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Friday, August 17, 2012

Goobers by VI

This is another oldie but goodie... (1999 is now 13 freakin' years ago....blimey). 

One of the first I had read that dealt with aliens and impregnation and slow changes and.... yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, hit a bunch of my kinks that I didn't even know were kinks back then!

Unfortunately, I have no way to get a hold of VI as far as I'm aware...ah well, still, enjoy!


by VI

  During my navigators training they warned me about Goobers. But I 
was a cocky young man. I wouldn't listen. As far as I was concerned, they 
should look out for me. I was more concerned about making money, than 
avoiding alien life forms. In my first few years as a transport navigator my 
ambition knew no bounds. I was making deals with anyone I could, and 
making a very large profit for myself. Eventually I had enough credits to quit 
my job at the company and get finance on my own deep space transport. This 
was the life for me, trading between different planets across the whole 
universe, and keeping any of the profit for myself. Of course it wasn't easy, 
but I wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. Sure, it was a little lonely spending 
weeks at a time travelling between star systems with no communications, so I 
occasionally picked up attractive hitch hikers to help me pass the time. Suur 
was one of these. 

  I was at Tragado space port refuelling my ship for a long run, 
carrying medical equipment across to the frontier, when this tall blonde walks 
over and introduces herself. She was a real sight, long blonde hair, large 
breasts, legs that went all the way up to a real peachy ass. All wrapped up in 
a shiny black cat suit that didn't leave too much for you to imagine. I guessed 
her to be about 5' 11" and in her mid twenties. 

 "Hi handsome. Where you heading?" she said in a strange accent I'd 
never heard before.

 When I told her the frontier, probably a six month voyage, she got 
quite excited, and almost pleaded with me to go. I played it cool. She told me 
that she'd do anything for a ride to the frontier. Anything? That sounded 
good. How could I refuse? I ordered in extra supplies for the journey and 
told her to meet me here in three hours with everything she was taking with 
her, providing she could fit it into one case (the less they brought to wear, the 
better). She thanked me and went to get ready.

 "Wait, what's your name?" I called to her as she turned away.

 "Suur." She replied.

  Three hours later and we were on our way towards the frontier. To 
my delight Suur hadn't even managed to pack a whole case with her 
belongings. All she had was two other cat suits and a collection of toiletries. 
As we left the gravitational pull of the planet I began entering the calculations 
to get us to the frontier. To get us there fast I steered us though 3 
constellations, using their gravaties to push us on faster. It's a tricky thing to 
do so I had to concentrate. But Suur had other ideas. She sat next to me in the 
control room and at first kept quiet, but the further we got away from the 
planet the more distracting she became. As first she acted as if she was 
getting too hot. But the more she did it the more I could see that Suur was 
actually getting horny. Her sighs became moans, which became louder and 
louder. She stood up and carefully peeled off her spandex suit, revealing her 
fantastic tits. She ran her fingers though her long hair and bent down, her lips 
at my ear.

 "Wow. I'm so hot. Where's the shower?" she whispered.

 I could stand no more and surged to my feet. I grabbed her arm, lead 
her to my double bunk and threw her onto it. She lay on her back writhing 
and moaning as I hurriedly pulled off my overalls. Before I was even 
finished she was up and sucking on my erect manhood. I couldn't help 
thinking how lucky I was at finding a piece of ass this willing to keep me 
happy. Next thing I knew she'd pulled me down on top of her and was 
wrapping her long silky legs around my back. 

 I've never had sex like it. For once I didn't have to imagine that I was 
fucking another woman. This was the girl I'd always fantasised about. And 
was she hot! Her cunt was tight and she moaned and wailed like a banshee. I 
was in heaven. And then I came. As I started to ejaculate her belly rumbled, 
and then it was as if a hand had grabbed my dick. She arched her back and 
started screaming at the top of her voice. I flailed on top of her as she 
thrashed about like a bucking bronco. Frantically I tried to push myself off of 
her, but I was stuck fast. Suddenly I felt a pain in my cock, like I had been 
stung. I passed out.

 I awoke a couple of hours later to find Suur rubbing a soothing lotion 
onto my sore penis.

 "What got into you?," she said with one raised eyebrow "I've never 
had it that good before. Looks like you strained your love muscle. I'm just 
making sure that it's ready to perform again soon."

 My mind raced. Was it me that had caused her to thrash about like 
that? I decided to play along. If she thought I was that good then she would 
be wanting more. A lot more. I told her that I'd never had any complaints 
before about my performance, but right now all I wanted was a good nights 
sleep. Suur kissed me tenderly on the forehead and I drifted off to sleep.

  My dick felt sore for the next few days so I decided to stay in bed. 
Suur made me meals and gave me massages. I also told her how to carry out 
course evaluations for the ship, to check that there were no system errors. 
This meant that I could laze around all day leaving her to do all of the chores, 
which Suur didn't mind one bit. As this was my ship I had made sure that the 
living quarters were nothing but the best. Every luxury was catered for 
including an automatic chef, although Suur refused to use it. She prepared 
our meals by hand, which, thanks to some special sauces she'd brought 
along, all tasted great. Yes, I was a lucky man to find such a willing and 
subservient passenger as Suur. I couldn't believe how much I was attracted 
to her. It was quite strange. There was something about her that appealed to 
me, but I didn't know what. When I was finally up and about my normally 
overactive libido seemed almost non-existent. Suur was the kind of girl most 
guys would kill for, but I didn't (or couldn't) get aroused over her. Sure, I 
was concerned, but I figured that it was like Suur said, some kind of strained 
muscle. Not that she seemed to mind about my lack of sex drive. Her interest 
was in how the ship worked. I would spend hours going through how the 
navicom worked as she listened intently, learning how to use it with 
supprising speed. It helped to keep my mind off my injury. 

  As our journey towards the frontier continued I slowly became more 
and more worried about my health. During the last two weeks my libido had 
still not returned, which was starting to worry me, and I seemed physically 
drained. Any strenuous exercise exhausted me quickly. Also, to make matters 
worse, the ships computer began malfunctioning. It failed to recognise my 
voice several times and also my palm print. This could have caused serious 
problems if the computer refused to accept my commands. As a precaution I 
had the computer recognise Suur as another user in case it locked me out 
again. I decided to stop off at a space port in one of the systems we would 
pass through, to give both the ship and myself a check-up. The nearest one 
would be near enough in five weeks. Suur told me not to worry about 
anything and to get plenty of rest. Reluctantly I did. Normally I liked to 
workout when onboard ship, keep myself in good shape, so I didn't like all 
of this lying around. I felt as though I could feel all of my muscles wasting 
away. It was a few days later that I got my first big shock.

  My mind had obviously been on other things for the past few weeks 
so I hadn't noticed that my overalls didn't fit me as well as they used to. 
What really woke me up was when I realised that Suur was now the same 
height as me. I was getting smaller! I used to be over 6 foot, now I was 
5'11" At first I was shocked. How could I be shrinking? Then my mind 
switched to the first nights sex with Suur, and the terrifying climax I had 
experienced. I yelled at her to tell me what she had done to me. 

 "Calm down. You're getting paranoid." She said in a knowing way. 
"Look, I don't know what's happening here. But in a months time we'll pull 
into port and get a doctor to check you over. Getting worked up won't do 
you any good."

 I had to agree with her, getting angry was counter productive. But 
there was something in the way that she said it that I didn't like. Maybe I was 
just being paranoid. 

  As the days went by I continued to shrink. Suur measured me 
regularly and found I was loosing about half an inch in height each day. Also 
my hands and feet were getting smaller. Suur was very supportive during all 
this, but being with her just made me feel worse. She seemed so unfazed 
about this and I felt so small and weak around her. The fact that the computer 
refused to accept my ID didn't help. Luckily Suur could pilot the ship 
competently without me. But that just made me feel even more helpless. With 
nothing to do, the days passed so slowly as we approached the Arcus star 
system. I was going out of my mind with worry when an idea hit me. We 
were carrying medical equipment, so maybe I could use some to diagnose my 
condition! I hurried into the ships hold and located a crate filled with medical 
scanners. I quickly got one out and, after briefly reading the instructions, 
attached the probes to my arm and began the diagnosis. The device whirred 
and bleeped for a couple of minutes before producing a report. It was a lot of 
medical jargon but it said something about 'Goober infection'. Goober? I 
couldn't remember what that was. I detached the probe and quickly made my 
way to the control room. The computers there had a huge database of 
information, maybe they could tell me. When I reached the control room I 
was breathing hard. I achieved guest access onto the computer and did a 
search for Goober. The computer produced this:

 Goober: Alien Race.

 Home world: Sigma 7.

 This race of beings are considered a threat to the Planetary 
Commonwealth. Their ability to assume the forms of other races coupled 
with their fastidious need to reproduce make them a dangerous, although not 
aggressive life form. The strangest aspect of the Goobers are that their 

  "So you finally figured out what's happening to you." I turned to see 
Suur standing behind me. 

 "Well I suppose that you would eventually guess what was going 
on." She continued, stroking her chin.

 "I don't understand." I said meekly.

 "Then I'll explain. You see, I'm a Goober."

 I was stunned. Suur? A Goober? 

 "I assumed this form so that I could mate. I'd spent several weeks at 
Tragado waiting for a suitable partner to fit the bill. When I saw that you 
were heading out to the frontier I chose you. My home world is three light-
years from your destination so we can redirect the ship as we get nearer. It's 
better that way because my species has never mated with a human being 
before, so we need to be on my home world should the pregnancy or birth 
run into any complications."     

 "Yes. Fine. But what's happening to me?" I demanded.

 "Well," she said very matter of factly, "my seed is altering your body 
for the birth of our child."

 "I... I'm sorry?"

 "You are slowly being feminized. My sperm has made you pregnant."

 I was pregnant! Being feminized! I glanced at my hands. No wonder 
I was shrinking!

 "Why did you think that the computer could not recognise your voice? 
It's getting higher. And that sharp pain you felt  in your penis during our sex 
was me inseminating you. By the time we reach my home world you will 
have become a heavily pregnant Goober."

 My mind was racing. What could I do? I didn't want this!

 "I... is there a cure?" I stammered.

 "A cure?" Suur seemed shocked "You're not ill. You're pregnant. 
Why would you want a cure?"

 "I don't like what's happening to me!" I shouted. "I want it to stop!"

 "It's too late for that now. The transformation is not reversible."

 Suddenly my fear disappeared, replaced by anger. Without warning I 
darted across the control room and grabbed for the weapons locker. Suur 
made no effort to stop me as I fumbled at the lock. The door swung open and 
my heart sank. It was empty.

 "I took the precaution of jettisoning any weapons into space a few 
hours ago. Pregnant Goobers can be rather irrational at times."

 That was it. I began to cry. Suur tried to put her arm around me and 
comfort me. At first I pushed her away. But then I sank into her arms and 
continued sobbing. Tired and exhausted I drifted off to sleep.

  When I awoke the next morning I found Suur at my side with a 
breakfast tray. As I ate she began to explain, for my own benefit, what would 
be happening to me. I managed not to start crying this time, although what 
she told me made me want to throw up.

 Apparently once impregnated, the host body would gradually become 
a female Goober. In my case I would go through two stages of 
transformation. Firstly my body would adjust itself for bearing children, (i.e. 
become a human female) and then as the pregnancy continued, I would 
gradually become a Goober for the birth. This whole process would take a 
little over eight months, and I was already nearly five weeks into my 
pregnancy. At least the whole transformation would be painless. She also 
pointed out that she'd tried to mate with a human female, but they were less 
willing. I, however was an easy lay. I sat there in shock for several hours 
after Suur had gone to monitor the ships progress. I couldn't just let this 
happen. Could I? Suur must have been lying about the transformation not 
being reversible. I got up and started putting on one of the now baggy 
overalls. I examined my naked upper torso in the mirror. My muscle 
definition had gone and my face seemed different. Rounder, even. I shivered 
and went to check on our co-ordinates.

  Within a very short space of time Suur had become a talented astro-
navigator. I mentally kicked myself for showing her how to run the ship by 
herself. My strange mutation had meant that I was no longer recognised by 
the ships computer, which also meant I couldn't adjust the ships course back 
to Tragado to get medical help. Just by looking at the view screens as I 
entered the control room I could see that our course had been changed. We 
were now heading towards a nearer system. 

 "Where are we going now?" I yelped.

 "We need new supplies. When you loaded supplies you had not 
reckoned on an unexpected and rapid pregnancy. You now have different 
dietary requirements, to ensure a strong and healthy child." Suur replied.

 I began protesting, demanding that I see a doctor about my condition. 
But Suur explained that I would bear her child for the full term and that the 
matter was not for discussion. In two weeks time we would dock and get 
supplies and equipment only. End of story.

  To my disgust my transformation continued for the next two weeks. I 
stopped shrinking, but only when I reached 5' 2". I no longer needed to 
shave, and most of my body hair fell out, leaving my now soft, smooth skin 
exposed. My manhood retracted into my groin making my voice higher, and 
my face had become less angular. I would grimace each morning as I checked 
in the mirror to see my once proud member slowly turning into a vagina. 
Soon I looked like a skinny, pre-puberty schoolgirl. The only clothes that I 
could find to wear were old T shirts that hung off me like tents. Suur 
observed all of this with an approving eye. She comforted me everyday, 
telling me how pretty I was becoming, particularly as my hair was growing 
longer. They were kind words, but she gave me an unsettling look as she told 
me. I felt so vulnerable.

  Suur must have realised that I would try to escape at the spaceport, so 
she locked me in the ships hold before we reached the planet. I tried to resist 
but my muscles were so puny, Suur easily overpowered me. I was carried 
thrashing and screaming like a toddler into the hold. I sat there sobbing, alone 
in the dark. As Suur had now completely locked me out of the ships 
computer functions there was nothing I could do. Within a few hours she had 
returned to the ship and we continued our journey to Sigma 7. Suur had used 
most of my spare credits to purchase a substantial amount of food, supplies 
and clothing. I looked through the bags of clothing in dismay. They were all 
very effeminate and clingy. Suur had jettisoned most of my old clothes before 
landing, so I didn't have much choice but to wear them. Suur told me to 
embrace my new femininity and dress like a woman. But I couldn't. Not yet.

  A month later and I had no choice. My girlish figure began to bloom. 
It was quite unsettling as my body became rounder and more shapely. All I 
could do was watch helplessly. My hips and ass widened, giving welcome 
shape to my thin frame, and filling out the slip dresses that I had taken to 
wearing. I developed a gentle swell to my belly, but that was nothing 
compared to my chest. Each day my nipples seemed to move further away 
from me as mounds of flesh began to grow where I once had firm pecs. At 
first they were okay, but soon they needed support. Luckily Suur had 
purchased several "One size fits all" maternity bras for me. The special 
spandex garments were a godsend as my breasts grew steadily to a B cup. 
Even my face had succumbed. My lips were getting fuller and my cheeks 
were soft and round. In three months my hair had grown about seven inches 
and all I could do with it was put it into bunches. When I looked in the mirror 
I could see no resemblance to my former appearance, apart from my blue 
eyes. The former ships captain had become a pretty little lady. I supposed that 
if I had a sister, then this is what she would have looked like. 

 Suur had also purchased a number of video and multimedia disks 
regarding human pregnancy and birth for me to watch. Most of them made 
me feel sick about the inevitable conclusion to my pregnancy, but I found a 
few of them quite useful, particularly some of the workout videos. I didn't 
like my new body, but I was darned if I'd let it turn into a mass of blubber. 
During her shopping trip, Suur had purchased a few 'maternitards' (lycra, 
one-piece exercise garments for pregnant women) in a variety of colours. I 
got the impression that she liked to see me wearing them as she often sat and 
watched as I went through my workout routine. Another item that she had 
purchased in great quantities were big pots of 'mother-to-be cream'. I was 
told to apply it liberally every morning and afternoon.

 "You're growing at over twice the rate of a normal pregnant human." 
She explained. "This will help stop your skin from being damaged. I 
recommend that you rub it onto your whole torso."

 I did as I was told. It's not like I had a choice.

  I must have been getting used to my predicament as my continued 
development seemed not to concern me as much as it once did. Suur was 
pleased with how smoothly my transition was going and even started joining 
in some of the breathing exercises I was doing. She continued to be 
supportive, saying how wonderful it would be when our child was born. I 
played along, but I had an ace up my sleeve. She was very careful not to let 
me have any unauthorised access to the ships computer. I presume that this 
was to stop me calling for help or steering us towards a friendly system. But 
I was fortunate enough to find one console logged into a database, whilst 
Suur was preparing our meals one evening. The directory that I was in would 
not let me effect any ship functions, but it did let me check up more on 
Goobers and their breeding habits. It referred to pregnancy by Goober as 
infection, explaining that the strange species only bred with other alien races 
in order to propagate. I quickly scanned the information, not really taking any 
of it in, until I found a section maked 'Cure'. My heart leapt. Apparently the 
condition could be reversed, if somewhat slowly, by taking a drug called 
'demoxhadrin 3'. Yet again I thanked myself for deciding to haul medical 
supplies on this journey. After the meal I snuck down to the ships hold and 
searched through the cargo manifesto. I did have a large supply of 
demoxhadrin 3, although I didn't remember loading it on board. However, 
I'd become a little absent minded of late anyway. The drug was in tablet form 
and the containers read that I could take four per day. I quickly gulped one 
down and took a handful up to my cabin for later.

  My hormones began playing up as I moved into my fourth month of 
pregnancy. I started feeling really horny and couldn't stop fondling myself 
during quiet moments. Suur had begun sleeping in a spare bunk, leaving me 
alone at night, which made me worse. My tits continued to grow and my ass 
got bigger and rounder which bothered me, until I saw the way that Suur was 
looking at then. It was the same look she had given me weeks back, but it 
had bothered me then. Now I felt... flattered. During my workouts I would 
make sure that she got a good show of my new assets. I could have been a 
cute centrefold, apart from my belly. My waistline was expanding at a rate of 
knots. I was probably the equivalent size of a normally pregnant woman into 
her third trimester. The roundness suited me. Suur began measuring my 
growth. I felt quite proud to learn that I was bigger than most Goobers at this 
stage. Luckily, my maternity clothing took it all in its stride. I loved the 
freedom a dress gave me (especially as Suur had forgotten to get me any 
panties or the like), allowing me to show off my sexy legs. Suur showed me 
how to apply makeup and gave me hers as she no longer wore any. I was so 

 I continued to take the demoxhadrin tablets, but there was no sign of 
them working yet. I was taking six a day, although sometimes I took seven 
or even eight. I liked the taste.

  More and more I would find myself busying around the ship, 
humming happily as I tided up after Suur. I even started preparing our meals, 
just to make myself useful. Suur would give me little pots of her special 
sauce to use on the meal. There was always more of the sauce in my food 
than hers, I made sure of that. I guess that I should have cut back on it as I 
was starting to really balloon, but I reminded myself that I was eating for two 
now. Besides with each inch wider I got, the more natural my body seemed. 
I still did my workouts, but tired really easily. Normally I just laid on my 
back doing yoga. That's when Suur would come and measure my expanding 
belly. When my belly button had popped out she couldn't keep her hands off 
of me. That's what lead to our first evening of passion.

  I was getting ready for bed and had just began rubbing cream onto my 
taught skin when Suur appeared in the doorway with that look in her eyes.

 "You've missed a bit. " she said, stepping forward and picking up a 
pot of cream.

 I stood there naked as she began rubbing cream onto my rounded 
belly, trembling slightly with anticipation. I could feel the circular motion of 
her hand as it slowly moved down under my bump, and into my muff. I 
gasped quietly as her strong hand began massaging my clit.

 "S... s... stop." I moaned.

 Suur merely smiled and began slowly pushing me back towards the 
bed, her warm hand still rubbing me.

 "I, ooh, don't want this." I whispered, not giving any resistance.

 I was carefully lowered back onto the bed.

 "Spread your legs wide." Suur commanded softly.

 As I did what I was told she tutted and took hold of my ankles 
spreading me wider. Suur lowered her head behind my towering belly and 
something warm entered my vagina. Her tongue writhed around inside me 
for what seemed like forever filling me with all kinds of new sensations. I 
moaned, gently rubbing my nipples as Suur licked on. Any attempt to get up 
lead to her gently, but firmly, pushing me down again. I was at her mercy, 
but liked it that way. She left me laying there humming to myself in wonder, 
as she went off to bed. 

  I got even hornier as the weeks went on. Suur licked me out on a 
daily basis, which only made me worse. More and more I wanted to unzip 
the overalls she had started to wear and get a taste of her vagina. But 
whenever I tried to I was gently pushed away. I would try to take my mind 
off my sexual craving by doing all sorts of trivial things, watching soaps on 
the trideo, having long baths, cleaning, cooking, painting my nails, etc. I 
tried helping Suur with the navigation co-ordinates but they seemed so 
complicated. She told me not to concern myself with such things.  During 
this time my already voluptuous figure became even fuller. My breasts were 
up to a 44DD and my butt looked like someone had inflated my cheeks with 
gas! My childbearing hips had steadily widened making me a voluptuous 
pear. It was a shame that Suur hadn't purchased any pantyhose, because my 
shapely legs had become much fleshier and would look so sexy in them. This 
coupled with my plump lips, made me look more like a woman from the 
1950's than the 22nd century. My favourite part, however, was my 
enormous belly. It was so hard moving around, but I didn't care. I loved 
laying in the bath, pouring warm water over my massive bump, or even just 
running my dainty fingers around my distant belly button. The idea of being a 
mother in 3 months time always made me a little tearful. I felt concerned that 
I'd never felt the baby kick, but Suur assured me that it was a good sign. 
Baby Goobers gestated in a balloon like sack called a 'life bubble', keeping 
the baby safe and making its mother HUGE.  My waistline was in the high 
sixties at 5 months. I didn't think I could get any bigger than this. I was 

  A few days later I learned that we would be docking at a trading 
station within a week to pick up new supplies. We could sell off most of the 
medical supplies we had been carrying, which would more than pay for 
anything we needed. I was so excited. Most of my clothing was starting to 
become tight. Even my expanding maternity bras were having trouble, 
although I doubted that the designers had anticipated a woman going from an 
A cup to an E during her pregnancy! I immediately started downloading 
catalogues of clothing, and planning what I would buy. I needed to check 
everything with Suur though, to make sure that she approved of what I 
would buy. I would excitedly hurry to see her in the control room and show 
her what I wanted to buy. Normally she would umm and aaah about the 
clothes being too conservative, until I caught her masturbating. She had her 
overalls unzipped at the crotch and a small pot in her right hand. At first I 
giggled and coquettishly asked if I could help. Then I saw that in her left 
hand she held her penis. It was small about 4" but looked very functional. 
The pot she was holding was the one that she gave me with the 'sauce' in for 
the meals. I felt sick, then angry, then upset. I started crying and headed for 
the door as quickly as I could. Amazingly I reached the bathroom before Suur 
could catch me and locked the door. I lowered myself to the floor and began 
to blubber. 

 "Please don't be upset." Said Suur through the door.

 "I don't understand what's going on!" I bawled.

 "It's all part of the change. I'm returning to my normal shape. One of 
the first things that comes back are my sexual organs. My transformation is 
much quicker than yours. I'll be back to normal in a couple of months."

 That just made me feel worse. I had become accustomed to the idea 
that I was a submissive lesbian, but being fucked by my male partner was 
another matter. 

 "Deep down you want it this way. A few weeks and you'll be happy 

 "But why have you been feeding me your... your...." 

 "Seed? Well, female Goobers are dependent upon their partners for 
everything. Including nourishment. The hardest part of the females 
transformation is getting them to accept their partners seed. I've been giving it 
to you in your meals ever since I impregnated you. It helps to speed up the 
transformation. Demoxhadrin 3 is a synthetic version of our semen. I wanted 
you nice and ripe, so I tricked you into taking it with that phoney document 
you found on 'the cure' for Goober infection. My seed is VERY nourishing. 
That's why you're getting so big. But that's good. It means your healthy."

 "You tricked me! I hate you!" I squealed.

 "But you're also dependent on me. See how long you can last without 

 I stayed locked in the bathroom for a few hours, before the first pangs 
of hunger hit me. Soon I could think of nothing else and snuck down to the 
hold to get some demoxhadrin. I yelped in horror. The cases were locked! 
Suur had put a timer on them. I couldn't get any for the next four hours. I 
waddled up to the control room and pleaded with her to open the cases. But 
she said she couldn't. For the next four hours she was the only source for my 
cravings. I stormed off, but my body was screaming for nourishment. I tried 
eating other food from the supplies, but I still felt hungry. Finally I collected 
a pot from the galley and gave it to her.

 "Not anymore honey. From now on, we do this the traditional way."

 I looked at her blankly, then my mouth opened wide as I realised 
what she meant.

 "That's it. You get the idea." She said taking a firm grip on my neck 
and shoulder. Slowly and firmly she pulled me down towards her crotch. 
Suur was so strong that I could do nothing to stop the inevitable. I sank 
down to my knees and watched in disgust as Suur unzipped her overalls. Her 
small penis was revealed. I felt my heart beating faster as two strong hands 
took hold of my head and pulled me forwards. I shut my eyes tightly, but my 
need for semen was stronger than my own will. I opened my mouth and took 
her in. Parts of my mind were screaming! "What are you doing?! You're no 
homo! Stop!" Then my taste buds exploded into life. Mmmmmmm. This was 
good. At first Suur gently moved my head back and forth along her length, 
letting my full lips do the work. Soon though, I was doing all of the work 

 "Good girl." Moaned Suur.

 I used every trick I knew to make her cum, and was rewarded with a 
squirt of her sperm down my throat. I swallowed it all down and pulled my 
head away gasping. I was ashamed at what I had just done. Although the fact 
that I had made Suur happy made me feel sort of proud. She helped me to my 
feet and I waddled off to prepare the meal in a confused trance.

 My appetite continued to grow. As did Suurs cock. For the next few 
days I hated myself for what I was doing. Swallowing semen like a cheap 
whore. I had to remind myself that I had no choice. I was up to nine 
demoxhadrin 3 tablets per day, plus my feeding sessions with Suur. Sucking 
her off made me feel so hot, but Suur refused to lick me anymore. Apparently 
males didn't do that sort of thing. Eventually we reached the trading station, 
and not a moment too soon. My new diet had widened my hips and ass quite 
considerably, leaving me with only the stretchy maternitards to wear. I 
needed some new clothes urgently. However, I was not the only one who 
needed a new wardrobe. Suur had begun to get back a few more of her 
normal attributes. She was taller now, about 6' 2", with broader shoulders 
and increased muscle definition. It also looked as if she was getting a slight 
tan. Suur looked like the stereotypical super heroine from a comic book. 
Apart, of course, from the obvious bulge.

 The aspect of buying some new outfits took my mind of my feeding 
habits. I asked Suur for some credits to do my shopping, but she refused, 
saying that a trading station was no place for someone in my condition. I was 
so upset. Suur was right though. I found moving around the ship hard 
enough let alone waddling around a big station by myself. She told me to go 
and get her meal ready for when she returned. I did as she asked.

 About an hour later Suur returned to the ship. After we had both been 
fed, Suur took me by the arm and lead me out of the ship. I asked where we 
were going and she responded by telling me to hush. The sight of my rotund 
figure in a shiny maternitard turned a lot of heads as we made our way 
through the trading station. It made me feel very uneasy. Luckily I had Suur 
there to protect me. We reached the mall section of the station and headed for 
the floor marked 'ladies apparel'. Eventually we stopped outside a large store 
called 'Madam Pings Beauty Salon'.

 "Here you are baby. I'm gonna leave you in here in the capable hands 
of Madam Ping for a few hours. I've told them how I want you to look and 
they will sort it all out." She said.

 I giggled with glee and pecked her on the cheek. How thoughtful of 
her. I didn't even need to worry my silly little head about what to buy. 
Excitedly I waddled inside.

   The next few hours were enjoyable, if a little embarrassing. Suur had 
paid for the super deluxe treatment which meant I got the works. The 
beauticians chatted with me about my pregnancy as they slowly transformed 
my somewhat drab appearance. They were very polite about my size, 
although I could tell that they were amazed at how very big I was. 
Particularly as my whole body was firm and toned. I would like to have taken 
credit for that, but that's part of being a Goober. They styled my hair into a 
bouncy bob and died it purple, as was the fashion. I was given a complete 
manicure and had a full body wash in rejuvenation oils which made my skin 
look and feel even healthier. The best part though, was went I was taken to 
the changing rooms and helped into the various outfits Suur had chosen for 

 She certainly wanted me to look feminine. All of the outfits let me 
show off my curvy figure, particularly my legs, and were in bright colours to 
match my hair. They also fitted me for a variety of lingerie, most of which 
had support for my sore back. I couldn't believe how different I looked now 
that I had been made over. I really looked like a lady. But it wasn't cheap. 
The service at Madam Ping's was fantastic, but extremely expensive. Suur 
had really spent a lot of credits on this. I wondered how I could make it up to 
her. Then an idea came to me. I asked for some of the assistants to put 
together a new outfit for me and put it on the bill. Suur would like this.

  When Suur arrived I greeted her wearing a clingy orange dress with a 
hole cut in the midriff to show off my belly. She asked me to give her a little 
spin, which I obliged, before she stepped forward and kissed me, gently 
rubbing my exposed navel.

 "Hey junior." She said to the bump. "If only you could see how 
beautiful your mommy looks."

 I giggled and sheepishly said that I felt hungry. We quickly headed 
back to the ship.

  As usual I would be fed after Suur had eaten. This suited me fine. 
Whilst her dinner was cooking I went to my room and unpacked the supprise 
that I had prepared. I stripped off and began to put on my supprise outfit. 
First were the black pantyhose. It was a real struggle and I had to lie on the 
bed to get them on, with the waistline over my bump. Next came the black 
leotard which came complete with white cuffs at the wrists and a white cotton 
ball that sat perfectly on my protruding ass. Then came the bow tie and then 
the cute bunny ears, which I clipped into my hair. Finally I put on the tiny, 
black open toed slippers with a three inch heal. I checked myself 
appreciatively in the mirror. When I was a man I really had a thing for bunny 
girls, and I bet that Suur would also. I heard the cooker bleep as it finished 
and quickly headed up to the galley. Suur was in the control room when I 
entered with her tray of food. She was complaining to one of the traffic 
controllers about our launch window, but stopped when she saw me. I 
carried her meal on a tray, making tiny steps towards her because of the 
heels. My womanly thighs rubbed together, making a shnict, shnict noise 
with the nylons. I acted as if nothing was different and obediently knelt 
beside her, offering the tray. She took the food and ate in silence. I could feel 
her eyes roving all over my body as I waited, head bowed, for her to finish. I 
heard her put down the empty plate.

 "Well now. What are you supposed to be?" Enquired Suur.

 "I'm your bunny girl." I said looking up seductively.

 "Oh. I see. And what do bunny girls do?"

 "Anything you want them to."

 She smiled broadly. 

 "Now your getting the idea. I told you that you would be happier if 
you just did what your emotions told you. Your brain doesn't work the same 
way it did 5 months ago. Besides, I bet you've forgotten most of the things 
you used to know. You just need to learn how to keep me happy and I'll 
make sure you're well fed."

 Suur was right. I had to stop trying to think like a man. In the back of 
my mind I already knew this, that's why I had brought the bunny girl outfit, 
to make my partner happy. My new role in life was becoming clear. I was a 
breeder, dependent on her partner (owner?). I would do as I was told and 
have Suurs children. It was so simple.

 "I'm still hungry." I said, licking my full lips. 

 Suur got out her now large member and I took it in both hands, gently 
kissing it. She moaned with approval and I started to lick it like a popsicle. I 
was going to keep Suur VERY happy. I could remember what I liked girls 
doing to my penis and tried hard to copy them. I alternated between kissing, 
sucking and licking. I was enjoying this. I started moaning with pleasure 
myself, much to Suurs approval.

 "Looks like you've developed a real taste for cock." She moaned in 
her deep voice.

 "Umh-hmgn." I replied with a full mouth.

 "That's good, because I'm not busy for the rest of the afternoon. And 
you could do with putting on a little more weight."

 I began sucking harder.

  I spent most of the next few days sucking Suurs proud member. I 
was becoming a real hose beast. Between sessions, I learned that our launch 
window was not for another eight days. This angered Suur enormously as it 
was sure to disrupt her schedule. Luckily she had me to keep her mind on 
other things. I, however, found it hard to concentrate on anything else. This 
seemed so... right. I wondered why I'd spent most of my time as a man 
looking for money and power, when all I really needed was someone to look 
after me. Suur decided that she'd like to go out and mix with other aliens on 
the station, before it became too obvious that we were both Goobers. Over 
the past couple of days Suur had continued to revert back to her normal 
shape. Her hairline had started to recede from the temples, her face had 
become more angular and her complexion darker. She booked a table at one 
of the classy restaurants on the station for the following night. I was excited 
about going out for an evening. I immediately went through my wardrobe 
looking for something 'special' to wear. I chose a low cut, purple dress, with 
matching pantyhose and slippers. The outfit really showed off my assets 
well, just as Suur wanted. She wore a smart blue suit, that looked like a mans 
style, and swept her hair back into a tight ponytail. Suur fed me before we 
left and put a bottle of demoxhadrin 3 tablets in my purse. Although she 
would take nourishment from the meal, my digestive system only recognised 
her seed. So I could eat at the restaurant, but wouldn't benefit from it. 

 Luckily for me we didn't have to travel far from the ship for the 
evening. Walking was becoming increasingly hard. I had to lean back quite 
far to balance as I waddled along, stopping every 100 yards or so to rest. 
Suur was very patient with me. Soon we arrived at the restaurant and were 
shown to our seats. Suur had chosen a very nice place to visit. It was fairly 
small, but pleasantly decorated, with low key lighting. I thought it was very 
romantic. The waiter pulled out my chair for me as I went to sit. It confused 
me at first, I was still getting used to how women are treated, but then I 
thanked him and sat. Suur was offered no help. Soon our food arrived and 
we began eating. I remembered to take small mouth fulls as ladies do, but 
found the food very bland. I took a few demoxhadrin tablets as I ate, just to 
add some flavour. At first, I thought that this had given me indigestion. I felt 
uncomfortable, a bit gassy. The sensation got worse as the meal progressed. 
The pain was around my bottom ribs. Suur noticed my discomfort and asked 
what was wrong. As I explained, her expression became that of concern. She 
told me to follow her into the toilets.

 We went into one of the cubicles and I hitched up my dress so that 
she could get a closer look. Her strong hands carefully probed my sides until 
I yelped.

 "Hmmm. You feel uncomfortable because junior needs more space to 
grow. He's dissolving more of your ribcage so that his life bubble can 
expand. Your progressing at a much faster rate than I had first thought. I 
didn't think that humans would be THIS fertile."

 "You don't say." I said with a smile, pushing out my stomach to 
emphasise my shape.

 Suur smiled back and slowly spun me around so that my back was to 

 "Oh honey. Junior and I are gonna make you much bigger. That 
sensation you feel is a signal to the father that the life bubble needs more 
nutrients." Suur carefully tipped me forwards until I rested my hands on the 
back of the toilet.

 "So I've gotta make sure that I keep both of you well fed." I felt my 
pantyhose being gently slid down to expose my pussy. I began to tremble.

 "Don't worry. I'll give you yours in a minute." And with, that Suur 
entered me. I gasped as her member slid deeper and deeper into me. At first it 
hurt and I yelped and moaned as Suur began to rhythmically pump in and 
out. Her dick felt huge inside me. I arched my back and tried to pull away, 
but Suur held me fast, her strong hands on my wide hips. My cries became 
louder and louder until Suur put one of her large fingers in my mouth.

 "I can't have you making too much noise. Suck on this until I've 
finished with you." Grunted Suur. I obeyed willingly. Soon my pussy 
stopped hurting. In fact it was starting to feel good. I was being fucked, and 
was enjoying it! Everything was falling into place now. This was how 
Goobers lived. My big butt writhed left to right as Suur fucked me even 
harder and deeper. My whole body shook with each powerful thrust until 
Suur exploded within me. I waited until she'd finished cuming and then 
instinctively got down onto my hands and knees making sure to keep my ass 
pointing skyward.

 "That's it. Good girl. Make sure junior gets it all. Soon you'll 
develop a nice valve there, and you won't have to do that anymore." Said 
Suur doing up her zipper. I sighed as she stroked my ass. I could get used to 

  Suur insisted that we leave the restaurant and get back to the ship. 
Like all female Goobers my cheeks had flushed from my thorough pumping 
and we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves. We were both relieved 
when we blasted off from the station and continued on the last part of the 
journey towards Sigma 7. Though time was against us now. We wanted to 
be on the home planet for the birth of our child which I would be pushing out 
in a little over 2 months. I wanted to know what I should be practising for the 
birth. But Suur said that I didn't need to worry about that. My main concern 
was keeping her happy. I could do that very well. It was hard to think of 
anything else. But that's what us female Goobers are like. We're really ditzy. 

  As the weeks went by I could see new Goober attributes appearing on 
me. My eyes seemed wider and brighter and were changing colour. My nose 
became smaller, and I had even started to develop a slight overbite. This last 
one was my body adjusting itself to accept my partners member orally. I no 
longer needed to chew, just suck. Suur really liked my new features, telling 
me that I was going to be a pretty Goober. She on the other hand was 
becoming a very handsome. Her height had finally reached 6' 11", and like 
me she became wider, although in a different way. Her arms and legs 
thickened with tough, hard muscle, whilst her shoulders became much 
broader. Suurs once soft skin became tough, almost leathery, and darkened 
to looked more like granite or slate. The last of her female characteristics also 
began to disappear as her whole body became more angular. I liked the way 
she looked. I liked the way it made me feel small and delicate when I was 
near her. When she fucked me, she began quietly snarling and growling like 
an animal. That made me really hot. And also well fed. The last few weeks 
had added many more inches to my body. Junior was really getting big now. 
My huge, round belly began pushing out at the sides and further up my chest 
as the life bubble expanded. In fact, I looked as if I was slowly swelling with 
hot air! All of my curves were bigger and rounder, much to the delight of 
Suur. She had even starting referring to my feeding sessions as pumping, 
which always made me giggle. But all my extra nourishment meant that I 
could no longer waddle around the ship without Suurs help. In fact there was 
very little I could do without my partners assistance. The hardest thing was 
getting dressed. Not only was it the fact that the clothes I loved to wear so 
much began to get tight, but also Suurs sexual urges would get the better of 
her as she helped me dress. Several times I would find myself spending the 
whole morning being fucked. And I wasn't about to complain. Besides, my 
throat felt sore when I spoke.

  With Sigma 7 only days away Suur decided to really feed me up. 
Apparently the size of a male Goobers partner is a status symbol on the 
planet, and as Suur had already said, my development had been far more 
rapid than expected. I was a very BIG status symbol. That made me feel 
really proud of my new round shape. I was now a true Goober. I had 
forsaken the human clothes for Goober birthing gowns as my body was 
certainly no longer that of a earth woman. My face was round, with a tiny 
button nose and big purple eyes. I had big rosy cheeks and my plump lips 
now formed a dainty 'O', ideal for sucking Suurs large dick. My hair had 
turned a pinky white and felt like strands of silk, which covered my little 
pixie ears. The rest of my body seemed to be on a different scale entirely. 
From the neck downwards my once slim frame had ballooned into a ripe 
Goober-to-be. My whole body had finally become what it was designed for, 
to bear my owners children. It was as if my torso had almost expanded into 
an egg shape, with my fleshy arms and legs sticking out. As well as the 
widening of my hips, my crotch seemed to have pushed downwards between 
my generous thighs, giving Junior even more space to grow. But there were 
more changes not visible to the eye. I could no longer speak, only being able 
to make noises of pleasure or discomfort. And Suur informed me that my 
nipple less, basket ball sized tits were now used by my body to store food, a 
bit like a camels hump. I could only nod my head in acknowledgement. 
Finally, like all heavily pregnant Goobers, I craved semen. All I could think 
about was getting my fill. Everything else seemed so... unimportant. I would 
often daydream about there being 2 Suurs who were pumping me, one from 
each end, my ultimate fantasy.

  Before I knew it we had landed on Sigma 7. I was to preoccupied to 
notice. Suur helped me dress in my presentation gown so that she (he) could 
show me off to his people. We were greeted by members of his tribe at the 
bottom of the boarding ramp. The males were almost identical to Suur, being 
almost seven feet tall and built like Titans. The females were very similar to 
me, but seemed to have a few of there original species traits. I recognised a 
couple who used to be ventrans, white a bluish shade to their skins and a 
Rellan who now just had a couple of cute little horns on her head. The others 
I couldn't recognise. As Suur greeted the men, the women surrounded me 
and carefully began to examine my body. Their tiny hands roamed all over 
me until they seemed satisfied and stepped away. I noticed that most of them 
were also pregnant. The men had a quick look at me, congratulating Suur on 
what a good job he'd done. That made me really proud. Just then another 
team of females arrived wearing shiny white body suits. Although they were 
clearly Goobers, they seemed different, slimmer than the rest of us. (I later 
learned that males can inseminate hosts in two different ways; One turns you 
into a baby making machine, like me. The other into a nurturing female who 
would raise the children and look after the breeders.) Suur informed them that 
I was overdue and that he would like me to be induced. They then helped me 
to the breeding pens and into my own stall. I can vaguely remember the place 
being full of heavily pregnant Goobers, in various states of labour. My team 
of helpers removed my gown,  and carefully coated my body in a warm gel, 
before lowering me onto a strange type of low slung hammock. This was all 
done silently. I waited anxiously as my legs were pulled wide appart and my 
ankles strapped up to secure them that way. My mind was a confusion of 
hunger and excitement as I was prepped for delivery. Finally, my vision 
obscured by my massive tits, I felt a sharp pain in my vagina, followed by a 
warm sensation spreading upwards through my stomach. Then my belly 
quivered like jello and I let out a little grunt as I felt Junior move. This was it! 
This was what I had been waiting 8 months for! I could feel my baby 
writhing around inside me, so I tried to push it out, but couldn't. The 
movement inside me hurt, although not anyway near as much as I'd 
expected. I don't know how long I was in labour for until Junior pushed his 
way out into the world. Goober babies practically deliver themselves meaning 
that their mothers just have to lay back and endure it until child forces itself 
out. Junior looked like his father except that he was obviously smaller and 
slightly pudgier. I held him briefly before he was taken away to be cared for 
by a suitable female. The helpers cleaned me up and dressed me in suitable 
attire to await collection by my owner. My mind began to clear as I waited for 
Suur. Gone was my hunger and excitement about being a mother only to be 
replaced by... fear! I looked about me at the birthing pens and then at my 
bloated body. As if for the first time I realised what I had become, and 
wanted to cry out. I wanted to be changed back to the man I was eight 
months ago, before I had been slowly transformed into a plump alien female,  
solely for the purposes of having Suurs babies. But, of course, I couldn't. I 
was this way to stay. Then the feeling turned to anger. I wanted revenge on 
the beast who had done this to me. But as my thoughts turned to Suur I 
began to feel happy again. How could I hate someone who had given my life 
such new meaning? Then I felt someone squeeze my ass. I looked up to see 
Suurs handsome face. 

 "You've done well." He smiled "Junior is a healthy boy. I made a 
good choice to pick a human, you really are fertile." 

 I just looked up, lidding my eyes demurely at my master. I felt so 
happy, relieved at being told that I had performed well. The hunger returned, 
as did the urge, no... need to be pregnant again. Suur merely smiled 
triumphantly at the look in my eyes.

  It's now nearly 3 months since the birth of Suurs child, Gorm. Suur 
has just returned from another trip to the human populated part of the 
universe with a Nursing female to look after Gorm and myself. I don't think 
that she has been fully transformed into a Goober yet, but her new tits are 
nice and big, so Junior won't go hungry. I can tell that she's still confused by 
what has happened to her. I remember when I felt the same way. Soon 
though she'll forget about being human and become an obedient female, like 
me. Even now I'm taking Suur his evening meal, dressed as his little bunny 
girl. The outfit is looser than it used to be, since all I've had to eat recently are 
demoxhadrin tablets. Suur will soon fatten me up though, and I'll balloon up 
into a pregnant female again. The way I should be. The way I feel happiest.


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