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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Soon by Serenity

Here's a story by a girl who just loves to get a bit dirty!

I call her Serena but everyone else calls her Serenity!


Some might say that I've been out of the game too long. That I am washed
up. That I lost my edge. They look at the production numbers, point to
their visually pleasing, but all too cliche charts and powerpoints, and
say that my time is over. That new blood is needed. And old Mr. Williams
is not. Do you know what I said? After all the preening, all the bullet
points and buzzwords, all the sneering smiles on the young pack of hyenas
who just got their business degrees from Phoenix University? I calmly
leaned forward, smoothed out my custom tailored italian suit coat, and in
a gruff, low, growling voice, I said. "Fuck you, You're Fired."

As their jaws dropped, I smugly sat back and thought one thing.

Damn. It's good to be the boss.
A Short Story by Serenity

It was only a few short weeks after that "corporate restructuring", which
is what the eggheads in legal like to call my moment of badassery, and
there has been a modest uptick in sales numbers. Not enough to meet
projections, but not disastrous. I was happy. The old man still had it, I
thought. The new crew of not too promising middle management were fitting
in, and kissing my ass with an appropriate level of respect and frequency.
I got to steer a company out of a recession, and fuck an assistant or two,
while I was at it. Life is good. And Lord, knows, after all these years of
late nights and cutthroat tactics, I earned it.

I walked through the cube farm on my way to the corporate elevator, eyeing
the cute young things, typing away and answering calls. After the short
ride to the executive level, I confidently strolled toward my office,
taking a second to brush my assistant Becky's breast with the back of my
hand as I reached to get my messages. She just smiled coyly, and leaned
forward enough so I had to brush them again on the way back. Damn girl
knew how to get my blood pumping. I went into my corner office, sat at my
desk and begun my day. On my desk were the memos and letters and such,
neatly laid out by Becky for me, and I begun looking through them,
deciding on what should be a priority, when my eyes caught a blank sealed

I opened the envelope, and pulled out the paper. My fingers tingled a bit,
and as I opened the letter with one hand, I looked at the fine white dust
on my finger tips on the other. I looked back at the paper, with one word
on it. "Soon". The morning sunlight dancing on the fine particles floating
in the air, but it took me too long to put two and two together. To hold
my breath. My nose itched, my throat burned. I sneezed...and I dialed 911
as my heart rate went through the roof.

I've heard about the white powder anthrax scares before, but let me tell
you, when you call one in, the authorities have their shit together. In no
time, the building was quarantined, I was being scrubbed clean, and many
many faces in many many suits were all asking me many many things. I was
examined, checked, probed. My blood was drawn, the EMT taking the blood
looking vaguely familiar. It was very frantic, very confusing, and
incredibly scary. But after hours of testing, and too many hours of
listening to news copters circling overhead, the scene was declared safe,
and folks began filing in. The police took reports, and kept evidence.
What little substance they could find was unidentifiable, but inert. Most
likely just dust, they said. The letter and envelope were blank, which I
argued and yelled back at them how that was impossible, that it must be an
invisible ink trick, that it was clear right there, right on it... "Soon".
A police shrink told me that my symptoms likely stress induced, yadda
yadda. Basically they were saying I must have been seeing things.

Assholes. All of them.

After the all clear, I went to my office and just sat there, looking
around. Have you ever just looked at, say, a tick, and then felt like you
are covered with them? It was like that. I was seeing dust on everything,
and on nothing. I needed something to take my mind off things. I pushed
the intercom and Becky came into the office. I told her to lock the door,
which she quickly did. As she turned I took in her amazing body. She was
short, which I liked, and had nice perky little tits. She was smart too,
which made this slutty act of hers, all the better. She knew the routine,
and I didn't even have to ask her to take off her top, she just did it on
her own. I roughly fondled her tits as I pulled her close, smiling at her
high gasps. We kissed with abandon as I hiked up her gunmetal grey skirt
and grabbed at her firm heart-shaped ass. Her hands were doing their make-
myclothes-dissappear act, my shirt, pants and boxer briefs flying away as
I picked her up and sat her on my desk, leaning forward to suck on her
milky white, soft perfect tits. She was moaning and mewling as the
wriggled out of her lacy panties, and I swear I could feel the heat coming
off her glistening pussy. I lifted her ass a bit, lined myself up, and
slid deep inside her, growling as she enveloped me. Becky wrapped her legs
around my waist as I began to build a good rythym, watching as her tits
jiggled with each thrust. Her eyes closed as she bit on her lower lip,
soft rapid girly gasps and moans escaping from her as I picked up the
pace. I began to feel my orgasm building, and I grabbed her hips and began
to bury myself as deep as I could as I felt my balls begin to pull and I
began to fill her with my cum, grunting as she whorishly cried out.

My head spun and spun as I came dawn from my sex high, and as I idly
scratched my nose, Becky got up and pulled down her skirt. Smiling at me
as I collapsed in my chair, she buttoned her blouse, and gave me a kiss on
my cheek as she left quietly. Great girl. I pulled on my underwear and
slacks, and sat at my computer, coughing lightly. I finished some small
reports, wrote a few memos, and opened my emails. I erased a surprising
amount of spam, mostly from businesses I've never even heard of, or
visited. Coupons for the Limited, Forever 21 and Juicy Couture. Why the
hell would they send them to an email that obviously a guy? I don't think is your target demographic...Weird. I opened
a email with a (NoSubject) tag, and raised my eyebrow as the message was
blank. There seemed to be something there...but I couldn't make it it was...

The intercom buzzed as Becky informed me she was leaving for the day.
Startled, I looked up at the clock...7pm already? I must have zoned out. I
looked at my computer, with the pipe screensaver going crazy. And shook my
head. This had been a long strange day. I stood and stretched, cracking my
back, when on the floor next to my desk something caught my eye. I leaned
down and picked up a pair of mens boxer briefs. What the hell...I remember
putting my underwear back on. I unzipped my slacks, and reached in,
feeling my lacy silk undies. I did put my underwear on...where did these
come from? The cotton felt so rough to my fingers, and I wondered how
anyone could wear something so uncomfortable. I threw them in the trash,
and left for the night. I like wearing panties, I think.

I stopped at my favorite little dive for some scotch, and hopefully some
good business banter. Sports and Stocks and Scotch. Good times. I was
surprised that I got carded, but Scotch in hand, I sat and shot the shit
with other captains of industry. And you know what I slowly found out.
This shit was boring! I don't know if it was a bad batch, but the Scotch
tasted like shit, and the conversation was mind numbing. I made an excuse,
and left for home.

As I walked in the door of my condo, I saw a CD laying on the floor. It
must have been slid under. On it, written in sharpie was "Soon". I should
have called the cops...but they didn't believe me the last time...and I
didn't want to get in trouble. But mostly, I wanted to know what was on
that disc. I picked it up carefully, looking for dust, and not finding
any, I put it into my sound system and pushed play.

I woke up with the sunlight on my face. I sat up and wiped drool from my
mouth as I dumbly looked around. How the hell did I end up on the living
room floor? I made my way to the bathroom to wash up, and stared at myself
in the mirror. I looked...different. I couldn't place exactly how, but
something was strange. Weren't my temples salt and pepper grey before?
Hard to remember. My large, expressive eyes looked at every detail of my
face, but couldn't find anything wrong. Ugg. Maybe I'm losing it. I
showered and shaved my legs, then got dressed for work, and headed out.

I walked through the cube farm on my way to the corporate elevator, eyeing
the cute, stylish ladies, typing away and answering calls. After the short
ride to the executive level, I playfully swayed toward my office, taking a
second to brush my assistant Becky's breast with the back of my hand as I
reached to get my messages. She reached up and gently touched my chest
through my coat as she giggled lightly, her eyes glued to her computer. I
wondered why she was so intent on a blank email, but I had work to do.

On my desk were the memos and action items laid out as usual, which I
filtered through and delegated, before checking the online sales numbers.
My eyes rolled, I couldn't believe how boring this crap was. I slugged
through it, making a few notes here and there. Maybe I'd work better with
some music going, I thought. I reached into my briefcase and brought out
the mix CD that was left at my apartment. I popped into my Bose, and
smiled as "Call Me Maybe" began to thump into my office. Tapping my toes I
got back to work. I went through my emails, responding to the work related
ones, deleting the spam from Dicks Sporting Goods and GQ. I printed out a
few coupons from Macy's and Kohls. Yeah the e-fliers were for chicks. But
30% off is 30% off. I heard the printer beep, and I looked over as the
paper scrolled out, the word on it so familiar...

I blinked as Jessie J's "Domino" blared out of speakers. Shaking my head,
I reached over and pulled out the stack of coupons from the printer. A
Bogo sale at the trendy shoe store downtown? That one must be for Becki, I
thought idly. I looked at the computer, and was surprised to find that I
had been logged out of my e-mail. I logged back in.., and smiled as my custom flower and
hearts wallpaper filled the screen. Pit Bull was singing about
International love when I buzzed Becki in for our daily...umm...meeting.
She locked the door, and she pulled down her pink mini skirt. I pulled her
to the couch, and we began to kiss and grope, soft moans filling the air.
I pulled up her top, and unhooked her bra. Smiling as her tits fell free.
I remember them being big...but not this big. She pulled my pastel shirt
off me as we necked and rubbed each other, her mouth found one of my
nipples and she licked and sucked on it for a bit as I cooed, loving the
shots of electricity it provided. I loved fucking Becki, our soft skin
felt great together, and she's never complained about how small my dick
is. She just moaned as I lined up and pushed myself in deep, well, deep
for me. She shrieked and moaned as we wriggled and fucked, at some point
falling to the floor. I sucked on her tits, she rubbed my ass. She licked
my nipples, I pulled her hair. And as my cracking voice cried out, I came
inside her, splashing her with cum. She fell against my chest and we both
softly moaned. The CD moved to the next track, a kind of staticy wierd
sort of....

Becki kissed me, as she stood up, my eyes getting a full view of her
snatch....I licked my lips as I saw a drop of cum leaking from her. She
pulled on her skirt, and pulled her top back over her tits, and left the
room with me lying on the floor, spent, my head swimming and spinning. I
wiped myself clean, and pulled my panties back on. Panties? Why am I...of
course I should be...they are comfortable and cute. I stood and got
dressed, tucking my hair behind my ears as I looked at myself in the
mirror. Something is so wrong with me...I can't place it...but I know
something is going on. I've always looked kind of androgenous, but was my
hair this long? I think it was, but I remember it being short and
grey...that would be silly. I'm too young for I? I rubbed my
head, confused. Scared. I felt lost...I didn't know what to do...where to

The phone rang, I picked it up and answered it.

I hung up the call, and picked up my satchel. How it got so late is beyond
me. As I left, I didn't notice that Becki's bra was no longer on the
floor. The office was empty as I hopped in my car and drove to my favorite
night spot. After getting carded and my hand stamped it was no time before
I had a appletini in my hand and was swaying my hips to the music. I felt
a hand on my waist, and I turned to look right into the face of the EMT
that took my blood...or was he one of the guys I fired? I couldn't see in
the dark, I just felt a needle in my arm as he whispered in my ear...what
did he mean by "Soon"?

I woke with sunlight on my face. A police sirens blaring outside. I hated
my apartment, but it was what I could afford. I sat up, and rubbed the
sleep out of my eyes. I looked at my hands, smiling at all the little
stamps on them. Must have been a hell of a night, that's what...ten bars.
Amazing I wasn't hung over. I showered and dried my hair. I looked at my
body in the mirror with a frown. I could barely see any muscles at all. I
was so...soft. Didn't I used to be ripped? I pushed at my pudgy chest,
smirking as the fat flesh jiggled. Ewww. Something isn't right...I should
go see a doctor...or a...

I hear the TV turn on in the bedroom, and I carefully peek into it. No one
is there. Just the bed the TV and the porn My eyes are glued to
the TV as the little hottie on it gets the fucking of her mouth
hangs a bit as the TV flickers and statics a bit, like there is something
just beneath the picture...just...

Shaking my head, I go back to the bathroom to finish getting ready. I pull
my hair into a ponytail, and smile at my body. I push gently at my A-cup
breasts, loving how they gently jiggle. I walk back into my room, and
throw on my bra and work blouse, then slide into my long business skirt. I
slip into a pair of low heels I don't remember buying then headed out for
the subway to get to work. I like looking girly, I think.

I walked through the cube farm on my way to the corporate elevator, eyeing
the stylish ladies, typing away and answering calls. After the short ride
to the executive level, I playfully swayed toward my desk, taking a second
to lean over to my friend Becki and give her an airkiss. It wasn't long
until Becki's boss, a young executive name Dan walked by and pinched
Beckis nipples on his way to his office. Becki giggled at me and
followed...what a slut. My boss, Mr. Masterson, calmly walked to my desk
and picked up his messages. He commented on how nice I looked and that was
it. Professional. I smiled, and for some reason, felt a tinge of
disappointment. It didn't help that the whole floor can hear Becki getting
fucked. I answered a few calls, and then turned to my computer
screen...The bright blank screen blinking and pulsing...

"Brandy....Brandy!!!" Becki was shaking me. I smiled at her sleepily as I
noticed how cute her earrings are. Masterson walked by with some forms,
and I caught myself staring at his ass. I read my cosmo, and looked at
some cute purses for a while, while Becki got "paged" in more than a few
times. She told me her last boss would only fuck her once a day, but this
new boss could keep her cumming. I smile a bit, wondering if she knows how
skanky she sounds. My phone buzzed, and Masterson called me into his
office. I smoothed out my blouse and made my way in. He asked my to file
some things, then asked me to lock the door. I paused...knowing what he
was going to expect...there was no way he could expect me to...I barely
felt the needleprick from behind as Masterson lowered me to the ground.

I slowly came to, feeling groggy. I sat up, and looked around. The office
was empty. I felt something cold running down my belly, and looked down to
see a line of cum trailing down from my breasts. I know it should bug me,
but I like making guys cum, I think. I got up and slid my skirt and top
on, after wiping my belly clean and walked out to my desk. I picked up my
purse and headed for the door, my heels clicking down the hall. My
thoughts kept going back to the office and the mess on my chest...what
happened. Did letting my boss cum on me make me a slut like Becki? I hope
not. Becki was the poster child for bimbos everywhere...fake tits, empty
head. Ugg.

I stood in the elevator, listening to the music...not noticing the glazed
over look in my eyes.

That night at the club, I danced and drank heavily. I dunno, the beat just
kinda, you just gets to me. And watching all the girls and guys
dance is fun too. The drinks were getting to my head though, and I had a
urge to show off. I climbed up into of the dancing cages, and put on a
gyrating sexy little show, which got a lot of hoots and hollers from the
guys. Which made me smile. I liked making guys happy, I think.

When I got home, there was another CD waiting for me, addressed to Brandi.
I smiled and put it in my cheap CD player and pressed play as I stripped
and got into bed.

I woke with the sunlight on my face. I stretched and felt a familiar
wetness between my legs. I swear, I'm wet all the time. I hopped in the
shower and shaved my legs and pits, and took some time to shave my pussy. It's a tricky thing to do with my titties in
the way. Makes it hard to see. I dried my hair and put it up into pigtails
before putting on my skirt and spaghetti top. I loved how my big C cups
look in this top. I hope Master..son likes it too. I think as I put on my
heels and grab my clutch before heading out the door.

I walked through the cube farm on my way to the corporate elevator,smiling
at the other ladies, typing away and answering calls. After the short ride
to the executive level, I slink toward my desk, smiling as I hear Bekki
getting nailed by her hunky boss. I set my purse on my desk, and go into
Mastersons office to wait. Not long after he walks in and my pussy just
gushes, he is so strong...and big. I forget how much I like tall guys. He
stares at my tits as I hand him his messages and reports, I like it when
guys stare at my tits, I think. I pull down my top so he can get a better
view. He roughly grabs at my boobs, and I let out a moan that is shocking
in its femininity. He tweaks and kneads my titties as I fumble with his
belt and slacks, pulling them down.

Master picks me up and sets me on the desk, and I feel so small and weak
as I hike up my skirt, exposing my damp panties. He pulls them to the
side, and I let out a high long cry as he slides his thick cock into me. I
can't believe how good it feels, it feels like the first time I've ever
gotten filled but that ant be true because I get fucked all the
time...right? I like to fuck, I think. My moans became screams as Master
began to really pound on me. I came and came and came, my hands roaming
his mard soft titties, my clitty...I was floating in sensation.
I love getting fucked.

I stumbled out of Masters office, and looked at Becki sitting at her desk
with her headphones on, her eyes glassy. Her hand slowly working a dildo
into her cunt under her skirt. What a slut, I think, as I sit at my desk
and slide a pair of headphones over my ears.

I shook my head clear as I heard Becki pleasing her Master. I slid my
dildo out of my cunt, and adjusted my titties. Gawd I love being a slut, I
think. My phone buzzes and Master needs me in a meeting upstairs. I fix my
lipgloss, and hurry on my way.

The room is full of young executive types. Older than me, but younger than
the other bosses. They are all sneering at me with strange looks I don't
understand. Like they are laughing at me, but not quite. I just stand
there and smile. Master picks up a piece of paper, and shows it to me.
"Now" it says, and I look at him confused, not realizing my eyes are
glazing over.

Masters cock looks yummy as I crawl across the table...I'm naked...not
sure how...Masters cock is yummy, I think. I begin to suck Masters yummy
cock as the other Masters begin to take off their pants. I moan with my
mouth full as one of the young hot studs begins to shoves his cock into my
pussy, my hands grab and rub cocks to each side. Everywhere I look, cocks
are getting hard. Brandi likes cocks, I think as I writhe on the thick
cocks in my holes. I feel a splash of cum on my back, then another. And
another. Masters fills my mouth with cum, which I greedily swallow. I
don't know why they are all laughing at me. But I don't care. I rub the
cum on my skin as I wriggle and giggle on the table.

Damn, it's good to be the office slut.

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