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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FE336 by Serenity

The first story I read of Serena', Serenity's....  got me hooked to her nice step by step method of transformation:)

By: Serenity

(My first attempt at a story.)( WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes,
Sci-Fi, explicit sex, bad words, and should not be viewed by anyone
under 18 unless accompanied by an adult. Please do not repost, copy, use
or alter this story without permission from the author, enjoy!)

June 8th, 2007 0900 hours

Log Entry 1125: Dr. William Birch, Senior Research Analyst, reporting.
For the time being, that is. This log is being created to document the
events and effects following the accidental release of viral compound
FE336 this morning during laboratory procedure 17b. The lab has been
sealed off, as well as the residential floor, per standard procedures.
While there have been no immediate effects yet, test results on the
rhesus monkeys last month showed that I can expect...well that I can
expect what will amount to a complete gender reversal over the span of a
few days. While this is of course distressing, at least it has been
contained to the lab and did not escape to the outside. I'll be taking
this log for posterity, and perhaps it will be useful later when we
engineer a strain of antivirus to reverse the effects. For now, lets
take a catalog of my physical characteristics so that comparisons may be
drawn later.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Brown (With some gray)
As for my male measurements, from the results of the primate testing, my
guess is that it won't matter in about 36 hours. Birch Out.
 June 8th, 2007 1200 hours
Log Entry 1126: Dr. William Birch, SRA, reporting. I believe that the
virus has indeed taken hold in my bloodstream. My body temperature has
risen to 101.6 degrees, and my whole body is flushed. This is exactly
like what we've seen in the monkeys. I did an inventory of the floor,
and food stocks as well as water are satisfactory, however the commline
to the outside appears down. These logs however do get sent through IT
and Security, so Brian, if you are reading me, please see what you can
do about the communications. Otherwise, it might get a bit lonely down
here. Other than the fever, no other physical symptoms have yet to
manifest themselves. I have taken blood samples and will do a complete
workup after lunch. Birch Out.

June 8th, 2007 1300 hours
Log Entry 1127: Dr. William Birch reporting. Lunch was interesting.
Maybe physical symptoms are not the only ones I should be looking for.
It is difficult to monitor behavioral changes in monkeys, and other than
the obvious sexual preference switch that accompanied the test subjects,
we have no data for me to base my own experience. However, in the break
room, I found myself eating a salad, and a grapefruit. It hadn't
occurred to me that it may be odd until I was halfway through. Perhaps
it has to do with nutritional requirements during the change, I'll have
to see. Blood workup showed definite FE336 signs, though the incubation
time seems short for the virus to already show on tests. Fever has gone
down, but not much. Brian, comms are still down, buddy.
What is going on up there?

June 8th, 2007 1800 hours.
Entry 1128: Bill Birch here: No time for formalities at the moment. The
virus has been making changes right under my nose. Literally. All signs
of facial stubble are gone, as well as a majority of my body hair. While
collecting body hair that I was able to find on the inside of my clothes
was for study, I have noticed that the effects on my penile tissue has
commenced and that the size of it has been reduced by about 30 percent.
Skin seems softer, and the tissue around my nipples has a puffy redness
that would be accounted to irritation if I didn't know better already.
These effect are occurring much more rapidly than expected. Still no
word from Brian. It has been quiet, so I have the radios pumping talk
radio full blast. I know I don't really care about the political
landscape right now, but having a background voice going makes it seem
less empty down here. The reception isn't the greatest, and you can
faintly hear another station in the background, but it does the trick.
My head itches too, not that it matters. Monkeys showed no abnormal hair
growth...although the females hair is the same length as the males
there...maybe I should do another self assessment.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (And all brown this time, Virus336 no doubt)

Brian, get the phones working. I'm going to watch some TV to pass the

June 8th, 2007 2100 hours, or 9pm if you care.

Entry1129 Bill here.

Something isn't adding up. Well, to be fair a lot is adding up, and I
don't like it. The phones should be on by now. They aren't exactly
rocket science. I think I know what is going on, Human Trials. I'm
right, aren't I, Brian? Out for my job, pal? Well good luck, champ. Just
because I'm about to be female doesn't mean I won't nail you to the wall
for this one...I hope I'm wrong though. Brian, we've been friends a long
time, and I just can't think you'd do this. Maybe being crammed in here
alone is just getting to me. Back to my assessment? Is that right? Yeah,
assessment. Breast tissue is growing, as well as the skin reshaping
nicely. Nipple growth is what I would expect. Penile tissue is almost
non existent. And the makings of a vaginal opening can be felt if I
press on the skin in that area. Bone structure has been shifting,
thought it is not as painful as I would have thought. My fingers have
gotten longer and thinner. Hmm. My fingernails haven't grown though.
Pity. My skin has cleared up, and after a few minutes with my lab
tweezers, I put my eyebrows back into shape, not sure how my nice arches
got so bushy, but they are fixed now. My eyes are hazel-y, and my face
has changed slightly, but it is hard to describe yet, it is so subtle.
American Idol reruns was the only show I could get, and even then it was
mixed with another signal, just like that boooooring talk radio. No
mental changes to be noted, other than the appetite thing. Another meal,
and all I want is salad. Weird.
Until Later: Bill

June 8th, 2007 midnite

Hi, It's Billy.

Still no phones. Good news is that the talk radio is out too. If I had
to listen to that boring crap one minute longer I'd a had a kanipshun
fit. I fiddled with the radio and got some pop music, (still mixed with
that mystery station) which is much better! Back to how I'm looking. My
hair is definitely longer now, and lightened up a few shades. Very sexy,
I know! My eyes are green, and I don't need my ugly glasses anymore,
which is bonus! Go FE336! My breast tissue has continued growing, and my
boobs are around a b-cup at least. They bounce a bit, but it's okay for
now. My cock is gone now, and my vagina is deep enough to fit three
knuckles in. It isn't self lubricating yet, so all exams are courtesy of
Becky the Interns stateroom! Thanks god for her, umm, personal articles,
or this might hurt a bit! LOL! I'm a good 5'7", and the change in
perspective is shocking. Speaking of shocking, you wouldn't know it, but
the channel that airs American idol also airs porn after midnight! You'd
think someone woulda complained. Not that I would, the size of the stars
cock is amazing, you wouldn't believe it, the chick was nice enough, but
I think her ass seems a bit big. Not like mine, this virus is Hottie in
a can! Giggles all around! No mental changes to report, thank goodness.
I'll let you know what's going on later!
See ya! - Billy

June 9th 2007 3:30 in da morn!

Hey Brian! You out there? I miss ya! J/k!! lol. Anyway, not much sleep
tonight, since that darned radio won't turn off. Doesn't matter though
cause the music is soooo much fun to dance to! My tits are coming in
good, and are big enough that I had to raid Becky's room. Gawd, what a
prude. Her clothes wouldn't get a porn star laid. For real. But a girls
gotta do what a girls gotta do, right? So, my tits, are up and out
there, and with a little flair I even got my lab clothes back to how I
like ‘em. Nothing says Hiya! Like some sparkles and hearts! My hair is
blonde now, which is cool, cause I always wanted to be blonde. And I'd
say the carpet matches the drapes, but my pubes aren't growing in! How
awesome is that? A smooth pussy with no work! This virus is the bomb!
Speaking of pussy, mine is working fine, and I can't find the bottom
anymore with my fingers. It wet real easy, and
becky's little "friend" and I had a explore session. All in the name of
science I assure you. fav song is on! I'm 5'5" now (5'8" with
Becky's heels on) and I gotta tell ya, this virus ain;t too shabby. That
TV is still pumpin out the porn, and won't turn off, not that I would
want to. The hard bodies and harder cocks get a girl hungry! You know
Brian, if you came down here, we could do a little experimenting with
eachother! HA! Still no mental changes, which is good, cause If I forgot
how to style my hair, I'd just DIE!

Love ya, Billie!

June 9th, I think. 7 in the morning!

Good morning brian! I know it is for Billie! My titties are sooo big and
firm. And it feels so good to play with them, I can't imagine ever
wanting to stop, but a girl has work to do. I think the viyrus is done.
I am a man magnet! Which is good, cause the more men the better I always
say! The Virus a girls best friend, I never would be able to look this
good without it. To be fair, I don't really remembur what I looked like
before, but who cares, right. OMG, I have to tell you about my pussy, it
is soooo done! I put becky's rubber cockthingy all the way in, and wow,
it is awesome. I wish it was yours, Bri Bri, but that'll have to wait. I
am 5 feet 3 now, with awesome shiny blonde hair, that is teased and
ready to bait some men! I founs Becky's secret stash of clothes, and I
feel much more proffessionel without those stuffy lab coats. My mini and
halter just say, customer service pro! The TV finally switched to
something else other than Porn, which kinda sucks because I was having
fun watching all the cock, and everything, but I guess Cartoons are my
second fav, even if they are still all fuzzy, just like my radio. Sooo
FunnY! I'M REALLY HUNGRY.. sorry caps lock, lol! But even salad doesn't
seems yummy. I found the yummy cum samples, and drank those, but they
were cold and icky. Still Yummy tho. Funny, I kinda remember having a
cock, which is silly, cause if I did, id soooo be sucking it right now,
I'm sooo hungry for cum. Still no changes to da way I think! Big relief,
cause If I started to forget how to attract men, I'd never get fucked!
Brian, I need you, stud, please get down here! Oooo!!! Another Fav song!

Love, Billie!


Dear Diary!
Billie here, on the Virus thingy report. Mission sucksess! This Virus is
awesome! If I got any hotter, I'd cook the cock in me! Which cock?
Brians cock! Well not anymore, he's showerin. But he came in and saved
the day,like, awesome!!! It makes a girl all gushy just thinking about
it! He had a smile that seemed kinda funny, but then I saw his cock, and
OMIGAWD, cum is sooooo much better warm! But I new that, ya know? My
titties are EE right now, and firm enuf to ditch that horrid bra of
beckys...can you say Ewwww? Oh, and my nippies are soo big and suckable,
which is what Bri Bri did for me while we fucked. I don't rememer
cumming so many times, but I'm sure I must of, since a slut like me
mustof been getting fucked for all da time right? For Sure! Brian says
my memory might be fuzzy from the virus, but I sure did remember how to
suck a cock! He musta filled my tummy! I am soooo happy, thank you
FE336!!! Brian says it will be ready for mass producktshun soon, which
is greta, other girls can get hot like me, and then get fucked too!
Cause, getting fucked is what a girl needs. Am I right, OMG U know it!
LOL. Oooo, here comes bri bri, just thinking about him gets me sooo wet.
I am so happy this virus didn't mess with my head, cause if I wasn;t the
slut I am, I wouldn't be able make bri hard like this.... LOL. You
shoulda seen his face! Welll bye diary Billies gonna get some cock!


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