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Friday, August 17, 2012

Women's Venom Chapter 3

Women’s Venom
Chapter 3

I never thought I’d want to concentrate on doing random math problems for once. If anyone told you the mind is a plaything of the body, they’re probably right. I don’t know if girls are naturally this interested or if my sister’s handiwork is really that potent. Come on, just work on problems from old lessons, and keep yourself occupied.

A loud clack distracts me as Mr. Phearson drops the meter stick he was using to draw some shapes on the board for example problems. I instinctively look up at the boy in front of me and my mind wanders again. I immediately notice the smell of the pool again since it’s the guy, Sean, from the swim team. He kind of always smelled like it but why is it so tantalizing now? Maybe it’s that he’s so much bigger than me now the smell kind of drapes over me, calmly as the air conditioning presses it down in my direction. He’s also in great shape I might add, and eager to show that with his strong, muscular arms shooting out of his shirt. Very toned indeed, as I look at them intently.

I snap my face in a different direction to the side, just to look away. I think the girl next to me is giving me a look but I don’t recall. In fact I kind of look past her to the scraggly looking guy, I forget his name, next to her in the middle of the room. He’s messy, but also kind of unshaven, his brown stubble showing enough to notice from here. I’ve strangely been noticing facial hair a lot this morning. I haven’t been able to grow my own so… what does it feel like? It must be kind of scratchy yet firmer than other hair. I kind of want to touch it, and think it must tickle a bit if I were to… Stop it stop it; stop thinking about touching other boy’s faces!

I notice my legs are rubbing together a bit. Girl parts are so annoying; you can just feel it as you move. Open your legs and there is a tight pull. Squish them together and you feel all the skin and material push together. It’s been getting strangely arousing lately, but another breath and I smell Sean a bit from behind. Head gets distracted again as I think I stiffen some. I must be making a bit of a face as Mr. Phearson calls out to me.

“Uh, Ms. Rachel.” He sighs a bit, knowing it’s still me, but he still instinctively addresses everyone with the Mr. or Ms. to be that polite teacher. “You ok over there?”

“Y-yes!” I snap back to reality, thankful I can focus on something else for a moment. “E-erm, m-may I use the restroom?” I look at the clock seeing only a few minutes of class left.

“Sure. Go ahead.” He nods, rather understanding as I grab my things in a hurry and exit the room. I see a lot of girls rolling their eyes, as the guys on my half of the room stare a bit. Must be awkward on their end if they see me like this but know it’s a guy inside.

I hurry as fast as my legs will allow me to the girl’s restroom. It’s a school rule that any boy that is changed will use the girl utilities and so forth, if only so they don’t get into it with boys, or so I’ve heard the reasoning go. I know most girls in school aren’t happy about Kat being there, so I hope they’ll be tame with me since I didn’t ask for this.

The restroom really isn’t that different from the boy’s, save for lack of urinals and more stalls. I pick the one on the very end and shut the door. I close the lid and sit down, breathing slowly. It’s not like I don’t know how to go as a girl. It’s one of the first things we’re taught during “girl week” in grade school, and it feels kind of natural after you get over the initial grossness of moving your legs open like that. I take another deep breath, the bra pinching along my sides a bit. I think Jennifer has the wrong size, or I’m really that big. God I hope it’s the former, but in a way the other is interesting. If I really am bigger than my sister that is. 

I mean, mine certainly look more bouncy. They look a tad heavier too, mostly due to their roundness. I massage them a bit, blushing at their smoothness and softness. Feeling how the bra pushes them up, I probably am bigger, huh. I pause for a moment and sigh after realizing I’ve just spent the last few moments comparing breast sizes with my sister’s chest.

The bell rings loudly as I hear a rush of people outside. After just getting to class and sitting there made me dazed, I think I’ll skip out on classes for a while, or try to anyway. In the flurry of noise outside I didn’t notice some of them were loud enough to be outside. Thankfully they don’t notice me.

“Can’t believe we have to have a class with her, erm, him, I guess.” I hear a voice say. I think I recognize it as Megan, the girl who gave me the odd look in Math.  We’re not exactly close, but I’ve at least heard her talk.

“Who exactly?” I hear another girl say. I don’t recognize this one. Could be anyone from class I suppose.

“Miss Rachel.” She mocks Mr. Phearson’s name for me. “Did you not see her practically inhaling Sean in class?” I turn very red in the face and grimace. Was I that noticeable?

“I’m on the other side Megan, how the hell would I see?”

“Well she was. It was gross. You think she likes muscular guys?” I do so not like guys!

“How would I know? I’m not some guy pretending to be a girl.”

“I know right? Boys should just stay boys, and be easily wrapped around our little finger.” She chuckles a bit. I know I heard Megan was a bit of a flirt but really?

“And now you know why half the girls in our grade think you’re incredibly loose Megan.” The other girl sighs a bit.

“What, would you rather have boys trying to be one of us?” Megan scoffs.

“I dunno, I find it kind of cute, in a pathetic sort of way. I mean, boys could never be girls even though we can make them be one. They just don’t get it you know? Even if we do give them our bodies by changing them, they just don’t get it.”

“You’re so weird.” Megan scoffs, running the water a bit as I continue to eavesdrop.

“Must be a sister thing. I love having my little Leslie around so much. But she’s, erm, he is twelve now, and mom doesn’t want me stinging Luke anymore so he doesn’t go through puberty all weird.”
“Aw, but I love your sister!” Megan playfully whines as the mystery girl laughs a bit at that.

“I know, but mom won’t let me. He’s such a handful as a boy, it really straightens him out. It’s like guys are so insecure about their masculinity, you turn them into girls and they calm right down because they don’t know what to do! Whenever I manage to put a dress on her she’s, like, totally afraid to do anything physical.” She explains.

“Probably doesn’t want it to fly up and have her boyfriends see her undies.” Megan suggests, turning off the water and turning on the hot air blower, muffling them a bit.

“Ha! Probably. I kind of want her to grow up as a girl though. Make her grow up right and she can get a guy of her very own.”

“Yeah right, like any guy would go for that, even if she did try to get one for herself. Besides, you’d tire yourself out making her be...” Megan’s voice fades as between the remaining time on the dyer and their own departure makes me miss the rest of their conversation.

I relax and sigh a bit, thankful for some alone time. Indeed, now that I think about it, it must be tough for Kat, trying to get a guy on her own like that. Well, considering she’s a guy who wants to be a girl full time that is. I mean, I think I’m one of the few guys who asked my girlfriend out first. Would that make her my girl rather than the usual me being her guy? I’ve always been confused as to the terminology but the girls seem to like the idea that we’re their boy, or so Ashley tells me anyway when she’s talked to friends about me.

The bell rings again as I sit there, feeling my chest raise and lower as I breathe. I notice my back is slowly getting used to the weight as I notice them a bit less. But still, bras are insanely uncomfortable. I tug on it a lot as I wait. Just sitting there bored, time ticks slowly. I try to relax as the bathroom is almost uncomfortably silent. I hear footsteps. Loud clicking then clopping as they draw a bit near, then louder still as for a moment I think they pass the restroom. No such luck as they enter.
The plain, black heels enter; as I see them stop before the far stall, then move to the next. Crap, it’s probably Mrs. Schaffer, one of the counselors here. It must be her week for hall duty. After checking each she stops in front of mine and knocks on it. 

“May I ask who is in there?” her rough, deep voice bellows in a rather authoritarian manner.

“U-uh… it’s Ryan C.” I answer, meekly.

“Ryan?” She sounds a bit startled, if only for an instant as to my real name. “Oh, yes, I was notified of your little excursion this week. I did receive a short call from your French teacher that you had yet to show up!” She gets right down to business.

“I just need to use the restroo-“

“For a third of class?” She interrupts, rather stern.

“Erm… I… I kind of forgot how to pee as a girl?” I try to weasel my way out.

“Is there a mess?”

“W-well no I-“

“Then get to class little lady. Just because you’re not used to womanhood doesn’t mean you can just skip class! And I don’t want any menstruation excuses either! I know for a fact girls like you don’t get that until a few weeks in!”

“Like I’d even use that as a retort…” I grumble and open the door. Mrs. Schaffer looks over pleased and walks out with me.

“I know you wouldn’t, but I’ve heard it plenty of times when boys want to get out of class when they’re girls. I doubt most boys could handle it anyway.” She rambles a bit on how guys would likely fall to pieces if they really had to go through a period, as I thankfully enter my French class just to get away from her.

Fourth period. This is hell. Damn old Mrs. Cox and her separation of boys and girls in her class, and by last name within that. She’s so damn set in her ways she even puts me in my usual spot with the guys. Six rows across. I’m stuck in the second row up, middle of the three seats for the guys. So many smells, so many male faces wherever I look. Of course, being the only ‘girl’ in this side I’m all their attention is on too. 

I’ve never been more self-conscious in my life. I feel warmer than usual as their seats surround me, and I feel like I really have to use the restroom this time, but more like after Jennifer stung me yesterday. Stupid body getting turned on! There’s so much pressure and… itchiness between my legs I can’t help but squirm a bit in my seat. Mrs. Cox is too absorbed in her lecture on Joyce that I can’t find a good opportunity to ask to leave. If this is what girls really have to go through every day I totally get why guys can’t handle it.

I feel like I’m going to explode, in that tension kind of way when I’m thinking about, well, certain things regarding Ashley once I started dating her. Mind swimming and swirling as everywhere but straight down is another guy in my view. I’d rather stare at my breasts than them, but that only reminds me of being a girl as well. Ugh, I don’t know if I can make this…

The bell rings and I dart out of the room before the third tone even comes through the speaker.

Lunch table. Good old cold lunch table. I lean over on it, breasts lying on there, squishing a bit but I don’t care. The smell of crappy food, girls mixed with the boys, and my own exhaustion from English class lets me rest in peace a bit, even if I notice my legs are open a bit. The cool air does both me and my legs some good as I calm down some. I don’t even bother with lunch itself, I just want to relax. I close my eyes for a moment until the sound of scratching chairs next to me sort of wakes me up again.

“Uh… h-hi Ryan.” Ashley gently smiles at me. I smile back as the other chair, to my left scratches, then another. I turn and look to see a pal of mine, Mark, and his supposed girlfriend Danielle. Ugh, I didn’t want to see him for a while actually.

“Dude! That’s really you in there?” He says rather straightforward. He scratches his curly blonde hair a bit, but can’t help but look me over as my breasts are propped up on the table for them to see. I lean back and blush a bit so they’re not quite as big.

“Shut up, ass.” I grumble, leaning more towards Ashley as she picks at her food a bit. Danielle just keeps an eye on me, her green eyes rather intent on staying focused between Ashley and Mark.

“Oh come on, I’m just worried about my best bud.” He tries to say with a straight face, but even I can tell his eyes are all over my chest and stomach area. 

“You can’t just stare at me so brazenly just because I’m a friend Mark.” I scoot my chair away a bit, grossed out by his overt look over me. Danielle shoots Mark a look as well.

“It, it’s nothing like that man.” He looks over at his equally golden haired friend, shrugging a bit to pass it off as no big deal. Even Ashley looks a bit perturbed.

“Just stop, you’re being creepy…” I almost gag a bit. He leans into my ear to speak a bit whenever Danielle picks at her plate.

“C’mon dude. Tell me, ya feel sexy like that? I mean, you seem to be bigger than Danielle in the chest department.” He straightens up as she looks over particularly at me again. I notice we’re oddly similar, but I think I looked bigger resting on the table earlier.

“Th-the hell are you talking about?” I try to act like he said nothing in particular in response.

“What’d he say?” Ashley asks sweetly.

“Nothing!” We both say in unison. Danielle takes another bite.

“C’mon Ryan. After school, just a little peek? I’d let you if I were in your shoes.”

“No way.” I say softly back to him. “You and I both know you wouldn’t.”  

“Be a pal man, Danielle won’t let me do anything with her. We’ve only kissed once in like, two months.” He seems a bit annoyed at that last part. Indeed, it does seem the pretty and popular Danielle only keeps Mark around as a sort of pet these days. In Mark’s usual lack of subtlety, I think she heard us.

“Maybe you’d like to gawk and feel up each other’s boobs if you’re that intent on it.” She glares rather strongly and her stinger ejects a bit from her wrist, dripping a bit of clear liquid. Her other hand brushes her long hair out of the way, and curls it behind her ear, to get a better look at us.

“N-no, not at all!” Mark stammers and goes silent and chomps on the burger, as the girl next to him retracts her threat into her arm.

“Oh, going to have some girl fun with my Rachel? Such a good friend to share in his hour of trouble.” Ashley giggles a bit. Despite the Rachel comment, I snicker at that a bit. I do sort of wonder what Mark would look like as a girl now, if only as a joke. He of course, coughs a bit in surprise at Ashley’s rather uncharacteristic remark.

“Danielle, would you please help me out and let Mark be my totally BFF girlfriend for like a week?” I snicker and say in the most stereotypically girly way possible. Mark again, grimaces and looks between Ashley and I, and Danielle, who in turn smirks back.

“If the cute little girl desperately needs someone to compare bra sizes with, I may be able to oblige.”
“Hell no!” Mark practically shouts, drawing the attention of nearby diners for a moment or two. The three of us laugh a bit at his expense.

“Oh come on, show me yours and I’ll show you mine.” I chuckle a bit, pushing my chest out then back in to tease.

“D-don’t you even start!” he leans in, getting… uncomfortably close to my face and angrily whispering. I can’t help but blush a bit as a guy, even my friend, gets this close. Ugh, I can even smell his breath and it’s not even that bad. 

“I’ve only ever been a girl once in grade school. I don’t think I’d remember how to handle myself.” I turn a bit red again, wondering what exactly he means by that. Danielle gives him a hard tug from the collar for getting so close to me, apparently misreading what he was trying to tell me.

“Down boy. Don’t go hitting on other girls while I’ve still got you with me.” Mark stiffens a bit, but relaxes as it goes quiet for a moment, taking a deep breath, as do I. “Mark, could you refill our drinks?” She asks, seemingly sensing the tension. Pleased to do anything, he gets up and heads to the front of the cafeteria.

Ashley, not one for awkward silences, excuses herself to the girl’s room, although I’m sure she doesn’t need it. As she heads out I steal a few fries from her tray. Yuck, they taste oddly greasy today. My attention turned, I hear Danielle speak directly to me into my ear. I jolt a bit in surprise.

“Look, I know you’re not really in control of yourself, but don’t think you can use Mark to get rid of your little hormone binge. You’re not a real girl and thus, not worth his time. Go find some other boy to have fun with if you must ride something for the week.” I hear some rather deep anger in her voice.

“Th-the hell are you talking about? N-no way I’d… I’d ever do that with a friend of mine.” I stammer, not sure if I’m disgusted she’d even suggest that I’d sleep with a good pal of mine, that I’d even do such a thing in the first place with any guy, fear from her tone of voice, or confusion that even for an instant when he was close, I considered a few things since we were indeed friends.

“Good, because if I so much as see you looking at him seductively, I’m pumping you and Mark so full of my stinger you’ll be girls all of high school.” She continues her menacing tone then goes back to her food, just as Mark returns with their beverages.

“You… ok there Ryan?” He asks, sitting down. I notice I’m shivering a bit and probably look rather distraught.

“N-nothing. Uh…. M-maybe after this we should like, not hang out for a bit? For both our sakes?” I gulp, scooting a bit further away from him.

“Uh, sure. I suppose that’s a good idea.” He nods a bit and resumes eating his burger. Ashley returns, and looks confused as to our sudden quietness. She gets back to her food, looking between the three of us the entire time. Danielle firm and rather evil looking, Mark baffled and me rather, well, scared out of my mind.

I sit on the hood of Jennifer’s car after school. She’s late, no doubt talking to friends of hers; not noticing that half the lot is already empty for the day. Some students go to and fro, picking things up or heading off or whatever. I hear some light rolling a bit further away and see some skateboarders riding around, grinding on the curb for a few moments or just looking at the railing in a funny way, no doubt scoping things out.

They’re all boys of course; all kind of messy looking in that skateboarder way, but the tallest, probably oldest of the group catches my eye. He’s rather tall for most guys, and rather top heavy in terms of size, but that may just be his baggy pants. Like in Math, the scruff on his chin once again makes me wonder what it’s like to the touch. I mentally slap myself for thinking about it yet again, but it’s better than thinking about other things about boys like our different equipment between our legs now.

And now I’ve done it as that topic goes into my head. I feel like the other now, or maybe boys are the other. I think about what little I have done with Ashley, and well, what I have seen in various, ahem, videos, online and well, do guys look at me and want to do those things to me now? I feel a bit gross even thinking about it, but when I remember some videos I feel more sympathetic and desire from the girl’s side right now. 

As I expected, my legs and such rub together a bit, getting a bit active yet again. My eyes dart back and forth between him and the ground, or should I say my breasts I guess. I don’t know what’s worse, that I wanted to touch him a bit earlier or that I kind of want him to touch me now. For some reason I get the feeling that doing it myself just won’t have the same effect, despite how good it felt last night as I poked around a bit in bed. I worry myself, thinking I need something to satisfy me physically or I won’t make it through the week.

“Hey there little sis!” I hand grabs my shoulder.

“Eeek!” I yelp, and jump a bit at my sister’s sudden arrival.

“Woah, why so…” She pauses and looks between me and the group of skateboarders nearby. “Oh, should I let you watch a bit more Rachel?” She grins a bit.

“N-no! Nothing at all! C-can we go?” I take the few steps to the passenger’s side of the car and nervously await her to open the door. She takes her time unlocking it, opening her door with the key then arduously opening mine with it as well, as if to give me time to boy watch some more. I scurry into my seat and wait to go.

“Feel free to open your legs a bit if you’re a tad… wet, there Rachel.” She turns the air on high and drives.

“Why do you have to tease me like that? It’s your fault I can’t control myself.” I angrily stare a bit.

“I couldn’t resist. I always did want a little sister, but I can only have you, Rachel, around for a bit, so I want to have fun with you while I can.” She smiles and rubs my head with her free hand some. I bat it away some.

“This isn’t fun for me in any way.” I pout, refusing her advice and crossing my legs. My cheeks flush a bit to find there’s a teensy bit of moisture in there.

“Just try to enjoy being a girl for a bit, ok? If you just mope the entire time I guarantee you’ll just be in your room feeling yourself to the thought of guys because you can’t control it. Just relax and let your body go for a while. For the next five or six days now, you’ll still be Rachel, not Ryan, ok?” She messes my hair even more after the first swipe of my hand.

“But I’m not-“

“We’re not having this if you’re really a boy or not discussion Rachel. For you boys, sex is a fluid thing we girls get to control. Even if you were born a boy, you’re still both since we can make you a girl whenever we want. You’re as much a girl as you are a boy because of this, at least that’s how I see it.”

“Must be nice to only have one gender.” I sigh, tugging my shirt a bit to let the air down some, still a bit warm.

“I’m kind of envious. You get to try being both and pick whichever you like best.” She smiles and shrugs. I frown a bit, but it’s an interesting way of thinking about it.

“Well… I suppose that’s one way to look at it.”

“Good, so let’s give you the full girl experience so you can figure out if you like being a girl better or not!” She says gleefully, my frown returns, as I feel like I walked into a rather brazen trap.

Dinner passes a bit quietly, as mom still seems to be a bit mad. She only refers to me as Rachel for the time being, and I’m too scared around her just now to really object. Jennifer seems to catch on this and stays a bit more relaxed during the meal as well, or at least not as talkative. Homework is a struggle, as all day was spent trying to not look at boys and staying calm. The guest room countertop is a crappy desk, as mom refuses to let me into my room still. I suppose it would be awkward being in my room as a girl, but I still miss my bed. A knock comes on the door, as I notice the time has flown by until nearly nine at night.

“Rachel, time to get changed.” Jennifer says, opening the door. “Come on to my room.” She calls me over as I follow. My chest and torso are already a bit achy from the bra, it pinches a bit painfully as I stretch from my seat. Jennifer’s room has oddly nothing spread out for me, as I look a bit confused.

“No more tiny shorts?” I sigh a bit in relief, pulling my shirt and cami off, struggling with the hooks of the bra a bit.

“Nope. Tada!” She holds up this pink nightgown thing. It’s smooth, but with ruffles along the sleeveless edge, and it looks kind of short, and a plunging neckline that has the same little frills along that as well.

“Wh-what is that!?” I turn red, pausing with the bra halfway off, a bit stunned.

“Shush! Not so loud. I got this to have fun with Charlie.” She whispers a bit.

“I thought mom told you now that he went to college you’d break it off.” I whisper back, covering my chest and throwing the bra to the pile. I gulp a bit feeling how soft my breasts are yet again.

“Like I listen to her. And you can either wear this or in box number two. I’m giving you the full experience after all.” She grins and produces a pink box from under her bed with Victoria’s Secret on the label. I feel warm in the face from how red I must be, imagining what horror’s lie within.

“F-fine.” I sigh, defeated.

“Skirt and undies first Rachel.” Jennifer says, as I drop the skirt and panties into the pile. I’m a bit mixed as to getting undressed knowing what I’m going to change into. Naked, I pull the gown on in a hurry, feeling oddly cold and bare, with so much less hair on my body. 

The fabric is silky smooth and kind of cold to the touch. My arms feel naked, as the ruffles don’t exactly cover my shoulders that well. Thankfully, I guess due to my shorter size, it goes to down my thighs quite well. It’s a bit tight around the butt, but still looser than the skirt and shorts from last night. My only problem is the massive cleavage this thing shows. If it weren’t for the tightness on the bottom of my boobs, I’d say there were going to fall out of this thing. 

“A little risqué don’t you think?” I gulp, tugging at the wide breast line.

“It’s supposed to be sexy, yes. And surprise, this was the box that nightgown came in.” Jennifer gleefully opens the box to reveal that it’s empty.

“Y-you!” I gape, angry. “G-give that box and something else to wear!” I chase her around the room. Jennifer clearly has the advantage as I’m trying to keep my bouncing breasts from flying out of this nightie. Jennifer just laughs and seems to really enjoy herself.

“Cut it out girls! Don’t make me come up there!” We hear mom yell from downstairs. Come to think of it, our running must be quite loud to the bottom floor. Both of us instinctively wince a bit to her yelling. A childhood reaction I suppose.

“Probably best if you stay here for a bit so mom doesn’t see you like that. I think she’ll kill us both.” Jennifer sighs, stopping a bit, a smile on her face.

“Then why don’t you give me something else.” I frown, sitting on her bed and tugging at the dress-like outfit.

“Because pajama pants and a t-shirt won’t give you the real experience of being Rachel, I think anyway.” She giggles, as I roll my eyes and sigh in frustration.

“Fine, you win. The sophie shorts were riding my ass hard anyway.” I do notice at least I don’t have that with this.

“Good, now just wait her a bit until I find mom is away, ok?” She smiles and gets back to doing some homework. 

I groan a bit and flop on the bed, my breasts bouncing a bit more, causing a bit of an eep at their heaviness.  I rock from one side to the other, not really able to lay on my stomach with these things. Tiredness sweeps over me in a hurry after a yawn. Somehow I feel oddly weary, and my eyes shut before I can protest. Dreams dance in my head, as I fall to rest on the soft bed in my sister’s room.


  1. More u must make more I've read all 3 its the very first tg story I acultuy liked

  2. More u must make more I've read all 3 its the very first tg story I acultuy liked