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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

For the Cappers by Blankage

“Thank God for girls like this.” Terry stared hopefully at the blue-eyed blonde on his computer screen as she vacantly stared back. The chat room was almost empty. There was a fairly strong sense that the rather bored looking girl on the other side of the computer screen wouldn’t be showing tonight. None of the regulars were in the room, and it was getting late. Still, Terry had hope. One of the cappers he traded with had informed him that this chick had shown bra on at least one occasion. And if she’d showed bra once, who knew what else had gone on that nobody was talking about.

It was a hot, sweaty Friday night, and Terry was irritable, sitting shirtless in his small room with a fan on full blast. He wasn’t in the mood to sit patiently and wait for something to happen, so he decided to try his luck. “Show tits?” He typed. He wasn’t one of the most sophisticated cappers out there, but even so, he typically showed slightly more restraint. But not tonight. Tonight, he was feeling pissed off and more than a little impatient.

“Suck dick?” came the snide reply. Then, the screen went blank. Terry sat staring into the empty blackness for a few seconds before sighing and clicking out of the chat window. It was a piece of shit night. Almost midnight on Friday, the best night of the week, and still no good shows. He briefly considered giving up and going to bed, but something made him stay online. Perhaps there were a few easy girls who couldn’t sleep and were looking for a little fun.

There were a few girls on at this hour, but none of them seemed particularly easy. Terry had almost settled on two drunk-looking girls in pajamas when he saw her. She was staring directly into her camera with a wide-eyed expression on her face. Her body was completely motionless. Except for her eyes. They kept darting around like something was chasing them. Thinking back later, he would find it difficult to explain what he saw in those eyes. But if you pressed him, he would probably use the word innocent to describe the face he now saw staring back at him.

And innocence was something Terry understood. Innocence meant not knowing that webcams could be capped. Not knowing there were multiple internet communities dedicated to sharing such caps. Not knowing that people like Terry existed who wanted nothing more than to spread her nude body all over the web.

No, she couldn’t possibly know these things, Terry decided, marveling at the girl’s gorgeous blue eyes framed by short light brown hair. She was pretty but not too pretty, her nose a little too hooked, her chin a little too big. This too increased the likelihood that she would show. Extremely beautiful girls were stuck-up all too often. Better to hit on the average-looking ones. They weren’t used to compliments, would be caught off guard by them.

And so he started off with the perfectly innocuous, “i like your hair.” Your move, he thought. The girl’s expression remained unchanged. Terry couldn’t detect even the slightest flinch. She leaned back in her chair slightly though, and that was when Terry almost fell out of his.

The girl’s tits, which had previously been out of frame, were enormous! She wasn’t sporting any cleavage, unfortunately, but Terry figured he could fix that particular problem. Slow down, he thought and waited for the girl’s response.

She took her time typing, her non-blinking expression showing no trace of emotion. It seemed to take an exorbitantly long time for the message to show up on his screen. “f off,” it said. Terry could feel anger beginning to rise in his chest. He had no awareness that his hair was beginning to cascade like water, pouring out of his scalp and thickening down to his shoulders.

His rage prevented him from seeing anything but that face, still staring at him, expressionless. But even if he had kept his cool, how could he have known? What possible clue could he have observed that would have told him that he was playing right into this girl’s plan?
He couldn’t have known. He would realize that later. For now, all he realized was that being nice wasn’t going to work with this girl. The gloves were coming off. “Tits or GTFO,” he typed, without really thinking about it. On the forums he frequented, Tits or Get the Fuck Off was such a common expression that it had become part of his vocabulary, like ‘Have a nice day’ or ‘Long time no see.” His intention was less than friendly in this case, however.

He waited for the requisite insecure look that he had seen so often on girls who were being pressured to do something they didn’t want to do. But this girl was different. He was sensing it more and more clearly. From her, all he got was that same expressionless stare although he almost thought he saw a look of smugness there that he hadn’t noticed before. This chick was starting to creep him out, but there was no backing down now. Meanwhile, his nipples were puckering, growing thicker and thicker.

Terry was already typing, almost frantically now, “ur afraid.” It was an approach that had worked many times before. And why shouldn’t it now? The girl didn’t seem even slightly afraid though. She typed slowly, as if savoring the moment. “You think I’m afraid?” Her eyebrows arched upward slightly.

And that stupid smile! Her eyes, still wide and unblinking, almost seemed to sparkle as she continued to stare at her screen. What was she staring at, Terry wondered? He noticed his webcam was on and pointed at his shirtless body. Had he always been broadcasting? Was she staring at him?

A surge of panic shot up his body and his heart began to race wildly. The girl never took her eyes of the screen as she leaned back in her chair, her arms crossed over her sizeable chest. For the first time since he’d entered the chat room, she seemed like she was beginning to enjoy herself.

The feeling of panic was still rising as he watched the girl’s eyes scan across his body. He looked down. His nipples looked so big and dark standing out from his chest, and he suddenly felt very self-conscious. Was the girl staring at his nipples? Resolving not to give her the satisfaction, he defiantly brought up one arm to cover his chest. No peep show for her! Surprisingly the girl didn’t seem all that bothered by her thwarted view and if anything, was grinning a little wider.

Terry was practically shaking with fear and rage as he realized that something was very wrong with this girl. He had capped dozens of sluts and he had [i]never[/i] gotten a response like this. That cool, bemused expression was all he could seem to provoke from her. There was no way she was going to show, and he realized it was probably time to call it quits.

At least his rational mind realized it. Another less reasonable part of him wanted nothing more than to strangle this bitch or at least get her to stop smiling. And all the while the area around his puffy nipples was swelling. The breast tissue grew more dense and layered as the fat from his bloodstream continued to accumulate in his chest. His new breasts pushed against his arm, peeked around it. He unconsciously pushed back, squishing the growing mounds against his rib cage.

“ur pretty but ur not worth it,” he typed with his spare hand. He wanted to hurt this girl, despite his growing conviction that she was impenetrable. “girl, your pretty AND worth it,” someone named guy7228 said. When did the room get so full? “nice tits,” said another kind fellow known only as rob. Were they talking to him?

He knew he wasn’t pretty, but even as he was thinking it his face began to change, become softer. A growing layer of pudge coated his butt, his breasts, his hard abs as they began to dissolve. The girl was laughing at him. He felt ridiculous, sitting topless in front of total strangers. He felt fat, ugly, and wanted nothing more than to go find a shirt. But most of all, he felt glued to his screen, his vision spiraling, centering on the girl’s mirthful face.

“stop laughing,” he typed as fast as he could with one hand. A look of confusion and embarrassment was written across his changing features. He began to blush and was furious with himself for doing so. “ill find u and rape ur pussy.”

As soon as he typed it, his backside began to swell. Slowly but surely his hips and thighs rippled larger underneath his boxers as his anus gaped wider. Part of the orifice split off, began to move forward. Suddenly, his genitals simply collapsed into the new hole. Swallowed, gone forever.

“With what?”

It was a stupid question. As a girl, Terry would rape her with a dildo, her fingers, or whatever was handy. A bed post maybe. The girl looked like she was about to fall out of her chair with amusement, but Terry was momentarily distracted by her chest. It was seeming more and more inappropriate for her to be topless on cam like this. And she wasn’t doing a very good job of covering her boobs anyway, she noticed.

The other girl must have noticed too because the next thing she typed was “Mine are bigger than yours.” Again, it was a ridiculous thing to type, but the other girl didn’t seem to care. Although she was still smiling, there was a sinister quality to the expression now. She looked not unlike a cat ready to pounce on some small unsuspecting creature.

Terry was too distracted to notice though as she hurriedly typed her retort. “i wouldnt want boobs that big u stupid slut.” Literally seconds after she hit the enter key her boobs hit another growth spurt. They jiggled wildly underneath her braced arm like they were trying to jump off her chest. As usual, Terry seemed oblivious to the changes racking her body although she did notice that she was having trouble covering her nipples with one arm now. As her aureole spread wider across her heaving chest, she covered herself with her other hand just to make she none of her bits were showing. She remembered she had wanted to put a shirt on, but not why it had been important.

The room was filling with people, and appreciative comments were flying across Terry’s chat window. “holyshit ur hot” “super smexy” “Let us seem em !!!!” She didn’t want anyone to see her boobies, but her defenses were weakening. At least she’d make them work for it.

“u cant handle this,” she typed slowly, her lips silently sounding out the words as she went. It was frustrating to type with one arm covering your boobs, she decided.

“You know you want to show us!!” came the response. And in a funny way, she did.

“haha,” she started to type, and she was only on the first ‘ha’ when she realized she had taken both of her arms off her chest to type. She quickly covered back up.  “Oh shit,” she said aloud, but she was grinning and half-giggling as she said it.

“nice” “show again” “OMG!!!!!”

She couldn’t stop giggling and biting her nails. All these guys wanted to see her tits. [i]Her[/i] tits. She didn’t really like them. They were a little too big for her liking. But she knew guys liked big boobs, and she loved showing off.

It was then that Terry heard the music. At first she thought it was in her head, but as it grew louder, she realized it was coming from her computer speakers. It was vibrant, intoxicating, and she felt her body begin to move to it without any conscious effort on her part. Almost as if in a dream she began to sway, mechanically at first, then gently and smoothly. Her arms left her chest and floated upward. All thoughts of modesty were gone.

Almost all thoughts were gone, in fact, as the music grew louder, pounding rhythmically in her ears. She stood up. Her hips began to swing back and forth reflexively, and each swing pushed them farther as they widened. The men’s jeans she was wearing sagged dangerously low below her boxers.

She couldn’t quite remember why she was wearing men’s clothes, but she knew wouldn’t be wearing them much longer. Her pants rode even lower as she shook her ass. It felt so good. She bent over, ass facing the webcam and slowly pulled the jeans and boxers down. The jeans weren’t easy to tug off her wider hips, but she managed with a little wiggling. The room would be going crazy now, she knew.  She giggled and started booty popping, completely naked.

She didn’t notice when the girl she had intended to cap left the room. But then again, neither did the cappers.

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