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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Haunted House by Ed Miller

Gosh, what can I say about this one....

It has sexy girls, the transformation of the girlfriend into an equally eager nympho, a haunted house, a curse and...and....just damn, it has it all.

Did I mention it was set at my favorite time of the year...Halloween?

And now, Ed Miller's "The Haunted House"!


As usual, this is a story containing graphic sexual content. If you are not 
legally allowed to view such a story, don't download it, read it, touch it, 
lick it, eat it, burn it, use it for toilet paper, or even stand near it.

Permission is hereby given to archive this story on any site so long as this 
disclaimer is attached, no fee is charged, and I am credited as the author 
(I've actually gotten hate mail for having claimed to write my own stories, 
because other people have made the same claim and some idiot believed them.)

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I should warn you, ladycyrrh (who was a reviewer way back on assm; this 
preface has become rather dated) labeled another of my stories "a fuckfest, 
but more literate than most." That is, of course, exactly what I was aiming 
for: a fuckfest. Literary worth belongs in literature. What you're reading 
now is smut. Be forewarned.


The Haunted House
By Ed Miller

 NOTE: I started this in September, intending to post it in time for 
Halloween. It's a bit late, I'm afraid. My apologies.


 "But I still don't see why we have to go in there," Jim said as the four 
teenagers approached the rickety old house. He wasn't whining, but he 
wasn't far short of it.

 "Because it's here," replied Jerry.

 "But everybody says it's haunted. I mean, I don't believe it, but 

 "We're going in BECAUSE everybody says it's haunted. I want to see what's 
in there that's so special," retorted Dan. "Jesus, Jim, don't be such a 
geek. How'd a wimp like you ever end up with a hot girlfriend like Jenny?"

 Jim glanced at Jenny, walking in front of him, and wondered the same thing. 
 Jim was a skinny little guy; both of his friends were bigger and more 
confident than him, but somehow he had ended up with the most attractive 

 Jenny was fifteen, a year younger than the three boys, and she still had 
some filling out to do, but she was already a beautiful girl. Jim just 
counted himself lucky that she'd have anything to do with him.

 "Okay," said Dan as he reached the door. "Last chance to turn back." He 
hesitated before opening it, trying not to reveal that he was just as 
reticent as Jim, but better at hiding it. Finally, unable to find any way 
of avoiding it without losing face, he turned the knob.

 "Holy shit, it isn't even locked," he muttered as the door swung open and 
the four teens stepped gingerly inside. They found themselves in a dark 
entryway, with high ceilings and an ornate stairway leading up to the second 
and third floors. They could tell from the outside that the old mansion was 
huge, but they weren't prepared for the grandeur of it until they were 
confronted with it.

 "Wow," whispered Jenny, "it's not even that dusty. And there's still 
furniture here." She pointed to an antique bench against a wall.

 "Somebody probably just left that 'cause it wasn't worth taking," Jerry 
muttered. "All the good stuff is cleared out, I bet." He ventured farther 
into the house, and the others followed him.

 The first room they found themselves in proved Jerry wrong. It was a sort 
of old-fashioned sitting room, wood-paneled and still comfortably furnished 
with large, comfortable-looking leather-upholstered armchairs and a few low 

 "'All the good stuff is cleared out,' eh?" Dan asked pointedly.

 "Well..." Jerry started, "NOBODY comes here. You'd think that somebody 
would have thought to loot it, but..."

 "How long did you say this place had been empty, Jim?" asked Jenny.

 "My Dad told me that nobody's lived here since he was young. Maybe thirty 

 All four stood, examining the room that looked as if it had been cleaned 
and dusted that morning.

 "Maybe we should be going now," Dan suggested.

 The sound of a door slamming caused the four of them to jump. Jenny let 
out a little yelp of surprise. All pretense of maintaining dignity gone, 
they ran for the front door, only to find it securely shut. No matter how 
Dan and Jerry strained, they were unable to open it.

 "Damn, it's jammed," huffed Dan.

 "Come on," said Jerry, "we'll find a window or something.

 A circuit of the ground floor rooms took nearly twenty minutes, and every 
window they came across was securely closed, with locked shutters inside and 
out. After the first few, Dan and Jerry attempted to break through one, but 
either due to solid construction or some other virtue, they were unable.

 "Well, I guess we could check upstairs, then. There's got to be some way 
out of here," Dan suggested. He was pale now, obviously frightened, as were 
his companions. Jenny was sticking close to Jim, and wouldn't let go of his 

 "What'd your father have to say about the people that lived here?" asked 
Jerry as they started slowly up the staircase.

 "It was just the one guy," Jim responded softly. "He said that people were 
afraid of the place even before it was abandoned. They said..."

 "What?" Jerry demanded.

 "I dunno. I guess there were rumors, like he was, y'know, into stuff. 
Witchcraft, magic, that kind of stuff."

 "Like Alestair Crowley?" asked Jenny.

 "Pretty much."

 They continued on in silence. At the top of the stairs, they found 
themselves in a long hallway. All of the doors were closed except for the 
one directly across from the stairs.

 "Should we look in here, then?" Dan wondered aloud.

 "I guess so," agreed Jerry. Their fear had sapped all the confidence out 
of them.

 Upon entering the room, they found themselves surrounded by books. They 
were in some kind of library filled with antique, leather-bound books on 
shelves filling every bit of wall space. The room was two stories high, and 
as they moved into the center, they saw that a balcony ran along the wall 
above the door by which they had entered, and a door connected the room to 
the rest of the third floor.

 "I wonder..." muttered Jim, as he walked to one of the floor lamps 
scattered throughout the room and flicked it on. Bright light bathed the 

 "Thirty years and the power's still on?" Jerry wondered aloud. "I wonder 
who's footing that bill?"

 "Hey, look at this!" exclaimed Jenny. She was standing by the wooden desk 
and antique swivel-chair that were the room's only furnishings and pointing 
to a thick book that was lying open on the table.

 Her companions gathered around the desk to read what was written there. It 
appeared to be hand-written, not printed, in a graceful, flowing script that 
consisted entirely of capitals.


 "Yeah, right," Dan scoffed. "Whatever."

 "The old guy must have been some sort of crackpot," agreed Jerry. "Come 
on, let's see what's upstairs.

 An examination of the second and third floors revealed mostly bedrooms.

 "This guy might have lived alone, but he sure planned on having a lot of 
guests," observed Jim.

 "And it looks like we're the latest four," said Dan as he gave up on trying 
to force open a window. "We've tried every door or window out of this 
place, and they're all stuck."

 "Well, what do we do now?" asked Jenny.

 "It's late," replied Jerry. "It must be past midnight. I think the only 
thing we can do is to try to get some sleep. Somebody will come looking for 
us by tomorrow, I'm sure. When we don't show up, our parents will call the 

 "Sleep? Are you kidding?" Dan demanded.

 "Hey, what good is it going to do us to stay up all night?" Jim responded. 
"I think Jerry's right. We'll get some sleep, and then tomorrow we'll be 
ready to try and find a way out of here. There's got to be something we 
haven't thought of."

 They ended up choosing two bedrooms on the second floor. Dan and Jerry 
found one with two double beds, almost like a hotel room. Neither wanted to 
admit it, but there was no way they were going to sleep alone in this house. 
 Jim and Jenny were in the room next door, in a giant king-sized bed. The 
beds in all the rooms were made, and the sheets were fresh, as if they'd 
been changed that morning.

 "Jim?" asked Jenny after they were settled in.


 "Do you think we could... You know...?

 "What? You're horny?"

 "Uh, kind of."


 "I don't know why, Jim, I just am. Uh... Could we?"

 To his surprise, Jim found that he was getting hard. He wouldn't have 
thought he'd be able to get aroused in a situation like this, but the proof 
was starting to peek out of his boxers.

 "I guess so," he answered as he rolled over onto Jenny. She stripped 
herself of her bra and panties as he kissed her neck and got out of his own 

 "Oh, I'm so wet!" she moaned. "I don't know why I'm so horny, but I need 
you inside me! I want you to fuck me."

 Jim reached down to his girlfriend's pussy and felt her juices flowing. He 
couldn't believe how wet and ready she was. Without any foreplay, he slid 
his cock into her waiting cunt.

 "Oh my god, that feels so good!" she moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me, Jim!"

 Jim's hands grabbed Jenny's ass and forced his dick rhythmically into her. 
Jenny moaned and wrapped her legs around him, forcing him deeper into her 
pussy. Jim had never seen his girlfriend as frantic for sex as she was 
right now.

 "Doesn't it feel good, Jim? Doesn't it feel good to fuck me?"

 Jim grunted affirmatively as he licked his girlfriend's budding breasts. 
They were pretty small, only a B-cup, but that didn't bother Jim. He felt 
fantastic. It occurred to him that Jenny wasn't the only one that was more 
enthusiastic about sex than she'd ever been before. Jim himself was having 
the fuck of his life.

 "Oh my god, I'm coming!" shrieked Jenny. "Don't stop fucking me!"

 Her hips began to buck violently, and the added motion pushed Jim over the 
top. He felt his orgasm wash over him, and he shot his wad up into Jenny's 
hot snatch. Both of them collapsed in a heap on the bed, panting from the 
effort they had put out. Minutes later, they were fast asleep.

 Jenny was awoken the next day by light streaming in through the windows. 
Jim woke a few minutes later, to the sight of his girlfriend putting on her 

 "That's funny," she muttered.

 "What is it," asked Jim, rubbing his eyes.

 "My bra doesn't fit."

 "What do you mean?"

 "Look," she said, turning to face him. "My boobs are spilling out over the 
top. The cups aren't big enough."

 "You must be imagining it," Jim said as he sat up. But looking closer, he 
realized that it did look like her breasts were actually bigger.

 "That's impossible," Jim said, astounded.

 "I know," Jenny replied. She continued to dress herself, and Jim got up 
and started to do likewise.

 "Hey, my panties feel tighter, too!" Jenny exclaimed.

 "This is weird," Jim replied. "My pants. It feels like they're riding 
lower on my hips."

 "You must be kidding me. You were thin enough already."

 "No, really," said Jim as he put on his shoes. "Wait a second... My 
shoes. They're too big."

 "Yeah, tell me about it. Big size twelve clodhoppers."

 "No, I mean they don't fit."

 "Hey, stand up a minute."

 Jim complied, and Jenny came over to stand next to him. They both knew 
each others' heights. Jim was 5'9" and Jenny was 5'6". But now they could 
almost look each other in the eye.

 "Are you taller?" Jim asked.

 "I think you're shorter."

 "This is crazy. Do you really believe...?"

 "I don't know. But my clothes didn't feel like this yesterday."

 "Yeah, mine either. I think we better check with Jerry and Dan."

 The four teenagers were gathered again in the library on the second floor. 
The boys had conceded the chair to Jenny and were perched on stools in a 
semi-circle around it.

 "This can't be happening," Dan muttered, shaking his head.

 "I don't know how, but it seems like it IS happening," Jenny argued. "You 
said yourself that your clothes didn't fit right when you woke up, and both 
you and Jerry are two inches taller than you should be."

 "But come on," Dan replied, "stuff like this doesn't happen in real life. 
I mean, maybe..."

 "Maybe what? Maybe our clothes shrank? All of us?"

 "Jim's didn't shrink," Dan said.

 "Yeah, I know," Jim said. "I can't figure it out. I mean, that book said 
that it would change us into what we wanted to be, but I don't ever remember 
wanting to be anything but what I was. I mean, maybe I wished that being 
smaller than everybody else wouldn't be such an inconvenience, but I didn't 
want to be someone else or anything."

 "Like a midget?" Jerry grinned. He was rewarded with nervous laughter all 

 "Ok, maybe you're right," Dan admitted. "I'm not saying for sure, but 
maybe. What do we do about it?"

 "I don't know if there's anything we CAN do about it. Except maybe trying 
to get out of this house," Jenny answered.

 "Ok, so we're back to that," Jerry said. "I say we split up. Dan and I 
will check the basement and the first floor, and you two take the top 

 "Wait a minute," Jenny said. "I think we should so something to record 
these changes. Right now, it's even possible that Dan is right, and we're 
just seeing things. But if it keeps happening, and we've got a record of 
it, we'll be sure."

 "Ok, but how do you propose we do that?" asked Jim.

 "Just a second," Jenny said as she opened the desk drawers and rummaged 
through them. "Bingo!" She brought out a tablet of notepaper and an 
old-fashioned cloth tape measure.

 After examining the three boys, and having Jim measure her, Jenny reported 
her findings.

 "Ok, Jerry and Dan, you guys are now 6'2" and 6'3", respectively. Jim is 
5'7" and I'm still 5'6"."

 "Maybe the tape measure shrunk or something," Dan muttered. But even he 
didn't sound convinced, as that wouldn't account for Jim's apparent two inch 
drop in height.

 "Whatever. The thing to do now is to try to find a way out of here," Jerry 
said. "We'll meet back here when we're finished."

 He and Dan took off to search the lower two floors, leaving Jim and Jenny 
to examine the upper ones. Their search progressed, but both felt that they 
were just re-treading old ground. They rattled the windows in the bedrooms, 
but they weren't finding anything that they hadn't seen the night before.

 "Jim?" Jenny ventured.


 "You know, there's something else I noticed, other than that my breasts are 
bigger and you're shorter."

 "What is it?"

 "I'm horny."

 "I know. Me too. I thought it was just because last night was, you 

 "So good?"


 "I know. Jim, I want to do it again."

 "Right here?" Jim asked, gesturing to the bed in they room they were in.

 "Can you think of anyplace closer?" Jenny answered.

 Their clothes were stripped off in moments, and once again they were naked 
on the bed. They lay side by side, kissing and fondling each other, running 
their hands along each other's sides. Jenny let her mouth trail down Jim's 
neck and across his chest on her way to his crotch. She slid her tongue 
briefly against his nipple.

 "Oh my god!" Jim exclaimed.

 "What is it?"

 "That felt so good! My nipples never felt so good before!"

 Jenny halted her advance towards his crotch, and kept sucking Jim's nipple. 
 Her hand went to his other nipple, and started to caress his chest. Jim 
felt his girlfriend stiffen suddenly.

 "Jim," she said. "Feel your chest. Tell me if anything feels weird to 

 "Well, other than the fact that I've never gotten off on having my nipples 
played with, I don't think... Wait a minute. Is that a lump?"

 "I think so. Which either means you've got male breast cancer, or..."

 "Or I'm growing breasts."

 Silence fell. Jim lost all interest in sex and got up off the bed. Still 
naked, he examined himself in the full-length mirror that was attached to 
the door of the closet.

 "This is impossible," he muttered. "Does my hair look longer to you?"

 "Yes. And maybe... Do your hips seem wider?"

 "But... But... The book said we'd become what we wanted to be! I don't 
want to have breasts!"

 "I think we better go talk to the guys."

 When the four re-gathered in the library, the only thing to discuss was the 
changes they were undergoing. Nobody had discovered an exit.

 "Ok," Jenny began, "we can't get out, so we're just going to have to deal 
with what's happening to us."

 "Wait a second," Dan interjected, "We don't know for sure that ANYTHING is 

 "Just a sec..." Jenny replied. "Here, let me measure us again." She noted 
the results in her tablet.

 "Jerry, you're 6'3"," she reported. "Dan, you're 6'4" now. And both Jim 
and I are 5'6". Anybody want to argue it now?"

 "I guess you're right," Dan admitted. "So what are we going to do about 

 "Wait a second," Jerry interrupted. "Who says we have to do anything about 

 "What do you mean?" asked Dan.

 "Well, what did the book say? It said that we were going to change into 
whatever we wanted to be, right? We're just getting bigger and more 
muscular, right? What's wrong with that?"

 "YOU'RE getting bigger and more muscular," Jenny said. "Jim isn't."

 "What's happening to Jim?" asked Jerry, turning his attention in that 
direction for the first time. Jim had spent the entire discussion trying to 
fade into the woodwork, embarrassed.

 "I think Jim is turning into a girl," Jenny answered.

 "Jenny!" he burst out, "what the fuck?"

 "Jim," Dan said incredulously, "do you want to be a girl?"

 "No!" Jim replied.

 "But if we're turning into what we want to be..." Jerry offered.

 "No, I don't want to be a girl!" Jim screamed as he bolted from the room. 
He ran full tilt down the stairs and to the front door, beating against it 
and trying with all his strength to force it open. But all his strength was 
not enough. Jim could hear the others coming down the stairs to find him, 
but he couldn't face them. He ducked to the side and cut through rooms, 
avoiding the main hallway, and made his way to the back staircase. He fled 
up the stairs to the third floor and locked himself in the first bedroom he 
came to. He collapsed on the bed in a heap.

 "I DON'T want to be a girl," he sobbed to himself. It took Jim most of ten 
minutes to get himself under control. Finally, he managed to pull himself 

 {The worst part of it is,} he thought to himself, {that I'm so damn horny. 
I can't believe how much I want sex. Wait a minute, Jenny was the same way. 
 It must be this house! The house must be doing it to us.}

 Rolling over, Jim reached down to unbutton his jeans. He slid them down 
off his hips and kicked them off, and then pulled his shirt over his head.

 {I can't understand why,} he thought, {but all I can think of is 

 Jim reached down to his crotch to grab his cock, and started to stroke the 

 {Jesus,} he thought, {my dick is shrinking! But it feels so good!}

 Jim's hand stroked faster and faster on his cock as he groaned in arousal. 
His other hand reached up to his chest to play with his nipples. The lumps 
he found there weren't the tiny things they had been this morning. They 
were now much more noticeable.

 {Oh my god, my tits are getting bigger,} thought Jim. {And it feels so 
good to touch them!}

 He kept touching them, and stoking them, as his hand moved faster and 
faster on his cock. Jim's moans got louder until, finally, he felt his 
orgasm blot out all other awareness and his cum shot up onto his belly. Jim 
lay there on the bed panting for a few minutes, and then got up.

 {Well, time to see what the damage is}, he thought as he stood before the 
mirror. He was trying not to break down again, but he was extremely 

 {Weird,} thought Jim, {my hair's longer. And those are definitely tits on 
my chest now. I can't believe this is happening to me. My dick is tiny. 
It looks like it belongs on a kid. My hips are widening, and my waist seems 
thinner. And of course, I'm only as tall as Jenny now. Why did I ever come 
into this house?}

 {Wait a second,} Jim continued, {this must be a dream. Stuff like this 
can't happen in real life. I must be dreaming. And if I'm dreaming, and it 
feels this good...}

 "If it feels this good, there's no reason why I shouldn't take advantage of 
it," Jim said aloud. He returned to the bed for another round of 

 Jim couldn't believe how good it felt to masturbate his shrinking dick and 
massage his new breasts. It was fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, that he 
couldn't stop, even though he realized that he was just rationalizing by 
thinking that he was dreaming. But he was so horny, and it felt so good to 
touch himself...

 Jim kept on touching himself, repeatedly and until reaching orgasm, for 
nearly the entire day. He would never have thought that he could remain 
entertained by masturbation for that long, but the strange atmosphere of the 
house kept his level of arousal so high that he literally couldn't STOP 
playing with himself.

 But that wasn't the only effect the house was having on him. As the day 
wore on, his body continued to change, without his conscious awareness. 
When an aspect of his changing body DID make itself known to Jim, he didn't 
really take it in, such as when his growing breasts became big enough to 
fill his shrinking hands. His only reaction was to play with the 
increasingly sensitive mounds on his chest even more.

 By the evening of his second day in the mysterious house, Jim's arousal was 
starting to wear off. Even an unnatural, constant craving for sex has to 
fall prey to the limits of the human body, and Jim's body was just about at 
its limit. As his libido ground to a halt, Jim's intelligence started to 
assert itself again, and it occurred to him to wonder what he looked like 

 He assumed that his body had continued to change, even though he had been 
more concerned with how it felt than how it looked. But Jim realized that 
even from the feeling of his body, he could tell that his breasts were much 
larger and his hips wider than they had been this morning. What he didn't 
realize was that he was starting to adjust to that fact; the house was 
changing more than just his body, it was changing many of his sexual 
attitudes and allowing him to cope with others that he had kept hidden, even 
from himself. The process was far from finished, but it had progressed 
enough that he no longer felt a hysterical reaction to the changes he was 
going through. As he faced the mirror to assess the "damages," he felt more 
of a grim acceptance. Even, in some corner of his mind that he hadn't 
completely accepted, a measure of excitement.

 "Oh my god," he muttered. "I'm a blonde."

 Jim's hair had indeed lightened to blonde, even as it grew down past his 
shoulders. He noted that now, realizing that it had felt so natural that he 
hadn't noticed the tips brushing his back and the tops of his breasts. His 
face only vaguely resembled the boy he had been the day before; it was 
younger-looking and cute, with a patch of freckles across his nose and huge 
blue eyes. His breasts were a full B-cup, although Jim didn't know this. 
He was only aware that they were the same size as Jenny's. They were topped 
by hard little nipples, small and pink. His hips were wider, though still 
girlish, his legs were long and slender, and his waist was impossibly thin. 
His tiny ass was so round and tight he couldn't believe it.

 {Oh my god,} he repeated mentally. {I'm a girl. I can't believe that's 

 Jim had to check again to make sure he still had his cock. Sure enough, it 
was still there, although somewhat shrunken in appearance. It was only five 
inches long now when hard, and it also seemed to belong to a younger boy, as 
the pubic hair had grown very sparse. Jim realized that he was indeed 
completely hard. It seemed that he hadn't lost his attraction to cute 
teenage girls, even though he now resembled one.

 But he didn't think that masturbating again was the best thing to do right 
then. He wanted to find the others. In the course of acclimatizing to what 
had happened to him, Jim had become somewhat less embarrassed. He was by no 
means proud of what was happening to him, but he felt like he could at least 
deal with his friends and their knowledge of what was happening to him. 
After all, they were changing too.

 All of these thoughts were going through Jim's head as he dressed (the fit 
of his jeans made him realize he had lost another two inches of height) and 
walked back to the library where he had left Jerry, Dan and Jenny. But when 
he arrived there, the sight that he saw forced all other considerations out 
of his mind.

 Jenny was stark naked, and bent over one of the leather-bound chairs in the 
room. It was still recognizably Jenny, although she looked older, and her 
breasts were definitely bigger. But Jim didn't notice that immediately. 
What he noticed was that Jerry and Dan, equally naked, were standing on 
either side of the chair and sticking their huge dicks into Jim's 

 Jim could feel his shrinking cock hardening in his jeans, but his arousal 
didn't distract him from his jealousy. Across the room from him, seemingly 
unaware of his presence, two of his best friends were double-teaming his 
girlfriend. Dan's cock was pumping Jenny's pussy from behind, driving in 
and out of her tight cunt as she moaned in pleasure and slurped on Jerry's 
dick. Jim couldn't believe how eager she appeared to be. He felt sickened 
by her betrayal, but he was powerless to tear his eyes from the spectacle 
before him.

 As Jim watched, he found himself becoming aware of the changes his friends 
had undergone. Both of the guys looked like weightlifters. And had their 
penises been that large before? Both of them looked to be nearly a foot 
long. They looked older, too, as if they'd grown overnight from sixteen to 

 Jenny drew his attention next. She definitely looked older as well, except 
that in her case the word "mature" was probably more descriptive. Her body 
and face had filled out until she looked about the same age as the guys. 
Her hips were wide and her ass was a round half-circle. Her formerly brown 
hair had lightened to blonde and lengthened to halfway down her back. But 
her breasts were the most impressive: they had grown from a modest B-cup to 
fat DD-cups.

 Jim was entranced as he watched the two huge studs pumping his girlfriend. 
Against his will, he found himself becoming even more aroused. His hand 
crept down past the waist of his jeans and into his boxers, stroking his 
rigid penis. Even as jealous as he was, he couldn't stop himself from 
staring lustfully at his friends' bodies and masturbating.

 As he watched, he saw that both guys were fucking Jenny faster now, pumping 
their cocks into her at either end with more force and intensity. Jenny 
appeared to love it, squealing in an orgasm as she sucked harder on Jerry's 
dick. All at once they slammed into her from both ends, obviously cumming. 
Both guys groaned and grunted as the cum shot into Jenny, filling her full 
of it. She licked Jerry's dick desperately, needing every drop of cum he 
could provide.

 Their orgasms had subsided and they had begun disentangling themselves when 
they saw Jim. All three froze at the sight. Jim's gaze met that of his 
friends, and it was only then that he realized that his hand was still down 
his pants, jerking off.

 "Jim?" asked Jenny. "Is that you?"

 Jim couldn't make himself respond. It was only with the utmost effort that 
he managed to stop playing with himself.

 "Oh my god, he's a girl," muttered Dan.

 "I am NOT!" blurted Jim, suddenly embarrassed into making a response.

 "He really is," Jerry said, agreeing with Dan as if Jim hadn't spoken. "He 
made himself a girl."

 "I didn't make myself ANYTHING," Jim shot back. "I didn't do this. I 
NEVER would have done this. It just happened."

 "Of course it did, Jim," Jenny said, coming over and putting an arm around 
Jim as she led him to a chair. Jim, flustered, found himself being seated 
in the chair that his girlfriend had been fucked on, shortly before.

 "What have you got to say about it?" he demanded from her. "What the hell 
were you doing?"

 "Jim, honey, it's just that I was horny," Jenny explained, seeming mildly 
apologetic but nothing like as upset as Jim was. "I know you know what I 
mean. This house is doing it to us. To ALL of us. The three of us were 
here, and we really wanted some sex, and you ran away, so we did it. There 
was nothing else we could do. You see that, don't you?"

 "I don't see anything!" Jim was nearing a shout, now. "All I see is that 
my girlfriend cheated on me with my two best friends. How could you do it? 
How could any of you do it?" He found himself acting hysterically, while 
Jenny replied calmly. She was acting like a mature adult, while he reacted 
more and more like a young girl.

 "Listen Jim, I'm sorry but..."

 "You're not sorry! You're a slut, that's what you are!"

 "Now, uh, listen Jim..." Jerry cut in. He was obviously ill at ease with 
Jim, and Jim couldn't understand why. Until he remembered what was 
happening to his body.

 "Why should I listen to you?" Jim shouted. "You just fucked my 

 "Jim, from the looks of things she'd have to turn lesbo to still be your 
girlfriend," Jerry retorted. That stopped Jim in his tracks.

 "I'm not a girl," he responded quietly. "I don't want to be a girl."

 "Well, you sure look like a girl to me," Jerry responded. "And I don't 
know why you would unless that's what you wanted. The book SAID it would 
turn us into what we wanted to be. That's what it did to US," he nodded to 
Dan and Jenny, "so I'm guessing that's what it did to you too."

 "I can't believe you wanted to be a chick, man," Dan said to Jim as he 
shook his head. "All the time, I thought you were a normal guy. I can't 
believe you really wanted this."

 "I didn't!" Jim insisted as girlish tears started to force their way out of 
his eyes.

 "It doesn't look that way," Jerry replied. "It looks like you like what's 
happening to you. I bet you like cocks, huh? I bet you can't wait to get 
hold of a fat cock."

 "No, I don't," Jim responded weakly, but at the same time he realized that 
he'd been focusing on Jerry's naked crotch during the whole conversation. 
He could see Jerry's dick starting to twitch, coming back to life after the 
bout of sex with Jenny.

 "No!" he shouted again as he ran from the library. Once again, he wasn't 
followed and he found himself, in the absence of anywhere else to go, making 
his way back to a bedroom and collapsing on the bed.

 {It's not true!} he told himself. {I haven't had a sexual thought about a 
guy in my life!} But he realized that he was having them now. He couldn't 
keep the image of Jerry's huge, semi-erect cock out of his mind, and his own 
cock was rock hard. Jim reached down to stroke it through his jeans. He 
could feel it aching for release.

 Realizing that he had never satisfied himself after watching his girlfriend 
get double-teamed, Jim snaked his hand back down into his jeans. His hand 
moved of its own volition, fondling his cock. It felt even smaller to him 
than it had before, though he knew it hadn't had time enough to shrink much.

 At the same time, his other hand reached up under his shirt to play with 
his breasts. The amazing sensation coming from his teenaged titties warmed 
Jim up considerably. Lying there, fondling his breasts and masturbating, 
Jim had to admit that he didn't mind the new shape his body was taking that 
much, at least when it felt this good to touch it. He fell asleep pondering 
the changes in his body, and the new acceptance he seemed to have for them.

 Jim woke up the next morning to the feeling of his hand caressing and 
stroking his cock. Disturbing images floated through his mind, but his 
half-sleeping brain barely registered them, except to realize that they made 
him even hornier. It didn't take Jim long to cum, filling his boxers with 
his sperm, but he still wasn't satisfied. His head had been filled with 
images of Jerry's cock during his self-imposed handjob, and he knew what he 
wanted. With tears in his eyes, he admitted it silently to himself.

 He wanted to suck a dick. And he got up, rearranging his clothes, to go 
find one.

 When he got to the library, Jim found his girlfriend again engaged in sex 
with his two friends. Dan was sitting on the couch, with Jenny kneeling on 
the floor between his legs and sucking his enormous dick. Jerry was 
standing close by and masturbating his own huge organ. It occurred to Jim 
that, if it weren't for his own traitorous desires, he could have had a 
chiseled body and a huge rock-hard shaft like his two friends.

 "Well," said Jerry, noticing Jim. "If it isn't the little boy who want to 
be a little girl."

 The tears started up in Jim's eyes again as Jerry walked over to him. 
Their difference in height became apparent to Jim. He didn't know how tall 
Jerry was now (come to think of it, he wasn't sure how tall he himself was) 
but Jerry now towered over him by nearly a foot. Jim's eyes were drawn to 
Jerry's immense organ, and he knew what he wanted.

 "Please," Jim moaned, "please let me suck your cock."

 "Aha! So you're not just a little girl, you're a little slut! And do you 
know what that means? It means you wanted to be a little slut."

 "Y-yes," Jim admitted. "I want to be a slut. Let me suck your dick!"

 "Fine. Take off your shirt, though, so I can see your titties."

 Jim drew his shirt over his head as he dropped to his knees. He 
desperately wanted to avoid displaying the changes to his body, but his need 
for sex was even more desperate. He could feel his teenage breasts jiggling 
as he settled to his knees and took Jerry's cock in his hand.

 "Wow, not bad! Those are bigger than mine were when we came in here," 
Jenny exclaimed. Jim glanced up to see her and Dan watching from the chair 
as he fondled her breasts, and then he glanced down to his chest. She was 
right, his breasts were now bigger than hers had been two days before. 
Which meant that his tits were still growing.

 "What are you waiting for?" demanded Jerry. "Suck me off!"

 Jim could feel his own tiny cock straining against his jeans as he leaned 
forward and wrapped his lips around Jerry's monster penis. The head was hot 
and smooth, and harder than he had expected. He drew his lips down the 
shaft of Jerry's dick, trying to get as much as possible into his mouth. 
Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he experienced the immense shame and 
simultaneous satisfaction that sucking cock engendered in him.

 Jerry moaned as his dick stroked in and out of Jim's mouth. He couldn't 
help himself. On one hand he knew that the sexy little girl sucking his 
cock was really a guy, and his friend, but he couldn't resist the way he was 
being sucked.

 "He's better than Jenny!" he gasped as Jim's mouth slid over the smooth 
skin of his cock.

 Jim sucked more frantically. He was proud that he was a better cocksucker 
than his girlfriend, and he wanted to prove it. He wanted a mouth full of 
cum. He loved doing this, it made him so horny. As he sucked, he was 
stroking the front of his jeans, feeling his tiny dick through the material. 
 He could feel himself getting closer and closer to orgasm, as he brought 
Jerry nearer to his.

 All at once, Jerry couldn't hold back any more, and he shot his load into 
Jim's waiting mouth. Jim felt the cum shoot into him, hot, salty, and 
thick. He couldn't believe he was doing this, but it made him so horny that 
he came at the same time, filling his jeans with his own cum.

 "Oh my god, that was fantastic!" Jerry gasped. "Dan, you've got to try 

 "I will," Jim heard from right next to him. He turned his head to see 
Dan's enormous dick aimed right at his face. Jim had no resistance left to 
his own desire for cock. He sucked it down.

 The remainder of the day followed that mold for Jim; he spent it on his 
knees, sucking cock, and masturbating his own shrinking penis almost 
constantly. Jenny was there, but Jim was focused on getting cocks into his 
mouth. He was only peripherally aware of his girlfriend being fucked by 
whichever guy wasn't busy unloading his cum into his eager mouth.

 It wasn't until the evening that the quartet finally felt somewhat satiated 
and lost interest in sex. Dan and Jerry collapsed into chairs, exhausted 
from more sex than they had ever thought they'd be able to have, but Jim and 
Jenny weren't quite so wiped out. As they left the library, Jim realized 
that he wasn't so upset with Jenny as he had been. And also, he realized 
that he suddenly had a need for something other than sex.

 "I'm hungry," he said aloud.

 "Come with me," Jenny replied. "The kitchen's stocked."

 As Jim ate a cold sandwich standing up in the kitchen, the two discussed 
what had happened to them.

 "You know, Jim, you don't seem so..."

 "So mad at you?"


 "How can I be? I know that you wouldn't do those things by yourself. It's 
not your fault. I mean, how can I get mad when I was there too, doing..." 
Jim found himself unable to continue.

 "It's OK, Jim."

 "I know. It's just this house. It makes us do things... Want things... 
that we would never really do on our own."

 "Well, I don't know about that," Jenny replied.


 "I mean, sure, we might never do things like this on our own, but I don't 
think I've done anything that I didn't WANT to. I just think that I might 
not have acted on it if I hadn't been forced."

 "You mean... you wanted Jerry and Dan to fuck you?"

 "Jim, think about it. Did YOU want Jerry and Dan to fuck YOU?"

 Jim answered that question with his silence.

 "Anyway, what's happened to our bodies, I think, is what we wanted, too. I 
know I couldn't have dreamed up a better looking body than this one," she 
said, running her hands down her sides to her hips and feeling her breasts. 
"And I don't think yours is too bad either."

 Jim looked down at his breasts, jutting from his still-bare chest. He was 
surprised to notice that they were much larger than they'd been this 
morning. The growth had been so gradual, and had felt so good, so NATURAL, 
that he'd never noticed them getting larger.

 "But this ISN'T what I wanted!" Jim insisted.

 "I don't know, Jim. I think it is. What happened to Dan, Jerry, and me 
certainly hit the nail on the head. I wonder if maybe you did want this, 
but you just didn't know it."

 She moved closer to him. Her hands came up to caress his breasts. Jim 
gasped as he felt the immense pleasure that radiated out from his titties as 
Jenny brushed her palms lightly against his nipples.

 "Jim, tell me the truth," she said. "Do you like this?"

 "Y-yes," he gasped.

 "Do you like having these tits? They look like a D-cup to me. Do you like 
having big, D-cup titties?"


 "Tell me the truth, do you want them to get even bigger?"

 "Nnn... Nnn... Yes!"

 "How big?"

 "Bigger than yours!"

 "Jim, you're a lot smaller than me now. I think you're only about 5'2". 
Tits bigger than mine would make you look like a little sexpot. I mean, 
D-cups look huge enough on a little girl like you. Any bigger and people 
would look at you and not notice anything but your tits. Are you sure 
that's what you want?"


 She stopped massaging his tits, and Jim suddenly found it a lot easier to 
focus. He was still ragingly horny, but he could think a bit more 
coherently. And he realized he hadn't been lying.

 "Jim," Jenny went on, her tone changing, "I have one more thing to ask you. 
 Do you still have your..." She gestured to his crotch.

 "My cock?" Jim asked.

 "Yeah. Do you?

 "Yes. Why?"

 "'Cause I'm horny. I need a fuck. Would you fuck me, Jim?"

 Jim was happy to realize that he hadn't lost his attraction to beautiful 
girls, at least. He pushed Jenny back to the counter (actually, he didn't 
think he could have budged her if she hadn't been cooperating) and boosted 
her onto it. Or tried to, at least; Jim found that he didn't have the 
strength to lift her and she boosted herself up. Jenny's legs were spread 
and her pussy was soaking wet.

 Jim turned his attention to himself as he slid his jeans off. His top half 
was already naked, and he could see his skinny arms, his narrow shoulders, 
and his enormous breasts. His long blonde hair hung into his view as he 
slid his jeans off of his tiny waist, over his rounded hips and down his 
long slim legs to reveal his tiny hairless cock. It might have been two 
inches long. Maybe.

 But any concern Jim might have had over his rapidly shrinking penis was 
completely overshadowed by his arousal. He stood on tiptoe to be able to 
reach high enough to get his tiny dick into Jenny's hot cunt, and then began 
to fuck her.

 At first, Jim tried to thrust into his girlfriend's pussy, but every time 
he pulled back his cock would fall out. After his lack of success with 
thrusting, he just pressed his crotch against his girlfriend's and started 
to grind his pubic bone against hers.

 Jim might not have been half the man he had been days before, but fucking 
Jenny's hot cunt still felt good to him. In fact, it felt fantastic; better 
than it ever had before. Her hot wet snatch enveloped him completely as he 
ground his pelvis against her in a circular motion. Her legs wrapped around 
his rounded, female ass and pulled him in tighter against her. She was so 
much stronger than him that Jim knew he couldn't have escaped even if he had 
wanted to.

 It didn't take long before Jim felt himself being pushed over the brink, 
and his orgasm enveloped him. Jim heard his newly-feminine voice shrieking 
in pleasure as his cock deposited his cum in his girlfriend's cunt. He 
collapsed over her, feeling his big breasts press against her belly. He 
knew that that had been the best sex he had ever had.

 "Jim," Jenny ventured. "Would you do me a favor?"

 "What?" he muttered.

 "I know that felt good to you, but I couldn't even feel you in there. 
After being fucked by Jerry's and Dan's big monsters, I'm afraid yours just 
wasn't big enough. Would you mind..."

 Jim felt Jenny's hands on his shoulders, pushing him down until his face 
was against her crotch. He could see the cum dripping out of her, and knew 
that some of it was his, but by no means all. He leaned forward without 
hesitation and started to lick his girlfriend's pussy.

 "Oh yeah, that's better," she groaned. "That feels so good!"

 Jim licked back and forth. He concentrated on Jenny's clit for her 
pleasure, but couldn't resist dipping down into her cum-soaked pussy for his 
own. He still couldn't get enough cum, even after spending the best part of 
the day on his knees giving blowjobs.

 Jenny's hands clamped onto the back of his head, pushing his face into her 
crotch. Jim knew that, as small and weak as he now was, there was no way he 
could resist her. And he didn't want to. Her pussy juice and the cum that 
filled her was smeared on his face as Jim licked and stroked her clit. 
Jenny moaned louder and louder as she bucked her hips against Jim's face, 
screaming her orgasm.

 After both were satiated, they made their way back up to the bedroom they 
had claimed and went to bed. Jenny fell asleep almost instantly, but Jim 
stayed awake for a long time, pondering what had happened to him that day, 
and what else might happen tomorrow.

 On his fourth day in the house, Jim awoke to find Jenny already awake, and 
standing next to the bed.

 "Good, you're awake," she said. "Do me a favor, would you? Get up and 
stand against the wall for a minute."


 "I want to measure you again." Jenny had the pen and pad of paper that 
she'd used two days before to record their measurements.

 "Fine," he grumbled as he got out of bed and stood against the doorjamb. 
Jenny marked his height with the pen, then measured the height of the mark 
from the floor.

 "5'1"," she said. "I don't think you're shrinking as fast any more."

 "You're still 5'6", right?"

 "Yep. And both the guys are more than a foot taller than you now. I don't 
know why you wanted to be such a tiny girl, but you are now."

 Jim didn't bother to protest that he hadn't wanted any of this. He was 
starting to wonder if perhaps Jenny hadn't been right. Had he actually 
wished he was a girl, on some level that he hadn't been aware of?

 "Well, let's see if we can find you some clothes," Jenny said, jolting Jim 
out of his self-reflection.

 "What's wrong with my clothes?"

 "Well, other than the fact that you've been wearing them for three days and 
they're not exactly clean, they don't really fit all that well any more. If 
you put those jeans on again, you're likely to trip over them and kill 

 "Well, why do I need clothes at all? You know we're probably going to 
spend the whole day fucking, anyway." Jim found that he wasn't averse to 
having the two other guys involved. In fact, he was rather looking forward 
to it. He felt a tingle in his crotch, and was just noticing that it felt 
strange, when Jenny interrupted his train of thought.

 "I don't know if you've noticed this or not, Jim, but your tits are about 
the same size as mine, now. These things are HEAVY for me, and you're a lot 
smaller everywhere else. Believe me, you're going to be in a bit of pain if 
you don't wear a bra at least."

 "Ok, Ok. Fine. I'll wear underwear," Jim conceded. Privately, he 
realized that he wasn't too upset about the idea.

 Jenny was already digging through the dresser.

 "You wouldn't believe all the clothes in this place," she told him. "And 
they're modern, too. I guess that's just one more thing to add to the 
'weird shit' list. Here, try this one," she said as she handed him a bra. 
She helped him to clasp the bra, then examined the fit.

 "Hmm, close but no cigar," she muttered, half to herself. "The cups are 
too small, and it's loose around your ribcage." She rooted through the 
dresser again. "Here, let's try this one." She assisted him in getting 
into it, and then admired the fit.

 "Yep, I'd say that's about perfect. My boyfriend is now a 28 DD-cup. I 
never thought I'd say that."

 "You're kidding me," Jim exclaimed. "Wait a minute... How big are you 

 "My tits are about the same size, but I'm bigger around the chest. A 
32-DD. I think you're going to get your wish."

 "What wish?"

 "Last night you said you wanted your tits to be bigger than mine. Mine 
haven't gotten any bigger since yesterday, but yours are still growing. I'm 
pretty sure you're going to have bigger titties than me."


 "Yep. Ok, now let's get you into some panties. Off with the boxers."

 "Aw, come on. What's wrong with boxers?" Jim asked, but in his own mind he 
was actually kind of excited by the prospect. Even as he objected, he was 
sliding his boxers down his long, slender legs. What was revealed shocked 
both of them.

 "Oh my god," Jenny exclaimed, seeming upset by the situation for the first 
time since the second day of their stay. "Jim, you've got a... a..."

 Jim turned his own gaze to his crotch, slowly registering the hairless 
cleft that was now all he had between his legs.

 "I've got a pussy," he muttered tonelessly. Both of them stood silently 
for a moment, dealing with the enormity of the situation.

 "Jim, you're a girl now," Jenny said incredulously.

 Jim, for his part, was coming to terms with this new revelation faster than 
he would have thought possible. {After all,} he considered, {It's not like 
it's a surprise. This has been coming for three days.}

 But the reality was that Jim was still somewhat shaken. His desires had 
been hidden in his subconscious and, though he may have guessed, he couldn't 
have been sure what was going to happen to him until it happened.

 Despite the shock he was experiencing, though, Jim found his thoughts 
straying to sex. He was a girl now. He had a pussy. He could be fucked. 
And after they had both let him suck their dicks the day before, he didn't 
think that Dan and Jerry would have any problem fucking him.

 Jim could feel the slit between his legs getting hot and wet as he thought 
about lying back as one of his friends penetrated him with their huge cock. 
The image made him even hotter and hornier.

 "Jenny, would you hand me those panties?" he asked. Jenny wordlessly 
complied, and he slid the tiny thong underwear up his legs, feeling the 
little scrap of cloth mold itself to his hot wet mound.

 "Well," said Jim, "What do you say we go find the guys? I think I've got a 
thing or two to show them."

 Jim led Jenny to the library, where they found Dan and Jerry sprawled out 
on chairs, just as they'd left them the night before. They were just waking 
as Jim and Jenny entered the room.

 "Well, will you look at this," Jerry said after a look at Jim. "Jim's 
wearing a bra and panties. You really go for this girly shit, don't you 

 "It's starting to grow on me," Jim admitted. Then he wordlessly reached 
down, hooked his thumbs under the strings of his panties, and slid them down 
to his thighs. He nearly laughed at the open-mouthed stares he got from Dan 
and Jerry.

 "Jesus, Jim, you've got a pussy!" Dan exclaimed.

 "So you really wanted to be a girl, Jim?" Jerry asked, really shaken.

 "I guess I did," Jim replied. "I don't know, but it feels so good to have 
a pussy. I just wonder what it'll feel like..."

 "What?" Dan asked.

 "I wonder what it'll feel like to get fucked."

 That brought Jerry and Dan back to the incredulous stare, and this time 
Jenny joined them. All three couldn't look at Jim's new female body without 
remembering that he had been a boy just five days earlier, and they couldn't 
believe that he would want to have one of them stick their cock up into his 
new cunt. Neither Dan nor Jerry could imagine ever wanting anything like 
that, but then neither of them had wanted to be a girl either.

 Jim stopped any speculation by crossing the room towards Dan. Both he and 
Jerry stood up as Jim approached and, as soon as he reached Dan, dropped to 
his knees. Out of the corner of his eye, Jim was aware that Jenny was 
following suit, kneeling in front of Jerry. But Jim was more concerned with 
Dan's enormous cock than he was with his girlfriend.

 He reached forward to take the semi-erect shaft in his hand, and fed it 
into his mouth. After only a day of experience, it felt natural to do this. 
 He slurped and sucked the shaft, running his tongue over the smooth, taut 
skin. He could feel Dan's penis hardening in his mouth as he sucked it.

 But Jim didn't want it in his mouth. So as soon as Dan was completely hard 
and breathing quickly, Jim stood up and led him by the hand to one of the 
bedrooms on the third floor. He was vaguely aware of Jerry and Jenny 
following, but most of his attention was on getting Dan's cock inside him as 
quickly as possible.

 Once behind closed doors, Jim stripped off his underwear and lay down on 
the bed. Looking between his raised knees, Jim could see Dan standing at 
the foot of the bed, his foot-long cock pointed at the ceiling, impossibly 
erect. Dropping his gaze to his own body, Jim marveled at what a change he 
had undergone in the last few days. His slim arms and legs and his wide 
hips were the least of them. The very large breasts settled on his chest 
were certainly a major change, but the most profound difference was his 

 It struck him how strange it was to look between his legs and not see a 
cock. Between his legs now, all Jim saw was smooth flesh, a hairless mound 
whose only feature was the wet slit that was aching to be penetrated. That 
was the biggest change: his frantic desire for the huge shaft that Dan was 
displaying in front of him. Jim reached down to run his finger over the 
smooth skin of his own pussy. He felt it slide past his clit, and then 
dipped it into himself, feeling his cunt tighten around his finger.

 Jim was distracted from his self-exploration when Dan climbed onto the bed. 
 All at once, Jim felt his friend taking position between his legs, and he 
felt the huge cock pressing against the entrance to his pussy. Jim moaned 
as the thick penis slowly slid up into him. It felt so good to finally be 
fucked. He realized that this was what he had been wanting, not just for 
the last few days while he was changing, but for his whole life.

 Dan's foot-long cock slid slowly up into Jim's pussy. Dan was being as 
gentle as possible, wanting to let Jim's tight twat get used to being filled 
by such a thick, long penis. This wasn't because of any spirit of altruism, 
but just because he wanted to enjoy himself. He had to admit that his 
friend had turned himself into one hot, almost pre-teen looking piece of 
ass, and he wanted the experience of fucking Jim to be as enjoyable as 

 Meanwhile, the hot piece of ass that was Jim was panting away underneath 
his friend, and trying not to beg out loud for more. Jim couldn't believe 
what a craving he had to be filled with hot thrusting dick, and he didn't 
want to admit to his friend that he wanted nothing more than to be 
repeatedly speared by cocks for the remainder of his life. His skin felt 
electric; the nipples that crowned the rounded globes of his big titties 
were rock hard and felt like sparks were shooting off of them. Dan's hands 
on his rounded hips, kneading his girlish ass, were already driving him 
towards orgasm. He couldn't believe how right it felt to be fucked.

 "Do you... Do you like it?" asked Dan.

 "Yes!" Jim screamed as the dam broke, and he admitted how he loved what had 
happened to him. "I LOVE IT! Put your cock in me deeper! It feels 

 "What about this?" Dan asked as he reached up to feel Jim's right tit.

 "Oh, it's great! I love my tits. Feel me up! Fuck me! Rub my tits!"

 Jim's orgasm hit immediately, and Dan's was quick to follow. For some 
reason, the situation, which they knew should have turned them off, instead 
excited both immensely. Dan couldn't get it out of his head that the hot 
girl underneath him, looking like a thirteen year old, but with curves she 
had no business having, was actually his friend Jim. And Jim couldn't 
believe that he was actually a girl, and he was letting his friend fuck him 
in his sloppily wet pussy. When they both had finished screaming their way 
through simultaneous orgasms, however, they stopped for a moment to catch 
their breath, laying on the bed with Dan's limpening cock still in Jim's 

 "So... you like being fucked?" Dan asked.

 "I love it!"

 "Well... are you gay now or what?"

 "I don't know," Jim faltered. "I mean, I'm a girl now, right? So is it 
gay for me to be with a guy or a girl?"

 "I'm not sure..."

 "I don't know either," Jim continued. "All I know is, it feels fantastic. 
Everything feels great, I mean, it felt great to have sex with Jenny last 
night, but it feels even better to spread my legs and feel your big cock 
reaming my pussy. I can't believe how good it felt to feel your hot stiff 
rod pistoning in and out of my hairless cunt. I just..."


 "Well, I've sucked your dick and had it in my pussy. I wonder what it 
would feel like for you to fuck me in the ass?"

 Dan didn't need more of a hint than that. Almost before he'd finished 
asking for it, Jim felt himself being flipped over onto his stomach. He lay 
there, arms and legs sprawled out and his big breasts crushed underneath his 
chest. His lengthening blonde hair was spread across his back, and the 
little half-circle of his feminine ass was sticking up in the air for just a 
moment. The cheeks were parted slightly, revealing his little virgin 
asshole. Dan lined up the tip of his slippery cock at the entrance to Jim's 
ass, and then pushed inside.

 On the first thrust, Jim's eyes bugged out of his head in surprise. His 
ass felt so full! He couldn't believe how much bigger Dan's cock felt in 
his back door than when he had been taking it in his pussy. But it didn't 
hurt, it was just enormously more sensation than he was expecting.

 On the second thrust, Jim's ass exploded with pleasure. He groaned aloud 
from the intense feeling of being assfucked. His hips rolled forward, and 
his hardened clit came into contact with the sheets under him, forcing 
another moan through his lips. His nipples were grinding against the fabric 
too, and the three points of his nipples and clit felt so sensitive that he 
thought he could feel every thread of the woven cloth as it rubbed up 
against him.

 "Does it hurt?" Dan asked, misunderstanding Jim's moans and starting to 
withdraw his prick.

 "DON'T STOP!" Jim yelled. "Don't stop fucking my ass! Stick it in me! 

 Dan needed no more encouragement, and he drove his big cock up Jim's ass 
once more. Jim felt like his ass was going to split from the heavenly 
feeling of having twelve inches of rock-hard dick crammed up it as Dan drove 
himself in to the hilt. Jim's nipples and clit ground against the bed as 
Dan fucked him harder and harder in the ass, forcing his cock up Jim's tight 
asshole again and again. Dan loved the tight feeling of his friend's back 
door, and Jim couldn't get enough; he was constantly begging for more.

 Dan's assfucking, combined with his own grinding against the bed, soon set 
Jim off on a series of multiple orgasms. But the grand finale hit just as 
Dan's grunting took on a more insistent tone and his ass-pumping went into 
overdrive. As the orgasm of his life was coursing through Jim's body, he 
felt his friend's hot cum shooting up into his ass, filling his insides. As 
Dan finally slid out of him, Jim could feel the warmth of the cum he had 
left behind.

 Neither of them would have believed that they could spend an entire day 
fucking, but that's just what they did. Both found the other's body so 
irresistible that the didn't leave the bed for the entire day, spending 
their time fucking repeatedly until evening. Finally, they felt satiated 
enough to venture out in search of their companions.

 Dan dressed in his clothes again without a problem, but when Jim tried to 
put his bra on, he found that it pinched his big breasts painfully.

 "Dude, your tits are just about bursting out of that bra," Dan commented.

 "I know," Jim said, somewhat surprised that he only felt a twinge of 
embarrassment when Dan remarked on his new equipment. "I guess I'm still 
getting bigger." He tossed the bra aside and pulled the tiny thong 
underwear up his legs as a bare nod towards modesty. He could feel his 
enormous mammaries jiggle and sway as he and Dan walked to meet their 

 When Dan and Jim reached the library, they found Jerry and Jennifer already 
there. Jenny jumped up and ran over to Jim immediately.

 "Jim, wow!" she exclaimed. "You look even better. And younger!"

 "I know," Jim said, blushing.

 "I mean, really! You look like you're barely in your teens, at least in 
the face. It's just your body that looks older. Or at least bigger. Are 
your tits still growing?"

 "I think so," Jim admitted. "A little."

 "I thought they might be," Jenny responded. "Just like a man, to want tits 
so much bigger than is practical. Here, I brought some bras for you to 
try," she said as she started to hand him a selection.

 "There, a 28-E," Jenny said as Jim finally found one that fit him 
perfectly. "I want to get everybody's measurements too, while we're here."

 "Jesus, you're treating this like some kind of science project," Jerry 

 "So sue me," Jenny responded. "What's happening to us is weird enough. I 
just want to document it."

 But after the measurements were taken, it turned out that what was 
happening to Jenny, Dan, and Jerry had already finished happening. Only Jim 
showed any difference from his last measurements.

 "E-cup titties and a hair under 5'1"," Jenny remarked. "You're definitely 
slowing down. And you're definitely bigger than me in the tits department, 

 "I can't believe you still want those things to get even bigger," Jerry 
said. "I mean, big tits are great, but you'll be tripping over them before 
too long."

 "I don't know, I just like them," Jim admitted. "I love the way they 
jiggle when I walk. And I LOVE the way it feels when they get fondled."

 "Yep, Jim's a real gay slut now," Jerry interjected.

 "I think that what would be gay for him now would be if he was still 
panting over me," Jenny responded hotly. "I mean, he's a girl. It's only 
natural for him to want to be fucked." She led Jim away to the other side 
of the room, leaving Jerry and Dan to trade notes on the sex they'd had 
during the day.

 "Jim, how was it?" she asked. "Dan fucked you, right?"

 "What do you think? It was amazing!"

 "You really liked it, huh? I mean, REALLY?"

 "It was fantastic! I never knew anything could feel so good. I mean, when 
he was pumping into me, and my tits were jiggling all over the place, I just 
felt so... GOOD, you know?"

 "Yeah, I think so," his girlfriend replied.

 "And when he put it up my ass, and came, and I felt all his hot come 
shooting up into my ass, filling my ass with his cum..."

 "You let him fuck you in the ass?"

 "Yeah, I loved it," Jim replied.

 "Well, what are we going to do the day after tomorrow?" Jenny asked. "I 
mean, that note said that we'd be able to leave then, and it pretty much 
said that if we take anything with us the changes will be permanent. Do you 
want to...?"

 "Do I want to stay a girl?" Jim asked. He mulled it over for a minute or 
so. "I don't know. I don't think so. I mean, I love it, it feels great. 
I can admit it now, to you at least, that I really do like it better. But 
how could I explain it to my family, or to my other friends? It'd just be 
too weird, I think."

 "Ok, we'll talk about that tomorrow. For tonight, though, I think you 
should sleep with Jerry."

 "What? Not you?"

 "Jim, do you really want to sleep with me? Or do you want to be fucked 

 Jim's silence answered her question.

 "Jim, Jerry's talking shit, but he really wants to fuck you. And I know 
you want to be fucked. If you're planning on changing back, you should get 
as much as you can now, right?"

 Jim knew that Jenny had an ulterior motive, wanting to be fucked by Dan as 
a change from Jerry, but he found that he didn't mind. Looking across the 
room at the enormous bulge in Jerry's pants, he found that he did really 
want it in him.

 "Ok, but just let me warn you. Jerry's a bit... rougher than Dan," Jenny 
explained, before crossing the room and leading Dan out by the hand.

 But when Jim and Jerry had retired to another bedroom, Jim didn't think 
Jerry was being too rough at all. The frantic fucking was exactly what he 
needed. Jerry pinned him down almost immediately, tearing his bra and 
panties off and forcing his legs apart and slipping his gigantic cock in 
between them to fuck Jim's pussy. The force wasn't necessary; Jim was as 
eager for sex as Jerry was, but it made him even more turned-on to be 
manhandled like that. Jerry's hands pawed his breasts as his long dick 
stroked in and out of Jim's pussy, and Jim couldn't help but have orgasm 
after orgasm. Eventually, the sex gave way to dreams of sex, as Jim passed 
out from the pleasure.

 The next morning, Jim woke up before Jerry. As he got out of bed and 
started looking for his underwear, not remembering where Jerry had flung it 
the night before, he happened to look back at Jerry's sleeping form on the 

 {Damn,} thought Jim, {that's something I never expected to see. But I'm 
glad this happened. Even if I'm going to turn back, I'm glad I got to feel 
what this was like, even for a few days.}

 Jim located his bra and hooked it around his ribcage. When he tried to 
pull it up over his breasts, though, he found that they were once again 
spilling out over the tops of the cups.

 "Looks like you still want bigger titties," Jerry remarked from the bed.

 "Shit," said Jim, but it was half-hearted. He knew that he really did want 
his enormous breasts to get even bigger.

 "You love all this girl shit, don't you Jim?" asked Jerry. "You love 
having those huge tits hanging off your chest."

 "You love it too," Jim retorted, crossing the room to lower his breasts on 
either side of Jerry's huge cock. Even limp, the giant piece of meat was 
seven inches long. But as Jim reached up to grab his own titties, squeezing 
Jerry's dick between them, it started to harden to its full twelve-inch 
length. Jim could feel the giant penis hardening between his huge breasts, 
and his pussy began to flow. His nipples hardened as the rubbed against 
Jerry's stomach.

 "Suck my dick," Jerry moaned.

 Jim was only too happy to accommodate him. As Jerry's dick reached its 
full length, Jim took the head into his mouth, while the base was still 
jutting out from between his huge, pillowy breasts. It felt so natural now 
for Jim to suck dick. It made him feel so feminine and sexy to take a huge 
penis between his lips and suck on it, making circles around the head with 
his tongue and licking the first few drops of cum from the tip, in 
anticipation of the greater amount that he could coax out of it. One hand 
reached down to his hairless mound, playing with his pussy as he sucked his 
friend's dick.

 Jerry's hips were pumping now, sliding his dick in and out of Jim's mouth 
in time with Jim's own pumping hips. Jim was grinding his clit down against 
his hand, in awe at the pleasure to which he could bring himself, as he 
fondled his giant breasts and slurped away at Jerry's dick. Both of them 
were nearing their orgasms, and as Jerry grunted, shooting his load of cum 
down Jim's throat, Jim grabbed his right nipple, twisting and pulling on it, 
only making it harder, as he forced four fingers up into his pussy and 
pushed himself over the edge. He saw stars. Jim couldn't believe how much 
more satisfying it was to have sex as a girl than it had been as a guy.

 After showering, Jim investigated the closets of the room to find, as he 
expected, a variety of clothes for both genders. He saw no reason to cover 
up more of his fantastic body than necessary, but his breasts were so huge 
that it was uncomfortable to walk around without some support, so he 
intended at least to wear a bra. After trying a few, Jim discovered that he 
was now a 28-G. After sliding thong panties in his tiny size up his legs, 
feeling the thong slip between his ass cheeks and caress his asshole, Jim 
left Jerry getting dressed and went to find Dan and Jenny.

 Jerry followed Jim as he made his way back to the library. From behind, he 
could watch Jim's perfect ass flexing as he walked, wiggling back and forth. 
 Jim's huge, heavy breasts swayed from side to side, jiggling as he walked. 
 Jim, looking down, couldn't believe how far in front of them they jutted. 
When he reached the library and stopped, they continued to bobble and jiggle 
in his bra. Dan was waiting for them there, but Jenny was nowhere to be 

 "She's asleep," Dan said when he saw them. "I was looking for you." The 
way he said "you" made Jim aware that he was what Dan had been looking for. 
He leaned over, feeling the weight of his big titties hanging from his 
chest, and slid his panties down his smooth legs, revealing his hairless 
pussy. He flowed against Dan, who had divested himself of his boxers.

 "You feel so good," Dan murmured. "You're so sexy. It makes me so horny 
to see you like this. Last night, with Jenny... I know you're not really a 
girl, but..." His hands went to work on Jim's enormous tits, stripping off 
his bra and kneading them together. "Are your breasts bigger?" he asked 

 "Yeah," said Jerry, coming up behind Jim and joining Dan in caressing and 
stroking the curves of Jim's body. "Jim loves his big titties."

 "Yes, I do," admitted Jim. "And I love feeling your hands on my fat tits."

 Jim could feel both guys' huge erections pressing up against him. Dan's 
giant dick was jutting against his stomach, actually reaching up between his 
breasts, and Jerry's foot-long cock was hard against his back. He could 
feel his hairless pussy, so wet, aching to be penetrated again.

 "Lift me up," Jim whispered to Dan. "I'm too short now, your dick hits at 
my stomach. Lift me up so you can fuck me."

 Dan wasted no time in acquiescing, and Jim spread his legs, feeling his 
pussy lips opening wide. The fat head of Dan's penis slid between his 
hairless folds, sliding inside of Jim's hot cunt. As he settled lower, Jim 
could feel it filling him fuller and fuller, cramming him full of cock. 
Finally, he hung there suspended and helpless, his giant breasts mashed 
against his friend's chest.

 Before Jim could even adjust completely to having that much dick inside of 
him, however, he felt Jerry's dick at the entrance to his asshole. His 
friend slid his shaft up Jim's ass, slowly forcing it farther into his 
backdoor. Jim couldn't believe how good it felt, how much cock was being 
presented for his pleasure. His ass almost hurt from the size of the cock 
that Jerry was forcing into his butt, but Jim loved the feeling of being so 

 Once his pussy and his ass were both completely full with twelve inches of 
rock hard dick, Jim was rewarded with the sensation of both guys pumping 
their poles in and out of him. He moaned in the immense pleasure. He 
couldn't believe how good it felt to be fucked by two guys at once. His 
pussy and ass felt hot, wet, and yielding, just soft tissue to be penetrated 
by hard cock. Looking down through the tunnel created by his huge breasts 
mashed up against Dan's chest, Jim could watch Dan's huge shaft slide in and 
out of him. His hairless cunt was spread wide, a soft glistening mound, 
covered in his own lubrication. With every thrust, Dan's hard pubic bone 
ground up against Jim's sensitive, engorged clit, sending a shock of intense 
pleasure through Jim's very female body.

 "Looks like you're having fun, Jim," came Jenny's voice. Jim forced his 
eyes to open and focus, with great effort, and saw her sitting in one of the 
chairs. She was naked, and her legs were spread wide while she masturbated 
her pussy as she watched her boyfriend get fucked in the pussy and ass.

 "I love it," Jim moaned. "This is the way a girl is supposed to be fucked. 
 Both my holes at once. I love being a girl, and getting fucked like 

 Jim's eyes closed again, and he continued to be fucked, front and back, 
hanging in mid-air, suspended on the two gigantic pricks that penetrated 
him. His orgasms started to come now, spreading through his body like heat, 
and they didn't stop. Again and again Jim felt pleasure wrack his body. He 
was out of control, he couldn't move of his own volition. All he could do 
was scream and throw his head back and forth, his arms and legs twitching 
from the pleasure that he was enjoying.

 After an interminable time, a glorious interval that Jim could neither time 
nor clearly remember, he felt Jerry stiffen, and a huge load of hot cum shot 
up into Jim's ass. A moment later, Dan grunted, and Jim's pussy was full of 
jism. Both guys' legs buckled, and Jim found himself standing unsteadily, 
both his orifices full of cum, as two limpening dicks slid out of him.

 "Well, that looked fantastic," Jenny said as she took her hand away from 
her pussy and got up to walk towards Jim.

 "You have no idea," Jim muttered dazedly.

 "Well, let me measure you, and then we'll get back to the orgy," Jenny 
returned. After she used her tape measure and made notes on her pad, she 
reported them to Jim. "Well, you're a 28 G-cup now. Your tits are 
gigantic. You're still taller than five feet, though. Barely."

 Jim glowed with pride, loving the new shape of his body. Dan and Jerry 
were recovering by this point, and all four spent the remainder of their 
last day in the house fucking madly in a four-way orgy that none of them 
could have imagined a week before. Before they all retired to the same bed, 
Jenny measured Jim's body again. His breasts had grown to an H-cup.

 The following morning, all four teens felt curiously less horny than they 
had since arriving at the mansion. They awoke and, with hardly a fondle of 
breasts or a pat on the ass, dressed. Jim was surprised to find clothes to 
fit over his now 28-H tits.

 "Well," said Jenny, "it's been fun. But I guess we can leave now. I just 
have to ask one more time, do we want to stay like this, or do we want to 
turn back. For myself, I'd like to keep these," she said, indicating her 
DD-cup breasts. While they didn't hold a candle to Jim's, they were 
fantastic compared to the B-cups she'd started with.

 "I wouldn't mind staying this way," Jerry offered.

 "Me neither," Dan admitted, "But I think we've got to leave this one up to 

 As Jim descended the staircase, he felt his huge breasts bouncing with 
every step, and pondered the situation.

 "I don't know," he said. "If I were the only one who had to deal with it, 
I'd definitely want to stay a girl. It feels so good to have big tits, to 
be fucked. It feels so much better than being a guy. But how could I 
explain it? To my parents, to my friends? I mean, would they even believe 
me? Would I be able to go back to school like this, or ever get a job other 
than as a stripper with these huge tits? Yesterday, I would have loved 
that, but I'm thinking straighter now, and I think the only thing for us to 
do is to change back."

 "Ok, if that's what you want," Dan said.

 "I think so," said Jim.

 "Well, that's it then," said Jerry as they reached the front door. "I 
wonder if they've called out the national guard on us yet."

 "Yeah, that's right," Dan replied, "we haven't been home in days. I bet 
our families are going to be happy to see us." He reached down to open the 
door, almost expecting it to remain stuck, but it opened easily in his hand 
and revealed the sunlight of a beautiful morning streaming in. Dan stared 
as his eyes adjusted, and then gestured to Jim and Jenny to go through. 
"Ladies first," he grinned.

 Jenny started to walk through the door. Just as she was about to step over 
the frame and out of the house, Jim noticed that she still had the notepad 
she had been making notes on since they'd realized what was happening to 
them. The notepad she'd gotten from the library.

 "Stop!" he screamed. Time seemed to go into slow-motion. Jenny started, 
turned her head towards him as her foot was coming down. She seemed to lose 
her balance for a moment, to stumble forwards. It seemed, for one almost 
everlasting instant, that she was going to fall through the door and onto 
the porch, taking the notepad and any hope of Jim returning to his old self 
with her.

 But Jerry's hand grabbed her by the upper arm, pulling her back inside. 
Her foot touched the ground, inside the door. Jim breathed a sigh of 

 "Close one," Jerry muttered.

 "What is it?" Jenny asked.

 "That notepad," Jim exclaimed, pointing. The act made his breasts bounce 
again, reminding him of the fate he had almost been locked into. "It came 
from the library."

 "Oh my god!" Jenny said, hitting her forehead. "I'm an idiot! No, that 
stays here," she continued, setting the notepad and pen on a table in the 

 "Ready now?" Dan asked, and the others silently agreed. One after another, 
they stepped out of the mansion to stand on the front porch. All four stood 
there for a minute, blinking in the sun.

 "We haven't changed," Jenny muttered. "We're still the same."

 All four looked down at themselves, verifying that it was true. Nothing 
had changed.

 "Well, it took awhile for this to happen to us," Dan reasoned. "Probably 
it'll take a while for it to un-happen."

 "Yeah, I guess that makes sense," Jenny said, bemused. "You can stay at my 
house, Jim, until you're back to normal enough for your parents to recognize 
you. I'll think of something to tell my mom."

 "Thanks," Jim murmured, and the four began to walk, silently, home. None 
of them were too sure what to say, or how they'd be able to deal with the 
events of the preceding days. When they were still inside the house, they 
had been able to deal with it, but now that they were back in the real 
world, none of the four was sure how to relate to their friends.

 Jim had the worst of it. The others just had to deal with having had a 
great deal of sex with people they wouldn't normally do it with. He had to 
deal with the fact that his girlfriend and his two best friends knew what he 
himself hadn't know a week before, that he wanted to be a girl. How could 
they adjust? Could he even continue his relationship with any of them? For 
god's sake, could he look Dan or Jerry in the face again, when they both 
knew that they'd fucked him? And what about Jenny?

 Jim continued to ponder his situation as he walked, the clicking of his 
high heels against the concrete punctuating his thoughts. He wondered 
whether Jenny and he could continue to have any kind of relationship now. 
Would he even still be able to have sex as a man, now that he knew it was so 
much better as a girl?

 {Wait a minute...} he thought.

 {...the clicking...}

 {...his high heels...}

 Jim stopped dead. His friends kept walking, not yet realizing what had 
just dawned on him. He looked down at his feet, in the high heels he had 
taken from the mansion. His gaze slid up his legs to his skirt, and his 
sweater. He could feel his tiny g-string and his giant bra under his 
clothes. All of which he had taken from the mansion.

 Jim realized that his relationship with Jenny was the least of his 


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