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Monday, August 6, 2012

Bikini Beach House Carwash by Fret Pearson


This is probably the first TG story I ever read.  The process of the change is what really got me going.

Hope you Enjoy!


DISCLAIMER: If you are under 18 years of age you shouldn't read this story. It contains unnatural sexual situations and warped gender identities which could corrupt your mind. Copyright © 1998 Fret Pearson. The author retains the right to translate it into the Spanish language. Direct comments to

Bikini Beach House Carwash: The Revenge
by Fret Pearson

It was another boring night in the city.
Jasmin and I were watching one of those stupid bikini beach house movies on late night cable, trying to stay awake for the good scenes. Luckily there were many. Though it had been advertised as a late-night bikini beach flick, it was actually a soft-core porno film, or seemed to be, anyway. Jasmin liked the cute guys, while I of course enjoyed all the girls in their tight swimsuits. Even though Jasmin is a died-in-the-wool feminist and made plenty of snide remarks about all the topless girls running around the movie, she liked watching the hunks and was curiously silent when the men were flexing onscreen. I annoyed her by making cracks about them. We were both a little buzzed, otherwise we wouldn't have been watching such crap in the first place. I think it was one of those cases where we both wanted to watch, but had to pretend to the other that we weren't interested.

I guess you could say Jasmin was my best friend. Nothing had ever developed between us because we had known each other for so long. And Jasmin isn't really my type - her feminist ideas didn't bother me at all, but occasionally they popped to the surface and got in the way of the cool conversations we could have had. I regularly changed the subject when politics and economics came up, because it was always sexist this, or sexist that. It's too bad, because Jasmin was a looker - short dark hair and a nice figure. A bit on the flat side, but her cuteness negated any complaints in that department. Oh yes, she was cute. What she thought of me I have no idea - I'm certainly not what you'd call a hunk, but I'm not bad if I do say so myself.
"Mike, why are we watching this?" she said for the millionth time. "You find something better," I mumbled. Just then another stud walked into the beach house and began massaging one of the main characters. I think she was the one who had inherited the house, but I couldn't keep all the bimbos straight. The main characters were all air-headed sluts with gigantic chests. I swear a few of them changed actors during the movie.
We would have been outside at one of the neighborhood parties but there were storm warnings in effect, and the air was charged with static electricity. The weatherman had said something about tonight's meteor storm being the cause, and had played it up enough that the rowdy bunch down the street were afraid of ruining their new sound system if a storm did hit - so no party for the first weekend in months. The only good side effect I suppose was that something in the air was causing my shitty little television to display a clear picture for once.
"I wish I had a sandwich," Jasmin said. Lightning flashed outside, and I wondered if I should close the upstairs windows. "Go make me one." She was staring at the body-builder's biceps. This movie was ridiculous. Everywhere the girls went, some body-builder or male model type popped up to sex them up. Reel life. I was hoping the camera would get back to those huge tits that had been dangling in his face a moment before. "Hot damn!" I said in appreciation as the film cut to a scene in another part of the house. Three of the girls were comparing their breasts and looking like they were going to start into a little lesbian action. The main girl's uncle, who had only pretended to die in the waterskiing accident, had spiked the house's water-softener with an experimental aphrodisiac. It was having an effect. The Asian girl bent and began sucking another's nipple. Now this was entertainment! "I wish we were in that house!" I said.
Jasmin punched me on the arm, and as I went to push her away I noticed something between us on the couch. What the fuck? I thought. There wasn't anything here a moment ago. It was a thin china plate with what looked like a ham sandwich on it. With a garnish and everything. And what was with all the lightning? It was like a laser show outside. I began to get a very ominous feeling in my gut. "Hey, my sandwich!" Jasmin said. "I don't believe it! I wished for this just a minute ago!" She picked up the sandwich and sniffed it. This was really weird. And I wished we were in the movie, I thought.
Suddenly the television picture began to get fuzzy. What the hell? But I realized it wasn't the television - my eyes were blurring. I was getting tired. Or was I? I felt dizzy - something definitely wasn't right. The lightning was making weird patterns in the windows behind the television. "So sleepy..." Jasmin murmured, and I felt her head hit my shoulder. She gave out a soft little snore and a piece of deli-sliced ham fell from her lips and slid down my shirt. Then I was out like a light.

The sensation of warmth on my face woke me up. Sunlight. I was still on the couch, but instead of sitting on it I was stretched along its length, on my back. There was a strange weight on my chest; I found it slightly difficult to breathe. I raised my head slowly only to see Jasmin's head resting a few inches from my chin. Her hair smelled nice. She was still asleep, partially on me. The light from the room-long framed deck window was brighter than hell. "Oh my god!" I said, and sat up further. My house didn't have a framed deck window, and this wasn't the couch I bought a year ago from the guy across the alley. It was much larger. And newer. Jasmin started as she slid off of me, catching herself before she hit the floor, which was now carpeted. What the hell? I looked around as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. It only took me a second to remember my wish. There was no doubt about it - we were definitely in the beach house from the movie! This room was huge, as were the rooms adjoining it.
"Mike, it can't be!" she said. "I don't believe it!"
"I don't either, but look at this place! Your wish came true, and then mine!" She groaned. "Dammit if I had known I would have wished for a million dollars instead of a sandwich. I wish I had a million dollars!" she shouted. Of course nothing happened.
We started looking around. To my surprise we were still on my old block - only it seemed my house had been replaced by the gigantic beach-front estate from the movie. It was easily four times the size of my old house. It appeared that my neighbors' houses had just been pushed outwards to make room. Next door was still the old doctor, and down the street was the beginning of party hardy central. And in the middle of it all a house straight out of Malibu. With no beach for hundreds of miles. Talk about out of place. Jasmin and I immediately began to explore. No one else seemed to be home. There were eight bedrooms and three bathrooms. Four of the bedrooms had a lived-in look, with closets full of female clothes, and other personal items. The other bedrooms were guest quarters, I suppose, and were mostly empty. The house had a large kitchen, an indoor pool, a steam room, and each bathroom had a large jacuuzi. And of course it had large living rooms and dining rooms and even a ballroom upstairs. All in all it was about fifty rooms covering five stories (two of which were below ground). It was easily worth several million dollars, unfurnished. As it was, furnished with what was obviously designer furniture, expensive works of art, and home theater systems, who knows how much it was worth? Every room had something to make my eyes pop out. I hoped it had fucking locks on the doors in this neighborhood.
I looked at a clock and was surprised to see that it was already late in the afternoon - Jasmin and I had slept for about 16 hours! I remembered why I had made the wish. "Where are the girls?" I wondered aloud. As if on cue, the front door opened and two giggling young women walked into the foyer with shopping bags. They threw their purses onto a mantle set into the wall and began separating their purchases. One girl was the Asian from the movie, the other a blonde that looked familiar but could have been half the girls who had frolicked through the film. Their bodies, especially their chests, were even more striking in person, though perhaps because each was showing generous amounts of cleavage and wearing short, tight skirts which accentuated their almost bowling-ball sized tits.
"Brrrr!" said the blonde, rubbing her arms under her breasts, "the A/C is cold." Both girls' nipples stood out against the thin fabric of their T-shirts. The indentations were as thick as thimbles. I could make out the blonde's areola. I realized I was staring.
"So what were you two up to last night?" giggled the Asian girl. "We saw you fell asleep on the couch together. But this morning you still had your clothes on..." She looked disappointed, and gave Jasmin a pouty look. I glanced at Jasmin and she was just blinking dumbly. Obviously this was not her fantasy come to life. I on the other hand... well I was still staring. The two bimbos shrugged and took their purchases (which mostly seemed to be clothes) upstairs. I noted their great asses, too.

Jasmin went home to take a shower and clean up, but said she'd be back to help me sort out what was going on in a few hours. She only lived a few blocks away. To tell the truth, I was actually glad to see her go because I REALLY wanted to investigate the two girls upstairs, and I knew she wouldn't appreciate my motives. Hey, I wanted to see if these really were the girls from the movie. If they were, my life was in for quite a radical change! To my surprise each girl's name was burned into the wood framework above her door. Had those been there earlier when we had explored the house? "Suzy" read the moniker above the Asian's door. She had all her new clothes - lingerie and swimsuits and skimpy tops - laid out on her bedspread and was seemingly organizing them in some way. Her closet door stood open behind her - how she was going to get any additional items in it was beyond me. I knocked on the door and she looked up.
"Come in!" she said happily. She was Chinese, about 5 foot 2 inches tall, with an hourglass figure. Her huge breasts were probably an EE cup or larger. I doubted they were real, but you never know. Her T-shirt was untucked and her high heels had been kicked into a corner next to the dresser. As I entered the room she looked at me curiously. "You know, it's really funny but I can't remember your name!" She giggled and sucked on the tip of a finger. "Like, I recognize you sort of, but it's funny..." She trailed off. She held a bra up to her chest and twisted back and forth in front of a mirror mounted on the wall. "So why didn't you fuck Jasmin?" she whispered, laughing. "How come you know her name and not mine?" I said. She looked at me, confused.
"She doesn't even live here," I continued, even louder. "Yes she does!" the girl squeaked. She frowned and gave me a stern look, as if she might be mad at me. Try as I might, I couldn't take her seriously and swallowed a grin. In a few seconds her anger had vanished and she was looking me over.
"You know, you're a weird looking guy. How come you don't have more muscles? Are you sick maybe?"
Before I could respond she gave me a "shooing" motion with her long-nailed hands. "Now please leave. I have to see if this makes my boobs look good," she said, waving the lacy bra from the bed. She pulled off her shirt, exposing another bra - a very full one. Despite the support, her beautiful, dark golden tits bounced slightly from the motion of her arms. All I could do was stammer. I couldn't believe she was practically undressing in front of me, and took my time backing out of her bedroom. She continued to shoo me away with one hand as she clawed for her bra hooks with the other.
"My name is Mike!" I said as her door closed.
One down, one to go, I thought. I walked to the other girl's room but she wasn't in. Her shopping bags were on her bed and I sneakily rummaged through them for a quick second. These bras had to be specialty items, the cups were so big. Baby, I thought. I left to go look for her. She was an American bombshell - much more my style. "Christie" read the name above her door. At the end of the hall was a set of stairs that twisted back down to the living room in the back of the house. This place was a maze of comfortable-looking furniture. The bathroom up here was empty, but maybe Christie had wandered down to the one off of that living room. Presumably she was trying on her clothes as well. Hell, maybe she was in the pool.
I was about to go check when I noticed the name "Jasmin" above the rear bedroom.

She was crying because the strangers living in her apartment had threatened to call the police. We were sitting on the queen-sized bed in the bedroom labeled "Jasmin." Presumably the wish intended Jasmin to live in this house from now on, with me and the girls. I was always bad about comforting women, and in this case it was especially odd, because Jasmin is usually a rock of feminine strength. Accepting support from a man was against her feminist creed. But this ordeal had clearly upset her, and she was being unusually emotional about it. I put my arm around her and let her talk. I felt terrible because this was essentially my fault.
"I thought it was a joke at first, but I could see through the door that all my stuff was gone," she said. "It's like I never even lived there. All my stuff, my books and CDs and clothes... I can't believe it. This is like some nightmare!" She burst into tears again.
"Did you try calling your parents?"
"Yeah, but I just got the machine." She twisted uncomfortably, pulling away from me and picking at her shirt. "Do I look different to you?" she asked. "My hair feels longer and I swear these clothes have shrunk." I looked at her and couldn't see any changes. If anything the skin on her face had cleared up a little, but otherwise she looked like the same old Jasmin, except of course for the tears drying under her eyes. On second thought maybe her hair was a bit longer, but if so it was still an even length so it was hard to tell.
She walked to the closet and fingered some of the outfits. "Look at the size of these bras - this is some sleazy male fantasy all right. There's no way I'm going to wear any of these outfits, even if I could fit into them. Good thing this house has a washer and dryer - I can wear these again tomorrow." "I'm with you on that," I said, suddenly realizing that she wasn't the only one who had lost all her personal belongings. But it didn't bother me much. I now had a big-screen TV, so who cares if I had lost some clothes and books I was never going to read anyway?

Around 8:00 that evening we were in the rear living room trying to figure out what we could do to change reality back to normal. I admit I wasn't in as big of a hurry as Jasmin to set things right, but she was my friend and I hated to see her so upset. Still part of me kept thinking, somewhere in this house are two beautiful girls who would sleep with you in a hot second, Mikey boy. Speak of the devil. Suzy and Christie entered and sat across from us on the adjoining sofa. Jasmin groaned, but I wanted to thank God right there on the spot. Both were wearing only tight slacks and bras - probably not even panties. Their flat tummies and round tits (even partially hidden by fresh- from-the-store bras) were more flesh than I had seen on some completely naked women. And their form-fitting slacks accentuated their flaring hips. They looked delicious. Naturally I had to adjust my seating position to keep my appreciation inconspicuous.
"Jeez, are you two comfortable?" Jasmin said sarcastically.
"You bet!" said Suzy happily.
Despite their beauty, they quickly became annoying as they picked up fashion magazines from the coffee table and began chatting loudly to each other about who was cute in what, which guys they wanted to fuck, who would look better with bigger boobs, etc. They were shameless, and a few times I almost laughed outloud at their comments. If sailors had been present, they would have been blushing. What am I saying? If sailors had been present they would have been getting busy.
Several times the bimbos mentioned an upcoming carwash - I remembered from the movie that the girls were planning to use it to raise money to try and keep the house away from the clutches of the bank. This was something I would have to check out later, for if I lost this house this wish would get old real fast. Of course now wasn't a good time to bring it up.
I pretended to pay closer attention to Jasmin, who was really talking about weird stuff - different dimensions and science fiction stories she had read. She hypothesized, and I agreed, that the strange weather and meteor storm were probably the reasons our wishes had come true. The weatherman had made quite a big deal about the storm's meteorological importance. But even knowing the cause didn't help us reverse what had happened. Unfortunately I was distracted and quite unhelpful to Jasmin as she tried to get to the bottom of it. At 9:00 Christie and Suzy invited us to go to some place called Maxwell's for drinks, but of course we declined. They were going to meet with a Mr. Johnson about the house, whatever that meant. It sounded familiar, like I should have known what they were talking about, but I just didn't. I was pretty tired, and Jasmin was clearly uncomfortable being away from home all day. She was acting really fidgety, unlike her usual self. I really did hope things would fix themselves by morning, and suggested that we sleep on the problem and start fresh the next day.
"Yeah, I don't know why I'm so beat," she said, rubbing her eyes. "I'm exhausted. And this bra is killing me." She adjusted it, frowned, then shook her head. Now I thought I must have been seeing things, for her hair was past her shoulders, at least three inches longer than I remembered it being last night. "All this thinking is giving me a headache." She put her hands behind her back and pushed, cracking her upper back. As she did so, she frowned at her jutting breasts. "Mike, look at my boobs! They're bigger! That's why my bra feels so tight." She peeked into her shirt, and then looked at me, a very frightened grimace on her face.
"They look the same to me,' I said. She was still pretty flat in the chest department, to be honest. Especially compared to our new roommates. "Your hair does seem a bit longer, though."
"My hair!" She felt it with her hands, then cupped her breasts. "Those airheads! I've got to get out of this house! I'll call you tomorrow!" She ran out of the room.
Where was she going to stay? She was really acting weird. Still, as I sat there I wondered what she would look like with huge tits like Suzy or Christie had. That would be something else, to see a died-in-the-wool feminist like Jasmin sporting FF knockers. Not something you see every day, I chuckled to myself. I let the image stick in my mind as I walked upstairs to one of the empty bedrooms and fell asleep.

I awoke to the sounds of moaning from the room next door. Checking the clock next to my bed I saw it was 2:25 am. Through the wall I could hear Christie groaning and calling out.
"Oooh, fuck me! Yes! Yes! Ooooooh, yes..."
These and other guttural comments coming from her were punctuated by what were obviously male grunts. Christie was having sex only a few feet away from me! Either that or she had a porno going at full blast. Try as I might, I couldn't ignore the sounds and even felt myself getting a hard-on from the high-volume sex session next door. I guess Christie had gotten lucky last night - or more to the point, some fellow had gotten lucky, and was getting the fuck of his life. "Yes, there! There! There... Oh fuck yes!"
I put my hand on the wall and to my surprise it was vibrating with the force of someone's thrusts. Damn! They were right on the other side! All this did was turn me on further, and I gently squeezed my dick in my hand as I eavesdropped. Actually it sounded more like Christie was getting the fuck of her life. She was obviously a screamer. I thought back to the movie and all the body- builders the girls had encountered everywhere they went - did that apply now? It made me wonder how much of the movie's actual "plot" (using the term loosely) had carried over because of the wish - the inheritance, the bank foreclosure, the aphrodisiac, etc.
"Oh oh oh oh oh OH OH OH! OH mmmmmmm!" Christie's voice subsided, and the vibrations stopped. All I could hear was a soft panting. Suddenly I was aware of the presence of my nipples. That's odd, I thought. Usually I didn't think about them at all. But tonight I could tell they were hard just from the "tight" sensation coming from them. I tapped one and noticed that it was definitely more sensitive than normal. What's going on now? I thought. This has never happened before. As I began to ponder this new development I felt my eyes drifting shut. The silence next door was lulling me back to sleep.
Slowly I nodded off, my dick softening in my hand.

"Wake up sleepy-head," someone said. I rolled over onto my stomach and tried to bury my face in my pillow, but someone kept shaking my shoulder. "What time is it," I groaned, pushing myself up away from the bed. As I did so I felt the strangest sensation on my chest, like it was dangling beneath me. It barely registered in my mind, the sensation was so slight. But as the sleep began to clear from my head I wondered what the hell I was feeling. It was 10:05 am. I turned to see Jasmin leaning over me.
"Surprise!" she said, smiling down at me. What's the surprise? I thought, and then I got a good look at her.
All she was wearing was a black bra, panties, and high heels. But that's not what caught my attention and slammed the last bit of sleepiness from my brain. This wasn't the same Jasmin I had been with yesterday - her breasts were gigantic, her waist was thin, her hips were voluptuous, and her legs were longer and smoother. She had the same classic hourglass shape that Suzy and Christie did. Her long dark hair curled down past her full chest to just above her bellybutton. If it weren't for her face I would have taken her for a complete stranger. She wiggled her chest and her new boobs wobbled in a way that defied description. My best friend had become a goddess! It was a few seconds before I could speak.
"I uh... I thought you were going to stay at a friend's house or something," I stammered.
"I took a nap on the front deck. Just for a few minutes to rest my eyes but then I woke up and my boobs were so big." She reached up and lifted them in her hands, pushing them together. I noticed that her bright pink nails were about an inch and a half long and perfectly filed. She sighed. "They feel so good, like, everything about me feels sooo much better than yesterday. And I fit into my clothes now." She ran her fingers under her bra straps, smiling at me. "Are... are you okay?" I asked. She sounded like an airhead! Her voice was higher and she was almost talking like a little girl. I quickly realized what was going on - my wish had turned her into a babe straight out of the movie. What had I done? I had to find a way to change her back! Jasmin sat down next to me and pulled the covers away from me. "All I want for you to do is give my boobs a nice massage," she giggled. Before I could react she smoothly unhooked her bra and slid out of it, exposing her firm tits, then grabbed my hands and placed them on her chest. Her areolae were about three inches wide, her nipples fat and puffy. She sighed at my touch. Her globes were so warm and soft, and really big in my hands. Too big. Something was funny... I let out a high-pitched scream.
My finger nails were about half an inch long, and also perfectly manicured.

I ran to the bathroom, stripping out of my jockey shorts in the hall. Painfully I took inventory in the full-length mirror. I was an idiot for not realizing what was happening sooner.
My now blonde hair was down to my shoulders, I was at least five inches shorter, my hips were wider, my hands and arms were gracefully feminine, my legs and chest devoid of hair. The worst changes were my breasts and genitals. Yes, I now had small, yet definite, breasts. Maybe an A cup, I don't know. Enough to jiggle when I ran. My nipples were very large, and damned sensitive. And most shocking of all, my penis was half its former size and try as I might I couldn't get it erect. My balls were also tiny. My face was more feminine, the angles softer. My nose was almost "cute." I looked more like a masculine girl then a feminine guy!
The damn wish was turning me into a bimbo, too!
I had to find a way to change Jasmin back to normal, and reverse the changes in myself! If this kept up soon I would be an airhead, too, surely incapable of doing anything to fix this mess, assuming I could now. I put on my clothes from yesterday, not giving a damn if they were a bit smelly. There was no time to lose. I found Jasmin in the kitchen, taking some frozen waffles from the freezer. Her forehead was wrinkled in concentration. She was still topless, and my eyes were drawn to her tits. At least I still found her attractive, I mused. If I started getting turned on by guys I'd have to kill myself or something. "Jasmin, look at me! I'm turning into a girl! We have to find a way to get back home! You were right last night, we have to get out of here or we'll be stuck forever!"
She shook her head, not even glancing at me. There was a stack of frozen waffle packages on the counter behind her. "Look," she said excitedly. "I take the last box of waffles out and then when I close the refrigerator and open it back up..." She did so, adding another package to the stack. "More waffles! We have unlimited waffles!" she giggled happily. "I'm hungry for waffles," she added a few seconds later.
"Jasmin, you remember my wish, don't you?" I asked, exasperated.
"Sure," she said. "You wished we could be in this house, so now we live here. And I have big boobs!" As if suddenly realizing they were there, she rubbed one of the packages across the top slopes of her breasts. "Oooh! Chilly!" While she toasted the frozen waffles, I tried to carry on a normal conversation with her, but the friend I remembered was gone. The new Jasmin was an air- headed bimbo who could barely read the directions for toasting frozen waffles. The only thing I could think of was to get the hell out of the house. I had no where to go, but I could figure something out. I decided to leave as soon as I had had breakfast. I would have left sooner, but when I smelled the waffles I just had to have some. I guess I was really hungry from the changes my body had already undergone.
Reluctantly I sat down with Jasmin at the kitchen table to eat. She was telling me how much she couldn't wait to go outside and work on her tan when Suzy and Christie came into the kitchen, their hair messed up and last night's makeup smeared. Both were wearing flimsy nighties. They obviously had just awoken. "Yum, waffles!" Christie said.
Something struck me odd about Suzy but I forgot it as a man entered wearing only pajama bottoms - the fellow Christie had picked up at Maxwell's last night, I assumed. He could have been a professional body-builder; he had muscles chiseled from solid rock. Great, just what I need, I thought. His eyes popped out of his head when he saw Jasmin sitting at the table nude from the waist up, her large tits swaying gently as she buttered a waffle. Immediately he walked over to her.
"Baby, you are beautiful."
Jasmin smiled up at him and blushed. She put down her knife and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand, then let her gaze roam over the body- builder's muscled frame. I realized I was staring at his muscles, too, and turned away in disgust. I looked at Christie and Suzy. I suddenly realized what had struck me odd about Suzy - she was a different person! I mean she was still Suzy, but now she was Japanese instead of Chinese!
"Suzy what is going on?" I blurted out. "Today you're Japanese!" She looked at me in confusion.
"I'm Asian," she said, matter-of-factly.
"Suzy we need a shower bad!" Christie giggled. Suzy nodded, sweeping back her messed hair.
"Alan, you don't mind," she said as they left hand in hand. I just sat there. I knew I should have left, but something was keeping me in the room. Slowly it dawned on me that I was feeling a flutter of excitement from Alan's presence. He clearly didn't care about the girls' exit - he was still staring at Jasmin, and she him. I followed her gaze down to the stiff tent-like bulge in his pajamas, and felt myself repulsed and attracted at the same time. Jasmin was licking her lips. Alan walked over behind her chair and bent to kiss her neck. His hands slipped beneath her breasts and began squeezing and caressing them. Her hands slid over his and began directing his fondling. I couldn't believe it - she was like an animal in heat. I had never seen anything like this outside of television. They acted like I wasn't even there. She purred with pleasure, her eyes closed and her mouth open as she was manhandled. I watched frozen for a few seconds until Alan winked at me, then I started to get up. That's fucking enough of this, I thought.
But I was pushed back into my chair by a pair of strong hands on my shoulders. Someone was standing behind me. "Hey, what-" I said but was cut off by the sensation of one of the hands slipping down into my shirt collar to smother my new right breast. Even though they were small, my junior high tits were sensitive and the rough warmth of the hand made me gasp. I turned and looked into the face of another handsome guy, who looked like a surfer on steroids. I wanted to pull away from him but my body had other ideas, and instead twisted closer to him, until my cheek was pressed against his hard chest. His other hand grasped my left breast through my T-shirt and both began gently pinching and rolling my nipples. In spite of myself I moaned. What startled me was the shockingly female sound of my voice.
The surfer lifted me up slowly and turned me around to face him. Still caressing my chest with one hand, he pulled me against him with the other. My small hands with their long nails didn't look so out of place on his warm hairy chest, and I didn't pull away. Then he was lifting my chin upwards and suddenly we were kissing. My mind screamed at me to stop, but the sensations from my chest and now my lips were so wonderful... The occasional squeal from Jasmin behind me only excited me further. I found myself sucking on his tongue, making out with a fervor I hadn't experienced since high school. He was rubbing his cock against my leg, and before I knew what I was doing my hand was in his pants and I was gently squeezing it. I've never felt anything so warm and hard and long. And wide! My hand couldn't get enough of it. Out of the corner of one eye I could see Jasmin kneeling before Alan, bobbing as she sucked on his erect shaft. I closed my eyes, not wanting to be reminded of what I was doing, only wanting the sensations to continue . Then suddenly my breasts were being rubbed even harder, my ass was being squeezed, and I felt his member twitching, and a warm stickiness coated my hand and the inside of his pajamas. "Oh yeah, baby!" he said, pulling away from my lips. I wanted him to keep rubbing my boobs but he fell into the chair I had occupied, breathing heavily, a tired smile on his face. The full realization of what I had just done dawned on me and I held up my cum-spattered hand in disgust. The warm milky fluid was dripping from it in long strings. I looked around the kitchen. Alan was in the chair across from the surfer, naked, his limp, glistening member lolling against one thigh. Before I could wipe my hand off, Jasmin took it and began lapping the cum from it. There was already some on her lips and at the corners of her mouth. "Mmmm..." she said. "I never knew cum was this tasty..." I could only stare at her as she held my hand to her lips. She sucked hard on my fingers, trying to get every last drop. "Thanks Michelle, that was yummy." Michelle? I ran to my bedroom.

Though the room I had slept in had been mostly empty the night before - now it was filled with clothes and feminine furnishings. I sat on the bed and cried, whether due to my new feminine hormones or the extremity of my situation, I don't know. Yes, a quick check of the paneling above my door revealed the engraving "Michelle." For some reason I forgot about trying to leave the house. I don't know why - it just didn't seem like a good idea anymore. I didn't want to go outside looking like a girl/boy hybrid. How long before I was a mindless bimbo like Christie, Suzy, and Jasmin? I tried to remember the multiplication tables drilled into me during grade school, and found myself unable to. This caused me to burst into tears again.
By noon I had gathered up enough courage to check my body in the bathroom again. As I knew it would be, it was even more feminine. I was really short now - everything seemed so big. Though I was still technically a male, my penis was just a bump and my balls were a single minuscule lump below it. There was no way anyone would mistake me for a male - I had full, pouty lips and a gorgeous face, framed by thick blonde hair. The hair on my arms was smooth and white. I now had a neat blonde triangle of pubic hair, a flat tummy, and bigger boobs. I estimated them to be a C cup, but what the hell experience did I have with measuring breasts when they were on me? They wiggled like jelly with every step. Still thank god there was no way I could wear one of the FF cup bras in my closet.
I hefted them in my small hands and bit my puffy lower lip at the amazing sensations radiating from them. God, this feels good, I thought. Before I could stop I was gently smoothing and rubbing them around my chest, pinching the nipples and even moaning. They felt so good, it was incredible! I wondered if all women had boobs that felt this good. If so how could they get anything done all day? Somehow I knew that this was part of the new reality created by my wish. I fell against the bathroom sink as I fondled them in earnest. Soon I was breathing heavily, my heart racing.
Suddenly the image of the surfer at breakfast popped into my head, and I was fantasizing about him as I touched myself. I couldn't control my mind. If only he were here, I thought, I would wrap my boobs around his thick cock... Or better yet my lips.... Soon I was carried away in the fantasy, and was even rubbing the tiny nub between my legs. It felt sooo good to rub, too. I licked at my hand, trying to catch a taste of the surfer's seed. I imagined him spurting great wads of ooey-gooey cum into my mouth as I licked the cracks between my fingers. Then I felt the sensations coming from my crotch increasing and all of a sudden I was cumming, my body jerking with little explosions of pleasure. It was fantastic. "Oh yessssssss..." I moaned. A great release came over me, and I fell to the bathroom floor, my tits bouncing softly, a sheen of sweat covering my chest. I saw a few drops of fluid on my crotch and thigh, and didn't know if it was sperm or something else.
God, what have I become? I thought. I really am attracted to men now. After a few minutes I started the shower. I had to clean myself off. The warm spray on my breasts felt like heaven and I had to use all my willpower to keep my hands from wandering. My skin was so soft and supple, so smooth and shiny in the water. Soon I was washing my tits and it felt so good and I was so horny and I dropped to the floor of the stall, the water stinging my face as I moaned. My mouth gasped for air as I continued to squeeze and fondle myself. Through it all I knew my body was still changing, that soon I would be a complete woman.

Jasmin was reading one of the fashion magazines in the living room when I gathered up enough courage to come downstairs. She had at least put her bra back on. Strangely enough I couldn't remember what I had done with my old clothes, so I had improvised from the closet in my room. I was now wearing panties, shorts, and a large T-shirt. None of the bras would fit, not that I was about to put one on anyway.
"Ooh, you look much prettier now," Jasmin said. "Suze and Chris went to the beach to pick up some guys," she giggled. "Since you were upset I decided to stick around to cheer you up." I was relieved that the men from this morning were apparently gone. One nights stands.
She looked at me wickedly. "So how did you like breakfast?"
I ignored the question. I had to get through to her. "Jasmin, look at you. You're reading a stupid fashion magazine - don't you remember you used to hate those? And this morning you blew that guy who you'd never even met before! Remember once you said oral sex was the most degrading thing possible for a woman to do to a man?"
"Yeah, but now I'm so horny. Since we moved in all I can think about is sex and getting fucked. And blowjobs are fun!" She shrugged her shoulders. Then she cupped her breasts and pulled them up to her cheek. She nuzzled them for a few seconds.
"Besides, it'd be, like, a crime for me not to use this body for what it was intended. Don't you just want to get fucked right now..." I crossed my arms under my breasts and just stared at her. She put the magazine back on the coffee table and slowly traced circles around her tits, sliding her fingers into the cups of her bra to touch her nipples. Just watching her was making me hot, and my own chest was demanding attention. I tried to ignore it, but it was a losing battle. To my horror, I felt a warm and "wet" sensation between my legs.
"Can't you see you're acting like some bimbo slut?" I said, almost in tears. "You used to be smart, smarter than me. Now you're an airhead! You're everything you used to hate!"
Her hands were both inside her bra cups now, gently cupping and caressing. I could see the indentation of her knuckles through the inner silk padding. She only stared at me, her mouth open in a silent gasp of pleasure, her eyes devoid of any intellect.
Thankfully Suzy and Christie returned just then, wearing incredibly skimpy bikinis. It was a wonder their tops didn't snap. The two had smirks on their faces, and were staring at me for some reason. "What?" I said.
"What what?" said Christie.
"You have such cute little boobs," said Suzy. Against my will, I blushed at the compliment. Suzy is so nice, I thought. I looked down at the twin points pushing out from my tan "Beach Baby" T-shirt. With a start I realized I was daydreaming, and the girls had been talking.
"I thought you were going to pick up some guys?" pouted Jasmin. She had stopped feeling herself up. Suzy nodded, and winked at the brunette. "We couldn't find the beach. We walked around forever but I guess we missed it. A lot of guys honked at us, though. We told them all about the carwash tomorrow and they sure were interested!"
"Yeah, like totally interested," said Christie. "You know what," Jasmin said, "I bet you guys are really thirsty. How about a glass of water?"
"Yeah, a glass of water would hit the spot right now."
"I sure am thirsty for some water."
What the hell were they talking about? Then as they left for the kitchen I remembered the experimental aphrodisiac from the movie. I ran after them as they stood around the sink, Jasmin filling glasses. 'Don't drink that!" I cried. "Remember the ap... aphr..." I couldn't seem to remember the word all of a sudden, it had too many syllables. 'Remember in the movie the uncle drugged the house's water!" I shook Jasmin and she spilled water on the floor. "Stop it Michelle! Aren't you thirsty for a glass of water?" I realized my throat was dry, but I ignored it. I tried in vain to stop them but they each downed a large glass of water.
"Medicine-y" said Suzy.
Then Jasmin handed me a glass and without thinking I started drinking it. I don't know why I did it - it was like I forgot for a second that I was trying to stop them from drinking the water and all I wanted was a nice big glass for myself. It tasted funny, bitter. Despite myself I drained it completely and coughed at the aftertaste.
There was a knock at the front door. "Why don't you see who that is, Michelle?"
Suzy giggled. She and Christie started whispering excitedly to Jasmin.

I opened the front door to see a totally amazing bodybuilder. My mind went blank as he flexed his biceps before me, leaning against one of the deck posts. What a stud-muffin, I thought.
"Someone called for an escort?" he said. His voice was deep and dark, like his tan. He was wearing only a pair of khaki pants - my eyes roamed over his muscled frame, and a small trickle of drool escaped from the corner of my mouth as I continued to stare. Why was I acting this way? There was a tingly warmth in my head, a fuzziness that felt really nice. I realized it was the drugged water, but that didn't make it go away.
"C-come in..." I said.
Trying to ignore the desires overwhelming me was pointless. As he entered the house I stepped into the doorway, rubbing my pointy boobs against him. He grinned at me and pulled down on my oversized T-shirt, exposing my right shoulder as the neck hole stretched past my collarbone. I was surprised to see some freckles on my shoulder. I slid that arm out of my shirt, then traced the muscles on his chest with a fingernail, sliding my hand along him, cupping the hard indentations. He was so much taller than me, so much more powerful - I found that really exciting. A wonderful delirious desire was washing over me - I was wet and ready and I wanted to be fucked by this stud! I wanted to feel him inside me. A small part of my mind tried to rebel at these desires, but as the fuzziness increased it began harder and harder to remember why I was so opposed to something that my body wanted so badly.
One of his hands was on my ass. The other pulled harder on my shirt and it slid down over my slim frame. First one boob popped out, then another. He grasped them one at a time, squeezing roughly. It hurt but it also felt better than anything I could have ever imagined. It made me moan hungrily. My nipples were on fire. I rubbed my crotch against his growing hardness, begging him to fuck me. I could tell he was huge. I freed my left arm and finally got my hands down to his tight pants; I began squeezing him like he had me. He was so big! I unzipped him and fell to my knees. I wanted him inside me badly, but I wanted to taste him, too. I was like a little girl in a candy store, I didn't know what to try next.
Before I knew it I was slurping on his rock-hard cock. It was long and slightly curved, a massive specimen. I sucked hard, taking him as far into my mouth as I could, sliding my tongue along his smooth shaft. In the back of my mind I wondered why I had never tried this before. It felt so good to be pleasuring a man, to feel his fingers in my hair as he fucked my full lips. He was groaning and I could tell I was doing a good job. It made me happy. The sounds of my sucking and slurping were loud in my head. And then suddenly it was over, and my cheeks were stretched as my mouth filled with cum. I savoured the taste, swallowing slowly to make room for more warmness. I remembered experimentally tasting my own sperm when I was a man - this was different. This was heaven. I knew I was addicted.
He collapsed on the foyer floor. My cheek was on his stomach, I swallowed the last gulp of cum and gasped for air. Some had come out of my nose. I started licking and cleaning his softening cock. I had to have more. Better yet, I had to get fucked. I craved his hardness - I wanted it inside me so badly. After a few seconds he stood and, clasping my wrist in his hand, dragged me gently across the tiles to the carpet of the main living room. I giggled at his strength. The fuzz in my head was stronger now, but all I could concentrate on was what I knew to be my new wet pussy. I was hot with desire, my shorts damp. He was hard again. He rolled on top of me, flattening me with his weight. Then he gently unsnapped my shorts and pulled them off, tossing them against the far wall of the room. From where I lay I could see the sun setting over the doctor's house next door. The bodybuilder pulled roughly at my soaked panties, leaving a tingly trail of wetness on my thighs as he removed them, sliding them down my legs and over my ankles. My beautiful pussy was exposed to him, and with some shock I realized I could smell myself. I knew I was a fully-formed woman. "Please please fuck me!" I said.
He slid into me. My T-shirt was still around my stomach, and I could see my abdominal muscles straining as I arched my back at the penetration. It was a delicious pain, but slowly the pain disappeared and it was simply delicious. Words can not describe what I felt as he slowly began bucking his hips, thrusting in and out of me, his hands smothering my boobs, his face inches away but never touching mine. The pleasure was so intense - I called out again and again, my feminine voice shrieking at the sensations I felt. In an attempt to somehow gather more pleasure, my hands slid to our pelvises, feeling the hot slick skin of our union - him entering me again and again. There was so much pleasure there that it almost felt like my hands were poking and rubbing at a great white hot ball of numbness. This, I realized somewhere in the back of my mind, was my new clitoris being stroked with each pump. My body was soon building toward a peak, and my voice was getting higher and higher. I opened my eyes to see my tits standing out like cones - he was pulling on my engorged nipples, stretching my breasts out. Oh I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, I thought. Then waves of satisfaction crashed over me, drowning me in their volume. Hours seemed to pass as I reveled in my body. I realized I had passed out for a few seconds, my mind unable to deal with the stimuli. Then more waves hit. The famous female multiple orgasm. When I was able to sense my surroundings, I realized I was still being fucked. He was still pounding into me, and I pulled his face to mine, trying to kiss him. But he jerked away, increasing the power of his thrusts. Then I felt him pushing even harder, actually moving me against the carpet, and suddenly I was being filled with the warmth of his seed. He slowed his pace, gasping. I pulled him to me and felt his full weight as his sweaty chest crushed my tits. My lips closed over a salty ear. My last thoughts before I passed out were: more, more, more...

When I woke up I was lying by myself on the living room floor. Everything came back to me. The memory of what I had done didn't seem to bother me, which I realized was odd. It was dark outside - I couldn't tell how long I had slept. Then I sat up and noticed my huge tits. They seemed as big and round as volleyballs. My nipples were bigger, too. And my hips were almost freakishly wide compared to my waist, especially when I looked down at myself naked. My hair was long and silky blonde. For a long time I just stared at myself, my tits rising and falling softly as I breathed. All I was wearing was the stretched out T-shirt around my waist. I pulled it down into a makeshift skirt and stood. I felt sticky, but it felt good, too. My mind started to wander as I thought about how I had been fucked.
Am I really a dumb slut now, like Christie and Suzy? I thought. I felt pretty slutty, I guess. But it felt nice. I tried to think of something smart but it's too hard to think when you actually try. Then I tried to do some elementary math, adding simple numbers like 2 + 3. I knew I could get it if I tried, but I just didn't feel like school. As I walked into the kitchen I groped my bigger boobs. Wow! They felt even better than before. They were so heavy, I wanted to lean forward and just swing them around. I liked having big titties, and nice pink girl nipples. I knew I didn't want to be a girl before, but that was before I got fucked. I giggled, noting how sexy my voice was. Now being female didn't seem that bad at all! Hey, where was everyone? I searched the house.
Suzy, Christie, and Jasmin were all in Suzy's bedroom. It smelled like girl sex! They were naked, but I didn't get excited when I looked at their bods now. They were just girls, like me. What I wanted was a nice long cock. But then I wondered, why had they been fucking? It was confusing. I took some lubrication from Suzy's desk and rubbed it all over myself, then slid onto Jasmin. She groaned in her sleep, pushing me away. I got all stuck to the sheets, which was fun. I was horny, not tired. "Wake up," I said, but they were fast asleep. I put her hands on my boobs and made her rub me. I wanted to be touched so bad. She even woke up a little and felt my big tits, and I started fingering myself. If only I had longer fingers! It was hard with my pretty fingernails. Then Jasmin woke up all the way and rolled away from me.
"Go to bed Michelle!' she said. "We have to get some sleep for the carwash tomorrow."
Oh yeah, I thought. I forgot about the carwash. What carwash? I couldn't remember but I was sure it would come back to me. I saw it was 3:46 in the morning. Before I went to bed, I took one of the long dildoes from my closet into the bathroom. In the jacuuzi, with my eyes closed, it was almost like a real cock. As I pumped myself I realized I didn't really know the difference yet. That would have to be fixed pronto! Mmmm, I came again and again. Hours later, I went to bed.

Suzy explained it to me. Jasmin helped - she's so smart. The carwash was so we wouldn't lose the house. Uncle had lost a lot of money gambling and even though I had inherited the beach house, I had to pay the bank or else we were out on the street. Banks are so stupid. But they have money, which is good. Mr. Walters from the bank was kind of geeky when he stopped by to threaten us. His dad was bank president.
He called before he came, so we got all ready with a fun little plan. I painted my fingernails a pretty pink like Jasmin's, and dressed in a sexy business woman suit. I left the top two buttons undone. And I used a special push-up bra so my cleavage stuck out real far. I was so happy my bras fit. I felt like a real woman with my tits supported. I looked so professional! "I'm sorry girls but I need the money by 4:00 pm today, or else we're going to foreclose this house. There have even been some zoning violations - frankly I'm amazed your uncle ever got this place built in this area." I remembered wishing to live in the house with Jasmin when I was a guy, but I also remembered crying at my uncle's funeral. It was so confusing. And there was also something about the water in the house... I couldn't keep it all straight. Thinking was so hard as a girl.
Christie and I separated Mr. Walters from his assistant and started rubbing against him in the kitchen. I tried to say bank things to him but that got me confused so I decided to use my body to my advantage. He kept looking at my boobs, which made me so happy. Guys can't ignore big boobs, I knew from experience. Suddenly I knew what would make him forget about taking the house! I unzipped his pants and pulled out his chubby. It was small but he had big balls which meant lots of cum. I needed it. God, I am really a horny cocksucker now, I thought. It made me giggle.
"Hey, what are you doing?" he squeaked, but didn't try to stop me. Christie rubbed her cleavage in his face as I hungrily sucked him, mewing excitedly. I could get his whole cock in my mouth. It was great. I sucked harder and harder. It's funny to hear a nerd like Mr. Walters groan. Soon I was rewarded with spurt after spurt of thick salty cum. Christie couldn't resist and joined me in licking his little cock clean. She even licked the cum from my lips and I forgot she was a girl and we started making out. But after the cum taste was all gone we realized what had happened. We were blondes after all so it was okay to do something like that once in a while. The only problem was that Mr. Walters was gone.
Jasmin and Suzy said his assistant was gone too, even though they had fucked him. It was hard to think with the aftertaste in my mouth. I wished I had more cum, but I knew the carwash was only a few hours away. Just thinking about it started me drooling. Everyone was talking around me but all I could do was think about the taste in the back of my throat.

At 10:00 the carwash was already lined up with guys. Mr. Johnson was the owner or something and he said we could keep all the profits from now until closing. He had advertised at the beach or somewhere for our special $20 "blowjob" car washes, so we were indebted to him. I knew he was a nice man the first time I saw him because he looked just like my poor uncle, except with a mustache and glasses.
I looked at the long line of tanned, muscled guys and their jeeps and Corvettes and Mustangs and other fancy cars. They looked so cute! I was wet with anticipation - it was a good thing Jasmin, Suzy, Christie and I were all wearing our bikinis. I sensed we would have to be hosed down a few times. I looked at Jasmin. She was rubbing her legs together like a cricket. She was so slutty now. I was so glad she was my good friend and we were happy. I remembered her being unhappy after we got the house; now I knew she would cry even more if it was taken away from us.
Mr. Johnson rang the bell at 10:15 and the first car pulled onto the carwash's automatic track. Suzy jumped into the passenger seat with the driver and together they rode into the carwash. Several minutes later they exited and the next car rolled in with Jasmin. When it was my turn I was so jittery, like a schoolgirl. As soon as the rubber flaps closed behind us the hunky guy pulled down his shorts and I took his floppy fat cock in my hands and gently caressed it. As it hardened I stuck it in my mouth and began blowing him. I pulled firmly on his furry balls as I sucked him off. I was careful not to poke him with my nails. He was young and came soon, and I swallowed his juice with delight. I just had to get every last drop. Just before we were due to exit the wash, he groped at my boobs and I let him feel my big titties. "That was fan-fucking-tastic!" he said, and happily paid Mr. Johnson the $20 after he came out. I was so proud of myself!
By noon my tummy was so full of cum, but I still wanted more. The craving became stronger the more I tasted. I had fucked a few guys just because I couldn't help it. All of us had. Mr. Johnson charged more for that. Suddenly their hands would be on my tits and I would be pushing their huge cocks into my ever-ready pussy. It was just natural. Each time, we rolled out of their car or jeep onto one of the mattresses laid out just next to the wash exit and Mr. Johnson would park the guy's car out of the way for him to get later. I was insatiable. Being a girl is all about sensation. You just soak it up until you don't have to think anymore - just be touched, rubbed, fondled, squeezed, and best of all, fucked. I loved to cum as a girl and feel the repeating fireworks in my pussy. Soon we had several customers who were going around again and again. They were almost as horny as me! I had to keep remembering to put my bikini back on each time I got fucked on the mattress. Jasmin and I doubled up to give some customers a threesome - even once we all went in to service one guy and Mr. Johnson stood outside and pretended there was something wrong with the carwash motor. When the guy limped out everyone cheered! Mr. Johnson said he paid a lot.
Once I looked down and saw there was a big spurt of cum on the inside of my left tit. Oops! I tapped Jasmin on the shoulder and before she could react I pushed her face into my cleavage, and she licked it clean. As the afternoon pushed on, I kept feeling the cum leaking out of my pussy and I wanted to get it with my fingers but to do so I had to keep standing behind one of the other girls so no one would see. But it was worth it to lick my fingers between turns. I thought I would get sore but I only did a little bit. It was a wonderful way to break in my new body.

At 3:30 we had $53,425 and 35 cents! I was so happy! Mr. Johnson said that it was exactly what we needed to keep the house. Isn't that cool? The moral of the story is that friends can accomplish anything if they work together. We all went down to the bank and turned in the money before closing time, and Mr. Walters got real mad. I think he wanted to tear down the house. His dad was mad too; I guess he wanted to build an apartment building there. But I couldn't concentrate on what he and Mr. Johnson were saying because all I could think about was how I sucked his son's cock after breakfast that morning. Plus I wanted to rub my boobs. I figured I would need a shower and make-up if I wanted to go out and get laid tonight. I tried to plan a nice outfit for Maxwell's but I couldn't remember what I owned. God, am I ever going to stop being horny? That made me giggle. I was glad I could be horny in public as a girl and no one would know.
On the way home I thought about my new life. My titties kept bouncing in the car ride and I kind of leaned them against Christie to keep them still. It felt so weird when we hit the bumps and they bounced anyway. I always sort of wondered what a girl's life was like and now I knew. It wasn't easy. Concentration took extra effort because my body always seemed to be calling out, "touch me Michelle, pretty please!" Now my attitudes were different - in my mind the male penis and testicles were very cute and sexy, in all shapes and sizes. Of course the bigger the better. Like my tits,they were toys designed for pleasure and should be enjoyed as much as possible. Funny I never thought about them that way as a man. If I had a cock now I would never stop touching it! Of course the best thing is making a man cum and be happy so he'll want to fuck you again and again. They're so cute when they squirt.
I thought about the days ahead living in the beach house with Jasmin, Suzy, and Christie. I knew we would have so much fun - admiring our bodies, trying on lingerie and other sexy clothes, masturbating, maintaining our light tans (I thought I had better be careful or I might burn), sharing fantasies, soaking in the jacuuzi or swimming in the pool, reading cool magazines, painting our fingernails and toenails, watching adult thriller movies on cable, fucking cute guys, and giving each other makeovers. I couldn't wait to talk to Jasmin now that we were both girls. We had so much in common now, so much to catch up on: how great it is to have big boobs, how great cum tastes, and how much we want to get fucked! I just knew we were going to share lots of men. Back at the house we all started kissing Mr. Johnson. He's cute for an old guy, and kind of hairy, which I like. Then to my surprise he took off his mustache and glasses and turned into my uncle! I was so happy. It was a miracle like on TV.
"Michelle, your uncle is alive!" Jasmin squealed. "Oh, I love you so much Uncle!" I shouted, hugging him. My boobs squeezed against his chest. They were mashed tight - it felt so good. I think my bikini was coming off. I could see the light pink bumpy area around my nipple that felt so good to trace. Suddenly I felt Uncle's hand grab my ass. It felt so good when anyone did that.
"Oooh!" I said, my eyes widening. Then I winked into the camera.


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