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Monday, August 20, 2012

SRU: Sweets by Gina R

Geez, this is the first Spells R Us item I've put up?  Just seems a bit....unbelievable.

But oh well, there you are. 

This is another oldie but goodie by Gina R.  She hasn't written much but what she has written is quite enjoyable.

Hope you agree!


SRU: Sweets
By Gina R

"Spells? Yeah right."

James (17, male, 5 foot 6) was no believer but he was in a habit of
checking out any new store in his local mall, unless it was a girl's
shop of course. In fact he could not even remember seeing this shop in
construction and tried to think what it replaced. The shop was at the
far end of the mall and he didn't come down this way often so maybe
that was why he could not remember it.

He walked into the shop, which was called 'Spells R Us', clearly taking
its name from the toy store of similar name. He presumed it would be
full of magic tricks and things for pranks, which is what convinced him
to look inside, he loved playing tricks.

"Good morning James and don't tire me with the usual response, how do
you know my name." A strange looking old man said, appearing as if from

"But h..." The startled boy started.

"I said don't ask. I am a wizard and this is my shop. What can I help
you with?"

"Can the act." James responded rudely. "Magic ain't real everyone knows

"Is that so?" The wizard replied with a raised eyebrow. "In that case I
doubt there is much here for a non-believer."

"No, perhaps not." James was about to walk out when he spotted a
selection of sweets on a rack by the counter. He suddenly realised,
that although he was not hungry in terms of wanting a meal, but he was
in a mood for something sugary.

"Actually, I might have some of those." James said, pointing at the
bags on the rack.

"Are you sure, they're magical too, you know."

"Ye, but I think I'll have them anyway." He just doesn't know when to
drop the act, James thought to himself.

"I would suggest you let me explain how they work first." The old man

"Na, I'm sure I'll figure it out. How much for the big bag?" The large
one must have contained about fifty or so individually wrapped hard

"$3, please."

James paid the man and walked out, laughing under his breath at the odd
man who claimed he was a wizard.

James only lived five minutes away, one of the reasons why he visited
the mall so often. Once back home and in his room, he took out the bag
of sweets. There were two different colours of sweets, indicating two
different flavours. They were evenly split between blue sweets and pink

'Not a great selection.' He thought. 'Don't know why I bothered.'

It was hard for him to work out what each flavour was. Blue and pink
were not common colours of sweets, perhaps the blue ones would be
blueberry or something like that. God knows what the pink ones would
be. It didn't say anything on the bag.

"Only one way to find out." he said aloud as he picked out a blue one,
unwrapped it and placed it in his mouth. He was right about the blue
ones; it did resemble blueberry or something similar. It wasn't great
though, a very average sweet.

I then took on of the pink sweets and tried that it.

"Wow, what a flavour!" He was taken aback be the flavour. It was like
twenty different flavours at once, all in one sweet.

"These are fantastic!"

Looking at his watch, James suddenly realised how late it was and
decided to get ready for bed.

Waking the next morning, James got up, heading to the bathroom. He was
wearing only his boxers as he stood in front of the mirror above the
sink, brushing his teeth.

As he looked over himself, he couldn't help but notice that his arm
muscles and shoulders looked a little bulkier.

"Hey, at last the workin' out I've been doing is finally paying off!"
Slightly strange as it had been two days since his last visit to the
gym and they weren't like that yesterday.

As he flexed his larger biceps, he noticed something else about his
figure. He lowered his hands to his waist.

"Alright, my beer belly is gone too." He was sort of right. In actual
fact his waist was – well thinner. And it sort of made his hips look a
bit wider, it was that thin.

He thought no more of it and headed to his room to get changed for

On his way to school, James decided to stop by the mall at that wizards
shop to get more of those sweets. But when he got there the shop was
gone, replaced by some department store.

"Strange." James couldn't work out what had happened and was sure the
shop was here. "Oh well, just have to make the bag I've got last."

On his way to school, he ate another two of the blue sweets. These were
definitely not as good as the pink ones.

Reaching the school, James immediately headed to the bike area behind
the math rooms to meet up with Amy, his girlfriend of the last four
months. They had gotten very physical recently, the wait was worth it,
as James found out, Amy was awesome. On her arrival they kissed deeply
for over a minute, both glad to be in the company of the other. Amy
began rubbing her leg along the inside of James' leg and getting the
desired response. James rose to attention as they kissed again, with
James' hand massaging Amy's right breast.

"Wow, look at you." Amy grinned up at him (she was a couple inches
shorter than James, even with her heels on). "I don't normally get that
big a response."

James looked down, knowing what she was referring to and was likewise
surprised to see his cock rising a further inch than normal, even
during sex it wasn't this size. He couldn't help but be reminded of his
upper body muscles from this morning.

'Oh well, no complaints I suppose.' He thought.

"You, like that?" He said aloud. "Later I'll show you my big muscles."

"Finally getting results are you?" She grinned again.

"Damn right!" James leaned forward for another kiss before they had to
part for their first class.

Sitting in English, James took out another pink sweet to enjoy during a
very boring class. Unwrapping it, he faked a cough, placing his hand
over his mouth to eat the sweet.

"Yeah, real sly." His best mate Mike whispered, giving him a jab in the
shoulder with his fist. "Give me one – or three."

James gave him an annoyed look and reached down into his bag and took
out two blue sweets and one pink one. He didn't like giving out the
nicer pink ones but he decided to be nice to him.

"Never seen these before, where'd ya get them?" Mike put both blue ones
in his mouth at once, going for the loud yawn technique.

"Yeah, that's so much more sly than me." James returned the friendly
punch in the arm.

"You didn't answer me, where'd you get 'em?" Mike repeated.

"In this weird shop in the mall, I hadn't seen them before." James ate
another pink sweet, enjoying that same instant burst of flavour from
before. They seemed to taste better with each one he had.

"Damn, those pink one's are great, give me another." Mike had obviously
ate his last sweet.

"No chance, these are way to nice and they're all I got."

Class went past pretty quickly and James, having had two more pink
sweets, was soon changing in gym for a game of basketball. Amy and Mike
were both in this class with him and being good at basketball despite
his height made this one of James' favourite classes.

He couldn't help notice that Mike's muscles looked even bigger than
his. James was shocked as he had always been way stronger than Mike,
who never did much sport outside of gym. Stranger yet, Mike's chest
looked unusually thin, much like his own. Also, on removing his own
shirt, his muscles were back to yesterday's size, possible a little
smaller as his shoulders did not seem so broad.

Not thinking about it too much, he went to the gym hall, walking
straight up to Amy, pinching her in her sides from behind, making her
jump. He got the expected results.

"I told you not to do that!" Amy turned round to face him. "Let's see
these big muscles of yours then." James lifted the sleeves of his T-
shirt. "Hmm, not that impressive. Maybe even a little smaller."

He was going to reply to that but, hey, she was right.

"Now look there, Mike's the one with the muscles." Amy turned to watch

Again, she's right thought James.

At the end of gym, James reached into his bag to get another of his
sweets, the pink ones of course. To his surprise though, he noticed
that there were not a lot of pink ones left, at least eight or so had

"Must have been Mike, that bastard!" He searched the changing room, but
Mike had already gone. He knew Mike had his phone with him, so he sent
a text asking what he'd done with them. The reply came two minutes
later, with Mike saying that they were so nice, he didn't know where to
get some for himself and that James wouldn't give him any.

"When I get a hold of him I'll..." James started. He stopped himself,
surprised by his own anger. They were just sweets after all. Nice ones,
granted, but not the end of the world. Still, he couldn't get any more
and that annoyed him.

James did not see Mike until lunch time, by which time he'd let a
little steam off and was willing to be civil with him. Mike did not try
to hide though, when he saw James. Instead, he was making his way to
him quickly, a worried look on his face. He looked different somehow.

"What the hell is up with those sweets." He started. "Look at me!"

James looked up and down Mike and saw what he meant.

For a start, his body shape was odd. He no longer had his muscular
upper body; he instead had thin shoulders, very thin waist and hips
that seemed to be abnormally wide. His arms were thin and slightly
feminine looking. Looking him in the face, he saw much smoother skin
and a few subtle changes, such as longer eyelashes and a smaller nose.

"What's this got to do with those sweets?" James asked.

"I ate eight of them from your bag and shortly after, I looked like
this." Mike's voice was trembling a bit, he was really worried and it

"Come on, you don't believe that sweets could do that? There's sure to
be some kind of explanation, such as..." He couldn't think of anything.

"Where'd you get the sweets, what weird shop was it?" He was pleading
James now.

"It was called 'Spells R Us' with some crazy man claiming to be a..."
He stopped mid-sentence.

"He's a what? WHAT?"

"He said he was a wizard..."

James tried to think over all that had happened since he bought the

First he ate one blue one, one pink. Next morning – bigger shoulders,
thinner waist. On the way to school he had two more blues. What
happened next... Of course, Amy commented on his size down below. After
that it was all pink, about three he thought. Everything returned to
normal and (looking at himself) his arms were like Mike's, thinner, no

And then there was Mike. He had two blues and a pink and got big
muscles and a thin waist. Then eight sweets later, he looked like he
did now.

He didn't want to admit it, but Mike seemed to be right.

But the pink ones were so nice...

"I think you might be right." He finally said.

"Of course I'm right, look at me!" Mike was getting louder by the

"The blue ones gave us muscle, so they must make you more masculine. So
the pink ones..."

"More feminine." Mike interrupted. "I get it. All we gotta do is eat
lots of blue sweets.

James pulled the bag of sweets from his rucksack, then held back a

"Um, I actually don't have any blue ones. I kinda gave them to Amy coz
I didn't want them, the pink ones are nicer."

"You did what?!?" Mike couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"We'll just have to go back to the mall again, try and find the store
and buy more blue ones." James stopped talking, to see Mike staring at
the bag of remaining pink sweets. There must have been about ten left.

"James." He said, not removing his gaze. "I want another one."

James too looked at the bag. "Yeah me too. They're just so nice."

Mike was almost reaching for the bag. "Another one won't hurt. It just
means we eat another blue one."

He had convinced himself to eat another and that was all he needed.
James too, could not resist their flavour and they each took a pink
sweet. Eagerly unwrapping them and shoving them in their mouths,
simultaneously letting out what was almost a moan of delight!

They decided to skip the rest of school and head to the mall. On the
ten minute walk they each had two more pink sweets. The change in Mike
since this morning was huge. After the last three, some large changes
had take place. His lips had pushed out, forming puffy pouty lips. His
ass was a bit bigger too and moved funny according to James – well,
like a girl's basically. There was also a definite swelling in his
chest as well – small, but noticeable. Mike hadn't noticed, but James
could see it, not wanting to say anything.

James himself was now at the stage Mike was at when they'd met at
lunch. There were changes in his face, with his lashes, eyes and nose.
Unlike Mike though, James had experienced a different change, involving
his hair. It was long for a boy before, but now it was close to his
shoulders and blonder.

God, those sweets were addictive.

James barely noticed, as he picked up one of the remaining sweets as he
entered the mall, eating it without thinking.

James led them down the aisle where he had found the wizard's shop the
day before.

And there it was!

What wasn't there this morning had returned!

"Ah, hello again James. I see you've brought your friend Mike too." The
wizard greeted them as they entered.

"What were those sweets you gave me?" James demanded of the old man.

"You mean you haven't worked it out yourselves?"

"Well, ye, but why didn't you say before." Asked James

"You wouldn't let me, you thought I was joking. Not to worry though. I
take it you would like to buy another bag of sweets, to change
yourselves back. That will cost you $27."

"What! The last ones were $3!" James and Mike added up all they had
from their wallets. $27 exactly.

"Thank you. Remember. The more sweets you eat, the faster the change,
as your friend here discovered." With that the wizard turned returning
to some other work.

The two boys decided to go to Mike's house, his parents both worked and
he had a key. Up in his room, they opened the bag, depositing the
contents on the bed. Each boy picked up a blue and unwrapped it,
holding it to their mouths. It was obvious that both wanted to put it
down and grab a pink sweet.

They were just so irresistible...

Placing the sweet in their mouths, both boys immediately spitting out
the sweet. They tasted horrible! They didn't taste different from
before, just... horrible.

Both eyed the pink sweets.

Suddenly James and Mike were both jumping on the bed grabbing at the
pink ones, chucking away blues, trying to fight off the other in a
desperate attempt to get a hold of the pinks!

Of twenty-five in the pack, James got fifteen, Mark got ten.

James sat by the door, guarding his precious collection, while Mike was
cowering on the bed with his. In two minutes the pink sweets were gone.
Loads of empty wrapping paper strewn about the floor.

James had had the most and his changes started first. His already
longer hair grew further past his shoulders, at the same time his hips
widened and his ass grew. His lips puffed out larger than Mike's as his
face shifted to give a definite feminine look. His pants were growing
tight so he ripped them off in time to see his leg hair pull back
inside him and his legs grew longer and shapelier.

At this point James looked over to see Mike also without pants on and
in fact without shirt either. His legs were like his but he lay on the
bed letting out moans as he caressed his own set of C cup breasts! It
wasn't really correct to call him Mike any more, really, as he lay
their naked with only a shrinking cock the only sign of his previous
appearance. His face resemble that of a porn star his body curvaceous
and sexy.

The fact that he wasn't shocked by the change but was instead startled
James; even as he watched his own breasts grow. Pleasurable sensations
began to flow over him as he realised why, stroking his breasts, much
the same as Mike was in front of him.

It seemed these sweets were making them incredibly horny as well!

James lowered his hand to his crotch in instinct, to relieve himself in
the traditional male manner, only to find himself rubbing his own wet

The change was complete. He was a horny hot teenage girl! He managed to
stand up and make his way over to the bed and found Mike their also
completely female and in need of sex. They lay on top of each other and
began groping each other, kissing deeply, their tongues entangled
together in a desperate passion. They were soon readjusting their
position and James found himself at Mike's pussy, lapping up her
flowing juices, Mike dong the same to him.

After each had gone through several orgasms before they heard a knock
on the door. Not the front door downstairs but the door to Mike's
bedroom! Who could it be? They were both broken from their sexual
trance, remembering who they really were, but without panicking over
their situation. They were in love with their new bodies!

The door opened and a 'boy' around their age walked in, strangely
wearing tight fitting girl's jeans a blouse and heels.

James recognised the clothes and the slightly familiar face instantly.



It was definitely a male version of his girlfriend. He looked down at
Amy's crotch and noticed the large erection in those girls' jeans. She
was clearly as horny as they were, desperate for relief. She removed
the blouse, heels and jeans and James and Mike looked at the boy in
front of them in 'his' lacy bra and thong. Both felt incredibly aroused
as they stared at the erect cock encased in the lace thong. Amy then
joined them on the bed as she pressed her lips against James' as Mike
began to remove her underwear.

That night, James and Mike, or Jane and Michelle, as they are now
called, learnt the pleasures of being female, in a wild passionate
night of lust and exciting sex. Both were completely fine with the
change now, especially after discovering their new bodies. Maybe those
pink sweets were the reason they didn't mind the change and accepted
it. Who knows...

They always made you want just one more...

The one thing that puzzled Jane was how her girlfriend turned into her
boyfriend. When she questioned 'Adam' about it, he simply replied:

"Those blue sweets you gave me were just so addictive..."


  1. Actually it's not your first Spells R Us item: you posted 'Tuning Bimbos by Ellie Dauber' on 16 August :)

    I enjoyed both stories. Can we please get a short story label for this one?

    For me the I personally prefer to browse this site by type first (short story, longer story, more image related) and then I make a choice based on the other labels.

    1. Huh, felt like it was... (getting old).

      Your wish is my command, tag now added.