 
controls would respond.  Just about this time, Tony noticed his suit 
felt a little loose; he tugged on his shirt collar and absently thought 
there was a larger than normal gap between the collar and his neck.  
And his shirt sleeves were creeping up his wrists and over his hands.  
He pulled his sleeves back and kept hitting different buttons on the 
stereo, getting more and more frantic.  "This is freaking me out.  Why 
doesn't this thing work?"  A car horn blared and he looked up just in 
time to swerve out of the oncoming traffic.  He wanted to pull over to 
the side, but there were no driveways or streets into which he could 

Tony moved his seat forward when he started having trouble 
reaching the pedals.  The music seemed to be getting louder, the beat 
more insistent and driving.  After a while, he stopped fidgeting with 
the controls, and his uneasiness seemed to lessen a bit.  "OK Tony, 
don't panic, you can figure this out.  There's got to be a perfectly 
logical explanation," he thought to himself.  He rubbed his chin, not 
even noticing that his goatee and mustache had disappeared, or that 
his hands were looking more tanned than usual.  "Actually, this 
music isn't too bad.  I wouldn't run out and buy this stuff, but since it 
was a gift it's OK."  He settled back in the seat, and decided to just 
bear with it for awhile until he could think of something.  

The tan that had appeared on his hands had now spread over his 
entire body, and was deepening by the second.  Soon his skin had 
acquired a rich coffee and cream tone.  He had started tapping his 
fingers lightly on the steering wheel in time with the infectious beat 
of the music.  His hands had become smaller at the same time his 
fingers grew long and slender, becoming more feminine all the time.  
Even his nails were starting to grow longer.  "Hey, this music isn't 
bad at all, it's really pretty good.  I didn't know what I was missing," 
Tony said.  He cleared his throat as his voice seemed to crack a bit, 
and shifted in the seat.  If felt like he was sitting on a pillow or 
something, but he  couldn't feel anything down there.  Meanwhile, 
Tony's legs were becoming thinner and softer, losing most of their 
muscle tone, as a thin layer of fat developed, especially around his 
thighs.  As Tony's head had gotten smaller along with the rest of his 
body, his square jaw had softened and become more rounded.  His 
face was looking less and less masculine, and was almost 
androgynous in appearance.  

Tony's pants had started to shorten and slowly moved up his legs, 
revealing smooth, hairless shapely calves.  They stopped shortening 
about halfway up his rapidly filling thighs, then the legs somehow 
fused together to form a tight skirt.  Tony didn't even notice it.  He 
was really getting into this music.  Even though he had never heard 
these songs before, he was humming along with the tunes, unaware 
that his baritone voice had become a tenor, and was quickly 
approaching an alto.  The fingers that were tapping on the steering 
wheel now bore nails an inch and a half long with metallic maroon 
polish.  "Man, this music kicks ass!  I have GOT to thank Shaniqua for 
turning me on to this!"  he said in a voice somewhere between high 
male and husky female. 

The sleeves of Tony's jacket and shirt were shrinking, similar to his 
pant legs, until it looked as if he were wearing a pinstriped vest with 
a sleeveless shirt and tie.  The neckline of his shirt began opening up 
as if someone were pulling down a zipper and his tie thinned and 
shortened, becoming a gold necklace.  The neckline lowered and 
widened exposing Tony's smooth hairless chest; his well-developed 
pectoral muscles had flattened and softened until they were almost 
non-existent.  His white dress shirt changed to a yellow knit tank top 
as his jacket seemed to fade and disappear, and his undershirt 
turned into a matching yellow lacy bra with capacious cups that hung 
loosely on his flat chest.  He ran a long-nailed hand up and down his 
delicate upper arm, feeling soft flesh in place of rock-hard muscle, 
and started singing along with the music as if he knew the lyrics by 
heart.  His voice was now a smooth alto and still getting higher as he 
swayed along with the beat.  

Tony felt an itch in his crotch and reached down to scratch the bulge 
under his orange skirt.  The itch became a tingle as the bulge began 
to shrink and soften right under his fingers.  Soon the bulge was 
nothing more than a small bump, then it was gone, and he found his 
cotton briefs were now silk panties hugging his flat crotch.  He knew 
what was forming underneath, but instead of fear or anxiety, he was 
actually calm, and even felt a slight satisfaction.  The skirt was 
stretching out as his hips and buttocks filled out and widened to 
keep pace with his plumping thighs, and again he shifted in the seat 
as his rear end expanded.  Now it felt as if there were a couple of 
pillows down there, but somehow it didn't feel strange as it had 

Looking in the rearview mirror, Tony noticed his once brown eyes 
were dark and almond-shaped and his lashes had grown long and 
curled.  Gone were his bushy eyebrows, replaced by graceful 
feminine arches over his eyes.  His nose grew smaller but slightly 
broader and his cheekbones grew prominent as his face crossed the 
line and became unmistakably feminine.  His lips had grown full and 
sensuous.  Tony had still been singing along with the CD as the 
changes continued, and his Adam's Apple had shrunk to 
insignificance as his voice had steadily risen in pitch until it was a 
high clear soprano.  

While waiting at a red light, Tony sat absently running his hands 
over his short brown hair, and with each pass it seemed to grow 
longer and darker until it was completely black.  Soon it was down to 
his shoulders and over his ears, and had become coarse. 

Tony's black socks started to stretch up his leg, first over his calves, 
then his knees and up his thighs.  The material stretched thinner and 
thinner until it became transparent.  The socks joined at his crotch 
and crept around his hips up to his waist, becoming shiny nude 
pantyhose encasing his shapely legs in silky nylon.  Tony's black 
wingtip shoes shrank to fit his new dainty feet.  The heels narrowed 
and grew higher and the black leather changed to orange as the 
shoes morphed into pumps with 3-inch heels to match his short, tight 

As the light turned green and Tony pulled away, he looked back in 
the mirror again and saw a beautiful, though still flat-chested, black 
woman.  At that moment, something clicked in his mind; this is what 
Shaniqua had been talking about.  This is what she said he had 
wanted.  And she was right.  Never in a million years would he have 
thought that this could ever happen, let alone that he would like it, 
but as he studied his new face in the mirror, he knew that his true 
identity had surfaced at last.  "Wow, I look really good!" Tony said to 
himself, beaming proudly.  With that another thought struck him: he 
was now, by all appearances, female.  He realized he had even 
started thinking like a woman when he found himself absently 
twirling his long hair around his finger as he drove.  With this 
realization he knew that his identity had been changed forever.  He 
was no longer Tony Jackson, he had become...Tonisha Jackson.  Her 
new name came to her in a sudden revelation, and she knew this was 
the beginning of her new life.  She knew she had been Tony, and 
remembered everything about Tony, but she knew Tony was gone 
forever.  Instead of feeling sad, she felt almost relieved, as though a 
long protracted conflict had finally come to its resolution.

At the next intersection, Tonisha made a U-turn and started heading 
back toward the mall; she had to see Shaniqua again.  On the way 
back she slid her hand up and down her thigh, luxuriating in the feel 
of the silky pantyhose against her soft smooth skin.  It felt 
wonderful, like nothing she'd ever felt before.  The only thing that 
didn't seem right was her underdeveloped chest.  Why hadn't she 
grown breasts?  She rubbed her flat chest and frowned, pulling the 
neckline of her tanktop up to cover her loose bra.  

After a few more minutes, she arrived back at the mall.  She reached 
into her purse, formerly Tony's briefcase, and pulled out a yellow 
velvet scrunchy.  Almost as if it were second nature, Tonisha reached 
up, pulled her hair back and slipping the scrunchy over it to form a 
ponytail that fell down between her shoulder blades.  Grabbing her 
purse, she opened the door, swung her legs out keeping her knees 
together in true ladylike fashion, and got out of the car.  In the time 
it took for her to return to the mall, a new bracelet graced Tonisha's 
right ankle, small gold hoops hung from her ears, and several rings 
appeared on her slender fingers.  She began walking toward the mall 
entrance, and noticed a tingling feeling in her chest. As she walked it 
grew more and more intense and seemed to center behind each 
nipple.  She looked down and didn't see anything unusual, but the 
feeling wasn't going away; in fact it was still getting stronger.  She 
wanted to stop and scratch her chest, but decided a well-lit mall 
parking lot wasn't the best place to be seen with a hand down the 
front of her top, scratching frantically.  "I'll just have to wait until I 
can get to the ladies' room," Tonisha told herself, and kept on going.  
Soon, however, she detected a new strange feeling, almost like a 
bouncing motion.  She stopped and looked down again and sure 
enough, two tiny mounds of fatty tissue were pushing out from her 
formerly flat chest.  Tonisha's eyes grew wide, then even wider when 
she saw that they were growing as she watched.  

Soon the mounds were golf ball sized, then they became pointy cones 
the size of tennis balls, almost like a young teenage girl's breasts.  
Tonisha started walking quickly toward the entrance and the safety 
of the ladies' room; she didn't want her expanding attributes to 
attract a lot of attention.  She could feel her breasts bouncing more 
and more as they grew larger.  The cones started to round out as 
their weight increased.  

By the time she reached the halfway point between her car and the 
mall her breasts had reached the size of large oranges, and were 
assuming a more mature shape.  Her areolae were widening and her 
nipples were starting to rub against the inside of her bra cups, 
sending shivers down Tonisha's spine.  She looked down again and 
saw that she would soon fill the huge bra cups which were empty 
five minutes ago.  Cleavage was forming now as her breasts grew 
even bigger and wider and started pushing against each other, 
fighting for the decreasing available space.  They were almost 
grapefruit sized, and were beginning to hang in a teardrop shape.  

As her breasts grew bigger and heavier, they began to bounce from 
side to side in a rhythmic fashion and Tonisha had to start 
compensating for the motion as she walked.  "That damn door didn't 
seem this far away when I started," she complained.  She felt 
material against her breasts, and took another quick look down to 
see she had filled her bra cups and a good three inches of cleavage 
was visible above her neckline.  "Good, maybe they'll stop now," she 
said hopefully.  She was almost at the mall door.  However, the 
growth was not quite complete.  The bra was beginning to feel snug, 
and some breast tissue was bulging slightly above the tops of the 
cups.  By the time she finally reached the door and got into the mall, 
her cleavage was an inch longer and shaking like a bowl of Jell-O 
with each step.  She noticed the appreciative stares she was getting 
from some of the men as she made her way into the ladies' room 
with a sigh of relief.  

And she could see what was attracting all the attention.  She stood 
staring at her reflection for a good minute before she said to herself, 
"Damn, Tonisha, you sure turned into one fine looking woman."  She 
stood about 5' 11" in her heels, and describing her as "full-figured" 
didn't do her justice.  Some finishing touches had been added during 
the walk from her car to the mall.  Her lips were now maroon to 
match her nails, and a darker lip-liner accented their fullness.  Her 
eyes were now highlighted with dark eyeshadow and mascara made 
her already beautiful lashes impossibly long and full.  A quick whiff 
told her that she was now wearing perfume, also.  Her complexion 
was without a single blemish or flaw.  Nothing short of a goddess, she 
thought with a smile.  

And moving down, her breasts were nothing short of extraordinary: 
they held their shape very well and didn't sag a fraction of an inch, 
despite their enormity.  She cupped them in her hands, or at least 
tried; their size was such that she could only grasp a small portion.  
She hefted them and was awestruck by their substantial weight.  "I 
don't think I've EVER seen a set of jugs like these," she said proudly.  
Her hands slid down her sides, tracing the indentation of her near-
waspish waist and flat stomach to her wide hips, and posed in the 
mirror, turning side to side as she pursed her lips and blew a kiss to 
her reflection, giggling at her coquettish behavior.  She turned to the 
side and admired the lines her full, round rear end made in her 
short, tight skirt, and gave her buttocks a squeeze, noting with more 
pride how firm they were.  She turned toward the mirror again and 
stepped back to get a better view of her long legs.  

Tonisha liked how her thighs had filled out with no gap in between.  
She didn't really care for that bony look.  She ran her hands over her 
thighs and relished how the pantyhose felt in her fingers.  Her legs 
tapered from her thighs down to shapely calves, then down to her 
small, delicate feet.  She walked around a bit keeping her eyes on the 
mirror and marveled at the hypnotic sway of her hips and butt and 
the man-stopping jiggle of her breasts.  Her heels brought out the 
sexy curves of her legs.  No wonder she was turning some heads.  She 
was an absolute knockout!

"Well, I'd better get going and see if Shaniqua's around," she thought, 
and headed back out into the mall.  She took the long way back to 
the record store, going through the food court, to soak up some more 
attention.  "I could get used to this," she thought.  She saw a tall  
well-built thirtysomething man walking toward her.  He smiled as he 
passed, and Tonisha found her own head turning to watch his butt as 
he continued on his way.  "I could really get used to this."  She just 
couldn't believe how much better she felt about herself than when 
she was Tony.  He was a good-looking guy, but he never really felt 
comfortable in dealing with the opposite sex.  Now she knew things 
were different, a lot different.  This change was definitely for the 

Tonisha finally reached the record store but was disappointed when 
she found no sign of Shaniqua.  The same guy was still behind the 
counter.  She scanned the store in vain, Shaniqua wasn't anywhere to 
be seen.  "Damn, where IS she?" she said in frustration.  "I'll have to 
come back tomorrow."  She turned to go when she heard a familiar 
voice call out, "Tonisha!  Over here, girl!"  She turned back to the 
counter and saw Shaniqua waving and smiling, just where the 
teenage boy had been a second ago.  Shaniqua came around the 
counter as Tonisha approached and gave her a huge hug.  "Sorry it 
took me a while to get back here, I didn't expect you so soon," she 
said.  "So how are you doing, girlfriend?"
"I just have to thank you so much, Shaniqua, I can't explain how 
fantastic I feel right now.  It's amazing," Tonisha gushed. 
Shaniqua stood back and gave Tonisha a once-over from head to toe 
with a critical eye.  

"Turn around for me, Tonisha," she said, motioning with her hand.  
Tonisha did a slow 360 for Shaniqua, who continued her examination.  
When Tonisha once again faced Shaniqua, she stopped and waited 
nervously for the results of the appraisal.  Shaniqua finally looked up 
and a smile slowly spread across her lips, then she said, "Mm-mmm, 
girl, I am positively jealous!  You look incredible!" 

As they hugged again, a thought crossed Tonisha's mind: an hour ago 
Tony's interest in Shaniqua had been of a sexual nature, and this hug 
would have been a tremendously arousing experience, but now 
Tonisha felt nothing but friendship for this woman.  "Thanks again, 
Shaniqua.  I owe you everything," Tonisha said gratefully.  

"Oh no, Tonisha, this was all you.  I knew you were there, I could see 
you.  I could tell you just needed to come out, and all I did was help 
you along, that's all,"  Shaniqua said as she took Tonisha's hand, 
gently squeezing it.    

"I do have one concern though," Tonisha said.  "What will happen to 
Tony?  I mean, his family and everything.  Won't they miss him?"  

Shaniqua smiled and said, "No, Tonisha, this is your new reality.  
Nobody else knows who Tony is or was; just you.  As far as anyone 
else is concerned, he never existed.  You're Tonisha now, and you've 
got her identity, her job and family.  And they love you very much."

"I didn't mean to hurt him or anything," Tonisha said sadly.

"Oh, don't worry, Tonisha.  This is what he wanted.  I could see that, 
too.  That's why this all happened.  Deep down inside he knew you 
had to come out, too.  He's not gone, Tonisha.  Tony's still in there, 
he'll always be around.  Believe me, he's OK." 

And deep down inside, Tonisha knew that, too.  "Now come on," 
Shaniqua said, tugging Tonisha's hand and pulling her toward the 
mall.  "What?  Where are we going?" Tonisha asked with a puzzled 

Shaniqua turned and smiled again.  "To get that cup of coffee."  

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