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Friday, August 31, 2012

Emergence, Part One: Through the Rabbit-Hole

((So what happens next, readers? 

Here’s where you have a chance to shape the way the story proceeds. Does the as-yet unnamed narrator scramble up and lock the bathroom door? Does she reply to the stranger? Does she pretend everything is alright? Or does she just lose it and fall to pieces, sobbing on the bathroom floor? Use the comments to help direct where the story will move from here. I look forward to crafting this ‘against my will’ as it were. Let me know what *you* want in the comments. 


I was happy to be back in my apartment after a long day at the office. With the front door shut and locked I was already looking forward to cracking open a beer and taking a seat on the sofa. I went to set my keys down upon a small table in the hall when they fell clattering to the floor. I looked down in time to watch something impossible happen. My keys hit the hardwood, bounced and then passed straight through the wall as if it were perfectly insubstantial.

I got down on my hands and knees, wondering if they had just slid under the table and out of sight but no, they were well and truly gone. Slowly I reached my hand out to touch the low part of the wall that I had seen them pass through. Instead of striking the painted drywall my fingers disappeared inside.

The wall looked for all the world to have remained exactly the same. It was my fingers that appeared to be sawn off at the knuckle. Yet I could still feel them, wherever they were, inside of the wall or not.

I drew my hand back and my fingers were restored to their full length, unchanged. The wall looked as solid as ever. I then proceeded to probe the invisible hole and found that it was only about 6 inches around and roughly circular. The edges were not sharp like cut wood but blunt and slightly elastic like molded plastic. There was very little give as I ran my hand around the outer edge.

The wall itself was only 8 inches thick, and directly on the opposite side stood the refrigerator in my kitchen. Yet when I now drove my hand far inside it never contacted metal. Instead it passed through the other side of the 8 inch wall into open air.

There the air on the other side felt slightly warmer and muggy as if it were summer instead of late fall. There was something else going on, my hand felt odd but I couldn’t place it. I wiggled my fingers in the humid air and wondered where my hand actually was if not in my kitchen and for that matter what had happened to my keys. I reached down to the floor on the other side but just felt cool tiles.

I drew my arm out of the hole once more. Using both hands I gripped the outer edges of the invisible passage and pulled the hole wider. It was difficult and the hole was inclined to slowly shrink back to its original dimension but I finally got it much larger, nearly 3 feet around, big enough to crawl through. I was intensely curious what was on the other side. I loosened my tie and shrugged off my suit jacket. While rubbing my stubble covered jaw I wondered, was I really about to do this?

I shut my eyes and carefully ducked through the wall, hands and arms over my head. There was that muggy air again, and when I felt it on my face I opened my eyes back up. The space on the other side was a small bathroom. Black and white checkered tiles covered the floor and a toilet, sink and tub dominated the far wall from left to right. There were all sorts of products and bottles and various things on the sink and edge of the tub. A balled up towel lay in the corner. A door leading somewhere else was on the far left side of the bathroom.

I turned my head to the side and felt an unusual amount of hair tussle about. It was down just past my ears which was impossible since I kept it closely trimmed. Was some kind of odd hanging towel brushing my head from above? My face felt funny like it was the wrong shape. I wrinkled my nose and pouted my lips. Something was very wrong. For one thing, I could definitely tell all of the hair on my face had receded. My jaw and nose felt less prominent while my ears were way too small and constantly being tickled by all this infernal hair.

I looked down at my bare arms, no longer covered in my white button down dress shirt and saw that they were unusually thin and much less hairy. What was going on here? Whose arms and face and hair was this? And why did it feel like they were mine?

I shuffled forward far enough to reveal my chest which I was stunned to find was that of a full grown woman. Large breasts hung from my body, tightly cradled in a bra which was in turn covered by a soft gray cami top that offered up a modest amount of cleavage. I cannot properly describe how odd it was to suddenly feel these soft but firm fleshy mounds hanging from my chest. They would wobble just a bit at the slightest movement. They felt massive and impossible but there they were.

I wanted to reach up and palm them but all my weight was on my hands and knees. I figured it would be best to withdraw from the bizarre bathroom yet when I pulled back my body got stuck. My breasts were too large and they mashed together and up toward my face but it was no use. While I had been staring at my new upper body the hole had shrank back down so that it hugged my ribcage.

Now I was terrified I would be chopped into two pieces. Using my back muscles to hold my upper body up into the air, I picked up my hands and fought to claw the hole wider from the bathroom side of things. It was terribly hard but gradually the hole widened. Unfortunately as the tight edge of the hole was also helping to hold my body up in the air, as it grew wider I began to fall forward. I crashed down further into the bathroom with my ass now pushing against the upper edge of the hole.

I lay there, my forehead on the cool tiles, my arms bent at the elbows, forearms down upon the floor. I discovered to my horror that my waist was not the toned, fit thing I had once known but a tightly bloated bump. Immediately the thing inside of me that distended my stomach in such a way quickened. There was a child inside of me. There was an unborn child inside of my womb. The skin of my belly was tight under my top.

The hole contracted against my hips and ass and I was once again stuck between rooms. Now I was head, shoulders, arms, breasts and belly on one side with much of my hips, ass and all of my legs, knees and feet on the other. I tried to slink backward but if my breasts had been too big to pass through before they were nothing compared to the 6 month belly I now sported.

I realized it would be very easy to move forward and crawl all the rest of the way into the bathroom but I was terrified that the hole would close up completely behind me. I could feel it pressing firmly on my ass and hips. Yet it was no use. I wasn’t strong enough to free up my arms to widen the hole once more. So I gave up and inched forward as if crawling through a pipe.

My ass and hips emerged much altered. They were wider and clearly feminine, clad in panties under a pair of jean cut-offs. I was instantly assaulted by the sensation of a brand new sexual anatomy. My underwear lay flush against a slit. My eyes were wide with fear as I felt it for the first time. But of course if I had breasts and a child inside of me then of course there’d be all the rest of it.

I struggled forward, shimmying my bare thighs through the hole. I was now in a push-up position and quickly becoming exhausted what with the scrawniness of my arms and the new weight of my chest and belly. Sweat covered my face, made my top stick to my back.

Finally I made it to my knees and was able to pull through one leg entirely. My left foot popped out into the bathroom. It felt so tiny. I turned over onto my ass and sat down on the tiles. The hole greedily closed tight over my right calf. I could wiggle my foot on the other side and it still had a sock and shoe on it unlike my bare left foot which I propped against the wall. The toes of that foot were polished deep red.

I took a breath, feeling my chest rise and fall. My boobs felt enormous. I looked down and nearly forgot I was still stuck. Beneath my breasts was the tight dome of my belly, the gray cotton of my top stretched taught across it. My underwear was in an uncomfortable wedgie. My thighs felt chunky and too thick. I sat up and leaned forward but I couldn’t do so very far as my belly quickly got in the way.

My hands were free now to feel around the edges of the hole. Yet it had clamped down around my calf so tightly it was hard to get purchase. I looked around for something to help crowbar it wider but everything was out of reach. I kept trying to jam my leg deeper through the hole but the flesh of my calf refused to fit. If anything more and more of my leg was pushed out into the bathroom. Desperately I tried to widen the hole but it was no use.

Finally, exhausted and sweaty in the hot air, I leaned back, hands on the floor and pulled instead of pushed. My right foot slipped free with an audible pop.

Frantically I dove at the wall where the hole was but all I found was solid drywall. It was gone. The hole had closed and left me wherever it was that I had emerged. Left me in this strange place and in this strange body. I fought the urge to scream and found myself crying instead.

Through the open bathroom door and down the hall I heard a man’s voice. He said,

“Sweety? Is that you? Babe, what’s the matter? Is everything alright?”

I gasped.


  1. I don't think the narrator should lock the door, because she was curious enough to climb through that hole as she still was a man.

    Being female and pregnant all of a sudden might be bit too much to pretend that everything is alright.

    Falling to pieces would be a bit much.

    Maybe the narrator can buy a bit time for exploring the bathroom (and maybe herself) a bit with an answer that worries the stranger (either by content or tone), but doesn't makes immediate actions of the stranger necessary?

  2. Interrrrrresting. Hmm, I might have just the thing. And the end of the next chapter might have a bit more important decision for readers to decide...

  3. Lock the door and say something to stall him! Check the bathroom for another way out. She probably needs to pee soon too 'cause that's part of being pregnant. Maybe she gets curious what she looks like without clothes? But the longer she stays in the bathroom the more likely she's going to have to deal with the guy outside.

  4. my thoughts exactly ankan, hmmmm, i think I might be able to post a second chapter shortly...