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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Women's Venom Chapter 2

Women's Venom
Chapter 2

"Hey, wake up already." A voice says to me, shaking my shoulder. Poking
an eye open, the clock next to me shows it's over an hour before I
normally wake up for classes. It's barely past five in the morning; the
soft light of the guest room gives me a bit of a headache.

"Why so early?" I mumble. The soft, quiet voice reminds me why I'm here
in the first place. I groan and pull the covers over my head to get back
to sleep. They're immediately pulled away as another slight pain in my
head happens with the light softly glowing on me. Jennifer stands to my
side, tired herself but at least moving about.

"Time to get up Rachel. We've got a lot to do before school." She yawns a
bit, poking at my side. Her nail seems harder than usual. I slap her hand
away a bit and sit up in the bed. Man, laying down was so much better.
I'm immediately bombarded with my back hurting and chest getting heavy.
Gravity at work once again as I lean forward a bit, trying to adjust by
pulling back some. Long black hair covers my eyes as I brush it away. It
keeps to my sides thanks to the scunchies but I can already tell they're
rather knotted from the way it looks. Running a finger through one of the
pigtails, it immediately gets stuck and I have to pull it out.

"Why so early?" I yawn, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I still feel a
bit groggy. Jennifer just pulls me out of bed. Standing on my own legs I
wobble a bit, mostly from tiredness, but still awkwardness with the body.
That and the sophie shorts have ridden during the night. I quickly use my
free hand to pull it out, not that it goes very far.

"Like you know how long it takes to get ready for school, and I've got to
measure you so I know what to give you to wear, so this is gonna take a
while..." Jennifer groans a bit.  We leave the room, and my mom, apparently
hearing the groan, gives Jennifer a bit of an angry look. No doubt the
two worked out some kind of agreement for Jen going behind her back

"So, that means...?" I ask, walking up the stairs behind my sister.

"Hand me downs, yep!" She smiles. Reaching her room I hear a shower going
already. "Well, sort of. You're a tad curvier than I was at your age, so
maybe some more recent stuff will fit. We'll just have to see." She gives
me a quick look over, opening the door.

Jennifer's room has always been rather plain. She's got her bed, dresser,
desk, and so on. The walls are painted a dark purple, which apparently
she says helps her sleep better at night, since it's a darker color. I
think she was more annoyed at the brightness of previous colors mom and
dad would have it. I notice her rotation of posters has changed back to
famous women models rather than the army of recent models. I hear a snap
near my head, breaking my concentration. A big tuft of hair falls and
lightly brushes against my butt.

"What the?" A bit startled, I back away. Jennifer easily reaches around
and snaps the other scrunchie out. The mess of black hair lays heavily on
my shoulders, back, and butt like it was before.

"Shower now Rachel. We've got a lot to do unfortunately." She sighs. Her
bathroom was always bigger than mine, which is fine since I never needed
much space. But on the sink alone I can see dozens of products, most of
which I don't know what they do. To the left of it is the shower giving
off some steam, drifting warmth reaching the entrance to the bathroom.

After shooing Jennifer away I pull the shorts off, thankful for the
reprieve of the wedgie they give. Having seen my own girl parts before,
I'm not entirely shocked at the sight of them, but it's always an
embarrassing situation. The top however, gives me a bit of trouble as I
catch my breasts for a moment, wincing as they heavily flop down once
it's over.

I see the image of myself in the fogged mirror. This girl with
beautifully long hair, and tired but shiny eyes stares back at me, giving
me a bit of a blush. Seeing bare breasts though, I instinctively cover
and look away, like I saw some peep show I wasn't meant to. The soft
flesh beneath my hands though... and that very soft flesh sending touch
signals back to my head reminds me that they're my own. That relieves one
embarrassment but gives another since these breasts are very much my own.
I shake my head, hair going everywhere, and scurry into the shower to
wash my mind of the thoughts.

"Eeeeeyah! H-hot!" I squeal. The blistering hot water stings my skin, as
I jump a bit to the back of the shower.

"Just turn it down, it's on mild Rachel sheesh..." I hear Jennifer call.
Wincing, I reach in and turn the water to room temperature and wait for
it to change within the water itself.

Now that the water is cooler, I step in and let it wash over me. My hair
quickly gets heavy and pulls my head back a bit, as it sticks together
forming a big mess of it that I find hard to deal with. It sticks to my
back and shoulders, becoming an odd second moveable skin, the knots
becoming looser as I try to sort this all out. Man, it just absorbs water
left and right, it tugs at my head, and hangs lowly down my back. I pull
it into more of a ponytail to give my back a rinse and turn to face the

Not the smartest move with my arms holding my hair up. My breasts
exposed, the flow of water falls with a decent pressure onto them and my
collar bone. The gentle warmness runs down each of them, sending back a
flurry of pleasure to my head. I start to feel a big groggy as they
become a bit firmer to the touch. The water runs down my body like a
massage, stomach, waist, hips, then legs and groin. My skin gets this
weird tingling sensation from all of it, but my breasts and groin feel
like the focal points.

The shower is giving me odd pleasures I hadn't had as a girl taking a
bath or shower before. Between my breasts and groin, I find it difficult
to concentrate on washing myself or my hair. My mentality gets fuzzier
and fuzzier as I find myself just sanding to the shower, letting the
water wash over me. All the stimulation, the soft warmness to it all. It
feels good, very good. It cascades around my curves, bringing a little
jolt of pleasure each time it does. Chest gets a bit firmer still, asking
for more of a touch it seems. The water makes its way to the flatness of
my groin, gently running, stroking, making wet... it feels like how last
night I...

"Ack!" I stumble back, remembering what I did to myself last night when I
felt the same way. I hurry and shut off the shower, the water quickly
fading to nothing. Once it's off I realize I'm... panting, or breathing
rather hard at least. My sense of time got so lost I can't tell how long
I was in there. I try to regain control of myself when the curtain gets
pulled down the pole in a hurry.

"Well, that was fast, you sure you..." Jennifer starts and stares at me,
now covering my chest in surprise and still breathing hard. She smirks a
bit, but also shrugs. "Sorry about that Rachel. Should've done cold water
I guess. Because of my little mistake you're going to be... well, kind of
easy to turn on for a few days." I turn even redder in the face at that.

"What!? No way I'm going to school if taking a shower apparently turns me
on..." I gulp, noticing being aroused as a girl is strangely intoxicating
once it gets going. I'll have to be careful.

"Don't worry about it. Mom's making me look over you all week to make
sure you don't do anything too stupid.  Here." She tosses two towels to
me and beckons me over. Thankful for some cover, I wrap one around my
body. Chest to... barely upper thigh. I feel like I'm in some skimpy dress,
taking tiny steps. Jennifer wraps my hair in the other, it's turban like
folds now all sitting on top of my head.

I'm plopped down in the chair from Jen's desk, but in front of the
bathroom mirror. I'm certainly not looking forward to this. If it weren't
for the odd fascination with my own adult body now, I'd probably be
dreading this the most after the Aunt Cindy wedding thing. Jen takes my
chin in her fingers and moves my head a bit, looking around my face.

"Do we really have to do this?" I grumble, pulling the towel over my
breasts some.

"Yes Rachel, we do. You're not a kid anymore so make-up is part of the
deal now." She says, picking a few bottles up, and popping one open.

"But I hate make-up..." I growl. I recall all the massive amounts of
fussing mom had over me for the ceremony, then the after party, and so
on. So much gunky stuff on my face, and how gross it felt for only a
twelve year old at the time, it was awful.

"Chill, this isn't as highbrow as a wedding Rachel. Just to make you look
pretty, that's all. Here, to keep you busy while I work." She hands me a
blow dryer. I've grown accustomed to this as well, since I'm left with
long hair as a girl. I gently let the towel down a bit now that it's
fairly soaked, and begin to dry my hair. It's hot, but not a sensual hot
as I make sure to catch all the angles. While my attention is turned, I
feel a hand on my face.

"Hey!" I grimace as Jen's hands move about my cheeks, nose, and so on.

"Oh be quiet, I'm not going to do that much so just let me work, unless
you want to try doing it yourself." She frowns back at me, continuing on
despite what I may say. With my hands working on my hair, I don't have
much to object with.

Jennifer gets done way before my hair does. My hands feel annoyingly hot
as I move down a bit more. I hate having such long hair; it takes forever
to do anything with. My sister moves out of the way to show her handiwork
to me in the mirror. I curse myself for audibly gasping, which gives the
girl next to me reason to grin confidently.

Indeed, Jennifer does a good job on my face. My skin shines faintly in
the bathroom light, smooth and drawing attention to my eyes and lips.
Both of which have had color lightly added to them. Nothing glaringly
bright, but enough to stand out and bring a bit of attention. My lips
have quite a bit more pink to them than before, my tongue lightly tasting
a bit of a soft, smooth material that lays on them.

"I see you like it." Jen cutely teases as my blush worsens.

"No I don't. I was surprised is all..." I look away, focusing on my hair.

"Surprised at how good you look?" Jen steps behind me and takes the
reigns of the dryer, leaving me stuck to look at myself in the mirror.

It's odd, seeing your girl self in the mirror looking back at you. I
normally didn't give it much thought, but seeing such a pretty girl in
front of me doesn't give me much, well, attraction. The major sense of
confusion is that it's me of course, but rather than being turned on by
this girl any guy I know would totally date, it's an odd sense of desire.
Desire to look good, to be seen, or show off. Maybe even a desire to
continue to be this way. I'm not sure. I'm not bad looking as a guy, but
girls really seem to one up their look department when they can. I begin
to worry about not liking girls, and hope it's just seeing myself more
than anything. I get surprised by the eerie quiet as a soft thunk sounds,
Jennifer putting the dryer down.

"Yeah, I can at least sympathize with you on the hair. That took
forever." She sighs, shaking her arms a bit, apparently a bit tired from

"So, would you like to cut it then?" I ask, hoping.

"Not a chance. It's only for a week, week and a half at most. Just deal,
it looks good!" Indeed, I can feel how light it is again, it gently
swishing a bit against my shoulders, floating by the towel.

"Now, let's get you dressed, and then we should be ready to leave." Jen
stands me up and takes me to her bed, where all sorts of things have been
spread out.

"Head out? I just got out of the shower..." I recall it only taking me
forty five minutes or so to get ready. Jen rolls her eyes and points to
her clock, which reads a surprising seven forty in the morning, only
twenty minutes to get me dressed and heading out.

"Yeah, that's how long your hair takes Rachel. Five in the morning for
you this week." She shrugs. "Now, let's see. Undies first. These are from
when I was sixteen."

"But I'm fifteen."

"And I said you're curvier than I was at that age, so we have to step it
up a bit." She hands me the panties first. I blush and grimace, but step
into them.

They're small, and pink. They have this odd bikini like fashion to them
where the waistline is incredibly narrow, the briefs widening up more
around the groin and butt. The leg lines hug around each butt cheek
before plunging between my legs, seemingly pulling the crotch area in,
tightly hugging each contour of my rear and where my legs meet my body. I
blush that it's on, seeing the front has one of those little bow things I
never understood the purpose of. Moving my legs makes the fabric tighten
or pull in various places. It feels strangely constricting.

Let me be clear on this, being a girl is one thing, wearing their clothes
is another altogether. It's either all so tight or so loose and breezy.
Even as a little kid, the underwear was so much tighter yet softer, it
was annoying. I'm not entirely sure which I prefer, because they both
kind of suck in different ways. The underwear, it seems, has only gotten
worse as girls age. I pull at the rear a bit, only to have it slap my
butt and stay in place.

"Heh heh, having fun? Well, I'd let you dress yourself but the first day
is kind of tough, since I doubt you know how to put this on." Jennifer
holds up a bra in the same color as the panties. They've got this weird
pattern to them on the cups, but otherwise it's a fairly thin and soft
looking bra.

"I, I've worn one before..." I blush hard.

"That little training one for the wedding doesn't count. You really
didn't even have boobs then. Now come here and I'll teach you." She steps
behind me.

All her directions go over my head. Stand up straight, now lean over,
shake a bit, this goes here, and this goes there. All this for a bra? I'm
jerked every which way as the shoulders get adjusted. I squirm as
Jennifer moves my breasts around with her hand inside the cups. Too
focused on my seemingly floating breasts, I jump at the loud click then
snap of the hooks going to place on my back.

"How's it feel?" Hard to say. I don't know what is supposed to be 'right'
about this. The underwire almost painfully wraps around my upper torso,
tightly pressing against my skin and rips. The shoulder straps feel like
they're strongly pressing me down, like the two are trying to push my
upper body into a small container. My breasts are another story.
Something usually so loose yet heavy feels like it should move a lot. The
cups not only hold them down, but also push them up, giving this weird
floating sensation, but also compacted. I can see the cups covering parts
of my breasts, but in my first person view, I can still see most of them
like this.

"It all, kind of hurts in minor ways." I squirm, trying to loosen it up,
but it doesn't, sticking to me more as if I did something wrong.

"Well, is it like, uncomfortable hurt or really painful hurt?"

"The first, I guess." I try to pull the bra down a bit but it slides back
up in a hurry.

"It's fine then. It's mostly guesswork anyway. You're rather big though.
I mean, I'm fairly big and if you're my sixteen sizes at fifteen, can't
imagine how much bigger your 34C's will get Rachel." She snickers a bit,
poking me a little.

"This is the last time I'm being a girl Jen. I mean that! We'll never
find out!" I glare, moving a bit away. Ugh, my walking is stilted some
already from the underwear tugging me in odd places.

"Ok ok, whatever. This outfit should be fine though, seeing how the
underwear fits." She tosses two things to me first. A white cami and a
pink t-shirt.

"Why do I need both?" I question.

"You'll see. Cami first Rachel." Jennifer instructs. Raising my arms up
to put the cami on pulls the bra up as well, including my breasts. I
frown at how all movements make me all the more painfully aware of what
underwear I'm wearing. The white top slides on after I pull it over my
breasts. It's fairly short, about my belly button in length. The thin
straps do nothing to hide what color bra I'm wearing and parts of the
underwire can clearly be seen in it.

The t-shirt is just as tight, but a tad thicker in material. The sleeves
barely go past my shoulders, and the plunging, v-shaped neckline is
covered a bit by the cami. Mind you, there's still enough cleavage to be
tantalizing, but without the cami I'm sure my bra would be partly
visible. It hugs my curves, but at least it's long and thick enough I
shouldn't have too much to worry about, I hope.

"Cute. Shows you off without being slutty. Just what I hoped for." Jen
nods in approval. Looking over myself, indeed, every little detail can be
seen, but aside from my arms and some cleavage, I'm not that exposed.

"Now for the fun part." She hands me something denim, but short, and
without individual leggings.

"A skirt, really?" I whine, looking the thing over. It's a pretty normal
denim skirt, but rather tight looking rather than a pleated on.

"Hey, gotta get my kicks somewhere. Just put it on, if it really doesn't
fit we'll try something else." Jennifer smiles, giving me a ray of hope,
if only to get me to put the thing on.

Reluctant, but without much of a choice I put my legs into it and slide
it up. Feels like I'm being bound as it grows tight going up my legs. I
stop it as it reaches on top of my hips. I try to zip it up, but Jen
sighs once it doesn't, and pulls the thing down. It rests firmly on my
hips rather than above them, and zips up then. I can feel my underwear
line just barely under the skirt line. I try to hitch it up but with it
zipped it seems firmly in place.

"What do I do if I sit and they can see my underwear?" I try to argue
with Jen. She shrugs.

"Then they'll see your panties between your legs. Pick your poison." I
notice the skirt is very short still. It goes to about between the
halfway point and upper third of my thigh. I pull it down out of
embarrassment, but try a few practice steps. This is going to be a
massive pain. I can only open my legs a few inches before I feel it rise
a bit on my legs.

"How do you expect me to walk in this!?" I stammer, legs squishing
together a bit. Fear of exposure feels really odd now that I think about

"Slowly, and like this." Jen takes me by the hips and pushes me to walk.
As I do she pulls my hips back and forth. They sway rather naturally, and
it does give me a tad more leeway in walking...

"I'm not shaking my ass to walk." I growl.

"Girls sway whether you want to or not." Jen sighs, letting me go. "If
you'd rather me get the long, flowing dress with all those cute ruffles
on it, I will. At least you get a t-shirt with this."

"Oh fine fine. Whatever." I groan. It seems either way Jen was going to
have something awkward to put me in. "Let me guess, heels now in the
torture parade?"

"Hrm, no, not yet. I want that to hang on your head for a while. Maybe
I'll save that for dress day." Jen pats me on the head. "Just some flats
for today Rachel. Don't want you falling every five feet showing your
cute panties off." I blush hard, but don't protest, thankful for that
reprieve for now.

Jen looks at the clock and hands me a big looking bag. I recall this used
to be her old book bag, or a shoulder bag anyway. It's a brown bag and
fairly sturdy and not much decoration aside from the feminine nature of
it all.

"Put your books in this and let's go. I figure you'll want to relax a bit
before classes." She grabs her own bag, and slings it over her head, as
the strap goes over her chest and bag rests at her hip.

"What's wrong with my book bag?"

"You want to wreck your back even more? Be my guest." She shrugs and
heads downstairs. Thinking about it, putting all that weight on my back
doesn't sound fun. It's not like the bag is awful anyway. I put my things
into the bag and put it on. The strap presses tightly against my breasts,
squishing them further. But aside from that it's not too bad.

Downstairs Jennifer is waiting at the door. Mom too... She looks me over
and nods. She seems to be ready to head out to work herself, in her
skirt-suit attire.

"You're very cute Rachel." She places a hand on my shoulder. "Sorry about
your sister, but I think this will be good for you, in the long run.

"Yeah, sure..." I scoff a bit, not exactly happy to see her.

"Look, I know you hate this but it's only for a little over a week. It's
not so bad. Maybe now that you'll know how it feels you'll find a more
suitable girl to help you. Knowing what we go through will give you more
appreciation of that." She lectures. I tune her out. Jen looks bored.
"And no sleeping with any boys despite what you may want to. Jen will
make sure of that." She glares at Jen.

"What!?" I stammer.

"Sorry sorry. I'll do what I can mom!" She tries to reassure my mom who

"Just try not to get too boy crazy the first few days Rachel. Well, I
have to go." She gives me a small hug and heads off to work. Jen shrugs
and heads to her own car, a small but comfortable little sedan. I stomp
into the passenger's seat.

"I will not be doing anything with guys!" I glare at her, Jen obviously
still thinking about the subject.

"We'll see once you get a look at all the hotties at school." She grins
and drives. The ride is quiet, save for Jennifer constantly reminding me
about crossing my legs in the skirt. I do my best, but it's hard feeling
soft fabric rub your womanhood when you do. At least to me anyway.

A little after eight in the morning, we pull into the student parking lot
to the side of the school. It's a series of rows going up a hill to the
main school, each row a bit higher or lower than the other, depending on
if you're going up or down. The school rises in front of us, about three
stories tall, with a decent separate building for the gym behind it. The
student lot faces the side of the school, the front looking down to the
main road, the gym behind. Further behind that still, is the field where
team sports tend to play for clubs and such.

It may be only a half an hour before classes start, but the school lot
already seems a bit abuzz more than usual. Parking is a bit cramped, and
more people are talking rather than going about their usual routine. Jen
shrugs for now as I step out. The cool morning air giving me a shiver on
my bare legs. Going up stairs is a bit of a pain in the skirt, taking far
too long, but eventually we reach the top near the school. In the crowd
of students I immediately pick out a person of interest, as she does me...
or she does Jennifer, running up to us.

"Th-there you are!" Ashley breathes a bit heavy, never been one for
strenuous running. "Where's Ryan?" She sternly asks Jennifer.

"Rachel, you mean." She pats my head, as I blush hard. I didn't want
Ashley to see me this way.

"Her name is Ryan!" Ashley runs and hugs me tightly, our faces nudging a
bit. I notice our similarity in height. Rather than delight I frown a bit
at her use of female pronouns already, but I return the hug gently.

"Aw, how sweet." Jen rolls her eyes.

"Sh-shut up! This wouldn't have happened if it weren't for... weren't for..."
Ashley begins to sniffle. Her newfound bravado giving way already.

"D-don't worry about it!" I try to wave it off. "It's only for a little
more than a week. We'll deal." I force a smile to reassure her.

"B-but still. If only I wasn't so timid... and had a..." she hesitates to
mention the object of my change so openly. Getting the intent, I
naturally wince a bit, which makes Ashley frown even more.

"W-we can still do stuff though. Like go out this weekend and - "

"Oh, a shopping for cute clothes sounds fun for the two of you." Jen
snickers again, both of us giving her an agitated look.

"I meant as boyfriend and girlfriend." I retort.

"A double date, how cute too." She smiles.

"J-just because Ryan's a girl doesn't mean she - " Ashley starts.

"Actually, it does." Jen sighs. "Did you not pay attention at all in sex
ed? Guys turned into girls will more than likely be attracted to men now.
Give her a look over Rachel." Jen smacks me in the back and I stumble,
looking right into Ashley's chest. She squeaks and moves back a bit, but
I notice the extreme lack of attraction. With my own, why would I need
hers? Let alone the fact that I'm bigger, makes me a lot better looking...
I mentally slap myself for thinking so.

"N-n-not necessarily..." I say, trying to remain calm than panic over my
lack of attraction to my own girlfriend.

"Maybe another test." Jen groans and bumps me hard back towards the
stairs. I catch myself on the rail before falling, just as some boys were
coming up. I recognize a few as on a number of sports teams. I can tell
they just got off of a workout on the bit of sweat they still have... and
the strong smelling deodorant and musk gently rolling off them, filling
the air around me as I feel a bit lost. As they pass I find myself taking
a deep inhale of it. My stomach lurches a bit once I realize what I'm
doing, and cup my hand to my mouth like I'm going to puke.

"Are you ok Ryan?" Ashley runs to my side. She sees my reaction as I
hunch over a bit. "You... you mean...?" She gulps.

"S-sorry, I... was caught off guard." I blush red and try to hide my face
in shame.

"It's... ok. Just a week we'll be friends and not a couple." Ashley tries
to stay strong. I'm amazed at her effort in all this. Just another thing
I like about her I wish my mom had seen. Jen rolls her eyes a bit

"Look, I know this is nice and all, and that I promised not to let Rachel
have sex should she lose it, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop her
from making out or getting all friendly with boys. I kind of like her
like this." Both of us shoot her another look. I wince a bit as another
boy passes. I try to stop my breathing but still catch a whiff of his
intoxicating smell. My face gets a bit flush as I mentally revolt at the
idea again.

"Ugh... th-there's gotta be a way to handle this." I feel like puking a

Ashley ponders for a moment, helping me to my feet. "Well, there's always
her. She might now how to handle this." She says, but not too happy about
the proposition.

"Oh, HER." Jennifer scoffs, not happy herself.


"Her, Kat. You know..." Ashley frowns a bit. Ah, Kat, the senior girl, or
guy. I'm a bit hazy on the details. Apparently Kevin was a gay guy in
school, but sometime before I became a high schooler, decided to show up
as a girl and hasn't gone back to Kevin since. I'd only seen her a few
times, as she's kind of an outcast, but very boisterous still.

"You think she could help with these urges?" I breathe a bit more calmly.

"Well, if anyone knows how to deal with them..." Ashley sighs. "All the
girls at least know her since she tries to act really friendly to all of
us.... And get with all the boys in her grade, not that any will date her."
Ashley looks at tad annoyed about talking about her. Apparently Kat is
more famous around the girls than guys it seems.

"Anything to help, it's worth a talk." I sigh. Ashley nods and Jennifer
grumpily comes along anyway. She explains it's to keep me out of trouble.

The walk around the school in search of Kat is nauseating. With the
students all cluttered in the hallways my senses are overloaded with
stenches. Girls smell pretty but not desirable. Meanwhile, guys make me
nauseous with wanting. I try to hold my breath as we go but it's like my
vision does a 180 from before. Rather than checking out cute girls my
eyes wander over every remotely good looking boy we pass by. I can
already feel between my legs getting a bit sore. I lean against Ashley as
we continue, trying to take in her scent over everything else.

The longer we walk, the more I notice the looks we get. Not everyone
looks our way, but the more we go the more we seem to get. That and low
bits of talking fill the passerby during our search. Jennifer looks
unconcerned while Ashley is a bit worried, not liking the attention, as
do I. Finally, after searching all the halls we find Kat sitting on a
bench on the deserted side of school. The side that doesn't lead to the
gym, street, or parking lots. It looks over a grassy, but boring field.

Sitting there looking over her phone is a solitary girl. Her short cut
brown hair goes to just above her shoulders, but it's thick and rather
shiny. She looks up at us from her laying position on the bench. All of
us can clearly see down her blouse, which has many of the top buttons
open, showing a hint of a black bra. Her long, strong legs lay out under
a decently length but flowing skirt as it thinly rests against her legs.
She groans and sits up, glaring at Jennifer.

"What do you three want?" her voice, rather deep for a girl's, tiredly

"Nothing I want this time tranny." Jennifer harshly says, meeting her

"I AM a girl you know."

"Funny Kevin, I recall our middle school dance where you showed up in a

"The name is Kat." She rises ready to pick a fight it seems.

"Ahem!" Ashley, as loud as she can muster, interrupts the two. "We're the
ones who're here to talk." Kat snaps out of her death glare match and
looks us over. She's surprisingly tall, to me anyway.

"Oh, uh, hey. Well, what is it?" She suddenly looks rather awkward.

"You ok?" I quizzically ask.

"Yeah, just not used to most people talking to me first, so uh, what is
it?" Her downward looking gaze is somewhat intimidating.

"Well..." Ashley begins. I let her continue, not wanting to explain this
myself. "Ryan here has to be a girl for a while, and she's having
problems with, well, boys." Kat's face immediately lights up.

"You like boys too!? That's great! Finally I have someone to talk to!"
She hugs me tightly, her large breasts squishing against my face, she
bounces around rather delighted.

"No no, not at all!" Ashley stammers a bit until Kat calms down. "She
just needs help dealing with, well, boys. This wasn't intentional." Kat
looks rather disappointed, but sighs and nods, taking a moment to think,
letting me go.

"It is rather strong, isn't it?" She says, more to herself than to me.
"Me, I'm used to it, nor do I mind since I like guys... since I'm a girl!"
she looks to Jen then back to me. "I do have a few tricks though. Not
sure if you'll like 'em though."

"Shoot." I say, can't be any worse than doing nothing.

"Well, one is like when you want to masturbate, ya know? If you feel
overwhelmed, just think of that cute, hunky guy you want so badly and
relieve a bit of stress? Or you could head to the bathroom and feel
yourself some, get that tingly feeling going. Or maybe you could try
huffing their scent for some time until you get used to it? Or..." each
suggestion makes my face get redder and redder.

"No! N-no way!" I reply. "Isn't there a surefire way to keep boys away
from me for a while?" I say rather loudly, wanting to interrupt Kat's
train of thought. Despite herself, Jennifer laughs a bit at all the
suggestions, enjoying the show. Kat ponders for a few moments.

"Well, just hang out with me then. Guys, unfortunately, run at the sight
of me. The ones in my grade anyway. Not much I can do about your classes
though." She drapes an arm around my shoulders and pulls me in, my head
at her chest level again. "C'mon, it'll help and I could sure use the

"I am not hanging out with this tranny." Jennifer says. "I have to watch
over you!"

"I don't mind... mostly." Ashley seems supportive, to at least hang out
with me anyway.

"Hey, I'm just trying to help the new girl out. And what's wrong with
liking boys when you're a girl anyway?"

The squabble and talk between the three continue as I mull my options.
School is going to be a lot rougher than I thought it was going to be.

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