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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Women's Venom Chapter 1

Women's Venom

Historical Notes:

The human body is very peculiar, different from other animals on the
planet in many ways. This is particularly true of the female human.
Females are one of the very few non-insect or reptilian species to come
equipped with a stinger. However, this stinger has very different
properties than others, which primarily use venom or the stinger itself
for defense. The woman's venom serves a very different evolutionary
function, reproduction.

Women's venom has the ability to affect stung males in making them
completely female for a period of time. It is believed that this original
purpose was during the early days of human history, to keep the human
population going. It is thought that this was for dire times in early
human history, such as rapid disease spread, droughts or crop failure,
and so on when it was likely many humans would die. While a woman takes
time to carry and give birth, this allowed the population of females to
expand greatly without the need for waiting for new babies to grow up.
Males, would then become female and could then reproduce more humans,
thus making it more likely humanity would survive.

Over time, this would lead to males having all the internal traits and
organs of women, such as eggs, ovaries, and so on. However, these traits
would not become active unless stung by a woman's venom. After stung, the
male will rapidly lose any male traits and shift to that of a fully
functioning female inside and outward. This is likely so in order to
attract males for reproduction. The change is not permanent however; it
depends on the potency of the venom itself. Younger females seem to have
longer lasting potency than older. This is likely to make sure that there
is never a true imbalance among genders.

Three particular oddities occur with regards to this change. The first is
pregnancy. With fossil records having an even split between males and
females, it is thought that after pregnancy the changed male will change
back, however that is not the case today, where pregnant males find
themselves female for the rest of their lives. The second is a slight
mental shift in changed males. The venom seems to have an adverse effect
on the male's mind, making them more open to sexual interaction with
other males. The cause is debated, but this is perhaps to get the changed
males to go along with the mating needed for humanity. Finally, is the
growing percentage of natural females without the stinger. Males changed
to females do not have a stinger, but with modern society, and no threat
to human extinction, an increasing number of women are born without the
venom of others. As many as 1% of females are born without the stinger
each year, and the number is gradually increasing... much to the delight of
men it would seem.

Chapter 1

I stand in front of my house door, the oddly hot mid-September afternoon
causing me to sweat a bit. I wipe some beads off my brow, some of my wavy
black hair sticking to it. I brush it away, trying to tidy it up a bit.
This is a big step after all. Second year in high school, going to get my
license soon, last year with my sister in the house, and I'm about to
introduce my girlfriend to my mom and sister. I stall a moment to clean
my glasses a bit, taking a deep breath and opening the door for Ashley
and myself.

Ashley's always been a sweet girl, rather shy though. Meeting in middle
school, she seemed deathly afraid of most people, particularly guys. I
found out early on that was because she wasn't born with a stinger like
most women I knew. I heard she got teased a lot for being "less of a
woman" because of it. I always found that odd, but being a guy I guess I
don't know about how the whole stinger thing works for women. Even the
few times I've been a girl it's not like I could do it to someone else.

To be honest, I only approached her late junior high because of her lack
of stinger. Made her easy to practice talking to girls without any real,
well, threat. Most guys tried as well, but she hid from them a lot. I
guess being the quiet type has its advantages, letting her take her time
with me rather than the other way around. I'm glad though. We get along
well, and I only recently worked up the courage to ask her out.

Ashley shyly hides behind me as we enter. My house isn't terribly big,
but it's not small either. Plenty of space for my mom, sister, and me and
for each of us to have our own rooms and so on. Jennifer is sitting at
the counter, typing away on her phone while my mom sits at her work
computer. I can see the timer on the oven is still quite high, so mom
must've just started getting things going on dinner.

"Ahem..." I make my presence known to the two. Neither looks up, only
giving cursory hellos and what not. I sigh a bit, Ashley still shrinking
behind me.

"I've brought someone home for you two to meet..." I get straight to the
point. Ashley flinches a bit behind me, but this causes the two to look
up from what they were doing.

"H-hi," Ashley meekly says, her insecurity growing all the more. Her soft
voice barely reaching them. Jennifer looks a bit confused, but doesn't
particularly react. My mom meanwhile...

"Who is this?" She gets up from her seat and strides over to us. My mom
was always very confident and well, in your face. I think that's why I
like Ashley so much, not so overbearing.

"This is my girlfriend, Ashley," I confidently say back, working as an
in-between for the two. It's only recently that I've become the same
height as her, so I've been a tad daring with her lately. Physical
stature is a wonderful tool sometimes.

"Let me see..." My mom rather forcefully separates us, pushing me a bit to
the side. Ashley quietly shrinks even more, alone in front of my much
taller mom.

My mom's hard, hazel eyes look down on Ashley, the two very much
opposites. My mom, confident, rather tall, short black hair, some man
like qualities in the way she carries herself, but also rather curvy,
which my sister shares in. Ashley, however, is rather short, with long
brown hair and blue eyes. She's rather cute, not lacking in feminine
qualities, but not an ounce of her says masculine.

My mom cups Ashley's chin to make her look up, giving little looks down
at her as she seems to examine my girlfriend. I stand aside, getting a
bit nervous. My mom has always been a traditional type, wanting me to
date a girl like her who could keep me in line as much as I could her. I
figured this probably wouldn't go well, but I hope it'll work. I gulp a
bit as Ashley looks up with a bit of fright in her face.

"Hmph, pathetic. Such a dainty little thing..." My mom sighs. "She looks
like she's about to crumble just from looking at her." Jennifer snickers
a bit in the kitchen, watching the display. As I glare she playfully
looks away, twirling her long hair in a finger.

"Enough mom, she's just fine. Just nervous in meeting you," I try to
argue for Ashley.

"I suppose I could always teach her and help her boost her confidence a
bit. She looks like she'd just throw herself onto you though. Shame, a
girl should have more strength than that." My mom frowns a bit, still
looking down at Ashley, who has now turned to focus on the carpeted floor
beneath her.

"She's just fine the way she is mom." I see Ashley smile a bit from that;
it gives me more confidence to stick up for her. "I don't see why she
needs to be like you one hundred percent. What's wrong with being in the
lead for the relationship a bit?"

"You would like that wouldn't you, your father needed a bit of wrangling
in himself," she sighs. My dad was always a touchy subject after he died
fairly young of a heart attack. The two had a nice back and forth always
going on, kind of like play fighting I guess. Snapping out of it, my mom
looks down at Ashley again.

"Anyways, you do have a means to keep my boy in line right? It's only
natural, let's see it." My mom takes Ashley's wrist and holds it up to
her. Oh great, the taboo subject with Ashley. She visibly flinches at the
touch. My mom makes a rather angry, and disappointed look as she lets it
go rather quickly.

"Mom, look, just because..."

"Quiet Ryan, I will not have you dating this... this..." She seems unable to
really find a good insult. Ashley darts behind me, shaking a bit. I've
seen her teased a few times before from this.

"So what if she doesn't have one of those stupid stingers? It's not like
I'm going to abuse her because of that." I glare at my mom, standing
between Ashley and her once more.

"Not a chance. I will not have my son dating a girl who can't even
appropriately keep you in line," She puts her foot down, Jennifer looks
on, not even hiding her curiosity anymore.

"Yeah, because your stingers totally kept me and dad in line," I scowl
back at her, our wills seemingly clashing invisibly, or so I felt anyway.

"You will not talk about your father like that!" My mom seems a bit
surprised at my bringing him up like that.

"He's my dad as he is your husband, I'll bring him up as I like, same way
I'll date Ashley whether you approve or not!" I yell back, Ashley shaking
a bit on my shoulders. I can feel her leaning against me to hide.

"I'm still in charge of this house and I will not having you date this...
this pathetic excuse for a person!" My mom spits out. While I'm not
backing down, Ashley breaks rather easily, beginning to cry and hurries
towards the door some.

I go to chase after her but my mom grabs the back of my t-shirt, lurching
me back. I almost fall backwards, leaning against the sofa that was next
to us. I hear the front door slam as I stand back up. My mom looks both
oddly pleased, but also very concerned as well. I stand in front of her,
probably my most furious.

"Now look what you did! All I wanted to do was introduce her but no,
everything has to be to your petty little standards doesn't it?!" I stomp
my foot. My mom looks a bit shocked but quickly regains her composure.

"My standards are to help you find a good, strong woman, not some little
shrinking violet! She doesn't even have a stinger, it'd be like saying
she's a man without a dick Ryan. She simply can't be good for you!"

"Says you! There are other women out there besides one like you! Besides,
I'd never date a girl who's like you anyway!" I shout, and turn to chase
after Ashley. I take a strong stride forward, only to feel the tug on my
collar again. This time I fall back into my mom, rather than the sofa. I
wince a bit, feeling a strong prick on my upper right arm, a loud "oooh"
coming from the kitchen.

"Oh what the hell mom!?" I yell, tugging my arm, but her barbed stinger
keeps me in place. I look and see the pale, skin colored needle ejecting
from her wrist, puncturing my skin. I can feel it getting rather numb,
and irritated. I get a bit dizzy, and after about fifteen seconds or so
of my squirming my mom retracts it. I rub my arm from the pain of it, but
that quickly subsides.

"Sorry Ryan, but I think this is going to be good for you. Feel what it's
like to be in her shoes, that and if you like softies like that, maybe
you should find a boy of your own to throw yourself too." I glare, but
it's weakened. Crap, I can already feel my insides churn. I plop myself
down on the couch, breathing getting a bit heavy. "Jennifer, grab the
hair scissors." She sighs. Jennifer laughs rather loudly and darts

"You can't.... do this... to me..." I breathe a bit heavily, feeling hungry
already, my hair starting to extend.

"Jennifer and I have the right to do so whenever we want, it's how it
works Ryan, and your wife, should you ever find the appropriate one." My
mom sighs and heads back to the kitchen, typing on her computer. "Let me
know when the hair stops and I'll cut it for you."

I try to give my mom the finger, but my arms weakly raises about halfway
before giving up. I groan a bit as my muscles and bones ache, losing mass
quickly, the burning sensation feels like I'm wasting away. My hair is
already going over my head. I've always hated having long hair, so hard
to keep up with and take care of. I think that's partly why the few times
I have been changed my mom has left it long. Jennifer happily skips
downstairs with a grooming kit. She sits down in front of me, smiling.

"What're you looking at?" I grimace, my voice getting a bit raspy.

"Just watching the show. When was the last time you were Rachel? Aunt
Cindy's wedding right?" She grins, remembering that little fiasco I'd
rather forget. I get up to go somewhere else, but four very loud pops are
heard and I fall back to the couch. My legs and arms go limp and oddly
kind of numb.

"Oh goody, the fun part!" Jennifer grins as I sit there.

I wince as my bones shake and twitch, shrinking rapidly. My spine arches
in weird ways, resetting in different positions. My eyes water as each
vertebrate snaps for a moment. Crap, I'm starting to sit differently, my
upper body pushing out a bit more, lower body contorting a bit
differently. I fully expect my arms and legs to pop into place at this
point, but they don't. Instead I feel a lot more bone cracking, my legs
pushing out from the hip a lot more. Something is different this time.

I sit there for minutes on end. My hair goes over my eyes, blocking my
vision. I can feel it moving down my back and going still. I start to
whimper and groan a bit, my voice cracking and settling, a step higher
each time I do so. My god this hurts. My pelvis slowly but surely pushes
my legs out more and more, separating them bit by bit from the middle of
my body. It's slow and it's painful, and I can't even get up. Even though
I can't see, I can tell Jennifer is enjoying my squirm like this. Once
again, I try to move my arms, but they're numb to the point I can't feel
them, only my shoulders being pulled, like someone has their knee to my
back and is pulling them from me.

My stomach churns, boiling on the inside, like twenty different machines
are springing to life, going into overdrive as if to make up for lost
time. I twitch a bit, trying to figure out how long these new sensations
are going to last, as I forget about the.... CRUNCH.

I cry out in pain, my voice sounding very much like Ashley's, but louder
as I feel my manhood contort and crush together. I know that between my
legs is becoming that of a woman's as well, but it's hard to notice that
when your balls feel like they're being pulled into your body by a rusted
metal hook.

"Oh quit whining, you brought this on yourself," my mom calls from the

"Y-you try having your aaack!" I squeal from another contortion, pulling
it in more. Jennifer laughs as I try to close my legs from it. Unlike the
last time I was female though, I only feel my knees and lower thighs come
together. It's like my upper legs can't anymore.

As that pulls in, another new sensation hits me as my chest feels a
strong pull outwards. It feels like instead of eating the normal way
everything is going in reverse. I feel like I'm going to puke as this
cycle continues for god knows how long. It goes until I feel like I'm
going to pass out from the pain or numbness; it flowing about all parts
of my body to where I can't tell what is what. Finally, four loud pops
are heard as my arms and legs get back into place. I cry out in pain, but
it jolts me awake at least, my body slowly getting its feeling back.

"She's ready mom!" Jennifer calls. I hear my mom coming over, as loud
snips can be heard. My vision comes back as long, straight strands of
black hair fall from my face. It's still rather blurry, as my sister
takes my glasses from my face. The only positive I can say about being
female is that my vision is better at least.

Mom finishes up with my hair, what little she'll cut at least. I can
still feel it go halfway down my back, it going into my shorts a bit, as
well as some parts going in front down my collar bone, resting on my....
Wait, what are those?

I gulp and look down, moving back and forth, shaking a bit to get my
feeling back. Not a good idea as I feel, literally, two sensitive things
pull my chest down. Looking I can see my shirt push out dramatically,
giving my thin stomach a lot of midriff exposure from my otherwise super
baggy shirt.

"Oh... oh god!" I stand up, a bit shocked, they flop a bit as I do so. My
crotch snaps a bit, like a muscle knot got undone. I wince and stand
there, trying to get my balance but I find it impossible. My legs shake a
bit as my arms still feel like they're put in wrong. My shorts fall to
the floor, leaving me in my boxers.

"Wow, didn't know Rachel would be so curvy," Jennifer blushes a bit but
grins at me. Mom nods in approval, looking me over. They're both a good
half foot taller than me now, I hate all the shrinkage that comes with

"Sh-shut up, I.. Ow!" My back aches, I reach up to rub, pushing my chest
out even more. My balance completely off, I take a few steps, falling
into my mom. Movement seems foreign, and I can't even walk right. Mom
holds me up.

"What did I tell you last time you were a girl..." she sighs.

"Let your body do what it wants..." I grumble, she continues to hold me up

"Jennifer, get some clothes for Rachel. I'll take her to the other room,"
She nods and hurries upstairs. "Just some pajamas!" my mom calls. She
then takes my hands in hers and walks me like some kid. I grumble as I
weakly get pulled along.

I never knew how much hips changed everything. I try to let my body do
what it wants, but the last time I was female I was twelve. I didn't have
hips or breasts back then. Hips sway and chest bounces, that's what I
picked up in this little interaction. And of course, as I walk I feel,
well, womanhood. I'll never get used to having to feel soft, skin stuff
whenever I move my legs. The slightest twitch of them reminds me how
sensitive and soft it is. Without any underwear on it's just skin on
skin. I blush hard and try not to think about it, but find it difficult
not to. I'm so focused on my walking I don't notice mom has taken me to
the guest room.

"Why're we here?" my soft voice sighs, looking at the bare room. A double
bed, a small closet and a dresser. Plainest room in the house. Mom just
takes me to the bed and sits me down. I notice that my legs do this weird
thing where the knees come together but the legs don't as I sit. Weird...

"You'll be staying in here for two nights, that's what I injected you
with," she says.

"Two days!? No way! And I'm not staying in here!" I pout. I would get up
to protest but my mom has me held down by the shoulders. Weight and
strength wise she's got me again in her clutches.

"I don't want you thinking about your male stuff for two whole days.
You're female now, and you're going to act like one, both here and at

"What!? I'm NOT going out like... this!" I stammer.

"You went out as Cindy's flower girl just fine three years ago..."

"That was different! You made me and I didn't have b-boobs then!"

"Well, I'm making you now, so deal. I'll notify your school you'll be
female for two days."

"But I don't-"

"You'll behave as I tell you to or you won't be a boy for a good long
time!" she threatens. That immediately shuts me up. I'd rather get this
over with as soon as possible. I hear a knock on the door as Jennifer is
standing in the doorway with some things bunched up in her hands. She
smiles and comes in.

"Hey there Rachel." I frown at her using my female name.

"You are also to obey your sister as well. If I'm not around, her word is
law. You hear me Rachel?" My mom says as Jennifer squees a bit. I
dejectedly sigh. "Good girl." Mom pats my head and leaves the room,
shutting the door and... click. Oh right, the room locks on the outside...

"So, having fun Rachel?" Jennifer smiles and sits next to me. I'd move
away but she's already playing with my hair, something she's done a lot
of when I was female.

"I am not your doll..." I remark, bringing up the first time I was female,
how mom more or less gave me away to be Jennifer's plaything. I shudder,
remembering what she made me change into clothes wise.

"For now you are Rachel. Now let's get you out of those boy clothes," She
smiles, and unfurls what she had. A white cami with little patterns along
the breast line and a pair of pink sophie shorts.

"Oh what the hell..." I groan.

"Would you rather have what I put on for Jared?" she smiles
mischievously. I gulp and agree. I stand, putting the shorts on first.
They barely go past my butt, and ride it fierce. I squirm and tug at it.
Jennifer laughs.

I stand there with the cami in my hands, blushing a bit. I feel reluctant
to take my shirt off. I feel the softness underneath, the bouncing. I
blush hard and freeze.

"Aw, is Rachel scared of her own boobs?" Jennifer giggles.

"Th-they're not mine!" I try to rationalize.

"Rachel, they're yours so get used to it!" She pulls my shirt off. I eek
rather loudly and cover my breasts, almost on instinct. Touching them I
can't help but feel a bit aroused, their softness giving me all sorts of
weird sensations I've never felt before.

"D-don't do that!" I squeak. Jennifer just holds my shirt.

"You better get the cami on unless you'd rather me see your tits," I
blush hard again and hurry with the top.

One thing I've always hated about female clothes is that it's either
super tight and restricting or very loose and flowy. I have problems with
the top, getting it over my breasts for one. Touching them causes me to
gasp a bit, the tight fabric hugging them and my stomach. It stops above
the shorts, giving some midriff. My arms and shoulders feel cold with the
thin straps being the only thing keeping the fabric over my chest, or
half of my chest anyway. Looking down I see big amounts of cleavage.

"Sit down little sis..." Jennifer pats the bed next to her. I take my seat,
if only to take my mind off my breasts. She gets on the bed and begins to
stroke my hair. I pull away but she only tugs back, keeping me near. She
pulls at it a bit, upwards, as I sit there.

"So, this'll be fun," she says, as I hear something like a scrunchie snap
off her wrist.

"For you maybe, not me," I groan, feeling... half of my hair being pulled

"Oh, it will. You should enjoy it. It's been so long since you've been a
girl. I've missed Rachel." I hear the scrunchie snap a bit, this time on
my hair. She's not....

"Well, she can die for all I care..." she works on the other half.

"Don't say that about yourself," She adds emphasis to the self part. I
hear a snap on the other half.

"You didn't..."

"Pigtails, yep! You were so adorable that first day you came home as a
girl," She giggles.

"I'm not a little kid anymore Jennifer!" I reach up to pull the knots
loose but she grabs my wrists and pulls them behind my back. She leans
into my ear.

"Mom may have you here, but at school you'll be as girly or slutty as I
tell you to be, got that? It's your first time as an actual woman, so
let's have some fun." I think I'm starting to miss the days when she
would just put me in her princess dresses.

"No way! Mom won't be around so like hell I'll..." I squirm.

"We have ways of making you boys cooperate. Since you hadn't quite hit
puberty yet, I guess you didn't feel this, but maybe I should give you a
booster..." I can almost hear the grin on her face.

"Wh-what do you mean? This just makes me female right?" I gulp.

"You know what else it can do. Mom and I don't want you hanging out with
that Ashley girl, so maybe this is for the best..." I wince, feeling
another sing into my own wrist. I squirm but between Jennifer's grasp and
the stinger, I can only sit the agonizing half minute she injects me.

My body feels... hot. Chest is a bit firmer, but even more sensitive while
my legs seem to squish even more now. I breathe a bit heavy, panting
almost. I shudder a bit as Jennifer gets off the bed, and knocks on the
door. A moment later my mom opens it, as she looks at me curiously. I
look at her, blushing hard as I hunch over a bit, stomach hurting some
but mostly...odd. Mom closes the door, but I still hear them outside.

"What did you do Jennifer?" Mom asks.

"Just gave her some... help," Jennifer sounds different, less confident. I
walk up to the door, slowly. My legs feel weaker, more sensitive. The
sophie shorts pressing against my curves and feeling a tad... wet?

"You didn't..."

"So what? You didn't want her liking Ashley anyway. This way she'll-"

"How much did you give her?"

"E-erm... about another week's worth?" Jennifer gulps. Mom groans.

"You idiot. I only gave her enough to maybe think about boys. You gave
her enough to want to sleep with the first boy she sees!" Even I felt the
oomph in that rebuttal.

"S-sorry mom! Look, she's got until morning to wear it off herself and
then she'll only be attracted to boys, ok?" Mom sighs again at her
response. I stand there, legs rubbing together a bit, which I can't seem
to stop them rocking back and forth, my breathing still a bit heavy. I
lean a bit too close and feel my breasts press against the door. I gulp,
but it doesn't feel that bad...

"For your sake she better, or I'm holding you responsible..." I hear mom
stomp off. I pause a moment.

"Uh, Jennifer?" I weakly say, finding it hard to talk and breathe at the
same time.

"Yeah?" she sighs.

"I... I have to erm, pee?" I say, feeling my shorts get a bit wetter.

"No you don't..." a giggle follows. I know what she means, horrified at
myself. I fall to my knees, leg squished together. It feels like I've got
to go, but like it needs... help.

"Pro tip, don't think about a guy you want to marry, think of a guy you
want to sleep with. I'll get you up tomorrow morning to get you ready.
Later Rachel," I hear her walk off.

I sit there a few minutes, trying to regain my composure, but with my
body getting hotter by the moment... I find myself unable to resist...

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.


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