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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tag, You're It! by Tina Noble

This is from one of my favorite unsung authors... Tina Noble:)

I don't think this was ever fully finished but.....sometimes that's how it goes.  What is there is very good, though.

Tag, you’re it.

    Cal crouched in the corner of the “field”, the gigantic maze in which the game was played.  He had been on the waiting list for months.  Anyone could play, and some played often.  It was the most popular show on the Omninet, and winning the game could set you up for life.  If you were a poor, low level worker from a mine, well the game could be attractive.  If you won, you got enough creds to live well for at least a decade, and to exist without having to work for the rest of your days.  If you lost, well, Cal did not want to think about that.
     He stood up from his hiding place.   He held the zapper in one hand as he backed up to a wall, his muscular frame covered in the dark blue body suit.  Two days of stubble blanketed his face under straight dark, hair.  The producers told him not to shave, that the audience liked it better that way.  He knew from watching that they were right.  He slid along the wall, confident that he could win.

    He had read up on the competition.  They were all desk jockeys: low level programmers and filers.  He never really fired a gun, but he was certain he could do better than those cream puffs.  He was in excellent shape, a necessity of pushing heavy carts of magnetic ore that interfered with automatic conveyers.  He heard the shuffling of feet around the corner.
    Peeking around the edge of the wall, Cal saw his target.  The skinny young man had red hair and wore a powder blue body suit.  He was completely unaware of the manual laborer sneaking up on him, so Cal quietly took aim.  He fired just as the young man moved unexpectedly.  The zap of pink light flew past its target, which quickly turned around and fired wildly.  One of the rays struck Cal in the chest.
   Cal ducked back behind the wall, barely noticing his stubble fall from his face.  He cursed as he looked down and saw that his previously untainted suit was now a slightly lighter blue.  He rubbed his jaw.  It was perfectly smooth.  He would have to fix that after he won.  The other player stopped firing.  Cautiously, Cal peeked around again.  The man was no longer there. 
    Cal puffed up his chest and eased his way forward.  The path took him down a narrow corridor.  It was the only way to go at the moment.  The maze shifted constantly.  He could wait until he got a favorable change, but then again, a change might be one that exposed him.  He had to move on, despite being a sitting duck of someone fired down the corridor.
    Too late, he realized that he should have just run down.  As he got halfway down, the same man popped out the far end and fired, hitting Cal in the shoulder.  Cal fired wildly himself, as chased the now fleeing target.  His suit was an even lighter blue, and he could see the hair on the back of his hands was missing.  He ran past the intersection where he had seen the young man turn right, barreling right on through as he was struck again.  He heard the other player cry out as he fired, but still ran.  His suit was now indigo, rather than cobalt, and he clearly had lost muscle mass.  His footwear, which had been work boots, were now light athletic shoes.  He sighed as he saw the wall grow up from where he came.  At least he would not have to deal with that one just yet.
   His celebration was short lived as the wall to his left disappeared.  In front of him was a skinny, yet attractive brunette in a light pink body suit.  She stood on one-inch high heels as she fired on Cal, hitting him once before she ran down a stair way.  Cal cursed as he got skinnier and his suit turned turquoise.  He chased after the woman.
    The stairs took several turns.  A left, another, then a right, then another left.  She finally turned as the stairs emptied into a large chamber.  He heard her cry out, knowing that someone else was there.  Carefully he tip toed down the last of the steps and peered out into the chamber.  To his left he saw a voluptuous blond in a slightly darker pink dress. braced against a low wall.  She looked uncomfortable, like it was taking great effort for her to concentrate.  Thinking he could take her Cal popped out and took a shot, jumping right back.  Return fire kept him back against the wall.  Then things got bad. 
     A man in a cobalt suit came down the stairs at him, firing away.  Cal took a shot in his calf as he ran into the chamber, firing over his shoulder.  His suit turned powder blue and he felt himself get thinner.    His shoes were little more than slippers as the blonde shot at him.  To his far right was another low wall.  He dashed for it as both the other players fired away.  He dove over just as another blast hit him.  His suit turned white as he hit the ground groaning.  Incredible pain shot through him as he felt his testicles recede up inside him.
    The other two had clearly agreed to gang up on him, as pink rays flew over his head.  A little further past the wall, he saw a hole in the floor.  It was risky, but the other two were coming for him.  He quickly climbed down the ladder.  As he got to the ceiling at the far end, he had to drop himself the final eight feet.  The chamber he was now in was not very big, and he was uncomfortable by what he found.
    Several, naked, almost realistic animatronic men ignored him as he walked toward the stairway at the other end of the room.  He knew why they were there, but this was his first encounter.  For the first time, he actually felt afraid.  He climbed up the stair, just to have it turn into a slide going the other way down as he hit the apex.  He tumbled out of control for what seemed like forever.  At the bottom, he encountered another white clad contestant.
    He only had a second to realize it was the red head he encountered early.  They each fired, they each hit.  Their suits turned a pale pink as little nubs of flesh grew on their chests.  The other player ran as Cal felt his penis shrink.  He knew all his body hair was gone as he fired on the fleeing target.  As the other player’s outfit darkened, and the heel grew beneath his(?) feet, Cal realized he hit.  He took a moment to look down as his quarry disappeared.  He shook his head at the grape sized bumps on his chest  He raised his free hand to his head, realizing his hair was slightly longer and thicker.  Then he heard the zap and felt the tingle at his back.
    His suit darkened, and the heels grew beneath his own feet.  His breasts grew to the size of plums as he turned to return fire.  Cal ran down the same corridor as the red head as he blasted away.  As he turned to the right, he was struck in the shoulder.  A wall formed behind him as he ran on the one inch heels.  The corridor continued to his left, and he made his way down until he came across the mirror.
    A pretty face looked back at him.  His hair was now shoulder length and shiny black.  The new breasts were lemon sized.  His hips had widened slightly and he could see that his penis had completely disappeared.  He felt light headed as he stared at himself and only moved when he heard the running footsteps.  Four men in powder blue decided to try to finish him off.  They charged firing away.  Cal returned fire, feeling momentarily proud as two of them dropped, their suits now white.  He knew what they were feeling as he made his escape.  He almost lost his footing running down another set of stairs as he was struck from behind.
    Momentarily dizzied, he was grateful when the stairs disappeared.  Checking himself over, he realized that his suit was now a tight dress, slightly longer than knee length.  It was sleeveless and orange sized orbs jutted out in front of him.  Looking at his hands, he realized that his now inch long fingernails were painted the same color as his dress.  He stood on pink boots with two inch heels.
    Looking around, Cal realized there was no way out of the room.  He shared the room with one other.  The naked, animitronic man ignored him at first.  Then  it raised its arms.  It smiled as its small, downward turned prick grew and rose in front of it.  Cal looked away as the machine reached out for him.  He dared not to look.  He waited for several minutes without the room changing.
    “Ahhhhh…”  he heard the moan from the robot.  “Feels so real.”
    Cal turned around.  The machine was stroking its fake dick.  It was twelve inches long and had realistic looking veins on it.  He could not help but stare at it.  He wondered if it felt as real as it looked.  He had one once, he would know.  He could get himself fixed back once he won the game.  He reached out.  His finger tip barely touched as he was jarred by a sound to his right. 
    He backed away as a corridor opened up and from it came a screaming Asian man in a dark blue suit.  The man hit Cal once, and the hemline on his dress went just over his knee as his orbs grew to grapefruit size.  The neckline on his outfit plunged as his heels grew an inch.  In a panic he fired wildly at the other player.  He hit several times as they circled each other and miraculously avoided being hit anymore.  By the time Cal started backing down the corridor, the other player’s appearance matched his own.  The Asian stumbled back into the robot, smiling as he/she was poked from behind.  Cal got one more shot off, unable to see the results as a wall rose in front of him.  Relieved that he was only hit once, he slinked down the dark hallway.  In the distance ahead oh him, Cal heard moaning.
    In the next chamber he found a red head, presumably the one her first shot him.  His/her hair was now long.  He/she wore a skirt that barely covered his/her bottom, a shear tube top, and pink tinted clear stiletto heels.  Red happily mounted a robot, bouncing up and down on its massive dong.
     “Sooooo goooooood!”  Red moaned as SHE rocked back and forth grinning.
     Cal felt a little bad, and decided to just put her out of her misery.  He raised his gun hand and took aim.  That was when the pink zap hit his arm.  He gasped as his skirt rode halfway up his thighs.  His hips widened more, and cantaloupe sized tits peeked out from a darker pink halter top.  An inch was added to his boots.  Looking to his right he saw his assailant.
    The blonde had been transformed as much as Red.  Cal steadied his zapper as best he could and fired.  The beam hit her right in her left boob.  The change was immediate.  Her tube top became a hot pink bikini top that barely held breasts that almost doubled in size.  Her shoes became five inch platforms.  Her pleated skirt covered only half of her round ass.  She giggled and smiled as she dropped her zapper.  She turned to her left and saw a robot, squeezing as she hopped on it.  Cal zapped Red, who underwent her final transformation and left the two of them.  That left three more opponents, and Cal was sure that the Asian would be no problem.
      He realized he was right when he came across the Asian and the Brunette from earlier.   Both had been completely transformed and were being entertained by multiple robots.  As a robot reached out for him, Cal felt himself tempted.  It looked so fun.  What would it hurt for a little bit?  He reached for the nearest dick, sliding his free hand around it.  It felt amazing.  Waves of happiness caressed Cal’s mind as he stroked.  Synthetic hands grabbed his jugs from behind.
    “Great tits,” the robot complimented as Cal felt its thing poke up under his skirt.  It barely touched his new pussy when Cal was zapped again.  He gasped as his fun bags grew to the size of honeydews in the new tube top.  In fear Cal gazed over at the Latin man approaching him.  He pulled away form the robots and ran as best he could, luck providing him with a momentary salvation as a wall closed off the corridor he stumbled down.
     Stairs led him up again.  The going was difficult in the stiletto heels.  He had to find a place to hide, to ambush the last opponent.  He could only afford to be hit once more.  He worried so much, that he tripped at the top of the stairs, falling to his knees in front of a robot.
    “Feels so good on your lips,” it informed Cal.
     Cal told himself not to.  He could not.  It would be his doom.  But there it was, teasing him, right in his face.  He leaned in and kissed it.  It made his head spin.  Loosing all self control, he slid his now luscious lips around the plastic cock.  He bobbed his pretty head several times before feeling the tingle at his back.
    The robot lowered into a hole in the ground as Cal’s tits doubled in size in their new bikini top.  The lights went up as Cal dropped the zapper and the Latin man walked forward.  From a hovering platform a man in a tuxedo dropped from the sky.
     “Well Victor,” the tuxedo man announced as he stood next to Cal, Victor standing on the other side of him, “you’re are, well, victor.  How does it feel?”
     “ damn good Dave!  Pretty damn good!”
     “I expect so.  And Cali,” Dave lifted the still kneeling creatures chin with his finger, “as runner up, your prize is to be Victor’s new property.  How does that feel?”
     “Uhhhhh…will he like, fuck me?”  Cali asked in bimbo voice.
     “That’s quite likely.  Isn’t it Victor?”
     “Yeah,” Victor rubbed his hands, “Me and my friends.”
      “But what about the other girls?”  Cali asked as Victor got out of his suit.
     “Oh don’t worry about them,” Dave dropped trou, “they get to make vids for our Spankfeed.”
     “Oh goodie!”
    “Now Cali, I’m sure you got just enough memory to remember our little tradition here.  So lets get to this.  Wave goodbye to the audience.”
     Cali wrapped her mouth around Victor’s offered dick as Dave picked her up and pounded her from behind.  Smiling as best she could with a cock in her mouth, Cali gazed over at the camera and waved good bye.

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